Report: Obsessive WoW Gamer Juggles 36 Accounts

By way of Ripten comes the story of "Bradster," who claims to play 36 separate World of Warcraft accounts on 11 computers, dropping nearly six grand per year in subscription fees.

If the picture at left is genuine, it’s quite a hardware setup.

Of his obsession, Bradster writes:

A lot have asked me, why create so many? The main reason is to invade Stormwind and Ironforge when they reach top level. I’m sure the Alliance will put up a big fight when that happens. We’ll see how it goes…


It costs me exactly $5711 in subscription costs per year with 36 accounts on the 6 month pay schedule. Not bad considering I’m looking at it like it’s a hobby and there are more expensive hobbies out there than World of Warcraft… When Wrath of the Lich King is released, I plan to be at the store when it opens and will purchase 36 copies of it. With tax, it should be about $1500 for all of them…

Via: Gizmodo

GP: I’ve seen individual WoW players control a chain of characters before, but 36? Sounds almost superhuman.

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  1. miscellaneousman says:

    know what you’re right, there is no possible way that he could make 250k a year and support his habit, if you call it that, he doesn’t say how much time he uses on it… could be a an hour a day to ten, if you play em all at once u don’t need to play 36 hours a day to get an hour in on each account, only one -{response to the money comment}

    now on to your money… no one cares how much the total D-bag who lives next door makes unless they are gonna get something out of it, i don’t think i’m making much money off your "8000 clusterfuck house" or "14 hour days." the average person works 8.

    There are also plenty ways to make money without having to work "14" hours a day and 7 days a week, investing can make you almost instantly rich, if you’re lucky and smart.

    ~dont be a dueche, its unbecoming~

  2. alewis_sux says:

    "Also because I make quite a bit of money." – Nobody cares.

    "I have 12 computers/tvs/consoles in my 8000sqft house." – Still doesn’t change the fact that your mother should have swallowed.

    Really, she should have swallowed.

  3. chromalfean says:

    … and I’d be willing to bet a paycheck that like me, this guy could give a rat’s @$$ what any of you looking-down-your-nose think of him … lol … sounds more to me like some are just jealous …

  4. giza says:

    Hrm I think I missed something along the way. Is this a poltical forum? Gaming forum? Or just a place to vent? How this guy spends his time and money doesnt really effect any of us, so WTH? If it makes him happy and keeps him from commiting mass murder in some high school I say more power to him. After all it just a game?

  5. Mabuti says:

    It is interesting that you make this player out to be someone that is wasting his money and yet just about everything you mentioned could be looked at by others as a waste of time and money.

    In addition you speak of the type of person that makes a great deal of money would not do something like this.  Yet you do have "12 computers/tvs/consoles in my 8000sqft house".  In many circles that would be an over the top amount of electronics or home square footage.

    Perhaps we should look at this as someone who is a fanatic about WoW.  Then realize that fanatics about other things could be looked at as just as ridiculous. (aka. gun collecting)


    Flame On

  6. Austin_Lewis says:

    You’d probably be safest just saying you didn’t care for Duke or UNC.  And not wearing any jersey ever, lol.

  7. Blind Guy With A Gun says:

    Why would we be jealous of someone that plays on 36 WoW accounts? I mean I play videogames, but this is insane.

  8. Austin_Lewis says:

    The first has a majority of his votes, but seems to only have 4 of his votes on firearm-related issues.

    An NRA run website that includes pretty much everything Obama has said about the 2nd amendment and most of what he’s voted on since he became a politician.

    Read both, the first has most of his votes on issues, which is interesting when compared with his ‘stances’, and the second has his real thoughts on your right to bear arms.

  9. lumi says:

    Ya, it was in one of the bazillion apartment complexes in that area.  It was technically in Carrboro, but I was within spitting distance of the campus.

    I was also literally on the Duke/UNC divide, which made for interesting sports politics… =)

  10. Ashkihyena says:

    I said it on Kotaku, and I’ll say it here.  "How do you kill that which has no life?"  Old joke, I know, but sadly, it fits.

