Missing Teen is Call of Duty Player; Dad Blames Game

The father of a 15-year-old boy who has been missing for a week said that his son’s disappearance was triggered by a family dispute over his video game play.

As reported by the Toronto Star, Brandon Crisp left home last Monday and hasn’t been seen since. From the newspaper account:

"He left because we took his Xbox away," said Steve Crisp, Brandon’s father. He says his son was losing sleep because he spent so much time playing Call of Duty, a World War II-themed shooting game. "This was his addiction."

…Although police have determined that he hasn’t logged onto his Xbox since he left, they are still trying to track down anyone he might have met playing Call of Duty.

"My personal feeling is that he’s met someone online through this game," said Steve. "As a parent, you fear the worst when you don’t hear anything for seven days."

Brandon’s parents had tried to limit his Xbox use, but it didn’t work, prompting them to take the console away.

"(Kids) play these games and it becomes an addiction. It becomes their whole life," he said.

GP: Anyone who has seen Brandon is asked to contact the Barrie Police Department at 705-725-7025 Barrie P.D. has more about the investigation on its website.

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  1. TeacupBandit says:

    Well if you read the rest of the posts, youll see that there is a post by someone, oh wait, I mean me, that states that yes I do have children. There comes a point when emotions need to stop and logic needs to kick in. I feel bad and it is really horrible and if this happened to my kids i would be off the wall. But I also said that I am in the industry. Part of the process, a designer! And everyone rushes to plame us instead of taking a second to look at what they have done themselves. The fact is is that COD is rated M. not E. meaning that a 15yr old is not meant to be playing it. and the online gameplay isnt rated. Which means it is a parental issue to watch out for their kids. Parent too often use video games as a baby sitter.

  2. wow_unreal says:

    Obviously they arent reading this but they could at some point…..not to mention the sisters are home and definately could be reading this……you obviously dont have children, or care!

  3. dolflundgren says:

    the main problem with this kid and like many others, is that the parents are responsible for the kid being addicted to it in the first place.


    If the kid spend too much time playing it instead of going outside with real friends, parents are suposed to notice what is going on and adress it before it’s too late.They allowed the addiction to start and develop over months if not years, i bet they were pretty pleased in the first place that their kid would focus on soemthing instead of annoying them. They are hypocrits, period.


    if they were unhapy with him wasting so much time behind a screen, why not educate him and discipline him ? Cause they are too weak themselves to tell their kid what and waht not to do? Another proof if needed they obviously screwed the kid’s education from the start.

     Parents are responsbile for the education of their kids, their kids arent adults, they need their supervision to get in adulthood. They are the only responsible for a kid’s actions until he s a teenager, and even when he gets older. In my book as long as your kid live in the familly’s home, parents are responsble for everything he does.


     Now, a kid so young playing call of duty…are you kidding me ?  it s not even like if he was playing a cute sonic like game , he was fuckign playing a FPS !  my kids would never play a video game that include blood and realistic deaths before being at least 14 years old.


    Sorry but it’s all parents fault from the beginning, not video games makers fault…

  4. TeacupBandit says:

    Being in the game industry, and being a parent, I cannot and will not say that it is a games fault. Alcohol doesnt warn about addiction, yet that can be addicting, and more harmful.  It is all about communication. Talk to your children, brothers, sisters, etc. about games and their content. I am not saying that the kid is messed up in any way, but I am saying that there had to have been deeper issues. Ratings are there for a reason. Whether parents choose to use them is up to them. Also, some parents need to educate themselves before they can educate their children, and if they truly care, they will get that education: its called google!


    Also, if you are truly Jack Thompson, you are a TWAT and I truly dislike you.

  5. TeacupBandit says:

    Ok so, there is a reason that these topics are put here and that is to discuss what this is all about. Its not being inconsiderate, its being opinionated. Don’t like, then dont read it. And don’t act like you are truly talking to them, because you arent, and if they are the responsible parents that they are being put out to be, they arent going to be looking at these because they would be to busy looking for their son.

  6. ecco6t9 says:

    Nothing wrong with lack of sleep. In High School I got about 5 1/2 hours each night and I turned out alright plus maintained a 3.5 GPA and still had time to play games.

  7. TBoneTony says:

    Here is my view,


    There is no one to blame, not even the Videogames.


    If we all sit here and start the blame game, nothing will ever get solved.


    It is time for parents to stop talking and start listening to their children and teenagers.


    Videogames are not to blame and the reason why the kid walked out was because he could not stand living in a home where his parents were constantly blaming videogames for everything wrong in his life.


    the more parents get over protective and start taking away their kids best things only results in disaster when a kid runs away.


    I would say that it was that parents don’t understand Videogames that is the real problem but that can only be solved if the parents just stopped talking and started listening to their son. This sort of thing would never have happened if this argument and blaming Videogames had ever started.


    And if you don’t agree with me, tough, it is just my opinion and I can really feel for this kid.




    ps. I also feel for the parents too, but this could have been resolved better if they did not take drastic actions.


    It is better to accept the kid as he his and not take the Videogame away from him.


    If there is any worries, talk and listen to the kid, regardless of what your views are, the kid who playes the Videogames they feel for the game because they love the games and I feel that many parents will never understand that.



  8. wow_unreal says:

    WOW I cant believe how inconsiderate, and insensitive MOST comments are on here. How could you people be so cold? We are talking about the safety of a boy…..not who can "cut up or put down each others comments"

    People should just stop for one minute and try and put yoursleves in the parents shoes….could you imagine if it was your child? Whos to say it isnt EXACTLY how the Dad describes….it could have played out like that but after the boy went out angry …..maybe he was meeting someone he met online and then the person (s) are keeping him against his will. He sounds like a nice boy from the princiapls comments and others comments, for a boy who does very well in school, gets good grades, etc. it doesnt seem to be a boy that has a "hard life" at home. It sounds just like a typical parent-teen argument, an argument many parents have with teenage children. 

