Call of Duty 4 Teen Still Missing

As GamePolitics reported on Monday, Brandon Crisp, a 15-year-old Canadian gamer, went missing more than a week ago and has not been located.

According to this morning’s Toronto Star, Brandon’s parents have expressed to police that they believe his disappearance may be related to what they term an "addiction" to the popular, online-playable FPS Call of Duty 4. Brandon’s father, Steve Crisp is quoted as saying:

I’m worried he has met someone online through this game. It could be organized crime or someone involved in Internet gambling. Pedophiles can stalk kids through these games.

While it is certainly true that there are documented cases of sexual predators using online video games to locate young victims, Steve Crisp’s speculation regarding organized crime or Internet gambling seems a bit far-fetched. Perhaps understandable, though, given the stress which he is under. Certainly, one would expect that the local police are working with Xbox Live to examine any messages between Brandon and other players. They are probably examining his PC as well.

Also unclear is the exact CoD game that Brandon was supposedly addicted to. The Star report includes these passages:

[Brandon] left home following a dispute with his parents over the Xbox online war game, Call of Duty 4, which he spent countless hours and days playing over the last 18 months…


"He has a good heart," Steve said of his son, who was a straight-A student until his obsession with gaming started in 2006. The boy purchased Call of Duty with Christmas money and Steve subscribed to Xbox online at his son’s urging.

Call of Duty 4, however, was not released until November 5 of last year. Previous games in the series were released for Xbox 360, so, given the stressful circumstances, it’s an understandable mistatement.

Anyone with information on Brandon’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Barrie Police Department. A Facebook group, Where is Brandon Crisp? has over 5,600 members so far.

GP: A reporter from the Globe and Mail asked me yesterday whether the gaming community, using online resources, might be helping in the search for Brandon. It’s very possible.

What do you think, GP readers? How would you look for Brandon?

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  1. Zevorick says:

    I’ll start this off by claiming that I am not a psychologist, but being as my mother is a drug and alcoholism psychiatric specialist in addition, I feel like I had a little more insight than the average person (in addition to having attending NA/AA meetings with my mother since I was about 10). 

    Kudos to you. I’m not going to bother commenting on the rest of your post (other than saying I agree), but i would like to point out that even if you went just because your mother took you, it’s nice to see others attending such events. People need to realize there are such a thing as open meetings where you can go even if you don’t have a problem just to observe. I think if more people did that then we’d see a lot less of "Well they’re just weak minded people!" garbage

  2. ConnorM5 says:

    I think when you’re to the point of packing the bag and saying ‘Well, son, I’ll see ya when I see ya’ you’re in parental negligence turf.

    And has this made the regular media outlets yet (CNN, NBC, etc)? That’ll be a double edged sword: on the one hand, it gets the information out to the public (even if this kid is in Canada, cant hurt) so more people know about it. On the other, it’s ‘Video games made a kid run away! We have special guest Jack Thompson in the studio to give us the facts!’. I guess I could do with a little more gamer bashing if it means a kid isnt being burned with a crack pipe in the slums of Montreal (or something, I dont know, Canada isnt my bag) and gets home (or probably into custody of the state) safely.

  3. Bennett Beeny says:

    The sad fact is, it’s probably more likely that this kid has committed suicide than that he’s been stalked online by a predator.  The notion that online predators use games has been shown to be a fallacy.

  4. Twin-Skies says:

    Parents tend to develop the misconception that they can use their gaming consoles as a babby-sitter.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  5. ezbiker555 says:

    1. You tell us to remove posts about you fearing gay people. SInce you just called Denis a faggot basher, I deem it proper to label you a closed closet cased retard who’s afraid of being touched by a guy.

    2. Wheres the proof? If I call up microsoft and find out that you been lying, than that makes you even more of an idiot than before.

    3. Weren’t you banned already? You know you could get in a lot of trouble if you keep coming back opening your mouth aorund here with those who run the site as far as I know. Keep it up.

    4. I’ll be Blunt jack. Your a fucking attention whore.

    That’s all I have to say to you. Get off the site.

  6. I_Kerotan_I says:

    I found the quote hilerous. Yes, of course organized criminals, paedophiles and online gamblers all use CoD4 to recurit/mollest/badger people, that’s totally not a reactionairy viewpoint from someone who is perhaps a tad hysterical.