  11. Father Time says:

    Reminds me of that one ad for a financial website (forget the name) where a guy had like 4 TV screens, two for trading stocks one tuned into financial news, and another for playing Gears of War.


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  12. Father Time says:

    I knew I’d find something I didn’t like about Obama. Damn his anti-gun policies. He seems intelligent so why can’t he understand that bans on guns are not needed and shouldn’t be around? Oh and do you have a link to his voting record? I just want to be sure.


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  13. Austin_Lewis says:

    A 2 bedroom by Chapel Hill for $550?  Very nice!

    I was talking about more of a 1 bedroom deal, but honestly, you can always find cheap housing in good areas if you look hard enough.

  14. Austin_Lewis says:

    He said he saw the economic crisis coming too, but he hired, as his economic advisor a MR. Raines who is one of the people directly responsible for it, as well as not voting on quite a few of the regulation votes.  

    He says one thing and does the other.
    As for the weapons ban, he’s repeatedly voted for bills put forth by the Brady Campaign, which would ban pistols, AR’s, and in some cases, BOLT ACTION RIFLES (because they’re ‘sniper rifles’). 

  15. JustChris says:

    Holy cow…from that small photo I thought it was a broker tracking stocks at the NYSE. I thought "the stock market is affecting WoW trades and sales now?" LOL.

  16. Father Time says:

    Didn’t Obama say he supported the overturning of the D.C. handgun ban?


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  17. Father Time says:

    We don’t know that, we don’t even know how long he plays.


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  18. lumi says:

    1. I had a nice 2-bedroom right by UNC Chapel Hill for $550/month before I left North Carolina.  I miss that apartment =\

  19. lumi says:

    Allow me to quote you from earlier in this thread: "You take a very good point then go an ruin it by being stupid."

    I happen to agree with your stance on Austin_Lewis’ reaction, but the ad hominem attacks aren’t doing anything but undermining a potentially valid point.

    And again, people are making this assumption that he’s wasting more time playing the game than a "casual" player, or even a hardcore player with one account.  If he’s playing them all at once, I don’t see how that is, and as I mentioned earlier I think there’s a good chance he actually wastes less time getting things done than most players.

    There’s a decent amount of empirical evidence that the guy is pretty self-sufficient, and this is what he has decided to spend his disposable income on, because it makes him happy.  I really don’t get why people feel they need to attack him.

  20. Austin_Lewis says:

    Appartment complex on the Indiana/Ohio border still goes for about 500/month for 1 bedroom, and its not in the slums.

    As for the 4-door sedan, I found it at a local Kia dealership.  And really, you can talk them down another 500 AT LEAST if you’re smart about it.

  21. sortableturnip says:

    1) Where can you get an apartment nowadays and pay $6k for a year’s rent (besides the slums)

    2) Only 2001 4-door sedan I found in my area for $6k had 90k+ miles on them  🙂

  22. Austin_Lewis says:

    Hey, to be fair, my favorite on my list was the skiing trip.  I started the list with guns because I have quite a few here.

  23. Austin_Lewis says:

    Actually, because I’m not a complete jackass, I don’t make fun of other cultures.  I actually have quite a few ‘camel jockey’ friends in Dubai and other arab nations.

    I never suggested he’d ban the white folks’ guns only; I suggested that he would ban pistols and AR’s, because he’s consistently voted to ban them whenever the Brady Campaign gets another bill in. 

    Gun banning isn’t a grey issue, its black and white.  Some things are grey, others aren’t.  I suggest you grow up and look at the history of other countrys that ban firearms, and then come back to this discussion.  Or just fuck off, its your choice.

    By the by, saying muther farkers like a kindergartner is just as bad as saying mother fuckers.  It gets the same point across, and is just as vulgar.  Once again, grow up.

  24. Redmess says:

    I was wondering that too, this must be getting at the physical limit of things. Not to mention the nightmare of multitasking 36 essentially separate tasks in your head…

  25. Redmess says:

    Yes, I also noticed he starts his list with guns. Not at the top of MY list, I can assure you.

