Silent Hill: Homecoming is Banned Down Under

GameSpot reports that Konami’s upcoming Silent Hill: Homecoming has fallen victim to Australia’s notoriously ban-happy censors.

Silent Hill: Homecoming thus joins Dark Sector, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, and Fallout 3 among the ranks of games which were refused classification (i.e. a rating) in 2008. Dark Sector and Fallout 3 managed to get back on board, however, after making edits.

From the GameSpot story:

An Atari spokesman (Atari is the local distributor for Konami titles) confirmed the game banning to GameSpot AU, saying that Australia’s Classification Board found issue with the high impact of Silent Hill’s violence. Examples used by the Board in its report include copious blood spray in the game, decapitations, partially dismembered corpses, numerous scenes of attacks, fights, torture, and death.


The spokesman said plans for Homecoming’s Australian release are now "on the backburner until early next year" pending discussions with Konami to see if any changes can be made to accommodate Australia’s classification regime.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is scheduled for North American release on September 30th.

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  1. TBoneTony says:

    Sorry about that mate

    I hopelessly made a major blunder of naming a wrong name.

    Similar last names can be confusing

    sorry about that everyone

  2. TBoneTony says:

    I would like to sat sorry for my comment a few days ago,

    When I said Simon Atkins, I was meant to say Michael Atkinson.

    Sorry about that, I was not thinking straight

    Simon Atkins was an Australian Football player who happened to have a similar last name to Michael Atkinson.

    Sorry about that, but yeah thanks for letting me know Pyrrhus

    Anyway South Australian’s next time you all go the the State Elections, Don’t Vote for Michael Atkinson.

    We Aussie Gamers have been treated like kids for a really long time

  3. Pyrrhus says:

    Michael Atkinson is the man that’s blocking the introduction of an R18+ rating, I’m not sure where you got Simon Atkins from.

  4. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Well that sucks. What sucks more is that I can’t help in any way, shape, or form. Sorry.


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007) Just to name a few…

  5. TBoneTony says:

    Come on South Australians.

    When the State election comes, Don’t vote for Simon Atkins.

    We Aussie Gamers need you.

  6. Waffles says:

    Another redundant Aussie game ban, wheeeee~

    Well, at the very least, they can still import it on the cheap(er) a la GTA IV, right? And any PS3 can play it.


  7. 15deathblade says:

    I know i am going to sound like JT when i write this…. But it not so much that it offend me. But rather the danger it has. How do the police know it not real? I know with a game you dont have this problem and their are way to tell but but still i dont know i just thing that kind of hate speach agaist women or anyone for that matter should not be allowed.  And even if you dont think do it would still come under the superm court rule about absence miteral. But my real point was about porn geting a rateing and any game not.

  8. Father Time says:

    You know some porn features secenes of sexual torture and (faked) rape. I’m not sure how much there is of that (although if you listen to anti-porn crusaders, you’d think that was the only porn that exists).

    I’m not for banning games with rape and whatnot, if rape of pixels disturbs you, then you can avoid looking at that stuff. Some people like really disgusting stuff but I’m pretty sure those people are a small enough minority that you’d rarely see that stuff for sale in your day to day travels.

    Remember remember the 25th of September. Twas the day Jack Thompson was disbarred.

  9. 15deathblade says:

    What I find funny about this is the fact that porn apprently gets a rateing. But silent hill and fallout dont…. Huh that makes sence surly.  I am for rates. Yes i am even for some bans (or no rateing), for intence if a gamer were to show something really disgusting and violent, ie rape, sexually/torture exe. But to my knowlege these games didn’t inclub anything particularly  violent and really advencesive. So then y the bad?

  10. Pyrrhus says:

    The graphics may not make the content more shocking but it does mean that everything will look more realistic. I’m also not sure how GTAIV is relevant to this case as the issue with that was sex, not violence.

  11. MasterAssassin says:

    That doesn’t mean anything. Just because the graphics are higher quality doesn’t make it more shocking then the other game. The Silent Hill series has always been one of the most disturbing and twisted game series in existance, this appears to be nothing more then a knee-jerk reaction due to the current climate with the relase of GTAIV.

  12. Father Time says:

    No, No don’t do that they’ll claim victory. Do what I suggested a while back. Basically put a disclaimer on the censored version that says something along the lines of.

    "We wanted to make a cool game for adults, we wanted to deal with some mature subjects but the tyrannical censors [insert the names of the guys stopping a 18+ rating here], and the Austrailian government forced us to censor the game. Apparently they don’t think Austrailians are mature enough to handle pixels on a TV screen and insist that they be watered down to suit their taste. [Next screen]We wanted to make a mature game, but these guys forced us to change that [list names and addresses of politicians and whatnot who are trying to stop 18+ rating, (that is if the addresses are a matter of public record)]."