  7. Dragunov765 says:

    The biggest problem I see with the father’s story is why, if he was so concerned about the dangers of the internet, was he paying for his son’s XBL account…especially considering the amount of time his kid was playing these games?

    I suppose it might be easier to blame video games than take responsibility for being a shitty parent…

  8. GrimCW says:

    "I’m worried he has met someone online through this game. It could be organized crime or someone involved in Internet gambling. Pedophiles can stalk kids through these games."


    and that my friends is why PARENTS should be active in their kids activities especially online.

    I.E. a simple thing like being in the room when he’s playing online and/or at least keeping the voice comm active in the TV speakers where it can be heard could’ve helped the parents… i dunno… KNOW of the people he was "meeting" online?

    my parents always stressed if i EVER considered meeting someone i met online ALWAYS bring a friend and ALWAYS be in a public place.

    as it should be when meeting almost anyone for the first time. adhere to the simple rules of life and its really not that hard to get around. After all i met mah lady love online, and all cause her fave game was Vice City…. should i have been worried she was some chainsaw carrying phsyco that was luring me in so she could slash me up just because of this?

    i doubt it, but we still met in a public place, though i was outta luck on bringing anyone she had her family there, and i had my military training, though little it may be, with me.


    hope they find’em though, its never a good thing when anyone goes missing no matter how old they are.

    if i prayed i’d pray for his return, but for now most i can do is tip me hat and say good luck.

  9. crownjewel82 says:

    The best advice I could give is if this kid is truly an addict then treat him like one. Look for him first in local places where he might play or hide out when he can’t play. Expand it to include the nearest big city. Considering he’s 15 he may have hopped on a bus which means depending on how much money he had he could be anywhere in the US or Canada. Get his info out to the international news media. Distribute his handle to the major gaming companies (blizzard, ign, etc) and get info on similar handles across various similar kinds of games. Focus on CoD forums. Get them to post the kid’s information. Get people who know the kid into forums he frequents and get them to leave messages asking him to come home.

    But other than that there are only two things gamers can do to really help. The first thing we can do is tackle it from the  larger issue of runaways. When you talk to people and they hint that they have problems at home or that they could have run away just encourage them to get help and to go home. Get gaming sites to promote the larger runaway problem and encourage their communites to reach out to kids with problems and get them help or get them to go home. Let’s face it this kid isn’t the only runaway gamer out there.

    The other thing would be for all of us to appeal to our higher powers whatever that may be on behalf of all runaways. And/Or (if the higher power isn’t your thing) call the major news outlets and ask them to run stories on this kid and on runaways in general to help bring up awareness.


  10. Trevor McGee says:

    As far as I’m concerned this isn’t a run away case. The kid, in anger, said he would leave their home, but it was the father who packed his bags and gave him directions too, so his father threw him out thinking he was smart and teaching his son a lesson. Well, when he son didn’t come back he got worried and started blaming everything else except for the real culprit, himself. The father is to blame here, in my opinion. If your kid makes a threat like that, you don’t try to call their bluff by packing their bags and telling them the best ways to get to where they want to go. I mean, I’d hate to see what this dick would have done if his son threatened to kill himself. I could see it now, "Oh yeah?" his father would say while handing him a handgun and showing him how to work it then follow it up with "Knock yourself out." That’s just shitty parenting, and I refuse to accept this bullshit con-artist’s claims that it was somehow the fault of the video games or someone luring his son away when he clearly kicked him out!

  11. transformergirl says:

    I agree on all points, Serrenity. I also think that there might be more to the story than what we currently know. Hopefully, this will turn out all right…like the "Runaway Bride" case a while back. We can only keep searching and praying for now.

  12. DarkTetsuya says:

    Sadly I think only ‘old age’ will rid us of this troll (and even then with his luck he’ll live to be 200 *facepalm*)

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

  13. NovaBlack says:

    100% agree on this.


