Bus Driver Suspended for Playing Handheld While Driving

A Honolulu bus driver has been relieved of his duties for playing a handheld video game while operating the bus. The incident came to light after a concerned passenger shot cell phone video of the man, who can be seen playing what appears to be a light-colored Nintendo DS or PSP.

The driver was placed on unpaid leave while the bus company investigates. The KGMB-9 news report features an interview with Denita Waltz, the passenger who took the video:

The whole experience was terrifying. He was continuously playing his video game on the bus. Continuously. At times he was driving, playing with it. At times he was sitting there playing with it. He was a hazard. He was playing his video game. He was speeding on the highway. He had his legs and feet up on the dashboard.


It was a very petrifying moment. And when the bus did stop I kept on telling my son, ‘Hurry! Get off the bus. Just get off the bus..

GP: It’s a good bet that he wasn’t playing Bus Driver.

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    Zevorick says:

    Firing him isn’t enough… the passengers should be allowed to drag him from the car and  mercilously beat him out of the gene pool permanently. I’m usually a very compassionate person, but I’m also a Texan and I understand there comes a time when you just have to beat the ever living tar out of someone!


    Edit: I just reread the article and I have one thing else to say. How as this guy NOT fired? Only suspended? Wow…

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    lumi says:

    "He was speeding on the highway. He had his legs and feet up on the dashboard."

    How exactly is he driving without touching the pedals?

    "GP: It’s a good bet that he wasn’t playing Bus Driver."

    Maybe Desert Bus? =)

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    BearDogg-X says:

    Couldn’t this guy have at least saved the game before driving? Guess he didn’t know that the DS has a sleep mode when you close it up while playing a DS game(if it was a DS), or didn’t care.

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    Benjamin_Snow says:

    Why did they suspended him?  He should had gotten fired for putting people lives at risk like that. 



    "We may be human, but we’re still animals" -Steve Vai (World’s greatest guitarist!)

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    DavCube says:

    This is just… i can’t even begin to say how freaking STUPID people like this are. Texting on the train, and playing a freaking DS while DRIVING A BUS? And from the article, he’s been driving for a pretty long time? The guy deserves to get the shaft.

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    King of Fiji says:

    *bangs head against desk*

    And I have to be driving with these idiots?  Really I get my licenses when everyone goes bat shit mentally disabled with driving while doing other stuff thats stuipd to be doing while driving? 

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