Little Big Planet Release Delayed Over Qur’an References in Song

The Little Big Planet launch won’t go off next week as originally scheduled.

As reported by Joystiq, Sony is delaying LBP worldwide due to concerns about Qur’an references in a single song file. SCEE issued a statement on the situation:

During the review process prior to the release of LittleBigPlanet, it has been brought to our attention that one of the background music tracks licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Qur’an. We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologise for any offence that this may have caused. We will confirm the new launch date shortly.

Joystiq reports that the tune in question is Tapha Niang by Grammy winner Toumani Diabaté. From Joystiq’s report:

From the brief research we’ve done (um … Wikipedia), we have yet to find evidence to suggest "Tapha Niang" (or any Toumani Diabaté production for that matter) has been criticized for possible religious offenses prior to today’s development. In fact, a profile published by Taipei Times describes Toumani Diabaté as "a devout Muslim, with his own prayer room next to his office."

GP: SCEE, still smarting from the Resistance / Manchester Cathedral controversy, is likely being extra-cautious here in an effort not to step on anyone’s religious toes.

Thanks to: GP reader Josh Thompson for the tip!

UPDATE: Just got this e-mail with reviewer info from Sony:

Please be sure to check out the latest PlayStation blog post regarding LittleBigPlanet for the PS3.  Feel free to move forward with publishing reviews and features, but note that SCEA will begin shipping LittleBigPlanet to retail in North America the week of October 27th. 

UPDATE 2: Kotaku has a translation of the offending passages:

Every soul shall have the taste of death…  All that is on earth will perish…

UPDATE 3: Here’s the official PlayStation blog announcement. Doesn’t add much, although some of the commenters are outraged.

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  1. perucrazy09 says:

     Why not, just like any other game, put a warning on the back of the case that ONE of the songs contains words that may be offensive to some cultures? I don’t get why this has to be such a big deal. Plus, how many people will actually buy the game who are Muslim and who can understand this language? The game is focused toward ENGLISH speaking people, is it not? But, this one song will not change the outcome of the quality of the game. It will still be great! 

  2. 1AgainstTheWorld says:

    Reminds me of the outcry over Kakuto Chojin for the original XBox.  Microsoft recalled all of the unsold copies when one of the music tracks was discovered to have chants from the Qu’ran.

  3. squigs says:

    It’s nothing special about Islam. 

    I’ve worked on childrens’ games before.  Geopolitical issues are class 1 bugs.  They’re seen as as important as a crash.  And the geopolitical guys are extremely conservative.  We had mild inadvertant* innuendo removed, graphics changed because they portrayed negative stereotypes of certain cultures, or because it suggested negative treatment of national flags. 

    Compared with these, taking a piece of a holy book out of context, not to mention a piece advocating death and destruction is pretty severe. 

    *To be fair, it was deliberate but obscure enough for plausible deniability.

  4. Amauriel says:

     This thing is going to have to cost Sony MILLIONS…

    I was in Wal-Mart last week on Tuesday and they had the game on the shelves already…two full rows on the case with more stacked above…but when I tried to purchase it they couldn’t scan it through and all the fighting I did was not enough to walk out with that game.

    That means they are going to have to get all those copies back from all the stores across North America.

  5. Aliasalpha says:

    Those passages sound tamer than most metal lyrics, there’s probably stronger stuff in rock band or guitar hero for fucks sake. There goes hope for Rock Band: Cannibal Corpse

    Thats the kind of thing I think when I make it through a hard fight in a game or when someone in the cinema gets a phone call while I’m watching a movie!


    Maybe they could put "Easily offended whackjob" advisories on games. "Warning, contains 2 horribly offensive references to the Qur’an." or "Warning: Contains traces of FUN! (and nuts)"

  6. Brokenscope says:

    We all die at somepoint, and eventually humanity is going to run itself into the ground…


    sounds about right.

  7. Brokenscope says:

    He would either fill half the page with his usual hateful bullshit, or he would rage that someone quoted the koran.

