EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

October 15, 2008 -

Over at Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander serves up a revealing interview with John Riccitiello.

The Electronic Arts CEO dishes on the Spore DRM controversy, EA's abortive merger attempt with Take-Two, and EA's reputation in the gaming community.

Most noteworthy are Riccitiello's comments on the furor whipped up by Spore's much-maligned copy protection scheme:

I personally hate DRM. I don’t like the whole concept; it can be a little bit cumbersome. But I don’t like locks on my door, and I don’t like to use keys in my car... I’d like to live in a world where there are no passports. Unfortunately, we don’t – and I think the vast majority of people voted with their wallets and went out and bought Spore...


Everyone gets that we need some level of protection, or we’re going to be in business for free... [But it was] a minority of [anti-DRM] people that orchestrated a great PR program. They picked the highest-profile game they could find. I respect them for the success of their movement.

I'm guessing that half of them were pirates, and the other half were people caught up in something that they didn’t understand. If I’d had a chance to have a conversation with them, they’d have gotten it... There are different ways to do DRM; the most successful is what WoW does. They just charge you by the month.


Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

So you're telling me that in order for other members of my family to be able to play a game that I bought, they have to buy it themselves? So I guess that when I buy a DVD I'm the only person thats allowed to watch it as well and I'm supposed to shield the screen from anyone else looking at it? Its essentially the same thing.

And what about people like myself, who personally own multiple computers. I have my desktop for when I'm at home and a laptop for breaks between classes and any time I go out of town. Right there that's 2 of my installs. And god forbid that I buy a new computer once every 2 or 3 years.

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

If you can afford multiple computers, chances are, you can afford a phone call as well. You should have the time for the call, too, since you also had the time to complain about having to make it (which probably took more time than the call itself, should you actually ever run into the hypothetical problem you're preemptively complaining about).

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Hey Afirejar, how about I just pirate the game instead and not have to put up with the hastle?


You are completely missing the point, someone who pirates the game can put a copy on every computer he owns without issues. If he gets a random crash he doesn't have to speculate as to whether Securrom is behind it because his copy of spore doesn't have seccurrom. If his wife wants to play he doesn't have to buy a second copy of the game (even being unable to use both copies at once is fine, but not at all?)

The bottom line is that the pirate is playing a superior product than the Consumer. This is the 800 pound gorilla that the banner wavers of DRM continue to miss. The market then leads to more pirates than consumers, because pirates do not get the raw deal that consumers get. The pirate will never have to call EA to activate the copy of his game, and as there become more pirates there become more intricate networks of user to user support amongst pirates, surpassing that of the game's own support.

It is simple, the reason people buy bottled water is because it is more convenient and superior to tap water. What we have in the pc gaming space is people selling tap water and handing out bottled water for free.

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Dont underestimate the time wasting power of tech support, haha.

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

You are correct, as long as the configuration of your computer never changes. The Spore DRM has not been thoroughly tested for altering the configuration of your computer. At least not publicly. So why don't you try changing your RAM or DVD drive and see what happens.

Also, 3 computers in 12 years? You're kidding right? That would mean the majority of people buy a new computer every 4 years which also means that most of those people probably don't have the hardware to play the game in the first place. But of course very few people buy a new computer more often than a couple of years. But quite a few of those people buy upgrades quite often and that could cause problems.

But personally, I still play games from the mid 90s on my PC. If these DRM schemes existed back then, I would be unable to play them. Next is the problem of EA not patching out the DRM. Many companies don't do that before turning off the activation servers or going out of business. So what then? You're screwed.

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Well we don't know that for sure but measure the worst case scenario to the best case. The worst case is if it takes every single part of your computer and makes sure that you have it all, DVD drive, Mother board, the works. And if you replace any of those you would use up your install. The best case is that all it does is reads your computer for something like E.Zack Windows XP Service Pack 2 and your computer registary serial number. Which do you think is more probable and more easier for EA to do? Read every single spec of your computer, or simply read your computer OS version registary and go with that?