    Could you imagine the pain the parents are feeling right now….and to possibly read these remarks….grow up people and be more considerate. What the boy needs and the parents need is postive energy-thoughts not all this negativity.

    note to the family: stay positive-connected-strong-brandon will come home, prayers and thoughts are with you! 

  9. SticKboy says:

    W/e. I juat think responding to it swells it’s ego.

    Btw, i’ve been part of the GP.com thang since just after LiveJournal, this isn’t my first handle.

  10. Artificial Selection says:

    I bet Elvis would leave if his mom tried to take his rock, and Tony Hawk would leave if they took his skateboard.

    I don’t see the difference, this kid lived through his x-box, well then by taking the x-box you are taking his life. He has nothing to lose if you take everything he owns and everything he is.

    And he is a teen, raging hormones, they should thank their lucky star he didn’t kill them on the spot. Humans are animals and when animals are in danger or someone is threatening their interest they go into a flee or fight mode. This one fled.

  11. GrimCW says:

    sucks for the parents there, but they did the right thing, though in a wrong way.

    if he was truly showing an addictive nature as such they probably should’ve talked to him, and set time limits.

    the flat out taking of the console should’ve been a last ditch effort, or rather a constant effort and punishment.

    don’t let the consoles belong to the kids, when i grew up our atari/sega/nintendo all belonged to my DAD, and ONLY him.

    so what he said with it went and that was final say. we weren’t allowed room TV’s and computers, and if i ever got grounded (which admittedly was often ;p ) i got EVERYTHING in my room taken out besides the bare necessities of my clothes, bed, and blankets.

    all my stuff would be boxed and shoved into a storage room that was locked, and i was never even permitted to stand in the door of the family "play room" where the video games and stuff were all kept, and not even allowed to sit in the living room unless the news was on.

    harsh times, but i learned a lot more than some kids these days that get sent to their rooms full of toys, tv and games :/ (not saying its the common stay, but it is a fact of life that many kids have the stuff these days)


    hope they find their kid safe and sound, but furthermore, though gruesome indeed, i kinda hope it was a general kidnapping and the kids father eats those words. 15 though is the age where rebelious urges are at a high point and the kid probably did take off, but to someone he met in the game? question comes to mind as to how he would contact the person if he hasn’t been on his XBox Live account recently? unless the parents lacked the knowledge of a new pen/phone pal that they should’ve known about.


  12. garrett says:

    Wow, you folks love to feed the troll.

    So, the kid dissapered because Dad took away his Xbox. I don’t buy it. The police should do a full investigation on Dad, and the rest of the family to check if Brandon was abused. It’s sounds like an excuse. Getting rid of the bike, easy.  Making a sob story about how you haven’t seen you child for seven days? Makes for a good book or movie deal. It’s a shame that getting rid of your bratty kid has happened so often that now police have procedures for it.

    But if the kid did indeed run away because of this, he needs help, and lots of it.

  13. DavCube says:

    You’re obviously not used to what he’s done over the past few years on this site alone. When we DO ignore him, he just posts even MORE outrageously and claims that he’s won, thinking we’re ‘afraid’ of him.

    He has NPD. EVERYTHING that happens is a supposed victory for him.

  14. thefremen says:

     I’m sure he ran away from home because he couldn’t play a game. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the verbal or physical abuse.


    Right now the Ramseys wish they thought of this.

  15. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    No. If you don’t feed the troll, he’ll just get louder and louder. And as Hal Halpin said, if none of us speak up and speak against him, he’ll be the only one at the podium. I don’t remember who said this, but I admire them for speaking the truth: "The only thing needed for evil to win is for good men to do nothing." (I’m probably paraphrasing here.)

    Besides, we don’t feed the troll. Every once in a while, he’ll speak up, then we collectively stomp on his larynx a few times. He limps away, lets his vocal chords heal, and comes back for more punishment.

    However, he tried to mess with the wrong people months ago, and now his sharp lawyer teeth will be ripped out by the ones who gave him his authority. His time as an attorney is nearly up, and although he’ll troll around here a bit more, he won’t have nearly the same amount of bite he would’ve.

    Hey, Jack! If you’re reading this, remember one thing: tick-tock.

    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  16. HilaryDuffGta says:

    http://www.myspace.com/hermoinefan_420 (and boom goes the dynamite)


    well if he had either the big ugly black x box or a shiny 360 either way there are parental controls on the system..i know the 360 has them for sure cause i looked one day on it and saw that you can set it to play only certain games…So why not use this feature if you are a parent??? oh wait then that would mean the parent would have to be involved in the childs life and well come on now we can expect the parents to actully be PARENTS!


    seriously what the hell is up with all these kids who get away with running away and getting whatever they want all cause the damn parents are too scared to just say "hell no we are not buying that for you so lets leave" is it really that difficult??


    all i have to say to parents like that is either grow a pair or get them cut off so you cant have kids…



  17. Loudspeaker says:

    LOL!!  Ok jaded your posts forced me to get a towel for my monitor!  I applaud you sir!

    I see your point on the mental disorder thing…  That’s a tough one…  Maybe we should just classify JT as "Metally Disbarred" instead of mentally disabled?

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  18. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    Thanks for posting the website…and, not to be an ass, but…it’s called a gavel…

    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  19. gamegod25 says:

    *sarcasm* Yeah it’s not the fathers fault for being a lousy parent, it’s the videogames fault! *roll*

    BTW Jack your GP forum name should be "Jack Thompson, an attorney you are not".

  20. jadedcritic says:

    There’s an amusing thought,  You ever get the feeling he’s almost like a south-park "what if"?  What if Eric Cartman became a lawyer.