  8. Sigvatr says:

    Islam and gaming combine yet again!

    Honestly, I think that passage is fucking brutal. Sounds like standard Warhammer 40k type babble.

  9. TBoneTony says:

    It is so easy to offend people…

    So just dont bother trying to please those who will never buy the game anyway.

    Sony needs to stand up for itself and just say to those who are offended that if you don’t like it, don’t buy our game then.

    Not just change it and cause a delay.

    and all that over two lines of lyrics????

    I just feel that this has been taken too seriously than what it needs to be though.

  10. Anomalous says:

    That "offending passage" pretty much sums what the Bible, Torah, and Qur’an are about. They all tell you that you will eventually move on to another place and the end would come.

    Happy times.

  11. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    It’s just how they are, man.



  12. Lavarock says:

     I don’t understand why a quote from someone’s religious text would offend them. The few video games that come out of Muslim countries are full of Qur’anic references and that’s obviously fine. One would think they would be grateful to Sony for speaking one of their beliefs? I know it’s a violent couple of lines but it’s in there. This would make more sense if it was delayed to avoid offending everyone else. ¯\(o_0)/¯

  13. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:




    Seriously, Andrew. Good show.



  14. Zen says:

    But in this case, they would be getting upset because of a song that was made by a Muslin, with a different group of Muslims getting upset about it.  So their disagreement is being forced onto the rest of us by one group winning out over us all.  Makes as much sense as all PS3 and 360 games being edited to an E rating because some group of grandma gamers wants the violence gone because they are offended by it.  The small group is appeased, but the rest of us are paying for it.

    Jeremy Powers aka Zen
    Panama City, Fl.

  15. Spartan says:

    ROFL! I just posted the same idea before reading your post.


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  16. Spartan says:

    Hey maybe these islamofascists are on to something. We should try the same thing regarding DRM. After all if big giant Sony caves in so quickly with very little media coverage or credibility it may be worth exploring…


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  17. State says:

    To be seen to be messing around with Islam is the last thing a company wants. This is actually quite costly due to the closeness to release, and also it puts it into the public realm that there may be some content in there that is offensive to Muslims, if Sony didn’t make a statement on it no one would have been any wiser.

    Sony are trying to avoid the situation that the Danish newspapers had with those Mohammed cartoons that were met with many protests, in which some Muslims called for the murder of the people involved. It again comes down to the issue of whether non-Muslims should be governed by Islamic principles and its affects over "freedom of speech". If it is decided that this content is offensive to Muslims, shouldn’t we ban all content which shows homosexuality for instance? Because that is also offensive to most religious folk.

  18. Andrew Eisen says:

    Yes and as I understand it, they’re doing that in addition to the recall so that anyone who got the game early will be taken care of as well.


    Andrew Eisen

  19. nighstalker160 says:

    Couldn’t they release the game on schedule and have one of those "you NEED to update to play this game" patches to disable the "offensive" song?

  20. Loudspeaker says:


    On that note from Sony this gives me a grand idea!  Let’s get DRM added as an offense to [insert religion here] shall we?  We’ve seen religion seems to be the great equalizer when it comes to the big companies in the media biz.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  21. ooklepookle says:

    the quran literally means the word of god. And using it in this kind of way is offensive because to us it is an insult on god and the message of the quran.  Same thing with showing a picture of the prophet mohammed (may peace be upon him) it destroys the real meaning of the quran and creates arguments (an example of this would be the argument that christians have among themselves about what color jesus was does it really matter what color he was no it doesn’t thats one reason that we don’t have pictures to represent anybody just there name) and not to mention that it is idol worship.

  22. Andrew Eisen says:

    I’m not Muslim but from what I understand, putting words from the Qar’an to music is, in and of itself, offensive.  And that’s fine.  I’m sure Sony didn’t intend to offend anyone and taking steps to make sure they don’t is admirable.

    That said, a day zero patch (which, as I mentioned above, has already been created) should be adequate.  There is no need to recall and delay the game for the entire world.