    Additionally ‘strange’ point, is that according to the sources this was an original xbox with ww2 themed COD game (must be COD : finest hour) .. Why would any kid be addicted to that now? seems odd that the kid was a  hardcore ‘gamer’ addict if he’s choosing to play that… cant be COD4.. not out in 2006 :S

    is there even an online community /  microsoft servers available for COD: finest hour??? it was released in 2004! and is the only COD game on original xbox. i thought the official servers long stopped being supported for an original xbox game sucgh as that?

    and even if they were still going, WHY would a peadophile be playing a 4 and a half year old game with virtually NO userbase to look for victims.. makes NO sense.

    if we can confirm the servers are shut down, and we can confirm it was allegedly an original xbox and finest hour, then we KNOW somebody is lying.


    and as you said earlier.. if he was addicted (and lets face it.. to still be playing a game released in 2004.. you must be REALLY seriously addicted) .. why the heck would he LEAVE his apparent ‘addiction’ and run away??

    And his dad packed his bag..?


    in my opinion there is more to this than meets the eye.

  14. SimonBob says:

    Posted my thoughts at Mammon.  This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I should restrict to a comment, yknow?  Maybe it’s just because it hit close to home; I’ve got family near Barrie myself, and I recognize the kid’s attachment to gaming from the same feelings I had when I was his age.  (The fact that he’s got the same hair and eye colour as me is off-putting, too.)

    The Mammon Industry

  15. DarkTetsuya says:

    "To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful.
    Edward R. Murrow"

    Too bad he doesn’t know jack s*** about any of that. These last two and a half days can’t end soon enough.

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

  16. U-z-i Kidding says:

    A very interesting read serrenity. I came across this post this morning which I thought explained the differences very well between an addict and fan.

    Video games like Call of Duty pull teens in, allow them to do things they couldn’t do in real life and give them a mental and physical high, says a University of Toronto lecturer on video game design.

    “There are some teens, especially around the mid-teens, some have absolutely no life outside the game. It almost becomes unhealthy,” said Steve Engels.

    Brandon Crisp, 15, left home Thanksgiving Day after his parents cut him off of Call of Duty; he has not been seen or heard from since.

    Brandon’s parents, Steve and Angelika Crisp, said the game interfered with his sleep and they feared it would impact his school work; St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School principal Matt McCann said Brandon was a good student, without attendance issues, until he left home over a week ago.

    That prompted Engels to label Brandon “a fan” but not an addict. For full article

  17. DeepThorn says:

    horrid parenting… dad needs to be put in jail for neglect, maybe that will have the kid coming back too

  18. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Turnip! I need a FacePalm pic! Stat!



  19. Serrenity says:

    The biggest hole in this story is that if the kid plays as much as they claim he does – he wouldn’t have run away without easy access to his feed his gaming addiction.  I’ll start this off by claiming that I am not a psychologist, but being as my mother is a drug and alcoholism psychiatric specialist in addition, I feel like I had a little more insight than the average person (in addition to having attending NA/AA meetings with my mother since I was about 10).  

    Anyway, if we operate under the assumption here that the parents are telling the whole truth and that the child was addicted to video games – he would not have left home without 1) Taking the enabler of his addiction with him (the xbox itself) or going to place where he would have unfettered access to feed his addiction.  If you look at addicts who run away from home for Drugs (note the run away; being kicked out is a different scenario) , they typically do so for easier access to feed their addiction.  That is to say, he would be online on his gamertag (as has been stated), and it stands to reason that MS would be all over this, looking to keep a good public image.

    So, were this the case and the police thought that in fact, he did leave to have easier access to his addiction, you can bet that MS could falling all over itself to comply with law enforcement for the potentially positive PR.  The potential for negative is there, but the benefits outweight the risks.  Almost all ToA and Privacy Policies include an article about assisting law enforcement.  XBL is no expection to this.  

    So, if he left for gaming and feeding his addiction, there would definitely be an audit trail that any Law enforcement official worth his salt would be all over.  So, if that line of inquiry came back null – I think it’s fairly easy to say that he either 1) didn’t leave to feed a gaming addiction or 2) Left for a gaming addiction and something happened between leaving the house and obtaining his fix. 

    The other potiential for this is that the parents either exaggerated his gaming addiction, or made it up completely to explain why he ran away.  At first glance, this makes more sense to me because he left his main access to feed his addiction behind, something no addict does willingly.  So if he ran away, I would say it was for other reasons that perhaps the Xbox situation just exacerbated, or the "straw that broke the camel’s back." mentality. 