  21. jadedcritic says:

    Why do you people even try to talk to him? He clearly isn’t interested in anything even remotely resembling rational discussion. At this point I’m not certain a clue by 4 upside the head could get through to him. Why would it not surprise me if he’s saving all these threads in a file somewhere to bludgeon somebody’s fax machine to death with. Lord, if he’s not going to listen to the florida supreme court he’s certainly not going to listen to us.

    By the way – speaking as someone who actually is on meds for a mental disorder, I rather resent having Jack bunched into the same category.  Maybe we can come up with some sort of new classification for him.

  22. face777 says:

    "As a parent, you fear the worst when you don’t hear anything for seven days."


    They only started to worry after a week?  Dear god almighty, speaks volumes for why the brat probably became obsessed. The father’s just trying to find a scapegot for his own inadequate parenting skills.  Either that or so he can sell the story for a larger profit…

  23. Loudspeaker says:

    Nah Zip that’s a "spiritual journey".  When video games are involved it’s "addictive behavior".

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  24. Pinworm says:

     Because children never ran away from home until video games came in to play.


    Problem clearly lies with terrible parenting, and like most modern day parents, they look for anything to blame but themselves.

  25. Nekowolf says:

    You don’t get it, do you? It doesn’t matter. He’ll ALWAYS come back, regardless of what -we- do or do not do. He is obssessed with it. He feeds himself through his own ego. As long as there are video games, he will always always be a troll, regardless if we respond to him or not.

    So we might as well use him to vent, poke fun, or actually do something with him. He won’t go away, no matter how we handle him, unless Dennis bans him from the site. But even then, he’ll always be lurking around at his computer, looking for anything to use in some new email assault.

  26. SticKboy says:

    Finally, somebody with an ounce of sense!

    Why do people insist on treating the Jerk Troll like it’s a part of our community? Ostracise it, that’s all it deserves.

  27. Demontestament says:

    This is actually a good idea. Kind of like an Amber Alert. If they gave out his gamertag, gamers all over could be on the lookout for when he signs on to his XBL account.

  28. Andrew Eisen says:

    While I have no idea what all went on in Crisp household, I seriously doubt Brandon just up and left because his parents took away his Xbox.  Sure, that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back but there are more than likely other things the boy and his parents didn’t see eye to eye on.

    This is just speculation mind you but my gut tells me this kid took off because his parents are overprotective of him and he was sick of it.  This kid is small for a 15-year-old at 5′ 3", 100 lbs.  His parents are trying to make sure he’s getting enough sleep, worry about who he’s associating with, and promise there will be no consequences if he just comes home.  Honestly, the kid may have just struck out on his own to get our from under the wing of his folks for a change.

    Of course, that’s just speculation based on one short article.  Could be and is very likely dead wrong.

    As a final thought, the whole addiction thing doesn’t add up.  If young Brandon is so obsessed with this game that it’s his "whole life," I’m sure the last thing he would do is leave home and not play the game anywhere else.  Sure, maybe he’s playing it offline somewhere but that’s pretty darn unlikely.

    Oh well, hope the lad’s all right wherever he is.  I’m off to jury duty.


    Andrew Eisen

  29. plkrtn says:

    Sad, sad story, but its a failure of parenting that a child would want to run away because of this, not the game or the gameplay.

    If people don’t know how to use the parental control functions on these things, they should

    1) Read up


    2) Implement them


    Thats what they are there for. To make sure your child is playing age appropriate games. There is nothing worse than a child playing an adults game whilst you’re trying to enjoy it.

  30. ezbiker555 says:

    Jack Thompson"Here’s a news flash for you, Ace:  The failure of the game companies to warn of addictive behavior is blameworthy.  It raises legal liability.  The ONLY blame you seem to want to address is parenting blame.  I would think you would be for addressing all those who have blame coming their way here.  This is a product designed to be addictive, and then when parents find themselves laboring under this addiction they do the best they can.  They don’t have, probably, the money to get their kid help from a psychologist.  Obama says health care insurance is adequate.  He’s right.

    The American Psychiatric Association is set to treat video game addiction as a mental disorder, so good  luck with the notion that games are really addictive.

    Here’s an idea:  How about you get off your video game-playing butt and write the makers of the game and ask them to put a warning label on the game that some kids playing it might develop an addiction to it?

    Then you can say you actually did something in your life to help someone.  Jack Thompson"


    So you’re saying, its not the parents fault. Its the game fault. Right, that makes a lot of sense Jack. So the parents aren’t at fault becasue they didn’t do something as simple as put a time limit, like my parents did for me. RIght that makes a whole lot of sense.

    Why in the world would the kid need a pshycolisgist jack?!  If the kid had some time limits and did other activities, and don’t bullshit me with parents always being busy, becasue i know for a fact that parents can make time for their kids. Hell, if i were a parent, i would put aside work for a day and spend time with my kids. My parents did that for me.

    The fact that you blame the game, makes you even more stupid than the parent. Yes, games can be addicting. But no, its not the games fault. Parents need to be more reposnible for the children. If you can’t admit to that, than you fail to be a good parents. Yes parents can only do so much, but something as simple as putting a timer on and checking on your kid, isn’t asking too much from a person.

    Anotehr thing. You’re a hypocrite. You support The republicans and now you support obama. You think anyone wants to take your word when you can’t even be conscise with who you support? I sure as hell don’t think so.

    So Jack, I’m also going to tell you this. Fuck off. I’ve stood here and listend to your bs for almost several months now. I’m sick of it. Everyone here is sick of it. You think its funny when something serious like this happens? Do you find plesure in blaming faults on games rather than the real peopel who resposnbile (VT for example)? It looks like you do. You make sick. You’re the worst excuse of a lawayer, of a human being that I have ever heard of.

    You only have 4 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes, and 45 seocnds left before the FLorida bar enforces its ruling. get your self together and stop wasting my time on here and others as well.