    Now if every censored game had that message I’m sure you’d see more results.

    Remember remember the 25th of September. Twas the day Jack Thompson was disbarred.

  13. Korax says:

    I agree with your sentiment, EZK. That’s what companies SHOULD do. But they won’t, because they don’t want to risk losing markets. And also, the asshole censors would think "That’s right, we don’t want your evil games in our country". It’s hard to do what’s right… money talks first, hipocrisy too.

  14. E. Zachary Knight says:

    So, when is a game company going to stand up for themselves and just not release a game in countries where they get banned?

    I mean, if a game company has a highly anticipated game coming out and a ratings board won’t give it a rating or gives it an AO, when will a company just say, "Well, sorry fans. If you want to get this game, take it up with the respective ratings board/government/Sony,Nintendo,Microsoft. We will not alter the experience we want you to have, just to make whiny ban happy babies feel better."

    Australia needs to take these bans to task. Get that stupid AG to allow an 18 rating.

    Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony need to stop the hypocracy of allowing 18 rated games on their consoles in other countries but not the US.

    We need some game companies with the balls to stand up to censor happy jerks like this.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA
    MySpace Page:
    Facebook Page:

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  15. DeepThorn says:

    Unless you change your IP with a program, or ping it all through certain web servers out there across the world…

  16. Haggard says:

    Steam can lock different regions out of being able to buy games and have different prices for them.

    For example, this weekend there’s a sale on of 50% off Rockstar games. In the USA, you can buy Max Payne or GTA3 for $5. Here in the UK, they cost $7. In Australia, they’re not even available.

    When Ubisoft released their entire catalogue onto Steam, it was only available in North America.

  17. TheEggplant says:



    If Konami follows through with their plans to release this on Steam, how precisely is it going to stop anyone from obtaining it?

  18. DeepThorn says:

    Dang it, color me stupid…  I like it so much that I can’t get enough of it….  There should be a zero punctuation day, haha.  I think we may need to make the day Spore was released the game industry pirate day, and keep celebrating the FSM one as well….  hummmm.

  19. Pyrrhus says:

    I don’t find it wierd. Silent Hill: Homecoming is the first "next-gen" title in the series so it’s graphics will be of higher quality than previous games in the series.

  20. MasterAssassin says:

    This is so utterly stupid, this is a HORROR game it is supposed to be disturbing and violent. Do they expect it NOT to be dark and scary? I find this wierd that they let the previous games pass since they all had extreme violence and disturbing imagery as well.

  21. Erik says:

    Okay, I swear that Konami had better not pull a Sega and have the game altered to have it sold in Australia.  When it comes to the censorship of games like Manhunt 2 it is more the principle of the matter.  Silent Hill on the other hand is one of my favorite series.

  22. Father Time says:

    *takes note that international talk like a pirate day was last week, but doesn’t care*

    Aye thy blubbering scum be taking all our games and throwing them overboard. We need to fight those scurvy dogs and have their ihdes for breakfast. Avast, man the port side cannons and let’s give them a good broadise. Arr.

    Remember remember the 25th of September. Twas the day Jack Thompson was disbarred (although he is still a lawyer till October).

  23. DeepThorn says:

    Arg, at the Aussie prom that scaly wag of a date plundered my ship. Arrrrr.

    Yee horrors needs be taughts a lesson in manors, by walking the plank!

  24. Korax says:

    I think they’re fretting over the whole "bodies hanging in cages, bloody and torn to pieces" stuff you see in Silent Hill, not exactly the interactive violence. After all, most violent scenes involve monsters getting beaten or shot, or you getting hit. The only effect of such confrontations are the blood.

    I’m all for Silent Hill, always, and the ban-happy classification board in australia is certainly not worthy of confidence, since they single out video games for banning. So… screw them. I just hope they don’t water down the game for everybody, like Fallout 3, because the rating board members are a bunch of sissies and want everything being fairy-like and for the children. Dammit, Silent Hill is a disturbing game, it’s for ADULTS.

    Anyway, they wouldn’t get that concept even if it was somehow embedded in a sledgehammer and bash on their heads until it entered their skulls (probably would work, since their thick heads must only serve to hold vaccuum between their ears, so it’s easier to enter),

  25. Matthew says:

    This is terrible news. Obviously it’s bad for gamers, Australia, and the whole “games r teh evil” campaign, and the topic is going to be freaking flooded with masked xenophobia by the time I’ve finished typing this. But moreover it’s bad news for Silent Hill fans:

    If Silent Hill: Homecoming is too violent, then it’s probably not a good Silent Hill.

    Woe. If anyone needs me, I’ll be at Toluca Lake, drowning my sorrows.

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