Richard Garriott Hypes Tabula Rasa From Space

As we reported on Sunday, Richard Garriott rocketed into space aboard the Soyuz TMA-13.

GP sister-site GameCulture has posted a fascinating story detailing some of what the Ultima series creator has gotten up to.

Among other activities, it seems that Garriott is doing some sophisticated hyping of Tabula Rasa, his latest MMORPG. From GameCulture:

…live footage streamed from the capsule’s cabin showed the veteran game designer grinning through the faceplate of his helmet, holding a card with an array of icons written on it… The icons were ‘logos,’ an ancient form of pictographic communication used by the Eloh, an alien race that forms part of the lore of Garriott’s latest MMO, Tabula Rasa…


the official Tabula Rasa website… provided a single clue — the message was a famous quote… In what is certain to be the first intergalactic mini-ARG (alternate reality game), the power of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence manifested itself quickly. By yesterday afternoon, gamers at PlanetTR… were already celebrating victory. One of the board’s members, Valashar, claimed to have successfully translated the cryptic quote… [it is] Earth is the cradle of humanity but mankind will not be in the cradle forever.

Tabula Rasa, by the way, is set in space.

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