    Andrew Eisen

  23. GoodRobotUs says:

    That’s just insane, it’s not using them in any insulting manner from what I can tell, it’s like saying that Biblical references in Vampire movies (Cry Little Sister from the Lost Boys for example) are somehow ‘offensive’.

    If the song was used in poor context, or in an insulting manner then fine, and I’ll admit not to know the minutae of Islamic beliefs, but this isn’t as though it were like the cartoons that got so famous by causing outrage, or the rather poorly placed prayer call in another computer game, it’s simply words from a backing track without context.

    I wonder if there are any Islamic GP readers who could clarify to me whether this could be considered offensive, or whether Sony are just PCing themselves into stupidity?

    I don’t have a problem if it IS considered offensive, to be honest, it shouldn’t delay it by much, and Sony should have researched that up before going into production, but this appears to be over the top political correctness for the sake of political correctness, which probably causes more religious tension than it fixes, since people will just assume it is Muslims being over sensitive, when in truth, it’s Sony being over sensitive.

  24. Zevorick says:

    If I have to spell it out for you…

    "Religion, by its very nature, is used to try to understand things human beings can not begin to comprehend using the basis of faith to support the insupportable (what happens after we die? What is the meaning of life? Who created the universe?). The problem is an essential part of ANY religion is its incompleteness. the incomplete nature of ANY religion causes togetherness and a sense of community within those that band together to interpret religious text. So you have insupportable ideas, with incomplete text, and believers who so desperately want to believe every single word mentioned within these texts is fact. Can you see where the conflict is?"

    I thought it would be obvious that science is the exact opposite of that. Science exists to prove what causes the universe to operate and how it came to be imperically. If there is no evidence, then it does not exist. It is the opposite of religion. Religion/faith vs Science/evidence. How much more explanation do you need? Unless you approach either with an open mind you’re not going to get very far. Albert Einstein once said "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind". If you can manage to incorporate both, then you are slave to neither.

    "If you were so determined and you knew what you doing., you could use religion to take over an entire country or the world over, that’s the power of blind faith. Can you name me something else that rewards blind faith as much as religion (peace of mind, heaven, 72 virgins, etc.)?"

    um… Politics? You put blind faith in people that you hope will "End the war in Iraq" and "bolster the economy" without hearing significant proof as to HOW they plan to do it. The same people who put blind faith in religious figures are also the ones who put blind faith in politicians that offer "change and hope" and believe that "Obama is a muslim terrorist! Palin told me so!" Need I bring up how Hitler came to power?

    Again, don’t blame religion. Blame the mindless sheep who refuse to think and interpret their own religion for themselves. Discounting religion because of a few idiots is just as simpleminded and foolish as the portrait you’re trying to paint of the followers.

  25. Father Time says:

    Yes I did read your post, now are you going to expalin how there’s a religion vs. science battle or are you gonna keep throwing more red herrings.

    Anyway almost every major religion (except agnosticism which is simply ‘I’m not sure/I can’t know’) requires some kind of leap of faith and when you put that faith into some crazy guy the world suffers. If you were so determined and you knew what you doing., you could use religion to take over an entire country or the world over, that’s the power of blind faith. Can you name me something else that rewards blind faith as much as religion (peace of mind, heaven, 72 virgins, etc.)? Yes I know this probably doesn’t apply to littlebigplanet but still… 


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  26. Zevorick says:

    did you even read my post? You’ve just read one line and immediately jumped to conclusions. I wouldn’t make a point of saying this except you’ve done this in more than one post i’ve written… Read my ENTIRE post before you jump to conclusions. I addressed why they are opposing forces and HOW they can co exist within the body of my post. :p

  27. Father Time says:

    First off how is it religion’s doing that we don’t live in grass huts? Religion explains things it doesn’t advances technology.

    Oh and as for near death experiences.

    And finally how could Noah fit two of EVERY animal on the ark? That’s pretty much impossible.


