Green Party Congressional Candidate Takes Stand Against America’s Army Exhibit

Green Party candidate Peter Myers, running for Congress in California’s 15th District, has come out in opposition to the Pentagon’s use of the America’s Army: Virtual Army Experience simulator in recruiting efforts.

As GamePolitics has previously reported, Virtual Army Experience sparked protests from anti-war groups at several stops during a summer tour of county fairs and air shows.

On his campaign blog, Myers writes:

This report from CNN shows you what some of your hundreds of billions of dollars of tax dollars pay for when they go to the Pentagon. The military’s recruitment process for future wars is slick and neatly packaged, and you and I pay for it every day.

My opponents won’t take the initiative to rein in this type of wasteful spending that creates an American culture more militant than ever before. Only I have chosen to stand up against these disturbing military recruitment practices; a vote for anyone else is a vote for more disappointment.

In late August, following protests, the Army agreed to restrict participants to those 17 and older. However, the CNN report referenced by Myers clearly shows a 13-year-old boy in line for the exhibit and having his personal data being collected (see pic). It’s unknown when the CNN footage was shot.

The more familiar America’s Army PC and console games have been criticized by some peace groups for allegedly violating U.N. protocols barring military recruitment of children.

The Green Party’s Myers is running against incumbent Mike Honda (D). Myers candidacy is a long shot.

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    Verbinator says:

    Any party that would run a major wack-job like former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as their presidential candidate cannot be taken seriously.  –Verbinator

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    shobidoo says:

    Only I have chosen to stand up against these disturbing military recruitment practices; a vote for anyone else is a vote for more disappointment. This is no were near as disturbing as a kid with a bomb strapped too his chest and killing both himself his fellow country men and american troops. Hes waitsting his time i agree with Kaylel on this 1.

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    DarthCadeous501 says:

    Well the dude is a Green Party candidate, I doubt he is going anywhere.



     DarthCadeous501- Pink Halo 3 Ninja, Mongoose Suicidee, and Current Iron Man Hater

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    Flamespeak says:

    Would you look at that! Another politician that believes freedom of speech and expression doesn’t apply to the armed forces.

    I wonder if he would attack Green Peace for using a video game as a recruiting tactic? You know he wouldn’t.

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    KayleL says:

    Training for generation kill? I played America’s Army and many other, much more violent games. I don’t think I am effected in any way. I can’t even hold a real gun because I am not a murderer ready to shoot someone in the head.

    More awareness could be very helpful. The army doesn’t only goto Iraq, they also save people within their own country, but not too many people think of the army that way.

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