    As it stands, I only have with the media presents (always bias), but I find 2 things very concerning about the situation.  1) the Father claims to have helped his son pack his backpack to run away.  That strikes me as odd given the alleged fervor at which the boy played games and the alleged depth of his addiction.  One of the biggest things with addicts is that you should never call their bluff because they are typically not thinking clearly anyway and are more likely to do somethign rash.  2) if gaming was that much of a detriment to the child, why is the father so clearly clueless about gaming, and gamers in general.  If he had these concerns about gaming (with pedophiles, gamers as generally evil people), why did he let his son play these games for not just months, but YEARS (since 2006). 

    I agree, something doesn’t sit with me right about this case.  We are missing some key piece of the story here that the parents clearly aren’t being open about.  (Not at all implying they harmed their son in anyway, just that we are looking a small piece of the picture instead of the whole story). 



    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Krishnamurti

  20. Jabrwock says:

    The bike was found on a walking trail that goes along the "2nd line of Oro". Lines in Oro are apparently rural roads that connect to Highway 11, Ontario’s longest provincial highway. So it’s entirely possible that he hitched a ride to well… anywhere. Although it’s likely "anywhere in Canada", because if he was trying to head towards the US, he was going the wrong way.

    They also have a witness who claims they saw him walking, not biking, on that path, so for whatever reason, he decided to ditch the bike and continue on foot.

    UPDATE: The witness was a woman who spoke briefly with the lad, and he said he had trouble with his bike.

    — If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap…

  21. Pinworm says:

    Little did he know that Organized Pedophiles with gambling addictions living in his town were waiting in COD4 to lure unsuspecting fifteen year olds.

  22. Vash-HT says:

    I’m guessing his father was trying to be a hardass, you know all like "If you want to leave then go ahead you’ll be back blah blah."

  23. Loudspeaker says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa hold the presses…

    *looks over article again*

    Did everyone notice the part about the father helping him PACK his backpack to run off? O.O  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!  WTH?!?!  So it’s the games, organized crime, etc to blame for his son’s behavior not the parenting????  Wow…  Sorry but I’m gonna have to say that more than his "gaming habits" were to blame here for this situation.  A kid, no matter how spoiled, doesn’t just leave for over a week because his Xbox was taken away.

    I’m very sorry that this family is going through this, however their son would return faster if they’d just admit to their own shortcomings rather than continually blaming the situation on EVERY OTHER FACTOR around them.

    Just my two cents.

    I sincerely hope Brandon returns home safely.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  24. NovaBlack says:

    you know what guys.

    you know what the best solution is to this? Lets ignore JT and concentrate on ways that we can help , if in any small way whatsoever, to find this kid.

    That actually may do something useful, and at the same time proves JT more wrong about us gamers than any witty comeback ever could. By replying to him here we are clogging up any useful information that may bubble to the surface with needless drivel. We know hes  a liar, no need to prove it. Lets get on with figuring out ways to help.



    EDIT: meant to reply to the thread not your individual post (sorry!)

  25. magic_taco says:

    I own a 360, but lack an xbox live account, I Hope this boy is found alive and safe, If worse comes to worst..its JT to blame for causing constant interuptions in the search, Im going to check the Xbox sites and see anything about players/members logging in and stuff.

    Hope you guys help find the kid, Hope the teen is safe, We dont need Necrophillacs like JT trying to start random BS on TV or the Web. 

  26. DaveB says:

    Wow, when I originally read that story on here I had no idea this was happening so close by. Barrie, Ontario is just a couple hours away from me. As a neighbour and a fellow CoD4 player, I will definitely have my eyes peeled for this kid.

  27. Ghost Coins says:

    @ Mr. Thompson

    Your desire to assist the police in this matter is comendable, but I fail to see, short of providing insight into where this young man may have gone, what you could provide as "useful".  Furthermore, your contention that Microsoft is worried is a bullish accusation.  This is a parenting issue hands down.  The father helped his son pack the knapsack he left with, as well as gave him directions to the area in which he wanted to go.  I understand that there is such a thing as calling a bluff in poker, but I wonder how many would gamble with their child’s well-being in such a manner.  You leave your emotions at the door when gambling, and this was a scenario when emotions were the prevailing wind. however, the parents should not be our focus at the moment.  Locating this young man is a touch more important than any agenda you or I might have in this matter.