     "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  28. Father Time says:

    "In today’s society we have two supposed conflicting forces…Science and Religion".

    What makes you say that? Where is the sources that conclude these two are at odds? If you’re going to mention evolution I can spout off a number of religious and non-scientifc organisations that support evolution. And just because a couple of physicists are atheists doesn’t mean it’s science vs. religion.

    Hell I can spout off literature vs. religion by looking at all the athiest authors and by looking at all the instances where religion tried to ban literature. But like ‘science vs religion’ that would be ignoring all the areas where they co-exist.

    Oh and if you want more arguments against religion we can explore the cons of accepting blind faith vs. an open mind.


     "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  29. ZippyDSMlee says:

    AS long as humans are moral and have mortal fears faith will be a part of their lives, its theys that demand absolution in their faith that damns others to a life of hell upon this world. Because hell is what you get when you mix humanity and absolution.

    I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
    (in need of a bad overhaul)

  30. Paulrus says:

    Yay! Hot controversal topics!

    I have a conflicting view of the matter. From the moment the human started looking, as said by Avenged Sevenfold, "towards the sky for answers to our lives" we were kinda screwed. And it’s a given. We rise from the depths of the sea, get rid of our tails and have a larger brain than other animals. So what do we do now?

    Religion has shaped our society greatly. Without it, we may still be picking ticks off of each other’s behinds and eaing them while in huts made from our own shit. Sarcastically, you could say that we haven’t changed much but consiter this. I think that religion gave humanity a base in morality of some sort. Sure, alot of actions made by the church and religious folk have been hardly moral, and I respect and agree with that statement. Religion is now being exploited to gain support and money by fanatics or people who just want to benifit themselves.

    If you look at the scriptures based out of the middle east, you’ll see at least one common factor: Jesus Christ. When Jesus came around, he had some pretty awesome ideas and suggestions for us to run our lives. Then he got executed. He died for what he belived in, and his close followers and people who loved him took this as a tragedy and spread his work. Now we have Christianity and the Catholic Church who, today, has got the mindset of the world by the balls.

    It makes me think about "The Return of the King", an episode from adult swim’s (awesome) series, The Boondocks. The episode focused on a "what if…" premise, where Martin Luther King Jr. survived his assassination and went into a coma, awakening around the time of 9/11 where he made comments that infuriated a post-9/11 America. And because he survived, he hadn’t played a huge role in history or in the common knowledge of the people. He dies at the end of the episode with his death announced in a small section on the front page of a newspaper, with Oprah winning the presidency as the cover story.

    We live in a society where we now have more knowledge based on scientific fact and historical truths. More people are stewing on the "fuck religion" thing, living a life where they have no rules and don’t want to conform. I understand. As much as the major religions of the world complain about things that we accept, we dig up dirt on their logic and crimes. I can only use the Bible as an example because I have more knowledge on it than I do on any other scripture. (I was raised Catholic.) When you look past the Jesus thing, and watch the History Channel a lot, you would see that many of those things mentioned are dated. There was a huge flood that enveloped the middle east. From that, we get the story of Noah’s Ark. A lot of the things mentioned may as well be rantings towards the oppresive rule of the Romans. Some themes are just weird and rambling, like things from the book of Revelations; some things mentioned range from epic to making as much sense as Xenu.

    Also, life sucks. We want something endulging and awesome from living a life of pure hatred, evil, and all around suck. If you get shot in the head, and the last thing so see is black, that’s just lame. We want something at the end. We want an afterlife. We want heaven. Some people say it exists, and i’m one of them. Hell might as well too. But if Hell’s just a invention made to keep us from going to some random woman and raping/murdering her, than bravo; it works.