You mean you go through more than 3-4 computers every 12 years? To me it makes sense since the turn of the console generations represent when you should upgrade. Last gen it was you got a pentium 4 2.4 to 3.0 processer, 512 ram, and the video card of your choice somewhere beyond 5700. And incremental upgrades as you go bosting from 512 to 1 gig, and 5700 to 6800. Thats what you usually do, is you get the most powerful CPU as CPU specs for games change ever so slowly, plus exchanging CPU's would also mean exchanging the motherboard, which at that point you might as well buy another computer. It's better just to buy say a quad core or even a dual core 2.8 and go with changes to the graphics cards, going SLI, and other modular addon parts to last you through the generations. It's not unreasonable to go with the same computer you had for 4 years because untill the developers have to deal with the next generation of consoles, the specs for your computer should stay relative to the system requirements of most games comming out of that era, even for a gamer you just upgrade as you go.

By what you mean of playing games from the 90s, at that point the DRM will have been most likely unlocked. If anything SecurROM is more short term than anything else. EA is not that stupid, they are run by human beings like you and I, and there is definatly people aware of this issue, and thinking about this issue like you and I are. Companies are not stupid. People are stupid. People do dumb things, and it reflects poorly on the company. EA has learned this lesson before, and it seems that they are learning their mistakes, and I can sympithize with them and Riccotello that he genuenly dislikes DRM, but he knows that the alternatives are just as non-viable as SecurROM.  Maybe one day we can have a DRM system that fits more properly and also secures the casual piracy market.

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

ok after this, I have to make a comment...

ok picture this: how many times have you gone to load a program and had "your system has changed since you last loaded this software do you want to reset your display settings", this is a program that has no DRM on it, imagine what it would be like with a DRM which would consider this a new system or an attempt to circumvent their copyrighting system? or for instance who out there has not flattened windows in the past 12 months? or changed any component in their system, such as RAM, GFX card, hell even sound card for those of us who use a PCI one? Changing any ONE of those items at a time, which most people do, rather than buy a WHOLE new computer in one go, counts as a different system configuration er go its a different system, er go 1 install gone.

I personally do not like the idea of a bit of software being installed alongside 1 game, which then give a 3rd party access, even control over what I want to play/watch on my computer, anyone who is anyone does not want their private items released to the web, I wouldn't want some asshole I didn't know poking through pictures of my kids birthdays to see if any of them contravened some idea that everyone who buys the software is a pirate.

This DRM is exactly that, it is almost a direct accusation that anyone who buys the software legitimately, is a software pirate, a criminal who should bend over and prepare to have their entire private life laid bare.

or another analogy would be you climbing into bed, when an EA employee walks into your house and starts looking through your stuff, when you try to get rid of them they hold up some contract which you had no idea you had signed which gave them 100% rights over what you say and do in that house up until you move. When you do move house the removals van shows up missing some of your stuff and the EA guy is stood next to another van with the doors open, you can see your stuff inside, but you can't touch it untill you sign another contract with the new address on it, or say you don't move for a long while, then what happens? no new contract for access to stuff you paid for years ago, its not yours anymore its gone.

to be honest paying £30 for essentially renting a game for a limited period of time is crap, disk checks I'm fine with, you bought the disk, you lose it its your fault. Something delving into the depths of my machine and altering its insides without a big notice on the outside of the box (certain games stores won't refund a PC game unless its unopened) is essentially immoral, unfair, and unjust.



Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

I actually agree that EA needs to protect its games from casual pirates. I just think that DRM is like building the Great Wall of China today... it is impressive, it will deter some but most will fly over it on a plane... The people it will really hurt are the economies of the towns on both sides... as in people with legitimize reasons for crossing the place where there is now a wall...


I have 3 issues with your post.

1. If you are installing a game than you have either bought or stole it already, what in the blue hell does blocking p2p programs get you? This is nothing more than thank you for installing our game as punishment for doing so you will not have access to certain programs if they are on your computer and some don't have illegal uses but look similar enough so we will break those as well, I mean we don't have the resources to make sure that we don't break your computer when trying to control how you use it...

2. I agree that DRM is a pride issue, because a company doesn't want to admit that some teen in his mom's basement beat this multibillion dollar corporation they are going to hit every one of they're customers over the head with a brick.