    We stand for something, all of us gamers here. You, stand for nothing. You’re a lie. Therefore Jack





    You fail.

  31. farlander28 says:

    So, because the kid is one of those few people who have an addictive personality to anything they find enjoyable, it’s once again the fault of the activity itself.. *sigh*.. sounds like a father in denial about what’s wrong with his kid’s brain chemistry.

    Yes sir, that’s right – if your child is so manically addicted to a simple entertainment experience (that millions of people enjoy, without issue), that he is willing to run away from home and not make contact for over a week, then something is wrong with him.

     "Life sucks, get a fuckin helmet" – Denis Leary

  32. nighstalker160 says:

    Hey Dennis;

    Is there any chance his Live ID could be sent out somehow?  Seems like it would useful to have everyone be on the lookout for that ID.  I don’t have a 360 so I can’t do it, but more eyes looking can only be a good thing.

    If this kid is so "addicted" (sorry Jack, but video game addiction IS NOT an addiction for legal liability, go back and take a 1L class in Tort law if you wanna go that route.  Jeez man, do you even keep up with your CLE’s?) it’s likely he’ll  need to a get a "fix" and will find some way to get online.

  33. magic_taco says:

    Yeah They do, I guess im probably going to stay away from this..Reading Thompson’s post, It gives me the feeling he doesnt give a flying horses ass about the missing poor kid, Just his Ego(*which is failing by the way.*), Even if video games were removed, Or an "addiction" was stopped..That wouldnt stop guns and drugs from being off the streets, Besides.,Im hoping the kid will be okay or atleast found, Because some Runaways who hide in poor areas or urban areas can be targets of Porn and Prositution by creeps and perverted weridos,And i got this claim from The National Center for missing and explotied children site…I can hand you the link if you think im lying Mr.Thompson.

    By the way, Cant wait for your disbarrment,They day the judge slams the gabble, Im going to be celebrating with you cooking hamburgers or pizza’s for us.


  34. Kajex says:

    I’m not buying the father’s explanation. An MMO, sure- people meet lots of other people on MMOs, which is why you get a lot of warnings on not giving out personal info.

    But an FPS? Who has the time to say anything other than "SUCK IT, LOSER" and "THEY’RE FLANKING US, MORONS, GET YOUR HEADS IN THE GAME"? I doubt you have much time to say "Hi, I’m ______, and I’m __ years old, and live on (Insert address, city, state), and looking like (Insert description).

    As for Jack… he has no teeth. Regardless of whether or not it’s him (and at this point, I really don’t care), he has no point, nor any power to drive that point towards anything or anybody. You spend 15 minutse to several hours creating a pawn, you better have the time and responsibility to take care of it and raise it right, and if Jack’s spending all his time HERE instead of paying attention to his family, then he’s really just proving our point, isn’t he.

  35. plkrtn says:

    For God SAKE PEOPLE!!

    STOP FEEDING THE TROLL. If you keep replying to him, he’ll keep coming back. Its what he wants, and you feed it him, and it makes you as bad as he is for even bothering to interact with this defunct, defiled failure of a lawyer.

  36. ous00ner says:

    Of course his dad blames the game.  I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that somehow a 15 year old child purchased a M rated game, or the fact that that same child played a M rated game on a console purchased (most likely) by his parents, or that the parents allowed this child to play the game for several hours each day (allegedly affecting sleep patterns), or that this child’s father, in a brilliant display of parenting logic, helped the child pack his belongings in an attempt to call his bluff.

    However besides all that I guess it must be the fault of the game (perhaps ala Videodrome) and by extension Microsoft, because hey they marketed and sold this console to millions of other people, many of whom are the same age or younger, who for some odd reason have chose to stay home.  I am positive that somehow Microsoft and Activision/Infinityward inserted a trigger into this game to cause a single child in some crappy little Canadian ‘burb to run away from home with a pedophile.
    Well as one parent to another (and yes my children play video games too), you got what you deserve. The next time you want to blame someone just look in the mirror and see what a miserable failure of a parent you are. Remember how smug you felt what you packed his bag, daring him to make good on his threat. Remember all the time in the past 15 years that you could have intervened before it was a problem and didn’t. 
    I hope and pray that this child is safe and returns to a home where he is loved. Loving a child doesn’t mean that you don’t take a active role in shaping that young person’s life. Sometime, mom and dad, loving your child means saying no before it gets to be a bigger problem. 


  37. exgamerdotnet says:

    Jack Thompson hasn’t received one minute of air time on Canadian television. I’ve had more air time on this issue than Thompson! I’m doing a radio call-in show this weekend. Nobody’s interested in Thompson here in Canada



  38. ConnorM5 says:

    You know what my dad would have done if I pitched a shitfit about him taking away my video games and online that he payed for? He would have beat the ever-loving piss out of me. Not in the physical fist-to-the-face, but man, by back side would be painted red. I guess I’m just agreeing with everyone: who got the kid the videogame? The parents. Who’s supposed to look after this kid and raise him right and protect him? The parents. Way to go, assholes.

    And as a gamer who works in an attorney’s office, they all agree: Thompson is a mighty bag of douche who is being properly disbarred for his batshittery.

  39. Bigman-K says:

    I might be in the minority but i don’t really consider a 15 year old to be a child, nor do i see a problem with a 15 year old playing this game.


    "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  40. GrimCW says:

    heres another idea jack.


    I’m a gamer, a BIG TIME gamer, i play games a LOT and i own a LOT of games.

    but i’ve graduated high school fine, joined the military, served my time, traveled the WORLD, and lived a VERY fullfilling life all the while. theres always more to do but for now my video game playing butt is ready to rest and i’m only 25 this year.