    So i’ll just tell you want I think to wrap this all up. Religion has acted as humanity’s training wheels, to keep us from falling off our bikes and into total extinction. Some of us want to keep them on because it makes them feel safer because the world acts as a one lane bridge with no guard rails. Others want them off because they feel like they’ve outgrown them or feel that we must learn for ourselves. (I lean more towards the latter)

    Accounts of out-of-body experences (made by Christians and rock stars who overdose and almost die) and the supernatural lead me to belive that there is an afterlife, but since we all want something out of it. (a paradise for those who do good or a paradise for those who like to do nothing but wack off)

    A lot of humans just can’t cope with the fact that our exstiance was a total accident, and we just try to make the best of it.


    Oh wait, if you’re a GP regular who’s looking for a more nerdy, sarcastic, and witty comment… the here’s your answer

    This is all the Matrix and where actually sleeping in a vat of some fluid being guarded by squid robots.


    I’m an attention whore. So visit my DevaintArt and feed my ego. Feed the whore.

  31. Zevorick says:

    Religion is only damaging when it is held with an inflexible and fearful grip.

    Religion, by its very nature, is used to try to understand things human beings can not begin to comprehend using the basis of faith to support the insupportable (what happens after we die? What is the meaning of life? Who created the universe?). The problem is an essential part of ANY religion is its incompleteness. the incomplete nature of ANY religion causes togetherness and a sense of community within those that band together to interpret religious text. So you have insupportable ideas, with incomplete text, and believers who so desperately want to believe every single word mentioned within these texts is fact. Can you see where the conflict is?

    In today’s society we have two supposed conflicting forces… Science and Religion. Those who have an inflexible view of either can not incorporate the other (physicists who can not believe in God, and christians who refuse to agknowledge evolution are just two examples off of the top of my head).

    Now there is another sector, and the most responsible I’d argue, of religious followers. There are those with a flexible view of religion that allow themselves to say perhaps not everything in the koran/bible/bagivad ghita (forgive my atrocious spelling) is stone cold fact, is interpretable as allegory and metaphor. These people are able to hold religious beliefs AND incorporate science into their religion. These are the same people who are usually more accepting of others and are willing to live and let live. 

    Religion doesn’t stifle art and science… In fact, some of the most beautiful works of art were inspired DIRECTLY from religion. Without religion there would be no Venus de Milo, Sistine Chapel, Last supper, and numerous other works of beauty. Insane people with religion stifles art and science. Religion is, for a very good reason, one of the ONLY areas in our world where a totally incompetantly insane human being can comand control over a vast number of pawns. This is because they don’t have to explain their insanity. They only have to say its divinely expired.

    Religion isnt damaging… insane poeple are damaging, and while its true that without religion these people would have no platform to stand on, you can not blame the cargo boxes for transfering guns to third world countries.

    The fact of the matter is, religious texts were oral traditions, passed on for decades, sometimes centuries, before they were written down. Oral stories are subject to mass interpretation and metaphorical devices in order to make them interesting and memorable. They are prone to exageration and because of that should NEVER be interpreted as fact. The most you can gather from most religious texts are stories that are told to help guide your day to day life. They are glorified fables that, while some of them have scientific evidence to support them (the great flood, for example), should be interpreted with a grain of salt. These texts, even revalation/doomsday scriptures, were useful for those who heard them in their day. They can be useful for those that read them today IF they approach them with an open mind, and a logical perspective.

    I could go on to my own religious views, but that’s boring and i’ve rambled on long enough. The point is, its not religions thats evil… it’s evil PEOPLE with religion that makes things all crazy stupid.


    Oh yeah, and I eyerolled when I heard about the delay.

  32. Spartan says:

    I’m of the same opinion. Religion is such an epic fail for humanity.


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  33. State says:

    Quite refute: Religion has damaged a lot of people’s life’s (for others it has been beneficial). Religion has also helped greatly to stifle artistic works and science. As human gain a greater understanding of life the need for religion weakens. Whilst the statement that religion needs to die because of the delay of the game is over the top, there is a very clear argument that religion is very damaging.

  34. Nekowolf says:

    Quick refute: It is through religion (not exclusively, however) that there are grandeur works of artwork, scultpure, music, etc. Furthermore there is a vast significance to social culture and even science. Religion isn’t what causes suffering, it’s people. The idea of that there should be no religion because there is a dark, violent side or whatever reason against it, is a fallacy.