    For that money I could buy a TV thats so friggin big it fills an entire wall of my living room. (4 meters)

  26. Deamian says:

    I came to think…

    Is it humanly possible keep a steady job to raise the money to use all those rigs, alts and accounts? Is it physically possible for this man to have the logical time to enjoy his rigs AND have a life? This reactionnaire says no…


    Also, to quote… "A lot have asked me, why create so many? The main reason is to invade Stormwind and Ironforge when they reach top level." Neverminding I roll alliance…

    Multiboxing for grinding/farming/leveling, I can understand. Spending betweem 5k-8k-ish a year, which is nearly half to 1/3 of the average guy’s year salary, to gank noobs in a capital city…

    That’s big fat cry for help.

  27. Shahab says:

    ***WARNING Sarcasm Alert*** We can’t let no darkie into the White House, he’ll be banning all us white folk’s guns!!! I just knew you were an asshole Republican. Don’t get me wrong you Republicans out there, I know many very nice Repubicans, but there is that certain kind of overly moralistic, black and white, my way or the high way muther farkers and I just had a feeling from his other posts that this Austin Lewis was one. I’ll bet he’s making Camel jockey jokes right now, looking at my name.

  28. Shahab says:

    You know you call him pathetic but really its you who is coming across as the pathetic one here. You talk about the good living you make,

    "Also because I make quite a bit of money"

    You rule out the possiblilty that he may make more than you and suggest he lives at home, but by looking at the picture on he is clearly not in a basement, if you add up the subscription fees, hardware costs, software costs, it is very unlikely that he is working some $25K/annun job and just saving on the rent. He probably makes a good deal of money or is provided for in some other manner. His level of writing is fairly high, so we can infer that he is probably intelligent. Also, take a look at his attitude on the amount of money he spends,

    "It costs me exactly $5711 in subscription costs per year with 36 accounts on the 6 month pay schedule. Not bad considering I’m looking at it like it’s a hobby and there are more expensive hobbies out there than World of Warcraft."

    Also, you talk about how not many people make the kind of money you do but for some reason you feel entitled to speak for them,

    "Another thing I notice among people who earn the kind of money I do, we have the tendency to realize…"

    You have no way of knowing how much fun he gets out of his 36 fucking accounts. You say you have more fun playing your favorite game for one hour then your friend has playing for 2 hours on WoW, but again, how do you know?

    You don’t know. Actually, there is a very easy way to see who is having "more fun" or at least who places more value on their computer game. Lets see, we’ll start with you, Pompous Ass, or PA for short. PA goes and works his hard 14 hour days then comes home, fires up his high end gaming rig and plays shoot ’em up for an hour.

    PA’s Costs: One hour of time, hardware cost for one uber rig, software cost for one game, energy used(~.16kwh)

    Now lets look at Obssessed Addict, or OA. OA comes home from whatever the hell he is doing to support himself and his ungodly game habit. He needs to level up his 36 characters so he spends several hours grinding into the night. The room is humming with the sounds of more than 36 little fans whirring away, keeping his gaming machines from over-heating. Around 12am he realizes that it is getting late and he shuts down his computers, which from the picture provided at, are clearly NOT in a basement.

    OA’s Costs: Five hours of time, hardware costs for 36 laptops/desktops, software costs for 36 instances of WoW and expansions, energy used(~108kwh)

    Well, looks like for whatever reason, OA value’s his playtime more than you value yours, which one could say is roughly analagous to level of fun.

    Of course there is nothing we can do about the small level of enjoyment your wife gets from your, umm, nether regions, is there?

  29. Father Time says:

    " Other than the fact that he took a game about socialization and teamwork and decided he’d rather spend upwards of 10000 dollars to not socialize or work with a team?"

    Who says he doesn’t? I don’t play Wow but I bet someone who controls 36 characters would have people begging him to join a guild.


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  30. Austin_Lewis says:

    He’s not doing a new different thing once.  He’s making everyone do basically the same thing with some slight variations.  So he’s doing one thing 36 times (just doing it simultaneously). 

