CBS News Looks at Guitar Hero

In the last of this week’s three-part series on video games, the CBS Evening News offers an interview with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, who talks about how Guitar Hero is changing the music business.

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    Zen says:

    They tend to screw all of us with the costs of CDs and such.  So I think it’s fair that everybody gets paid, but WE finally get something to enjoy.  I love the pricing of the songs, and the song packs…so as it was stated earlier’s a WIN WIN situation.  They get money and, for once, we’re not feeling screwed.  On top of that, I’ve actually bought a few CDs just from hearing music that I loved that I was not as familiar with before playing it in Rock Band / Guitar Hero. (and yeah, they were bought online, I don’t really buy actual CDs anymore)

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    DarkTetsuya says:

    And both DDR and beatmania have already done similar in Japan years ago, with Dancing Stage: Dreams Come True/True Kiss Destination, beatmania: DCT and beatmania: The SOUND OF TOKYO!

    You could probably count DDR: Disney Mix, too.

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

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    seanb says:

    No see what i call franchise knockoffs is Simpsons Toothpaste, Harry Potter Door-Bells, and Star Wars Window Blinds.

    Making a version of the game with songs all from one artist is a natural addition. They’re a band known for thier guitar-work, and it’s a Guitar Game. Now only if they had a "play it with your tongue" mode.

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    DarkSaber says:

    Really, so the Aerosmith version isn’t some random expansion pack style knock-off like the 80s edition? What about Activisions commitment to (I think it was) quadruple their yearly output of rhythm games by 2012? Sounds awfully like a plan for a Sims style franchise rape to me.

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    Anonymous says:

    This is true, but the mistake was Warners, not Activisions, if Warner weren’t paying attention when they signed the deal then more fool them.

    Warner have screwed a vast number of recording artists using exactly the same trick, so I really can’t get any sympathy together for them.

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    Matriculated says:

    I kind of agree with Warner. The licensing for GH and RB is completely different from other games. For other games the music is an after thought. For GH and RB the entire game depends on the tracklist. It’s not unreasonable for Warner to want more money considering Activision wouldn’t be able to shift a single copy without licensed tracks.

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    Anonymous says:

    My Dad’s a guitarist and has the same problem, I think it’s something to do with spending most of your life with a Marshall Stack blasting into your ears 😉

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    DarkSaber says:

    If I remember correctly, Activision basically smirked and said ‘Well fuck you then, we’ll just stick to dealing to the record companies that are more than happy with the arrangement.’

    That and having one of the top three record labels wholly within their corporate sphere helps them to not care!

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    Anonymous says:

    Warner threw a tantrum that they weren’t making enough off of the Franchise and started demanding more money.

    I’m not sure what happened from that point onwards, however.

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    Azhrarn says:

    Who are indeed not happy, because they didn’t see this coming and weren’t greedy enough for the original deal.
    (atleast, that’s what it looks like to me)

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    KayleL says:

    With many people downloading songs illegally, this is the best why for songs to be sold. I think Rock Band makes everyone happy. Consumers, Publishers, Record Companies, Artists, and everyone else involved. It’s a Win-win

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    seanb says:

    Raping of the franchise? You realize this game is only a few years old, right?

    It’s not like all the Sims and SimCity Franchise knockoffs lately. They at least have a franchise to slander. Gutar Hero is only a few years old. This is a PART of it’s franchise.

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    DarkSaber says:

    Question is, would he be as supportive if he and the rest of his band HADN’T just been given a dumper-truck of cash so their songs could be used for the latest raping of the Guitar Hero franchise,

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    DarkSaber says:

    He’s right, the album that song is on is their worst. It’s self-indulgent guitar wankery that is identical from song to song (at least 3 songs have solos so similar they are indistinguishable from one another). Their new album sounds even worse. Don’t get me wrong, TTFAF is a kick-ass song, but it’s the best song of a weak album.

    If you want to hear Dragonforce at their best, check out the albums Sonic Firestorm (especially Fury of The Storm) or Valley of the Damned (particularly Disciples of Babylon).

    EDIT: I never thought I’d see the day Dragonforce and Pat fucking Benatar were mentoined in the same sentence

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    Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    IMO, games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band raise appreciation of songs both old and new. I mean, if not for GH3, I would not even know about DragonForce (DRAGONFORCE FOR THE FUCKING WIN!!! ) and would not have even heard the song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" which IMO was a kickass song.

    (Note: A DragonForce fan who goes to my school once said that "Through The Fire And Flames" was overrated because of the immense popularity it received in GH3. Anyone think he was lying, or at least biased? Me, I don’t know.)



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