Konami May Tone Down Silent Hill: Homecoming for Aussie Market

IGN has an update to recent news that Silent Hill: Homecoming had become the latest game to feel the sting of the Australian government’s ban hammer.

Included are details of game content which drew the attention of censors at the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC):

…the OFLC cited several high impact scenes in the game, mostly focusing on drilling into and severing body parts. One scene in particular that was highlighted as a problem involved Alex (the main character) having a drill forced into his right eye socket, which caused a lot of blood to spray out. A couple of other scenes mentioned include one where Alex forces the drill up into an enemy’s skull and another where Alex is cut in half by an enemy.


We haven’t seen the Silent Hill scenes in question but based on the descriptions we find it hard to understand why the OFLC refused to permit them, considering the famous Resident Evil 4 chainsaw decapitations of Leon were passed without issue.

Atari, which is distributing SH: Homecoming in the Australian market, hopes to work with Konami to scale down the violence sufficiently to earn an MA15+, the most restrictive rating currently offered by the OFLC.

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  1. shamrock says:

    You gotta love this type of thing. Really though, its not a big deal is it? At least gamers there will get to play the game. Other countries, it wouldnt even get in. Freedom is a beautiful thing, lets all remember that. It would suck to have rights taken away. Ug. It’s like blurring out a private part in certain films if you catch my drift. Its still there, you have to use your imagination!

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  2. Mr. Peacock says:

    8) You enter a room and see the twisted remains of someone who has been tortured to death.  Knowing that discretion is the better part of valor and cowardice is the better part of discretion, you valiantly hide in the closet.  When the sun finally creeps through the doors you exit the closet to find yourself standing in your dorm room looking at your roomate passed out drunk on the floor.  The acid has now worn off and you no longer have the 1d6 wisdom buff you applied the previous evening.  Please adjust your character sheet accordingly.  

  3. BrandonL337 says:

    3. You enter a room and see the twisted remains of someone who has been tortured to death.

    You run out of the room screaming like a little girl.  Congradulations, you are a complete wuss and should not be playing this game

    United we Stand, Divided we fall.

  4. VideolandHero says:

    I’d be much more scared by option 1.  All the other options are too dramatic.

    — Official Protector of Videoland!

  5. Matthew says:

    That too. For the real traditional Silent Hill experience, there’s:

    4) You enter a room and see what looks like a trail of blood leading up to a person with all of their skin on, who says something in a soft voice that makes you question what’s real and what isn’t. Then leaves behind a single jellybean or something for you to collect.

  6. Father Time says:

    5) You enter a room and see the twisted remains of someone who has been tortured to death. After seeing the word Greed on the floor and and after your partner finds gluttony behind the fridge of someone else who was tortured to death, you realize you’ll probably have to do this no more than 5 more times before finding out who did this.

    6)You enter a room and see the twisted remains of someone who has been tortured to death. You and your fellow detectives then begin an over-dramatic series of discussions and interrogations that ultimately result in unraveling a very tangled plot and the killer’s conviction. You fail to realize that you go through this exact same thing every blasted episode and still act interested when it happens again.

    7)You enter a locked room and see the twisted remains of someone who has been tortured to death. You turn and see a horrifying sight. It looks like a hardcore adult film run in a continuous loop starring … Hillary Clinton. You scream, run away and have nightmares for weeks.

    This could be a new trend.


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  7. DarkSaber says:

    3) You enter a room and see the twisted remains of someone who has been tortured to death.You think ‘Christ is there anyone who isn’t jumping on the Saw/Hostel we can’t do scary so lets just go for gory’ bandwagon.

  8. Matthew says:

    Homecoming is the new Silent Hill. Numbers are so passé, you know.

    I think that too many people assume there is only one type of fear and that as long as it fits one, it’s scary. Yay! Watching a scene like those described in the article makes you afraid of what you’re seeing; you fight the urge to look away. Silent Hill generally makes you afraid by what you’re seeing, and often by what you’re not seeing too. Compare and contrast:

    1) You enter a room and watch someone get tortured and mutilated. You’re shocked, disgusted, and maybe afraid for your character’s life in case you get caught. You might have flashbacks in the future or difficulty sleeping tonight. It might also be a really good scene.

    2) You enter a room and see the twisted remains of someone who has been tortured to death. The stains look fresh. Maybe the victim is still barely alive. What the hell is going on? Who did this? Why? It’s one thing to be murdered, but quite another to be murdered and put on display. You have something almost as shocking and disgusting, but also much more deeply disturbing.

  9. Bigman-K says:

    It’s really to bad there is no equivilant to the First Amendment down in Australia. Restrictions and regulations on Free Speech media are bad enough but out right banning are down right rediculous.

    "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  10. Harry Miste says:

    That should only apply to the government. There are some of us (even 14-year-olds such as myself) who are campaigning for a R-rating. It seems our goverment is out of touch.

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  11. Untouchable says:

    Yep, Australia received the full version of that for all platforms it was released on.




  12. ronnoc says:

      Were there decapitations in the Aussie version of RE 4?  I know that there were regional verisons, and the Japanese and Germen versions did not have decapitations.  When Leon took a chainsaw to the head, it turned his face into a huge open wound.

  13. Father Time says:

    Maybe they can REALLY tick people off and have two game settings: normal and Austrailian. When you set it to Austrailian it has a message saying

    ‘The Austrailian government has informed us that the gamers there are all little kids who are way too sensitive to handle blood or gore. Don’t worry kiddies we’re here to make the bad things go away."

    Really get into their face about it.


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  14. Erik says:

    As long as only the regional version of the game is downgraded, fine.


    But I will be LIVID if it effects the global release of the game.  Do people YET see the problem that each countries’ censorship laws are having on the game industry as a whole?  "Real politik" my ass.

  15. Matthew says:

    Hopefully these were death scenes and not storyline cutscenes, otherwise it sounds like they’re going for the tired “gore is scary, right?” approach. From the previews I’ve seen so far, Homecoming is ironically far from Silent Hill in style.

  16. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Personally, I think that they should replace all blood with rainbows. Whenever someone gets a drill to the head region, instead of screaming in pain, the person being injured should sing "You are My Sunshine". Instead of being cut in half, they should be getting a shoulder massage.

    Just make it as patronizing as possible. Really tick people off.

    Once people have had enough, pop up a message that tells the play that the previous scenes are all the Australian government thinks their citizens can handle in a game.

    Eitehr that, or simply not release the game in Australia and tell the Australian people that their government does not think they can handle the game in its entirety.

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  17. KhemART says:

    Instead of toning it down, they would probably blur the violence like what Rockstar did with Manhunt 2.  I doubt they would do that.

  18. Father Time says:

    Please Konami put a disclaimer in your game telling Aussies exactly who is responsible for forcing a watered down version of the game.

    Oh well it could be worse though, back in the 1930s here in the U.S. mobster movies were the new threat to children and they had to meet a very strict set of rules or else most theatres wouldn’t show them. One of the many rules was the moral of the story always had to be ‘crime does’t pay’ and the bad guy always had to lose.

    Even with these rules a lot of people still complained that they galmorized crime. So with that in mind ‘tone down the blood/drugs’ isn’t THAT bad (although it is still unacceptable).


     God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  19. DarkSaber says:

    Other countries don’t have a ridiculously outdated game ratings system that assumes no game ever is meant for play by an actual adult.

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