    You REALLY don’t see how this is any less valid than any other $6000/yr hobby?  Other than the fact that he took a game about socialization and teamwork and decided he’d rather spend upwards of 10000 dollars to not socialize or work with a team?  Most hobbies involve at least some interaction, whether it be via a chatbox in-game or face to face during competition. This isn’t a hobby, its sad.  He spent what some people make in a year getting 36 characters to control simultaneously, so he could play one game with 36 characters at once and not have to interact with people.  Oh man, what a great hobby.

    Honestly, if this isn’t a hoax, then its a good bet that he’s just doing it for the bragging rights, which, as I mentioned earlier, is pathetic.  Normally, I don’t care what people do with their money, but this is absolutely stupid.

  31. Anthrax says:

    To have the throwaway money to pay for all those computers, game copies, AND accounts, the guy would have to be…


    Bill Gates?

  32. gamegod25 says:

    If there are any psychiatrists in the area, please go to his house and sit him down for a little chat.

  33. Tom90deg says:

    Ok, Maybe I’m missing something, but WHY would people "Alt-Box"? I mean, it’s a GAME. It’s supposed to be fun! That looks like a second job to me. Controlling 5 seprate charaters so that that you can get the best stuff…I mean, maybe you can make money off of it, but i dunno. Just seems ridiculous to me.


    If you cannot best a man in argument, all is not lost. You can still call him vile names.

  34. lumi says:

    You’re making a fundamentally incorrect assumption here.

    "we have the tendency to realize that doing one thing 36 times (even if you’re doing it all at once) isn’t ‘fun’."

    He’s not doing the same thing 36 times.  He’s doing a new, different thing once.  The experience of playing this game with an army is definitely different from the experience one gets by playing one, or even a small handful, of toons simultaneously.

    I don’t see how this is any less valid than any other 6k/year hobby, of which there are quite a few.  Seriously, since he IS playing them all at once, he could be sinking no more time into this than any other single-account player, and have the same social life any of them do.  In fact, I bet he may have an easier time than a single player getting stuff done in a time-efficient manner because he’ll never have to wait to find a group for anything…

  35. Twin-Skies says:

    Dare I say it, I’m wondering if most of that money could have gone to a far better cause. I can understand a couple of alt accounts, but 36? Such a waste…

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  36. Austin_Lewis says:

    What of them?  If Obama wins the next election, he’s going to try to ban them and ARs, so if you want one get yours now.  Also, Springfield and Rock River are behind on their shipments, BUT if you buy a firearm before a ban goes into effect, its yours whether you received it or not.

  37. Austin_Lewis says:

    Another thing he could do with the money:

    Get 2 Gibson Les Paul Customs Zakk Wylde edition.

    Honestly, If I didn’t already have one, that’s where I’d start.

  38. Austin_Lewis says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and suggest that’s wrong, but mainly on the basis that I don’t have ‘hourly’ earnings.  Also because I make quite a bit of money.

    Another thing I notice among people who earn the kind of money I do, we have the tendency to realize that doing one thing 36 times (even if you’re doing it all at once) isn’t ‘fun’.  Its repetitive and tedious and boring.  I have much more fun turning on my own high-end computer and playing an hour of insurgency as my WoW-playing friend does playing 2 WoW accounts on his computer.  Chances are, if this isn’t a hoax, the person involved did it for bragging rights, which is pretty fucking pathetic.  If the only thing you can do to stand out is spend money and run a program, you need to re-evaluate your life.

  39. Father Time says:

    Yup but I don’t which would be better/worse (depending on how you look at it). Having his WoW habits or getting a new next gen game around every four days (on average). Now if you were to get some last gen or bagain bin/greatest hits games thne you’d REALLY be getting a lot.


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  40. Austin_Lewis says:

    Yeah, I forgot we were up to 60 a pop now.  Sorry.  I actually realized I made a mistake while I was pre-ordering Left 4 Dead and RE:Kingdom Hearts chain of memories today.  My mistake.  Still, the point is made, eh?

  41. Austin_Lewis says:

    Let me put it into perspective.  I have 12 computers/tvs/consoles in my 8000sqft house.  My monthly bill is 1200 give or take (summer its higher, winter its lower).  His is probably near that as well, just for his computers.