    /Mr. Thompson

    Xbox live chat logs are not recorded, unless done through a specific set up (i.e. routing them through your computer or other audio device plugged into an audio system).  The IM’s are much more likely to be recorded and stored, therefore a good place to start.  However, signifigantly more information can be transferred through voice, so the likelyhood of the data being in an e-mail is slim.  Furthermore, some clans/guilds have websites to post accomplishments and post dates for specific events.  Does his clan have one, if so, what is on it, and hunt down the webmaster to hand over any data on communications (I apologize if I sound a bit vauge, the operations and maintenance surrounding websites is greek to me at the moment).  Further interpersonal communications could be found there, as well as his standard e-mail.  Check his brower and cookie history to see if he has an e-mail account that his parents may not know about, and if he has visited any sites that might be verboten or otherwise give insight into why the father might believe

    Disseminating his gamertag is a gamble.  If done online, lord knows what the immature gits of the wild will do.  In missing person cases the probability of success drops each day the person is missing, and I do not believe that the police have adequate resources to deal with the deluge of information that they will receive.  Local coverage, and dissemination of data into the surrounding counties would be a valid first step, however telling Japan, Florida, and the greater part of England that a young Canadian boy has gone missing, sadly, invites pranksters and bad data on a global scale vice a localized amount of information.  Contacting everyone on his friends list and any IM contacts that do not match the buddy list.  Scan his e-mails for the like, and root through the cell for recent texts and phone calls.  All pretty standard stuff.

    I am going to make two assumptions at this point, 1) he has/had a cell phone on him, and 2) the police have already pinged it.  If that were the case, the would know where he was on October 13th, I am aware of the time deficit, but cell companies could be given the ESN and told to see if the phone pings on any of their networks.  If no cell was available to the young man, then disregard.

    I understand that the parents are concern, their fear is reaching a point of irrationality, hence the comment about online gambling, the mob, or pedophiles.  They are, most likely, feeling guilty of the confrontation, and want closure because they, in part, are feeling responsible for his departure.  Furthermore, there is a natural inclination to blame others during this time.  It is a rationalization technique used when stressors become too much for an individual.  Hence the lashing out.  However, it should be noted that I am not a clinical, or otherwise certified psychologist.  I am simply making data points based on analysis of similar cases.  Also, considering my slight paranoia, I would have the parents’ phones run as well, location history if available, and check out some stories.  If they are innocent, they have nothing to hide.  It is not being cruel to grieving parents, it is part of a rational investigation, and that is what we are being asked here.

    Notably missing is information regarding the site in question, and for potentially good reason.  Tread marks, boot prints, draggings, etc. would indicate a struggle, or at least give some sort of identification.  If the boy hopped into a passing van because it was getting cold, then the field has expanded exponentially.  The bike was found on a path (my Canadian is bad, so is that a dirt road or a jogging/hiking/biking path in a park).  After a quick run through google earth, yes my resources are limited so I am making due with what I can get my hands on, the area appears to be a decent stretch of road on the outskirts of the city with little on it, and that is a little disconcerting.  Horror films are made of such stuff.

    We take the position that the worst case scenario has occured, however I have serious doubts that Russian mobsters, this would be the internet gambling ring, are freely roaming around the Canadian countryside looking to pick up 15 year old boys on a bike.  Granted police do not have alot of contact information on registered sex offenders (I am familiar with American law, but unsure as to Canadian standards), but a quick visit/phone call would be more than sufficient.

    That is how I would start.

    To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful. Edward R. Murrow

  28. Father Time says:

    Man I hope everything turns out O.K., hopefully it’ll be like the runaway bride where he’s perfectly fine (although it can’t be exactly like that because he’s a minor who isn’t allowed tro run away). Best of luck with your search. I deon’t have an Xbox so I can’t look for him signing on. Oh well.

    Oh and as stated earlier it wouldn’t be wise to instantly suspect the parents when you’re not involved in the investigation.