My issue is, why in the hell do you not have a problem with this?!?!?!? It isn't about security, it is about PRIDE, so how is it justified???

as for Crysis, I played it for 15 minutes before trying to sell it on eBay...I really wish that I had pirated it because trying to get rid of it was time out of my life that I will never get back (yes I thought it was a bad game) and if that game had the craziest DRM ever, it still would have been pirated(search for expansion torrent online to see poof of this statement) so what is your point? More pride?

3. As for Xbox-360, you do realize that you don't need a mod chip to unlock it right? Just a firmware update...

Also in recent years PC games that launch on the same day as Xbox-360 games get pirated after the xbox-360 games. As in: it is simpler to pirate Xbox 360 games than ANY pc games, even PC games like FALLOUT 3 that do NOT HAVE ANY DRM...

By the way, I don't use p2p and when I hear my friends talk about using it, I always tell them not to...

Pirating isn't stealing but it is wrong. I just hope that game companies stop encouraging piracy by putting malware into the legal versions of their products...(Anyone remember how sony used to put rootkits on its cds?)



Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Is there any evidence that it Blocks P2P programs? I mean you hear people screaming about it in message boards but I have never encoutered a problem with any DRM programs even Starforce for that manner. Have any of you honostly expereinced any problems with DRM personally?

And for Crysis? You bought it, thats your failing if you found out it was a bad game. It's not EA's fault that you bought the game and didin't like it. And yes, they put it because they feel it's nesessary none the less even if it doesn't work because I imagine the people at Crytek feel really bad about this.

Do you know the crazy amounts of thing that Microsoft monitors on your 360? If you want to play pirated games on your 360 you would have to never reach live ever. They read the electrical signals, disc speed, all this stuff and if you get caught, your banned immediatly. And I have no idea how you firmware or mod a 360 to play pirated games, and if you see the Fallout 3 leak (which by the way was probebly an exception to PC being easier to pirate, this most likely happened because someone in bethesda had the code and sold it off and it was only the 360 version.) The leechers there are about 10-8 people? Not a whole lot meaning that people dont even try. Compare that to searching up Crysis and still seeing the number of leechers into the hundreds every day.

And yes Pirating is stealing. You are taking a peice of property from someone without a license to do so, or any agreement to do so. Why it doesn't feel wrong is because it is not on the basis of scarcity, where you would feel bad if you stole food from some family where they have a low income, and why you woulden't if you stole from something that physically does not exist, and on top of that, comes from a multi-billion dollar company as EA.

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

1. On DRM:

Starforce KILLED a computer of mine once. Does that qualify?

When I bought The Witcher, it’s copy protection kept it from playing on my new computer and it's insane minimal reqs kept me from playing it on my old computer...

oh and I was referring to your statement that a perfect DRM would block p2p...

2. On Crysis:

I agree that it is my failing for not trying it before buying... Just saying that there might be a reason why it didn't do well other then piracy...and in that case piracy actually saved the jobs of all those people that made a terrible game because they had a scapegoat...

3. On Xbox chipping:(no chip used or needed)

A friend of mine downloaded this program, put it on a thumb drive, put that into his Xbox and he was done 'modding' the Xbox, it took him a very very short amount of time... less then usually takes him to download a single game for pc... so not so hard, people just don't know about it because console game makers aren't telling everybody about it every chance they get... unlike the PC game makers...

4. On amount of downloads of fallout:

The reason fallout 3 isn't pirated as much yet is because it is 3 weeks from launching... most pirating will occur after the game is out... not a lot of people even know it is out already... also took me about 2 minutes to find this torrent 297 seeder(s) and 921 leecher(s). Completed 5130 time(s) it was only added two days ago also...

5. on Xbox pirating:

It is also not an isolated incident, for example Saints Row 2 came out the other day, the Xbox version has been around for a while and the PC version still can't be found... there are many others, just search for torrents of games about to be released and you will see that this is a major problem...

Ok so you can't play a single player game on live... interesting, I guess that is bad?!? Though it is a single player game so most wouldn't give a damn about live...

Most can't play multiplayer games with games pirated on PCs either...