    Now, I work 14 hour days most weeks.  I don’t have the time to play 36 fucking accounts and still make the money to support that kind of bullshit.

    So the kid is either A) living at home with parents who foot his amazing energy bill or B) inherited money from his parents and footing the bill with their money.

  42. Father Time says:

    At $60 a pop wouldn’t it be 100 next gen games and not 120?


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  43. Father Time says:

    And to think I was obssessed with a certain game series just becuase I bought the same game twice (a portable version and a port).

    With 36 accounts I think you can populate an entire map in a FPS.

    Although I wonder what else you can do commanding 11 PCs at once.


    God created alcohol so that the Scottish and the Irish could never take over the world. -Chris ‘Jedi’ Knight

  44. Afirejar says:

    Because there’s that many people that call 6000$ subscription costs "not bad", that can’t pay their power bill themselves.

  45. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Damn…uh…wow. I…I don’t…I don’t know what to say to this…damn…


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers!

    Jack Thompson is still a dick…

  46. Jonathan says:

    That’s amazing, I’m showing my friend this story when he gets back. Also the guy is right, they’re are more expensive hobbies out there.

  47. VideolandHero says:

    LOL!!!  Seriously, I’m laughing at all the jealous people here making negative comments!

    This is awesome, but isn’t the whole point of WoW to communicate with other people?

    — Official Protector of Videoland!

  48. Weatherlight says:

    And that doesnt include the cost of all that hardware. I would personaly like to know what the specs on those latops are and how he aquired them.


  49. C. Aaron Browbowski Jr. says:

    yeah its always sad when you see somebody do that… 36 accounts never begging for a rain check…..

    Jesus Jack Jones Thompson…. is dead… (funeral udruge, followed by Celebrate 😀 )

  50. magic_taco says:

    Yup,Its reminding me of that Warcraft South park epidsode,Cept Nobody is obese,Unless this gamer makes welfare money/disability, But that couldnt be possible.

  51. Afirejar says:

    Seriously, I need to know; does he live in his parent’s basement?

    Seriously, do you honestly believe, that someone that can shell out 6000$ annually for subscription fees for a video game, play that game on a dozen high-end machines, with commensurate power consumption and internet connectivity and call that "not bad, it’s just a hobby aftter all" lives in anyone’s basement?

  52. King of Fiji says:

    Wow even if you take into account my Starbucks Coffee addiction, my weekly purhase of a few volumes of random manga each week, I still think my obcessions which I keep in check cost less than this person.



  53. Austin_Lewis says:

    Let me list what I can do with 6000 dollars:

    1. Buy 4 M1A rifles (match grade)

    2. Buy 6 AR15 type rifles and at least 20 mags

    3. Buy 2 WWII-dated Colt 1911s

    4. Buy a 2001 4-door sedan in great condition

    5.  Buy 6 sets of PS3, XBOX360, and Wii

    6. Buy 2 sets of skis, 2 tickets to Utah, and a Weeks pass to Deer Valley Ski Resort, where you can ski with the stars and Stein Eriksen (he’s a cool guy, take my word for it).

    7. Buy 120 NEW-GEN videogames.

    8. Purchase 5 welsh-corgis and a year’s supply of dog food for each.

    9. Purchase 3 St.Bernards (pure-bred)

    10.Pay rent on an appartment for a year.

    11. Eat 1500 Quarter Double Pounder Cheeseburgers at McDonald’s

    12. Pay for 36 WoW accounts and the title of biggest loser on the planet.

    Seriously, I need to know; does he live in his parent’s basement?

  54. Duffy says:

    They have keypress forwarding software that works over a network, I would imagine he uses that for such a collassal setup.

  55. Redmess says:

    There is a nifty little thing called a KVM switch, witch allows you to control multiple systems with the same mouse/keyboard/monitor setup. I could imagine him using that, what with having that many computers around.