  35. Father Time says:

    I think Jack is smart enough to realise that trying to purge the internet of porn is a losing battle. And besides if those games are hosted on Japanese servers, I don’t think an American law can get rid of them. Although Jack sending a judge Japanese porn would be kinda funny.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  36. Sukasa says:

    I’m kinda surprised JT hasn’t tried to go after some of the more umm.. colorful Japanese games that can only be bought online(unless there is some retail store that has them..unlikely).  On the above game though, you would think they would have discovered the songs before the game went gold.


  37. ezbiker555 says:

    Oh man, christain metal is one the biggest insults to me. Did you know they claim to have christain un-black metal? Its just so frigging stupid.

    (and yet i though a comment like religion must die is harsh, lol)

  38. Andrew Eisen says:

    It really comes down to who wants to be the bigger man (for lack of a better phrase).  Sony, in my opinion, should address the concerns of this minority but not at the expense of everyone else.

    Likewise, offended Muslims should not expect Sony to address their objection at the expense of everyone else.


    Andrew Eisen

  39. Andrew Eisen says:

    No but if you’re connected to PSN it’s going to patch automatically.  Which again begs the question: what’s the point of a recall and delay?


    Andrew Eisen

  40. Zen says:

    He more than likely won’t.  He’s fighting his own "religious fight" with the courts now anyways.

    Jeremy Powers aka Zen
    Panama City, Fl.

  41. Zen says:

    Because, just like every religion it seems, while they are both of the same religion they don’t view it the same way.  So Sony is making these changes to please one small group over everyone else.  It’s like the whole "christian metal" thing (drives me nuts honestly) where some people find it ok because of the content, while others just find it insulting because it has anything to do with metal.

    Jeremy Powers aka Zen
    Panama City, Fl.

  42. Zen says:

    I don’t believe so since they would already have it.  They can get onto the retailer for breaking the street date, but that’s about it.  If they wanted, the could TRY and put a patch through for them but, once again, not everyone has internet access. 

  43. ezbiker555 says:

    True, as far as i know he sure seems to hate mormons  for some reason though.

    Question: People who do have a copy somehow of this game already. Can they force you to give the game back?

  44. Tubatic says:

    I doubt JT will weigh in on this at all.  Religious faux paux doesn’t seem to be his type of schtick.

  45. ezbiker555 says:

    Got my stopwatch on how long JT wil take to respond on that.

    But yeah, honeslty, in my opinion, developers and creators should mayby check first what they put in. I mean, it doens’t hurt right? Kinda like an essay, check it over so that the grammer and spelling are good. (Irony is that my typing sucks haah)

  46. Andrew Eisen says:

    A trade in program would be where purchasers of Little Big Planet who are offended by two lyric lines in one music track can mail the disk to Sony who would replace it with a copy of the game that doesn’t feature the offending lyrics.

    Activision did something similar for the Wii version of Guitar Hero III.  That game shipped without stereo sound.  The users who were upset about the missing feature (like me) sent in our game disk and had it replaced free-of-charge with a corrected one.  We even got a free face plate out of the deal.


    Andrew Eisen

  47. Zen says:

    The problem with this is that it ca’t be solved like how they did the Wii Guitar Hero III replacement.  That was for a tech glitch that didn’t actually offend anyone, just annoy them.  This has the potential of getting a group of different religeous groups up in arms at Sony for releasing this "offensive" game.  If they swap the copies out, they will still be abe to say that it was released in the first place which can have a large impact on their system and game sales if enough Muslims decide they can not have a PS3 because it may support some form of insult to their religion.  So even if the replacement is made available day one somehow, those "uncut" copies will still be used as ammo.  Look at GTA: San Andreas for example.  Even though you had to use a 3rd party device to unlock the content, and the worst of it was only on PC (and the nudity was another patch that was not on the disc) people still to this day use it as ammo against Sony and other companies (yes..this is pointed at you Jack..your one of the few stupid enough to keep this going).