     "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  29. U-z-i Kidding says:

    [quote]GP: A reporter from the Globe and Mail asked me yesterday whether the gaming community, using online resources, might be helping in the search for Brandon. It’s very possible.[/quote]

    As soon as I saw this story on Monday I placed your report on both the Official Infinity Ward and Treyarch company boards titled **Attention** Young CoD Gamer Missing! It has also been posted in the fan CoD community boards I frequent.

    I have also contacted FourZeroTwo the Community Manager for IW and included links to your report asking if he could put a shout out to the xbox360 community. Not being an xbox gamer myself I am unaware as to whether he has made an announcement within that specific group of gamers but again I shall send him the link to this page.

    Our thoughts are with all of the family and we hope that Brandon turns up safe and well!


  30. interrogator_chaplain says:

    Release gamertag and step up police searches in his predicted movement route. If we had his tag, we might be able to find a alias he’s been using. However I don’t believe this will end well, he’s been missing more than 10 days, and up here in the North we are starting to dip well below freezing at nights. Unless he’s met someone who’s determined to either shelter him from the media, or keep him secret, it’s possible it’s already to late.

  31. Thomas McKenna says:

    4chan once helped a guy get his stolen xbox back.  Maybe anonymous will help find the kid.  I haven’t been there in a good long time, so there’s a good chance it’s fallen into an even lower circle of hell, but at this point it wouldn’t hurt to try.

    Release the kid’s gamertag and other information online.  Gamers want this kid found, and they’d be a usefull ally right now.

  32. John Petersen says:

    I was looking at the map of the area, and i would search on and around those islands to the east of his town. I’d also consider, Buffalo, Tonawanda, and Niagra.

    I hope he is found. Godspeed

  33. Vake Xeacons says:

    Quite true. As much as this sounds like game bashing, CoD can certainly help to find the kid, if it really had anything to do with his disappearance.

  34. GoodRobotUs says:

    First step, if it IS CoD related, is already being taken, as far as I’m aware, all chats are logged for XBox Live, so any rendezvous that was arranged would be stored somewhere in those chat logs, and probably recently too. Assuming the boy left home with a destination in mind, then that destination would also have been identified by the chat logs.

    I’m not sure of XBox supports, or if he was using, any kind of VoIP system, as that would certainly complicate matters, but I’d certainly put a request out for anyone who was a regular gaming buddy of Brandons’, or had any idea who he used to communicate with, once again, I believe there is somethig akin to a ‘Buddy List’ that could greatly help in this. Though for people to come forward, it would help to know Brandon’s online screen name.

    Really, regardless of how technical the crime, the answer is always going to be knocking on doors and asking questions.

    My best hopes and wishes to the family, I hope he is found safe, well and soon.

  35. U-z-i Kidding says:

    The biggest issue to blame I personally believe is ‘communications’ between parent and teen.

     I can honestly speak from experience being a Mum of three teens myself. We all have to remember that parenting does not come with a handbook and at the end of the day we are all human and subject to making mistakes.

     The biggest challenge I face as a Mum is the little things that we don’t see called hormones, but they create such a huge impact in life when growing up. Why is that you can bring your children up and teach them the right from wrongs, respect, etc… but they get to a certain age and everything they have learnt seems to fly out the window!

    What I have learnt is once children become teens and their hormones are raging, they are in fact going through their own inner battle of the transition from child to adult, including expanding on their communication skills and creating their own little social networks where they feel comfortable. It is a perfectly natural stage within this cycle where suddenly they seem to shut out their family and spend very little time as part of that unit.

    The biggest challenge I find is trying to stimulate a conversation where the answer you receive from your teen is more than a neanderthal ug!

    It is a part of growing up and I’m sure if we looked back on our own teenage experiences at one time or another we all rebelled against our parents in some hurtful way. It didn’t mean we didn’t love them it’s just a case of trying to find yourself without adult interference!

  36. Deamian says:

    "How typical of gamers to try to thwart legitimate law enforcement efforts to try to rescue or help yet another victim of your favorite irresponsible industry."

    What are you talking about? You post a freakin’ random lie to every post that makes your whistle blow off. One would say with as much free time you have, you’d go out and try to get a job. Another. Again.

    How typical of Jack Thompson to try and make a name for himself long beyond the blatant display of his incompetence, lack of professionalism and downright lack of common sense.

