In Barbados, a Call for a Ban on Violent Video Game Sales

The video game violence controversy has come to the Caribbean.

As reported by The Nation Newspaper, government officials in Barbados are under pressure to ban violent video games, or at least enforce their content ratings.

The flap began on Monday when the head of the National Organisation for Women called for a ban on violent games and toy weapons.

In lobbying for a ban, Yvonnes Walkes said:

We need an approach to reverse this culture of violence and force that the Deputy Commissionerof Police… spoke about. We have to start with the children, the schools and the parents…

We have to be aware and be vigilant to get measures in place. This will also be one of our main focuses during our 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women…

In response to Walkes’ remarks, video game retailers requested that the government intervene with legal restrictions against selling games to underage players. Mahesh Mahtani, manager of a game shop, pointed to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

We do not sell [GTA:SA] at all, because it is the worst we have seen, with very strong sexual content and
sexual crimes. In fact, any games that depict gang violence and gang warfare, we generally do not encourage.

However, another store manager, Brent Cook, felt that singling out video games for blame in the nation’s violence epidemic was unfair: 

It comes down to practising good parenting… You have to monitor everything your child does.

GP: While the article is not clear on this point, it seems that some Barbados retailers are voluntarily enforcing content ratings. Perhaps other retailers may feel that having the force of law behind them would make it easier to turn down underage buyers.

In the U.S., vastly improved ratings enforcement at point-of-sale, especially among major retailers, has significantly reduced the rate of M-rated game sales to minors. But those improvements came in response to political pressure and were fostered by strong industry trade associations for game publishers and retailers.

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    silversnowfox says:

    "The problem with feminism, is that it is attempting to do, what it claims to want to end.  In a world dominated by the current movement of feminism, males would be recuded to what women once were." – Professor Bloodraven

    "Let me give you an example.  Lets say I went out and founded a Gaming Club today.  And I said, this club is a ‘Men Only Club’, within a week, I would likely have orginized protests outside my doors demanding that women be allowed inside, because I am being anti-feminist.  But, in comparison, if my friend Karen, were to open a this same club with a ‘Women Only’ policy, would men be able to call ‘anti-male’ on it?  Indeed not.  Any protest, would likely be met with cries that the men outside are ‘anti-feminist’ and want all women to be slaves to men forever.  This is why, if you want to try to preach those believes in my class Miss Stevenson, you are going to have to demonstrate to me, that you have a measure of sensability, and wont go off on a rant similar to your little disruption this morning." – Professor Bloodraven

    "We do not hear debates about teaching whether the holocausts happened or did not in history classes, so why should we even entertain the notion for Intelligent Design?"

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    Ghede says:

     They’re kidding right? Barbados game prices put AUSTRALIA to shame. Seriously. They are only available from small-scale importers. Usually transported by plane too. At least from what I’ve seen of it. I dunno, maybe there is a gamestop hidden in one of the caves.


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    Father Time says:

    I’ve never taken feminism seriously because there’s so many stupid conspiracy theories (like that capitalism is inherently anti women) and because any group of women can call themselves feminists if they can spin their positions to be ‘pro women’.

    But are you sre those types of assholes dominate feminism or are they just the loudest?


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

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    SticKboy says:

    Wow – what an eye opener! What’s baffling is that in people like Dworkin’s world-view, they only reference women in relation to patriarchal cultural brainwashing. Surely if such brainwashing permeated society, male children would be victims in the same way as female children – unless it’s somehow instillled in their genes?? In a way, this absolves rapists of their personal actions as they are merely carrying out their cultural/genetic imperative; thus rendering them devoid of personal responsibility and potentially negating malicious intent.

    This is not a world view to which any responsible, sane, loving man can subscribe.

    Their lack of understanding for the generations of male children brought up in a post-feminist world smacks of bigotry and demonstrates a hypocritical absence of compassion.

  5. 0
    Zerodash says:

    I went to Cook College at Rutgers University, which shared a campus with the all-women Douglass College.  The hate speech that I witnessed from those students and professors made me interested in learning about Feminism.  I found that these types of hatemongers dominate the movement.  It ruined my life.

    But that’s a topic for another forum :)

  6. 0
    Father Time says:

    My god, where did you find these morons anyway?


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  7. 0
    Father Time says:

    If women are not strong enough then get a weapon, hell the hookers in San Andreas sometimes have knives or guns they will attack you with if you attack them. Although to be fair you can kill them before they use their weapons if you have the right weapons or know what you’re doing.

    Reminds me of a chick who proclaimed ‘prostitution is rape that you pay for’.

    Hey wait I just realized something, hookers sometimes carry weapons (and cops always do) but random pedestrians never have weapons (unlesss they’re in a gang) hmmm…


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

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    PumaFau says:

    "In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent."

    Something tells me that she did not have a good relationship with her father….. 

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    elal says:

    "In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent."

    That statement clearly shows a lack of belief in the strength of women. I’m offended by the idea that women cannot give meaningful consent. Yeah, some are persistent idiots, but the majority of guys know that a girl has the power to cut them off. Besides which, our society is patrirachal now merely because many women dont believe that we can change anything. Ask a classroom if a woman can be president, and only the girls will say no. No guy will dare.

    But on the main topic, videogames are not the cause, not even one of the causes, for oppression of women. In fact, videogames are wonderful because we can show the guys that we’re just as capable of getting to level 100 as they are, that our minds and fingers, at least, are just as good as theirs.

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    Grasshopper says:

    Having spent close to 15 years of my life in Barbados I can tell you that this honestly comes as no surprise. The island has a very very small town mentality, is rather intolerant, and is deeply religious. Three things that, when combined, lead to things like this.

    I would like to know just how many people this would affect though given the price of games and gaming systems (the Wii has a price point that is the equivalent of $500 USD and DS games approach $90 USD), and wonder just how this would be governed seeing as to how piracy is more the norm then the exception (I don’t think I ever once watched a rental video while growing up that didn’t have the message "If you have rented or purchased this video, please call -800-NO-COPY, all calls confidential").

    Ironically, what some people would consider the main issue for youths, such as access to alcohol and tobacco, still goes unchecked. So long as you look over twelve you can walk into any corner shop and supermarket and walk out with a case of beer. I can remember being 9 and being sent into the corner shop for a coke for myself and cigarettes for my Mum while she waited in the car.

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    Kajex says:

    We have to start with the children, the schools and the parents…

    And controlling sales over video games is doing this… how?

    #1 problem in the world- failing to take responsibility and shifting blame.

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    Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:


    Cue new appearance of Jack in 3… 2… 1… Now.



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    elal says:

    We have to be aware and be vigilant to get measures in place. This will also be one of our main focuses during our 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women…

    So violence against women is somehow related to violent videogames? What about the violent douchebags who existed hundreds of years before videogames was even a concept or a word, let alone a reality?

    Does it ever occur to anyone that some people are just violent? Just because it’s depressing to live in a world where sometimes there’s no real reason for what goes on doesn’t mean it’s not true. Sometimes, there’s no explanation, or atleast, not one we can see.

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    Erik says:

    Really?  San Andreas is the worst they have seen?  I guess this proves the old ignorance and bliss theory.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

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