6. Pirating vs. stealing vs. industrial sabotage:

Also Pirating is not stealing, pirating makes a copy, stealing takes the original...

I didn't say it wasn't wrong, I said it is wrong.

Uploaders are committing industrial sabotage

Downloaders are pirating not stealing (a much much lesser crime about equal to littering though immoral)

People selling pirated copies are stealing because they are actually stealing EA's money...

While most downloaders wouldn't have bought the game if they couldn't steal and therefore deprive EA of NOTHING other than perhaps pride... though obviously a significant portion of them would have (that portion is a MINORITY) and what they do is morally wrong.

There are also downloaders that pirate the games they own because installing a pirated copy is safer then isntalling the original. Also DRM slows gameplay and causes bugs/crashes so they want the superior product. It is completly moral and justifyable for them to do this and it is immoral to punish them for this activity. These people are also a minority but for games like spore they seem to be greater than the amount of people that would have bought the game but didn't because of pirating.

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

1. Well okay, the infamy of Starforce is evident. But just me personally, I have had no problem with any DRM schemes. Take that as you will.

2. It seriously does not matter. If Crytek loses money, people are let go (which I don't think is what happened). Realistically, the employees and the bosses dosen't just hold people because of what morallity is involved, the hold people beacuse they can afford to, and they let go of people because they can't. However that is my theory, Cryteks manager can be really cool and just hold people regardless since they are a victom of piracy. And I highly doubt they made a terrible game as their game scored over 90% on metacritic. Which in fact is what some companies use to give bonuses to their employees.

3. I have had no idea of this. Okay fine, but the knowledge of this is pretty dull that it doesn't matter if you can or cannot do it by software. Maybe down the line this will become a huge problem but by then we will have the xbox 720 and that might change. It could very well explain why piracy never really happens on the PS3.

4. Well I just ran a quick search on Bit Che and all i got was Fallout 3 10 leechers torrents.

5.  see 3

6. It's still illegal any way you spin it. and I remember you said "isin't" must be your typo.

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

1. There are a lot of people who are never hurt by DRM or at least don't think the DRM is responsible... There is also no DRM that has ever protected games from being up on torrents soon after or before release...

And sometimes DRM really hurts you, then you notice…

2. There is also the fact that Crysis was made for about 5%-10% of the market... since only this small amount of people could actually run the game on their pc... and like you said, even though the game did badly nobody got fired, sounds like they had a convincing reason for why the game did badly… so there is a possibility that piracy actually saved jobs in that case…

3. Xbox 2012 in honor of the world ending...

4. go to google

type in: fallout 3 torrent

that is all you need to do...

the first choice has a lot of torrents some have 300 seeders... that is a problem since most pirates don't even know that it has been released already... once they find out in a few weeks, well there will be more seeders and more than just a thousand leechers...

5. Except this shows that this is already a very big problem not some time down the line but now...

6. Legality depends on which country you are in...

aslo there are levels to a law.

For example: Here is a scale

downloading/ pirating




selling pirated versions/stealing

uploading/ pirating industrial sabotage

armed roberry


I don't think jaywalking is a major crime... This also explains why downloaders haven't been sued yet(unless I missed something) while uploaders well, !possible! uploaders have...

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

1. On DRM:

Starforce KILLED a computer of mine once. Does that qualify?

I don't see, how it could possibly do that. Seriously, how did it actually do that on a technical level?

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Well it made my dvd drive not work right and forced reboots about every 10 minutes after startup...

Had to reformat the thing... without a working drive... had to use an external one...

Worked fine after that...

DRM never likes custom built computers... I guess there is a remote possibility that starforce wasn't responsible, but the PC worked fine before I installed SF, had the problems I mentioned after the install and after I reformatted PC worked fine so it wasn't a hardware issue... so pretty sure SF was the reason...


That was when I first learned what DRM was... Legal Malware...


Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

There is one option that would be perfect IMO, you have 3 options, CD Key, DRM, download from online and it ping their server every time you start up the game.

I can rationalize partly with them, but the real piracy statistics are not that high.  The old statistics from 15 years ago are decently high, but there were few consumers other than hackers then, while today there are many consumers that are in no way hackers or pirates unless they start being abused.