    Jeremy Powers aka Zen
    Panama City, Fl.

  48. Zen says:

    Yep, that’s prety much how that sadly has to go. Still going to drive me made have to send the games back since I found out a bit ago that my stores already have them in for next weeks launch.  So I will have the game in my hand TONIGHT (note: still not able to actually BUY it until next week originally), but now it may be late November until we get it back again. 

  49. Andrew Eisen says:

    Fine.  Then offer a trade in program for those few users.  Problem solved and there’s still no reason for a worldwide recall.


    Andrew Eisen

  50. Father Time says:

    Yeah man it’s called porn.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  51. Sukasa says:

    That would probably make sense if the game had not gone gold and was already being shipped out.  It will likely cost them more to have all the games reshipped, edit the songs out, then send the new "gold" disc to the factory and likely throw away all those bad discs(unless they reuse them somehow) then the extra free PR press they get from this (which probably wont be much, if any with the election and economy in the news atm).

  52. Zen says:

    Why bother honestly?  They stand to lose MORE people than they would ever gain, and already had so many people chomping at the bits to get their hands on this game.  Just look at how much the beta codes were going for on ebay just so people could play for a short time before the game was released.  Plus, this isn’s Rockstar lol.

    Jeremy Powers aka Zen
    Panama City, Fl.

  53. SticKboy says:

    Anybody else think this MIGHT be a last minute PR stunt to garner headlines for LBP in the properly mainstream press?

    Would be an expensive way to do so, but it might also attract more sales from the largest audience to whom LBP is well suited. It’s also the audience that’s least likely to have heard of LBP to date.

    Just a thought…

  54. Tubatic says:

    Realtl depends on how big a deal it is to have that text with music.  If that’s one of those major things, like staying kosher, keeping the American Flag from touching the ground, or using "The Lord’s" name in vain, then changing the game to not do something offensive lends itself more toward the idea you’re describing at the end of your comment.

    Inclusion is good.  Appropriate inclusion as viewed by all parties is ideal, I think.   Better a gumbo with distinct flavors than a melting pot that only tastes like one thing, no?

  55. NovaBlack says:

    ‘Isn’t the point of this cute, harmless game, Little Big Planet, to teach people that we’re all one earth and to respect each other. Then why can’t the game have referenceres from the Qu’ran in it – as a way of saying moslems are just like you and me – and still the game can be looking cute…’


    bingo EXACTLY what i was thinking. Seems completely daft.

  56. Karsten Aaen says:


    Let’s see now

    I remember playing a demo for the first Bloodlines games. This game had violence and clearly biblical references. Fallout 3 has, admitted by the Lead Designer himself, a quote from the Bible. And yet, Christians do not have seem to have a problem with this. And the few that do is told to simply not buy the game. Why can’t it be so for the (few) people who maybe have the problem with this game?

    As for putting words in the Qu’ran to music, one artist apparently already did this? as I understand it?

    I don’t know whether or not it is correct that moslems are not allowed to put expressions in the Qu’ran to music or
    not. My best bet would be that if you asked one type of Imam, he would say OK while another type of Imam would say NOT OK. In the wahabistic tradition of Saudi-Arabia, I’m pretty sure that this would ne be big no-no – but this is only 1 (one) interpretation of the Qu’ran or the Hadiths.

    And perhaps more to the point:

    Isn’t the point of this cute, harmless game, Little Big Planet, to teach people that we’re all one earth and to respect each other. Then why can’t the game have referenceres from the Qu’ran in it – as a way of saying moslems are just like you and me – and still the game can be looking cute…





  57. Andrew Eisen says:

    Tell him he can have it back as soon as I’m done eating these delicious Irish babies.


    Andrew Eisen

  58. Father Time says:

    You sir win a cookie … and half of the internet.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  59. Andrew Eisen says:

    Dear Nintendo,

    As a life long misogynist I am deeply offended by the fact that the protagonist of your Metroid games is a woman. I expect you to recall all games featuring Samus Aran and replace her with an appropriate male character. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, you must kowtow to the whims of a vocal minority.