  56. minimoose says:

    i multibox 5 characters and i can tell u it’s entirely possible. no automation, automation on the live realms will get u banned. its done through a number of programs, one of the most popular being one called “keyclone.” what it does is send all your keys from your keyboard to each instance of wow. he prob uses another program to send signals from one computer to another, considering i dont see 11 keyboards. not to mention the use of a lot of macros for follow and focus.

    check out it’s where the story originated and where the multiboxing community hangs out 🙂

  57. Shahab says:

    Holy shit, your one of THOSE!! Seriously though, I am a recovery addict (drugs, not video games) and I was curious, would you characterize your playing of those MMORPGs as an addiction? Was it hard for you to stop? Did other areas of your life suffer? Did your grades drop? I’ve heard from people who would like to classify game addiction as an actual medical condition (as is substance addiction, but there is research to back up the claim that drug addiction is a disease) but I have always been hesitant to classify it as such. I should also mention I am studying to become an addiction counselor.

    Well, Cheers!

  58. magic_taco says:

    Wow, 36 accounts…Shiznits,I wonder how he sleeps,eats?, a guy like him could be dead in only 2 or 3 days of exhaustion..(im a former WOW player.)…I’ve had to go to the hospital once for exhaustion because of my time on WOW and Everquest.(i dont own the games anymore,not even a laptop. i sold my accounts. 🙂 )

  59. Shahab says:

    Generally minds don’t get bogged down with "bad health" bodies do. To address your point, it does take a lot of skill to successfully manipulate that many characters in unison. I don’t think anyone really questions that. Its the priorities one has to set in their live that I think some people here are questioning. It is a fair point to make. I am someone, who like many on here I would imagine, spends a lot of my time playing video games. It would propably be better for me if I cut back, I’d meet more people, accomplish more(provided I also broke my TV).

    But to go as far as this guy has gone, it seems like you can’t put this much time and energy into one aspect of your live without the other parts suffering.

  60. Shahab says:

    You take a very good point then go an ruin it by being stupid. While yes, this is impressive the same way a car wreck can be beautiful, no one should really be applauded for investing so much of themselves and their resources into a computer game.

    As for where you go south, you are missing the big picture. We see the money he is willing to invest in yearly dues, software costs, hardware costs, time. If anyone if willing and able to invest the time required to level up 36 characters it is this man. He is the epitome of that guy from the South Park episode, the one who we only ever see on the computer, chips falling onto his shirt as he click, click, clicks.

    Yes, sometimes I am an ass ladies and gentlemen.(though really, how many ladies are reading?)

  61. Quarantine says:

    I don’t think there’s one thing you’ve mentioned that I didn’t agree on.

    On another note, the only skill in WoW would be man hours. Anyone who has an account could easily be skilled if they are logged in long enough.

    No offense, but i’d like to see some dude who is big in WoW play Starcraft on 5 different PC’s simultaneously. Now THAT would be impressive.


    "Because this town is under the stranglehold of a few tight eyed Tree Huggers who would rather play Hacky Sack than lock up the homeless" — Birch Barlow

  62. ChrowX says:

    Gotta say.. there’s nothing about that much WoW that can ever be impressive. This man is sinking more money than any person ought to on a game and nothing else. Nearly $6000 is just what he spent for the accounts alone. That doesn’t include what he spent buying each copy of the game, the multiple laptops, monitors, hardware, keyboards, and every other little ammenity that this man had to spend in a bold affront against common sense and human interaction. I really wonder what this guy does for a living because that much money and that much time going into WoW means he can’t be doing much else… His health is probably in the shitter as well, now that I think about it.

    But, I’m eager to read the follow-up article where this guy gets all 36 of his accounts banned for abusing the system,  gold-farming, and power-leveling since those are the only ways this fool could make enough money for him to support his addiction

  63. nightwng2000 says:

    Well, you’re assuming he NEEDS a job.  He, or at least his family, may very well be ultra rich.

    And that’s an assumption on your part about his health.

    Remember, he’s playing most, if not all, the characters at the same time.  He can, as a group, take on some heavy hitters, jump a level or two after a few hours, then stop and come back later to play, once again, as a group.

    obviously I’m not heavy, or even right now lightly, into WoW.  But the skill on his part is just manipulating the personal army of characters he has to work in unison.  That can’t happen with someone whose mind is bogged down with bad health.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  64. Shahab says:

    Wow, umm, wait, I wasn’t saying WoW, I was saying "wow" you are a little bit stupid, eh? Its no great offense. Of course as long as it isn’t percieved to be harming Blizzard or the gaming community and causing uproar amoung the other paying customers Blizzard will take this guy’s six grand a year. Companies are run for the money baby, and this particular company WISHES it could squeeze six grand out of ALL of its customers per year!