There are game developers out there that have NO DRM at all.  They making lower end games that anyone can play on their computer if they can run StarCraft, and they don't target the audience piracy is a part of typically.

The hackers already won, they already have the game in their hands and online to play.  Since it is already hacked, the DRM is useless, and they might as well turn it off so the consumers can get the game without SecuROM.  There are at LEAST 250,000 consumers waiting to buy this game when EA drops DRM because they strongly believe that it will happen.  That is a lot of money EA could make pretty fast by taking off SecuROM or creating a tool to remove it easily.

1/3 of Spore players pirated their game.  1/3 of them are not typically pirates, they were driven to piracy because of business practices they are strongly against...

See, DRM is the lock for IP/car dealership, the lock on the car is the game disk/CD key/whatever, the lock on the car is making the car run badly/game crashes, not letting you have more than 3 different people/computer installs in the car ever (i know that it is 5, but only 5 people fit in most cars, and there is a point there), and the dealership has a low jack system on your car that tells them where you have been, how long, and what speeds you are going, and could turn off your car at any moment and take your car away from you, or change things around in your garage that makes it so that only your car and cars like it in there and not a competitors car.

As a game developer do I want my games stolen? Hell no.  Will it happen, I sure hope so, because that means my games are worth stealing honestly, but it is part of life, and it happens.  We have car alarms to warn us about stolen cars and GPS systems that do not interrupt our car's performance at all.  That is the job of the developers to figure out how to do.  Develop a system that lets the game and computer perform and provide security to their properties.  I am not going to say that it will be easy, but it will have to be done.  John makes between $5 million and $18 million a year.  I am sure that alone is enough to get something figured out.

It cost $450 million per mission to launch a space shuttle, and I know that finding a solution to this problem is far cheaper than that, and all of the publishers need to invest in it together if they want the consumers on their side.  I am not against the concept of DRM, I am against how it is being done.

Hell, I would be willing to be on a board of consumers to approve, disapprove, and come up with ideas and implementation of DRM.  Will it be hacked, of course.  There are amazing hackers out there, and the bigger the challenge you make, the more likely it will be hacked.  The pirates will always get their slice of the pie, but we dont need to be damaging the second hand market for long term income.

I think what EA really needs to do it make some free content for their consumers to make up for the DRM issues.  Will it make them money?  Heck no.  Will it make consumers like them more?  Hell yeah.

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

What? Where are you basing this from? Hackers and Pirates are not Pirates till they start being abused by stuff like DRM? What? How do you know there are 250 000 people if EA took it off will run off to the nearest Gamestop to buy Spore? And as I said the DRM is not for the hardcore hackers but for the casual pirates who go by their freinds houses and install it on their computers. Piracy is more than torrent internet sites, Piracy is also the shady burnt copies of SAW at China town and 50 in one Nintendo DS games. And the comparson that Riccotello makes between Car locks and DRM is the reason that they need security because they very well know their game can be stolen. The lock is not for you but for them. I'm pretty sure they know that this measure is not going to beat the master theifs of the system, but it's there so no one can wander in and steal it (casual piracy). 

And launching a space shuttle in comparason to solving DRM? Launching a space shuttle is a figure of mathamatical problems, and scientific problems all fit into an equation of speed+materials+measures+time+variables. DRM is not an issue that you can throw money at and have it solved. DRM is a logistical and even political issue that can only be solved through evaluating the choices and which move to take. We can fly to mars and colonize it if we have the right amount of money, but no amount of money will ever solve issues such as Stem Cells, Abortion, Gun Control, or Same Sex marraige. DRM is one of these issues you can't just throw money at and the problem will go away.

And EA has been releasing stuff for free. I find it ironic that people say that somehow people are spinning the way EA deals with the used games problem a bad thing. EA deals with the used games problem by releasing stuff for free and supporting their games after release. Bad Company and Burnout Paradise had big updates that could have passed for DLC completly for free, and that is what stops people from trading in their games. They have also been releasing games like Red Alert 1 for free. I know that this limits only really to the console sides of things, but the sucess EA has been having with Burnout Paradise will only trickle down into this method of support into future games.  