    Wow… 25 years and i’ve already done more in my short lived life than most any elderly people i’ve ever met has ever done in their 50+ years of living. majority having never left the U.S. for anything other than canada or a small cruise along the coast.

    i’ve seen Europe, japan, the UAE, canada, and half the United States.

    what have you done besides spend your life chasing ambulances and sueing people for a bruised eye because you have the inept ability to prey on peoples misery, toy with it, then convince them its not their fault when it IS their own damned fault?


    i’ve been gaming since i was a child, and i won’t lie i was playing Duke3D when i was only about 10, UNCENSORED to boot (since it DOES have a censor option in the game)

    know why it didn’t effect me much? my PARENTS took me aside and talked to me, and specificaly my dad asked me often "Do you know what the differance between that game and whats real is?" and wouldn’t accept anything but a straight answer. people who die in games can come back, but real people won’t, reality is a lot harsher than any game and much tougher.

    my dad also often sat down WITH me and PLAYED the games WITH me…. what a concept.. parents playing with their kids….

    its (my gaming habits) never messed with my life, and its even helped to straighten it out (met my girlfriend thanks to games, and we connect very well thanks to our gaming habits. Unlike your concepts neither of us is over weight or dumb, she’s well on her way to a full blown bachelors this year in information technology for example.)

    its actually THANKS to games i passed school, being unable to learn very well without application, as the books and teachers methods bored me to death, video games gave me the chance to apply learning and fun into one activity, and often NOT in an educational game.

    many FPS games take historical bases for their play (CoD, Wolfenstein, Brothers in Arms) as well as modern influences in politics and world order. many strategy games take ancient and world history with a few new ones seeping in that even borrow from more modern events like the cold war, and even old sci fi space combat flight sims had themes based on history (Wing Commander 4 "the Price of freedom" …. do you know what the price of freedom is jack? do you know what FREEDOM is even? or who said that "The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance"? i do, and its because of a VIDEO games no less. so heres a hint, he was a founding father and wrote the decleration of independance, you know, the one that you try so hard to dispute every day because it doesn’t agree with your fanatical ways) Adventure games often had historical referances or even some connection to a famous piece of literature, like the first "Hugo" game, towards the end you had to have knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkiens "The Hobbit" in order to proceed.


    games may have a downside to their addictiveness, but so doesn’t TV, Movies, shopping, alchohol, tobacco, general labor (workaholics), and pretty much EVERYTHING in life CAN be addictive and CAN cause degredation to ones life.

    such as your addiction to fighting a lost cause thats only served to strengthen the gaming community and its backers, at the same time its ruined your career.





  41. Jack Wessels says:

    You are without a doubt, the worst person I have ever had the displeasure of learning about, short of mass-murderers and the likes.

    You take pleasure in trying to put down teenagers smarter, and better informed than yourself, but never have the balls to back yourself up after being contradicted. Video games, unlike cigarettes, are not definitely addictive, they have no equivalent to nicotine. Yes, they can, and are addictive to thousands of people who play them. But you look at them as if one small experience is all it takes.

    At this point everyone knows about game addiction. Parents who aren’t willing to intervene have no excuse. The parents in this instance did try, though I’m not sure if they were fully aware that you can have preset limits on play-time that is password protected, which is sure to help thousands of kids limit their time wisely. And guess who came up with that? It was the game industry you despise.

    Now please, list a few of the ways you helped someone in, oh, say the past 5 years, through your video game "crusade."


    -"A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject." -Sir Winston Churchill

  42. Bennett Beeny says:

    "Children like this 15 year old should NOT be playing games like this in the first place"

    "Actually. That’s for the parents to decide, not you, Jackhole or the Government."

    Well said!  This has everything to do with proper parenting – or rather the lack of it.  Mature-rated games are perfectly fine for some kids, while other kids probably should not have access to them, but the parents need to know which type of kid theirs is, and they need to figure out how to deal with it without making the situation worse.  Clearly these parents messed up, otherwise there wouldn’t be a problem.  Blaming the videogame just shows how far they’ll go to deny responsibility for the problem they caused.

    Those who say "Oh kids shouldn’t have a console in their room" are just trying a ‘one size fits all’ solution, which is probably what the parents tried.  Those solutions don’t work.  You have to know your kid, you have to know what the kid is playing and how it will affect him or her, and you have to apply rules and guidelines CONSISTENTLY (which is where most parents fail).  Applying a draconian solution late in the game (no pun intended) can only make things worse.

  43. hellfire7885 says:

    "Obama says health care insurance is adequate.  He’s right."

    So says one of the yuppie douchebags who can afford it.

    Besides, I thought oy uhad a hardon for Palin getting it.

  44. Brokenscope says:

    An Impulse Control Disorder is present regardless of videogames.

    His parents were also paying 50$ a year for him to play the game.

  45. Loudspeaker says:

    Ok Jack let’s just take your idea to the bitter end then shall we?  If everything must be labeled no matter the significance then let’s do it.

    …You go first…

    I expect to see you in a T-shirt by the end of the day that reads, "I am a disbarred ex-attorney who was found guilty on 27 counts of misconduct unbecoming a lawyer."

    Pictures as proof please.  After you do that, then we can talk about labeling the rest of the items in the world that could be harmful.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  46. NovaBlack says:

    Well.. thanks for your input Jack. Before i reply…


    firstly.. lets keep this civil. No need to lower the tone to totally unfounded attacks on my character. If you have facts on your side to debate with, use them. If you did truly have the evidence on your side, you wouldnt need to fill up space with insults, when there was a perfectly good fact to put in its place instead.

    As far as ‘get off your video game-playing butt’ and ‘ Then you can say you actually did something in your life to help someone’ go, let me re-educate you on the facts.

