Teen Cites America’s Army Game in Enlistment Decision

Did you ever wonder if the America’s Army game ever actually inspired anyone to join the service?

Wonder no more.

A 17-year-old Wisconsin boy, Tyler Battig, told the Fond du Lac Reporter:

I felt like enlisting because I have a lot of family that joined the Army and served, plus ‘America’s Army,’ the computer game, came out and that got me thinking more and more… I do face the fact that I could be going overseas, but that shouldn’t stop anybody from joining.

America’s Army has sparked protests in recent months from anti-war groups. In August, protesters marched outside Ubisoft’s San Francisco HQ. Ubi published the console editions of America’s Army, although the more popular PC version is freely distributed by the Department of Defense.

In the photo Tyler is seen with his mother, Kim Battig, who also enlisted, as well as two Army recruiters.

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