Teens Watch, Discuss McCain-Obama Debate in Second Life

A group of 28 teens gathered in Second Life for last night’s presidential debate, reports The Click Heard Round the World:

The teens were fairly bored during the economy and health care portion of the debate.  But they perked right up once the candidates starting talking foreign policy.  Several of them were interested in Darfur and human rights.  A couple were concerned about college tuition costs. 


All in all, I thought this was an effective way of getting teenagers to be more engaged with the political process. I think they felt more comfortable being in a setting with a bunch of their peers rather than in a roomful of adults.  Several of them seemed genuinely concerned about certain issues and got to express that to each other over the text chat.  And they got to have fun, often at the expense of one of the candidates, but that’s to be expected.

Holymeatballs has expanded coverage, including some of the students’ reactions to the debate as expressed via SL’s chat feature.

Surprisingly, only one of the teens seemed to take notice of McCain’s bizarre reference to Obama as "That one."

UPDATE: A World of Warcraft player mentions that the debate was also a hot topic in the general chat on the Silvermoon server.

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