    Currently i am busy with the 3rd year of my degree at university. I probably havent managed to play more than around 10 -15 hours on videogames in the past 12 months. Im currently spending any free time i have engrossed in a university level development project and dissertation. Last year i finished my studies with an average grade of 90% (70% + puts you in the highest degree class available) so needless to say.. i work HARD, and its paying off. So at least say ‘get off your hard working, correctly prioritised, self motivated butt’ if you want to accurately portray reality.



    Anyway. lets get back to the important issues shall we?. games such as Call of duty are NOT made to be ‘addictive‘. ‘Enjoyable’ yes. There is NO benefit whatsoever in the case of call of duty for the developers to make the game ‘addictive’, as wether that user plays over a long period of time or not, the developer has the money for the sale.. and thats it.. there is no subscription charge etc etc with call of duty.. so WHY would it be made to be ‘addictive’ over ‘enjoyable’? There is no benefit for the developer. 

    Additionally, what gives you the right to decide where the line between ‘enjoyable’ and ‘addictive’ ends?

    According to the medical definition, something is ‘addictive’, when it negatively disrupts other aspects of your life. Thats when its an ‘addiction’ rather than being something you ‘enjoy’.

    For example, using the university example above, although i enjoy videogames, i am not addicted in any way.

    And thats the real issue. If the exact same piece of software can be played by millions of users, and only an incredibly small percentage become ‘addicted’ (using the definition above), then where does the problem lie? Surely it isnt hard to see what the changing variable is here mr thompson. It isnt the game. Its the person. And thats the point. When only a tiny number of people become ‘addicted’, and the VAST majority are unaffected surely that tells you that the thing which the addiction depends on, isnt the game, but the player.

    If the player’s personality is the deciding factor in wether or not somebody will become addicted then do you still say it is up to videogame publishers and developers to act as nannys and parents for every individual who may play them? Surely you must see the undeniable logic, that the best people to spot (and therefore intervene) with somebody becoming addicted, are those who know the players personality best.

    And who would that be? the developers and publishers? or the parents? Who can solve the entire problem, by monitoring what the player has access too, keeping the console / tv out of the bedroom and into a communal area, and if needed put a parental lock on the console.

    I fail to see how this is different to the excellent food analgoy posted earlier. Food is ‘enjoyable’, but people can become ‘addicted’ to eating. (eating to the point that it is to their detriment, e.g. obesity and poor health). Yes manufacturers make food to be ‘enjoyable’.

    Mr Thompson, if you sat at home for the next 30 days and decided to eat 10,000 calories a day because you enjoy a certain type of food, and became obese and suffered health problems.. who should the blame lie with? Would you say that you yourself are responsible for your own actions? Or would you write and blame the Take out store down the street, because you ordered $200 of food a day from them for the past month? I mean your entitled to do either. But you have to admit, only one of those options appears sensible. The same applies here.

    Importantly, if manufacturers of food then had to make products that we wouldnt enjoy it would be a) commercial suicide (why would you pay or something unenjoyable) and b) a great loss to all the 99.9% of people out there who can eat sensibly. The same goes for ANY product (e.g. video game).

    Finally, and most importantly, using your own logic, that you yourself have previously stated in other debates as proving your point,  When something only affects the tiny minority, then it isnt indicative of a ‘link’  at all. When games have helped people ‘learn’ or occasionally saved lives, you always have said that its a thing of chance, a coincidence, and it doesnt really do anything to prove a positive link, and you know what.. i agree with you. But you now start cant painting the same picture with different brushes now mr Thompson. This too is a ‘coincedence’. This story doesnt prove’ games are addictive in the negative sense any more than one gamer out of millions saving a life doesnt prove  a positive link. Which is it mr Thompson?

    Either you change opinion, that events like this do prove a link, thereby also conceding that all the positive stories , and therfore positive effects games are alleged to have are also true, or you stick by your original logic, therby admitting outright that this story indicates nothing.

    Hows it feel being caught between a rock and a hard place Mr Thompson? Clearly as i have just pointed out, your logic is flawed one way or the other.








  47. Phil_HarrisMMA says:

    "Jack Thompson, Unemployed And You Are Not"


    Seriously, why should we take your words as truth?


    RIP Evan Tanner

    "Is Darth Vader gonna have to Force Choke a bitch?!?"

  48. Pixelantes Anonymous says:

    "Children like this 15 year old should NOT be playing games like this in the first place"

    Actually. That’s for the parents to decide, not you, Jackhole or the Government.

    This particular 15-year-old probably shouldn’t have played it, at least as much as he was.


  49. Pixelantes Anonymous says:

    Hey Jackhole, what are you doing to get help for your unhealthy addiction to yourself? I mean, come’on, you google yourself on the Internet every day.

    The first step to recovery is admitting the problem. Go at it.


  50. DeepThorn says:

    I think it would be funny if McDonalds and Burger King did that, haha.  A big sign right above their menu saying.

    You May get fat by eating our food, especially by eating it for more than one meal a day.  If you are from any states that are in the top 10 of fattest states in America, just turn around because you are already too fat most likely.

  51. DeepThorn says:

    Warning: By buying thier product for your child you may be proving that you are a bad parent since this game is rated for mature audiences only, which means adults.  Please actually parent your children while they play this game.  If you do not, we are not legally responsable, because you are the one that is the bad parent for even buying this game for them in the first place.  You stupid Artard. 

    (I got Season 10 of SouthPark for my birthday this weekend, haha)

  52. DeepThorn says:

    Congrats on the scholarship man.

    I missed the whole, actually help someone thing, haha. 

    I do that all of the time.  Help someone get their car unstuck when they get it stuck in mud or in a ditch, help someone get somewhere because of this or that, or call 911 when someone is in a car wreck (also provided CPR once on someone who needed it because of a car crash), getting beat, drunk driving, or even when an animal/pet is in the middle of an interstate in the middle of the night (man that was a big dog once…), helping someone change a flat tire or make other minor repairs on their car, help someone figure out where to get help for things I cant like religious needs (I don’t believe in God, but I do not discount the value of religion in society), medical, or psychological, like Mr. Thompson needs.