    Love and kisses,

    Andrew Eisen


    P.S. – And no, I can’t just buy a different game.  I’d still be deeply offended knowing that somewhere out there someone’s enjoying a game with a female protagonist.  If I don’t like it, no one else should either.

    P.P.S. – And no, a trade in program or software patch for only those who are deeply offended is not adequate either for the reason mentioned in my above post script.

  60. Zen says:

    Honestly I don’t think that game was intended to offend, but to educate.  It was intended to show you how it would/or would not be possible to do what was done on the sad day.  Sort of an answer, or addition if you will, to the already fueled discussion on if there was either only one, or more than one, shooter involved in that.  If there only intention was to offend, it would have had more than what it did.

    Jeremy Powers aka Zen
    Panama City, Fl.

  61. ezbiker555 says:

    Remeber that flash game that involved killing JFK? that was pretty god awful and offensive to the full level.

  62. SticKboy says:

    Hang on… I’ve not checked teh GAF or N4G in quite a while, but are people saying that they won’t buy this game now?

  63. Father Time says:

    Me, I’m also angry that we have to wait a while just because seem easily offended people MIGHT have gotten concerned that the song had Qu’ran verses in it. I mean come on how much a controversy would it be …? Cute harmless game has Qu’ran verses in it in Arabic .. details and the 1 or 2 people who care about it at 11. I guarantee that, giant genitalia and 9/11 simulators aside, the custom levels people create will wind up being more offensive than those stupid verses, probably without meaning to be too.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  64. Master_E says:

     Allow me to take a poll… everyone where who feels offended that the game was delayed, please respond as such.

  65. Tubatic says:

    Yeah, the method of fix is a bit silly, to put it lightly. 

    Its even more silly since the game has broken streetdate already, and can still be bought and received on line by some sources right now.

  66. Karsten Aaen says:


    people seriously need to relax…

    I don’t get what the fuzz is all about ?

    I’m for not offending any religious persons etc. – but there is a line.
    And that line is when religions is forcing people to either be afraid of saying something or forcing people to censor themselves. This is simply not just that great a thing to do.

    Now ‘the song of songs’ also has expressions in it…

    And of course a devout moslem would put a tribute the to Koran in his music – despite that fact that many -ehm-
    Islam Scholars do not acknowledge music as part of the arabic and islamic tradition. In Pakistan and Turkey and Somalia, however, there seem to be a strong musical tradition, though…


  67. Father Time says:

    "Show me a game that actually intends to offend with its gameplay,"

    That would probably be Postal and a few flash games like Virginia Tech rampage.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  68. Andrew Eisen says:

    "If Sony isn’t intending to have the text of the Qu’ran mixed with music (which appears to be the problem, I hear), then I think its great that they’re changing the game to match their intent."

    True, but there’s no need to recall and delay the game when a day zero patch (which has already been created) would suffice.


    Andrew Eisen

  69. Tubatic says:

    As much as I support most thing’s rights to be offensive, I think intent plays a big part of things.

    If Sony isn’t intending to have the text of the Qu’ran mixed with music (which appears to be the problem, I hear), then I think its great that they’re changing the game to match their intent.

    If Sony/Media Molecule REALLY wanted to offend people on the sly and have offensive religious content in their game, then this sucks.

    In the case of Resistance, I think there was palpable artistic (not necessarily high art) merit to sticking to their guns regarding the use of a church building as part of a level.

    Considering Zack and Wiki along with this incidence, wherein sound bites are foudn to be offensive outside of original intent, I think its a good move to change the product to reflect that.

    Show me a game that actually intends to offend with its gameplay, and I’ll support its right to do so.  Though I’ll react to my own offense accordingly by not consuming it.

  70. ezbiker555 says:

    Wait if they got the song on the game, before realeasing it, wouldn’t they already have known the lyrics?

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