  65. Tony says:

    hes also breaking the EULA, which in turn means hes commiting copyright infringement.

    How does that follow?  He *pays* for 36 accounts.  Nowhere does it say he torrented them or anything (not that that would help anyway as you’d need a CD key to register an account).

    Using a "third party program" to "automate keypresses across accounts"

    This is not against the ToS as repeatedly stated by GMs every time this comes up.  Google for multiboxing.

    Using multiple accounts not unique to user.

    Not against the ToS and it’s the first I’ve ever heard that it could be.  *sharing* accounts is illegal but he’s not doing that – the opposite in fact.  I know lots o people with multiple accounts.

    Im also willing to bet one of the char names is similar to "roflcopter"

    Only a problem if he’s on an RP realm.  On non-RP realms you can call yourself anything you like within reason.


  66. robotchicken says:

    Stupid blizzard and their mdy case.

    Since hes doing one/all/some of the following, hes also breaking the EULA, which in turn means hes commiting copyright infringement.

    Conspiring with another race (alliance/horde) (can he conspire with himself?)

    Using a "third party program" to "automate keypresses across accounts"

    Using multiple accounts not unique to user.

    Im also willing to bet one of the char names is similar to "roflcopter"


    Will he get banned? Of course not. Does blizzards EULA need to be updated? Desperately.

  67. Unruly says:

    Well, multiboxing like that usually has all the characters as the same class with the same action bar setup. And in this case, it holds true too since Kotaku mentions them all being shamans and has a picture of them in a group to go with it.

    He should have gone with druids though. Shamans may be a bit OP, but druids win every time.

  68. Hevach says:

    Multiboxing does best with classes that frontload lots of DPS. You basically want a class so that all of them can react to the a situation with the same action. With druids, when one of them needs a heal (if you can even keep track of information at that small of a level), you either need to let them die or have all 36 druids heal, wasting mana on the heal and a shape shift.

  69. DarkTetsuya says:

    YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. 😛 actually the programmers gave it to Stan’s dad to give to Stan (tho he had little idea of how actually to do that… the ep was actually on the other day, lol.)

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

  70. Tony says:

    Multiboxing is legal – so you can have the same keypress go to multple machines.

    Can’t see the point myself.. you have to level multiple characters, pay multiples of the monthly fee.. and end up with a static group of characters that can only do the same things as each other and are easily defeated by a team smart enough to realize this and force them to have to do differeint things to survive.


  71. SeanB says:

    When my wife is at work, i sometimes control both her and my character, but that’s on a free private server where i’m allowed to use a bot program to control her healing me. I dont know how he’d control that many characters at once. There’s only so many tasks you can automate, and on a live server, only so many tasks your ALLOWED to automate.

  72. Waffles says:

    Gentlemen….we are dealing with a man who….

    Has absolutely no life.

    "But how do you kill that which has no life?"

    I don’t know….*DUN DUN DUN*

  73. nightwng2000 says:

    Very impressive.

    Sounds less like an obsession and more like major goal oriented.  Let’s face it, he wants to do this alone in a multiplayer setting.

    What I didn’t read is:  Where’s the money coming from?  It’s gotta come from somewhere.  Hey, even if he’s independantly wealthy, that’s cool.

    Nah, this isn’t really an obsession, unless the obsession is actually to do the act he’s trying to pull off, instead of the game itself.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  74. eston says:

    I know the first reaction is to call this guy the world’s biggest loser, but honestly I find it pretty impressive.

    I’ve never played WoW before, and most likely never will, but I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never dreamed of having the perfect setup to play my favorite game. Most PC gamers have. But how many of them actually went the distance and did it? I wouldn’t even know how to begin to set something like this up. It’s awesome!

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