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

For the shuttle compairison it is for taking smart people and well paid hard workers to get something working and implimented.  If NASA can do what they do with that money, EA can get consumers, developers, and programmers together to figure out a solution that everyone will be happy with, because SecuROM is not going to cut it.

Groups like Critron has released good things for free, but they are not even fully a part of EA.  Well... they are but are not.  They are still ran seperately in most ways.  While Maxis on the other hand is fully under EA in every way.  Their free content sucks with a capital SUCK. I think developement teams should give things out for free, because it means they care about their consumers.  Dont get Burnout and Crysis developers mixed in with EA though.  EA lets them run around free, while Maxis like many other developers that are not a part, disappearing or disappeared into EA are raped of their value.

The maps from Gears of War were great, you can pay if you wish or wait 3 months.  I can live with that...  I can even live with the, if you buy it from here this is for you to download extented content usable once, then make it free to all after 9 months so that people playing a used version can obtain it too.  I just don't like people getting screwed, and I wouldnt doubt that EA will forget to release the patch to let you keep playing Spore after they turn off their servers.

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Your knowledge of EA proves that you have massivly misunderstood EA for a very long time or you are streaching facts to make your point. Criterion is an owned subidary of EA bought out for 40 million euro, mostly for RenderWare technology. DICE is also an owned division of EA. Same with Bioware, and Pandemic. Like it or not, they are pretty much permentaly in EA's pockets, and every game from them for now on, will be EA published.


Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Criterion still seperate, DICE still mostly seperate, BioWare and Pandemic will disappear for the Maxis brand does.

I am saying they are seperate because EA doesn't mess with their management that much.  The Maxis team has been switch over to almost all EA employees with extremely few original Maxis staff left.  May it be they were put on other projects in the company, fired, or quit, they are not the ones making the Maxis games anymore.  Game design was highly influenced by EA for The Sims where they left out many features that were put into Sims 2 so they could rake in more cash in the long haul.  They were also going to include 2 expansion packs in the original Sims 2 base game, but EA wanted to split it up to make more money. 

Now with the new team leader or whatever they are calling it for the Sims 3, there is only a few people that were from The Sims that are still on the staff.  Though it isn't uncommon for staff to quit or get fired, Maxis has kept the same teams on these projects for a pretty long time, even Sim City games, and now EA is having other companies make Sim games so they can pull in the money from the franchise, while raping the brand of it's quality.  With only Wright left of the original team, it doesn't look too unlikely that he may only make 1 more game before he is done poping out big titles.

I have no problem with EA publishing games made by these developement teams though, it is EA having a huge say in how the games are made, switching out members of the team, and raping brand names with games like SimAnimals and SimCity Societies.  Making below par games with a high ranking brand name, when the original dev. teams would easily be able to come up with better games, and live up to the brand quality.

We all know of the companies EA has distroyed that no longer exist at all, and even though EA likes to act like they always do the right thing, and are great at what they do.  Statistics (game reviews/ratings) show that EA makes the worst games in the industry in relation to rival companies like Activision, just EA buys out and uses up the branding of once great companies.  Their average review screw every year has gone down every year since 2004 as well, at least from 2000-2004 they stayed about the same, even though still the lowest given their ranking in the industry.

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

I agree with your first paragraph for the most part.

There certainly are pirates around before customers are abused but many/most pirates become pirates after they are abused.

I know a lot of people that pirate... oddly all of them have some horror story about buying things that first got them into pirating... maybe some are lying about having one but certainly not most... By the way I also have horror stories about purchases I once made though I simply chose to not buy games from companies that have similar practices as the ones involved with my horror stories... oh and those horror stories are the reason I learned to pirate even though I chose not to, after deciding it was wrong. For most people though, once they learn how to do it, they do it often...


Second paragraph:

You are telling me that a software issue should be solved politically? WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

How are those moral problems in any way related to technological issues? Like space shuttle and copy protection!??!?!?

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

I know a lot of people that pirate... oddly all of them have some horror story about buying things that first got them into pirating...