  53. DCOW says:

    oh right. because you know, because things like FOOD could be addictive, we should write to the food companies and force them to put labels on the packages saying "you may get fat by eating this" or something like that. And as it’s already been proven with food. the companies do NOT have liability just because someone MIGHT get addicted.


    Ben M.

    Human Being.

    Technical Support Representive for Bell Internet and Bell Wimax.

  54. Inimical says:

    Obama has nothing to do with this, it’s a Canadian story.

    The APA is also set to treat PMS. PMS has been shown in study after study to be complete and utter bullshit.

    I will not deny the addictive qualities of games, but like anything else, there is a personality type that is associated with it.

    There is without question a whole other host of problems for this kid and within this family, to blame the video game is ludicrous. As I said in a post below, it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    PS: You’re pretty much irrelevant up here. No one knows or gives a shit about who you are.

  55. DeepThorn says:

    No, you have the mental disorder.  When are you going to come in to meet with this nice psychologist I have hired for you?  I know the US is over medicated, but buddy, you need medication for the way you act and go about your life, luckily you don’t have a job anymore.

    The game has an M rating, which is why the child should NOT have been playing it in the first place.  If the parents were doing their job parenting, this problem would not have happened in the first place.  You can act like Hillary Clinton and Joe Leiborwhore, but blaming anyone other than the parents is what is allowing other bad parents get away with now raising their damn kids.

    If the parents really wanted to be tricky, all they had to do it act like it for the RROD and that they shipped it to Microsoft, and ever report to MS that exact same thing just to ship it to them for them to ship it back a month later.  Then turn around and start doing more family events right before it gets back. (bowling, family walks around the neighborhood, family board game night, going and doing other things outside…)  Then when the Xbox comes back keep up with the household get togethers.  If the child refuses, then try family get togethers with their grandparents or cousins if they are around the same age.  Then the parents and grandparents urge for the child to get into some sort of sport. (Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, soccer, running, whatever else their school offers…)

    Another thing would to make sure they DONT HAVE THE TV AND GAME CONSOLE IN THEIR ROOM!  Only have a TV in your living room and den/family room. (whatever you want to call it, my family had a TV room [living room] and a video game/movie/computer room [den])  Then with only 2 TVs, maybe 3 if the parents have one in their bedroom, then you can have a parent watching TV in both rooms, tv in one and a movie in the other, playing video games yourself, or at least be on the computer next to them while they are playing so you can monitor what is going on.  (AKA yell at them for cussing, I swear if I hear a little kid swearing while playing any game online again… these parents deserve to be beaten they way they are not beating their kids for letting them talk the way they do when playing these games.)

    The developers to not developer games to be addictive, they make them to be good games.  Just like a restaurant makes food to taste good.  Just when someone eats too much food you normally dont say they have a food addition.  TV shows are made to be entertaining as well, but they are only 30 minutes to an hour long.  You have some very ‘addicted’ people who watch those shows every week, and would watch them every day if they could.  I do believe that game developers to make their multiplayer have certain goals to achieve that should take a lot less time.  Like 1 million kills, when it should only be something like 10,000 or 1,000 with this weapon.  If you have to play the game 3-6 hours every day for 3 months straight and still not even be 1/4th of the way through an achievement they have been working toward, then it needs to be scaled down, but I do understand that more hardcore players want those achievements, especially professional gamers, and people in college that just don’t have a ton else to do before parties and after classes, or before classes, and well… a lot of free time in college that there is no social center where too many people are at since they are normally recovering from the night before.

    Either way, those games are typically categorized as hardcore games, and are normally M rated as well.  Children like this 15 year old should NOT be playing games like this in the first place, and if they do, their PARENTS should be around to monitor their language, manage their play time, and make sure it is stuff they are okay with their kids being exposed to.  I would go as far as setting the sound to play through the TV for everything the kid can hear other people say as well.  That way the parent can decide if the people playing those games are the type of people I want my kid playing with.

    All in all, it is BAD PARENTING no matter how you look at it.  I can NOT blame it on anything or anyone else, because by doing so would be moronic.  The developers should not have to make a label for a game that may be addictive when:

    A. Child is too young to be playing the game in the first place.
    B. The parents are not monitoring/parenting their kids while playing the games in the first place.

  56. Master_E says:

    "Warning: By buying this product for your child, they may do something regretable and you may have to speak with the police. If you mention this game when talking to them you may be hassled non-stop by a disbarred attorney that still has a knack for ambulance chasing to suit his own ego."

  57. DavCube says:

    Oh, there you are Jack. Stalking this ‘irrelevent’ site until something you like comes across it so you can toot your horn.

    You should realise by now, Mr. Thompson, but ANY pleasurable activity can become an addiction. Period. People can become obsessed with hunting, creating ships in bottles, collecting novelties, gambling, movies, music, eating, religion. (Ring a bell? You’re the one claiming everyone is after you because you’re a christian…) What do you propose we do, ban all hobbies? You seem to be obsessed with putting your name in print. It’s the same bloody thing.

    "Obama says health care insurance is adequate.  He’s right."

    What happened to trying to elect Sarah Palin two weeks ago, Mr. Thompson?

    "The American Psychiatric Association is set to treat video game addiction as a mental disorder, so good  luck with the notion that games are really addictive."

    Says you, not them.

    "Here’s an idea:  How about you get off your video game-playing butt and write the makers of the game and ask them to put a warning label on the game that some kids playing it might develop an addiction to it?"

    Then you’d have to put it on every game, every piece of media on the planet. Not just Call of Duty is grounds for ‘obsession,’ Mr. Thompson.

    "Then you can say you actually did something in your life to help someone."

