At Fallout 3 Launch Party, Foo Fighters’ Grohl Almost Dedicates Song to Sarah Palin

The Foo Fighters entertained the crowd at a private Fallout 3 launch party last night in L.A. and Entertainment Weekly reports that frontman Dave Grohl seemed close to dedicating Everlong to Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.

It was just 10 days ago that the band issued a statement protesting the use of their tune My Hero at McCain/Palin rallies.

From EW:

Playing for several hundred videogame enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the much anticipated launch of the post-apocalyptic Fallout 3, the Foo frontman… [praised] the open bar at the downtown Los Angeles gig several times, and… toasted gamers everywhere.


"I’m proud of you guys," he said. "You’re living the American dream. You get to drink free booze and play f—-n’ video games. Who knows, maybe someday you can be vice president!" While readying his guitar for the song "Everlong," Grohl segued from the V.P. reference into a near-dedication: "Speaking of that, I’m gonna dedicate this one to all the…" And then flinched. "Never mind." Whoa. To all the…Republicans? Several people in attendance certainly wondered if that was what the singer was thisclose to doing. Tongue-in-cheek perhaps?


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  1. plkrtn says:

    What a non-story.

    I’m sure Grohl was about to rip on Sarah Palin but decided against it.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  2. Mnementh2230 says:

     Regardless of the almost dedication, I have an enormous amount of respect for the Foo Fighters and their music.  Just honestly good rock, IMO.

  3. sortableturnip says:

    Forum Troll:  See Jack Thompson

    Internet Troll:  See Jack Thompson

    Jack Thompson:  See Disbared Attorney

  4. DavCube says:

    Welcome to two weeks ago, dude. JT DID sign up here. Dennis confirmed it himself, it’s the real deal. Hard to imagine for someone his age, i know, but he’s so self-deluded by his own lies to realize his complete hypocrisy.

  5. GoodRobotUs says:


    Yup, fraid so, you wouldn’t think it of a so-called ‘professional’ would you?

    But then, that’s why he has less than a week till he’s permanently disbarred for being a childish twat 😉

  6. Inimical says:

    As much as I agree, it wouldn’t gain as much attention from the media. The Foo Fighters is one of the biggest bands in the world at present and having the music world report that they were playing at a game’s launch party is great press.

    If someone like Behemoth or Dimmu Borgir played, the only people that would hear about it would be metalheads just because of the way the metal community works. It’s very closed and unless you’re into some form of extreme music, you’ll never hear about it.

  7. Aliasalpha says:

    You’d think that some sort of metal band would have been a better choice for a post-apocalyptic themed game, ideally one signed to Nuclear Blast. To use pansy rock just seems… wrong

    Hell just the Killswitch Engage album I’m listening to now has some good possibilities, "When Darkness Falls" or "World Ablaze" would work well.


  8. Kincyr says:

    we have an open-door policy here, Jack. if you don’t like it here, there’s the door. LEAVE!!

    岩「…Ace beats Jack」

  9. Phil_HarrisMMA says:

    Wow, how witty! Gee, Thompson, how many brain cells (and fax machines) did you burn out trying to think up of that little gem? Seriously, when you’re disbarred, don’t try to be a comedian! Kthxbai.


    RIP Evan Tanner

    "Is Darth Vader gonna have to Force Choke a bitch?!?"

  10. Erik says:

    Its funny.  You always call Dennis a "Tool of the ECA".  But to that my only response is: Hopefully.  One thing (out of millions of other things) that you have failed to grasp is that the Electronic CONSUMERS Association is NOT a body of the industry.  You know hence the "conusmers" aspect.  And consumers can use all the tools they can get.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  11. DavCube says:

    The Little Big Planet article has twice as many comments, and you’re nowhere near it. Why don’t you comment there? Oh, right, you don’t want to acknowledge that there’s something going on more important than you, right?

    Practice what you preach, Metropolitan Moron of Miami: Grow up, and get a life.

    David "DavCube" Gagnon, Not Obsessed with a Blog, and You Are.

  12. Haggard says:

    Yeah, it’s terrible when people make a big deal out of inconsequential things and then spend months trying to get people to care, isn’t it?

  13. GoodRobotUs says:

    Says the worlds most famous organ-grinders’ monkey without an organ…

    It isn’t about you, so you throw a tantrum, yes, I think that pretty much sums you up. You never grew up Jack, you just grew old.

    No doubt Dennis will be along soon to delete yet more of your pathetic trolling.

  14. Jack Thompson Attorney and You Are Not says:

    Wow, what a huge story, Dennis, as the number of posts in response indicates.  You doing a blockbuster story soon on Hal Halpin’s pet monkey, or don’t you do autobiographies?  Jack Thompson

    EZK: In the words of the mighty Wedge Antilles: "Stay on target"

  15. Austin_Lewis says:

    A hint for you, my good man.

    Anything written by anyone who is at or works for MTV or did so at any time is most likely garbage.  Take it with the tiniest grain of salt you can get your hands on.

  16. GoodRobotUs says:

    Yup, my mistake in that particular case.

    Still, I can’t feel like a total fool thanks to the whole YouTube escapade, so I only feel like a slight fool 

  17. Austin_Lewis says:

    The thing is, quite often bands sell the rights to their music and its use to the label they work for.

  18. GoodRobotUs says:

    I see what you mean, the article is worded pretty badly.


    In late August, Van Halen lashed out at the McCain campaign after it used their track "Right Now" as the candidate’s entrance theme during a rally in Dayton, Ohio. The band’s publicist told MTV News that Van Halen were not informed that McCain was going to use their song and that they were never approached for permission. "Had they asked, permission would not have been granted," the publicist said.

    About a week later, Heart objected to the campaign’s use of their song "Barracuda" at McCain rallies and events. The campaign continued to use the track, even after Heart asked that they cease further usage.

    "The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission," Heart said in a statement. "We have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored."


    Makes it sound like they didn’t have the right to use it.

  19. GoodRobotUs says:

    Foo Fighters, it was a nickname given to strange lights that used to follow planes during WW2, strictly speaking, they were UFO’s but no-one had coined the phrase at the time 😉

  20. MaJeStIc_12_x says:

    I’m pretty certain that they’re paying the licensing fees to use any intellectual property. That was the case with "Barracuda".

  21. GoodRobotUs says:

    Wow, they’ve been breaching a heck of a lot of IP from the looks of things, Van Halen, Heart and now Foo Fighters.

    That really narks me, apparently, if Joe down the street uses music illegally, then the RIAA will land on him like a ton of bricks, but if one of the most well known figures in the country use it, they conveniently turn a blind eye….

    I don’t care whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, what pisses me off is the Hypocrisy of those who ‘claim’ to be protecting the rights of the artists, when what they are really doing is treating the general public like the law only applies to them, and not to those who made (and voted for) the laws in the first place.


    Basically, if they cannot even be trusted to obey the very laws they are voting for, then how can they be trusted to keep their word about anything?

  22. Loudspeaker says:

    I think it was tongue-in-cheek playing on Palin’s now famous "shout out".

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  23. snoopy2 says:

    I definitetly need to get into the "in" crowd out here to get into shit like this.

    (Useless info: Grohl apparently does like to dedicate this song. I saw him in concert a couple years ago in the DC area and he dedicated this song to his wife and/or parents – I can’t remember which. So I’m thinking this has gotta be a tongue-in-cheek thing.)

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