Yeah right. It's never about the money, and it's really, really improbable, that 99% of horror stories told by pirates are just half-assed excuses, solely there to not make them look like the criminals they are. Stop being that naive.

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

I didn't say piracy wasn't about the money, most of the time it is.

Example:a person can't get their parent to give them money for a game and pirates it cause it is the ONLY way they are ever going to play it...

However I was talking about -customers- becoming pirates not piracy in general... and most -customers- become pirates because they are abused by companies later they pirate to save money sure, but they are forced to learn to pirate in the first place by the companies that abused them... if they weren't forced to learn then most of them wouldn't have become pirates...


Also I said that some are lying but from my own personal experiences I would say that most aren't also I know these people and most of them wouldn't lie...

as for stories being unlikely:

Starforce once killed my computer... after that I started downloading pirated versions of all starforce games that I bought...

I once purchased a game box with no discs inside... when I run back to exchange for box with discs, the manager told me that because I probably stole the discs and didn't give me a refund or exchange for same product or anything...(last time I ever went to bestbuy) i called the company that made the game and they sent me "not for ditribution" discs about 3 or 4 months later... Obviously I had pirated and finished the game by then...

I once broke a disc and no one sold that game anymore... only place to get it was from pirates....

I once bought a game that only run on the most powerfull computer available. Unfortunatly the 'protection' scheme didn't work with sata drive which are in most new computers, so I couldn't play without finding a bypass that pirates had been using for a while...

All of these are true and I am one person... though I wouldn't consider any of those piracy since I purchased all those games first...


Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

First time I did was because the game was so old that it was the only way I could find it. 
Second time, there was no demo. 
Third time, I owned all of the expansion packs except for 2, and I figured they got enough of my money. 

After that the game was really old again, expansion pack I couldnt find anywhere (black and white 2 expansion pack, and I would happily but the expasion pack if I found it in a store or donate the money), then I was curious how easy it actually was to burn a game for a console and broke the disc later because the game sucked...  then again no demo so I downloaded it illegally and then flushed the computer 2 weeks later since it hadn't been flushed for a year.

Oh yeah, got a DVD version of a game once as a present but didnt have a DVD ROM, so I downloaded it illegally but used the key from the game I had.

Other than the old games and expansion packs, I never kept them longer than a month, or baught it legally after playing the illegal version as if it was a demo...

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

This comment page needs to be sent to this guy. He's the one who doesn't understand the whole thing

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

You know what, I might just do that.

Update: Done

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Damn Zach, you beat to the punch every time. Give a guy a chance... 

Anyway I fully concur with your opinion. John is funny nonetheless. He gives us/me as one of the anti-DRM organizers a compliment, and bitch slaps us at the same time. You have to love that kind of stuff. 


"The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" - Herodotus

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" - Herodotus

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Futhermore, if we want to, we can opt to not have locks. Or, if we so choose, we could leave the door unlocked. When I lived in the country, we often didn't lock the car or the house, you just about didn't need to.

However, we don't have locks on our doors that restrict the number of people coming into our house. We don't have locks that require a third party to approve if we want to enter our home. Any locks that are too cumbersome, we get rid of.

I was part of this DRM protest, I did not pirate Spore (nor did I buy it).

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Out of all of the pirated copies of Spore on peope's computers, I would say well over 75% were consumers who chose piracy over rape, I mean paying for a game they are pretty much renting.

John Riccitiello, I for one will be more than happy to have that conversation with you.  I am sure Zach Knight would as well.  I think the 3 of us should have a little talk all together, and discuss the reality of the situation, and I ask that a psychologist come with us as well, because it seems that high ranking employees at EA live in a dream world, and I believe that Zach and I would need someone to translate to you what the real world is like, and remind you what a consumer is.  (I will give you a hint, a consumer is not a dollar sign.)

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Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

Well, we all know the old saying: "The CEO is always right"

Re: EA CEO: Half of Spore DRM Protesters Were Pirates

I thought it was the consumer...  meh...  couldnt be, just listen to John, haha.  I rather deal with John than Jack.  I feel that John can be rational, while Jack... he just needs help.

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