    You first, Mr. Thompson. Try winning a case for once. (You have 6 days, by the way) Getting on 60 minutes didn’t help ANYONE but further your own ego.

    David "DavCube" Gagnon, Mature Human Being, and You’re Not.

    PS: I haven’t played video games in weeks, because i’m a full-time college student right now, maintaining a Dean’s Sholarship. I help people by actually doing IMPORTANT things, not prancing around saying i’m more important than Hurricane Katrina like you.

  58. sortableturnip says:

    Yeah, I see that warning sticker on lots of things…alcohol, tobacco products, casinos, television programs, porn sites, twinkees, the peanut butter jelly time video, the cat flushing a toilet video……..I can go on and on………


    BTW, Jack, it is a PARENTING problem, not a gaming problem.  There’s more to this story than what they report.

  59. Canary Wundaboy says:

    Because DIPSHIT, for every small kid who shouldn’t be playing this game anyway (it’s MATURE rated, again, parental issue) there are hundreds of normal, socially well-adjusted people like myself who are perfectly capable of limiting our gaming time ourselves. Videogames are NOT addictive in the same way as alcohol or cigarettes, when was the ast time you saw someone getting withdrawals from not playing CounterStrike?

  60. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    "on it"? On…what? What are you on? Are you on…top of a big ol’ chubby?

    And what the hell is with the little devil smilie? Why in the world did you choose that? Are you planning to do something devious?…

    Oh, my…You kidnapped the boy and are going to do nasty perverted things to him! Nooooo! Somebody, quick, call the FBI! We’ve got to stop the molestation antics of Jack Thompson!

    Or maybe you’re gonna try and find him, and if and when you do, you’ll do horrible things to him!…Like make him listen as you read every single useless court filing and press release you’ve made and are making to him. I think that would be a worse torture than waterboarding.

    But in all seriousness, I hope the boy is okay and gets home safely….<reads the story again>….even though he sounds like a little brat.

    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  61. hellfire7885 says:

    Desperate for a case eh Thompson? Even if you can’t get involved.


    You’re not even a has-been, you’re a never-was

  62. DavCube says:

    Mr. Thompson, you won’t be able to get anywhere near this. Even if you could, in six days you won’t be able to represent anyone other than yourself in any court. You’d be breaking the law.

    Court Cases don’t magically fold into a animation flip-booklet just for you, sir. You’re NOT getting into a court tomorrow morning in front of Activision tomorrow morning. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

  63. Canary Wundaboy says:

    Sorry Jack, but Im sure the authorities dont need any help from a deluded ex-attorney with God complex and a belief that God is on his side.

  64. DarkTetsuya says:

    Actually its more like 4 and a half, but he won’t believe it till it’s D-day.

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip | http://www.orangeloungeradio.com/

  65. Inimical says:

    There’s something else going on here. The Xbox being taking away is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  66. Orelup says:



    Doesn’t the xbox 360 have parental controls on it?

  67. Chuma says:

    Actually he has these 30 days to finish off any cases he is currently working on, not to create new ones – hes already barred from doing that.  If he approaches anyone offering his services as an Attorney then he can be brought up on charges.  Whilst he probably knows that, I’m waiting for him to do it anyway and wind up on the wrong side of the law.  Actually I think just representing himself on this website as an "Attorney, and you’re not" might be grounds for letting the Florida Bar know.

  68. fan357 says:

    Got a lot of time on your hands to post on the site don’t you Jack?  At least the parents did the right thing and took the system away from him.  Kids run away all the time though.  He’s probably fine. 

  69. Cecil475 says:

    Hey Jack!

    Tick tock! 4 days, 14 hours, 32 minutes and 50 seconds till Jack Thompson is disbarred! Tick tock!

     – Warren Lewis

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  70. MaskedPixelante says:

    Barrie? That’s not that far from where I live. You should let the OPP handle this one, Jack.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  71. Jack Thompson Attorney and You Are Not says:

    Here’s a news flash for you, Ace:  The failure of the game companies to warn of addictive behavior is blameworthy.  It raises legal liability.  The ONLY blame you seem to want to address is parenting blame.  I would think you would be for addressing all those who have blame coming their way here.  This is a product designed to be addictive, and then when parents find themselves laboring under this addiction they do the best they can.  They don’t have, probably, the money to get their kid help from a psychologist.  Obama says health care insurance is adequate.  He’s right.

    The American Psychiatric Association is set to treat video game addiction as a mental disorder, so good  luck with the notion that games are really addictive.

    Here’s an idea:  How about you get off your video game-playing butt and write the makers of the game and ask them to put a warning label on the game that some kids playing it might develop an addiction to it?

    Then you can say you actually did something in your life to help someone.  Jack Thompson



  72. NovaBlack says:

    wow.. pretty upsetting story.


    Stil it has to be said that it is easier to blame a game that cant speak back, than to accept that perhaps these parents should have been monitoring his kids play.

    I mean, if he has ‘met someone online through this game’ surely if he had been better monitored, his parents could have intervened (if that is what has happened). Better still, the parents could have perhaps become involved in their kids hobby, an easy way to monitor what they are doing without seeming like the big bad wolf.


    Not saying it isnt an upsetting story, but surely its like blaming cannabis, if the kid OD’d on drugs. It isnt the substances fault, its an inanimate object, sadly, its the user who have to take responsibility.

    If you can blame an object, then we wouldnt have murderers, because we’d always say, oh it wasnt his fault, it was the knives fault. Which just goes to show how silly placing the blame where it doesnt lie can get.

  73. Canary Wundaboy says:

    Sure blame the game rather than the fact that you’ve raised a spoilt brat who couldn’t take his game console time being limited. Yay for shitty parenting.

  74. ezbiker555 says:

    This is really sad.

    Edit: now that just weird, i got two posts at this spot but its isn’t a double post. Weird. O.o

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