    A truly friendly tip ; stop trying to do what you failed, are failing, and will fail to do. The industry beated you, accept it, and move on. That’s all part of life as far as I know.



  37. NovaBlack says:

    ‘ hello!.. yes yes operator!… yeeaarrhHhh *sniff* *twitch* .. yes the lobster people… they’re HERE!!!

    *walks down the street and continues talking with an unnatached broken reciever in his hand*

    ‘ yes.. yes.. that APA says that the best defense from the lobster people is to cover yourself in your own doody! *sniff * *twitch*yeeaarrhHhh hoo haaa!’

    *camera zooms in on his crazed bulging eyes, excremement smeared like camo paint on his cheeks*

    ‘ Theyre turning the wheels i tells you.. THE wheels!! And we all know what that means. What? no, im not telling you, you dont know what i know! Ive already contacted the president and he has given his full support! no, i DONT have that in writing! the lobster people wont stop, the video game industry was their way to infiltrate society *sniff * *twitch*yeeaarrhHhh hoo haaa!’

    *ducks into a nearby alleyway*

    ‘What. No…. ive got to go. The industry has this handset BUGGED! bugged with devices from the 20th lobster dimension in the year 7337. The CERN experiment.. THAT was Them opening a worm hole.. *bah* a LOBSTER- hole!!, no im NOT crazy, im a modern day saint, a ‘Paul revere’ for the 21st century, im warning you of incoming danger!’

    *throws down handset, puts pants onto his head, secured by his belt, and runs off down the the alleyway shouting, ‘The lobsters are coming.. the LOBSTERS ARE COMING!’ 


  38. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    No, only Dennis and EZK can wield the mighty BanHammer. I’m just holding on to it.



  39. Dragunov765 says:

    Making another grab at the spotlight before they take away your license, eh, Jack?

    What possible "useful" information would you have for a Canadian law enforcement agency?  Does your geographical location in sunny Florida give you some mystical insight into why this young man is missing?  Did your years of pissed-away legal education also train you to be a licensed psychologist?

    Investigating officers tell every nutjob and conspiracy theorist who calls up "Thank you.  You’ve been very helpful.  We weren’t aware of that as a possible avenue of investigation" as a means of getting said fruitcakes off the phone so they can go back to doing their job.

  40. Erik says:

    Furthermore John Bruce don’t pretend you give a shit about young people.  As you have shown in the past you fully support sexual assault of minors.  As you have proven with both your support of Thailand ignoring their illegal sex industry problems and trying to blame their crime problem on video games.  As well as totally ignoring that Cody Posey was sexually assaulted and trying to blame that on video games as well.

    Jack Thompson, whore to the illegal child porn industry.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  41. Erik says:

    Someone who has stated that they have "never broken comment policy" calling the site owner a whore in his user name?  Hilarious.

    Furthermore John Bruce, you have never had useful information on anything.  And you never will.  I surmise that you neglected to mention to the Sergeant of your legal troubles?  Or the fact that the government has been keeping tabs on you for your terroristic threats?

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  42. DeepThorn says:

    Your account has been banned

    You are not longer welcome here.

    Go rot in hell man.  You are worthless to the world.  Go retire with your wife and keep her company in Hawaii or something, even though I don’t see how she can stand you, but evidently she is an amazingly tolerant woman to put up with your crap.  I think a monument should be built in her name for even marrying you, but that is another subject.

    Go away, we do not want you here, you have been warned before.

  43. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Jack, quit your shit, or face the BanHammer. *lifts a rather heavy hammer* Who wants to wield it? Dennis? EZK?



  44. hellfire7885 says:

    So I take it you got the chief’s voice mail, thought it was him, then proceeded to tell him that Microsoft is holding him at their HQ for saying the game sucked.

    You are not helpign by makign this investigation take longer. Gamers are actually doing something to see to it this kid comes home safe.

    Games did their best to help with the incident(which you mocked), gamers were responsible for bustign the thieves wh ostole the Half Life 2 source doe. We can do amazing things when we come together.


    We need to be prayign for the young man’s safe return Thomspon, not for a body.

  45. Chuma says:

    The game itself is incidental, it is the potential for him having met someone on there and decided to go visit them that should be a concern.

    Unlike most people, I believe you when you say you have spoken to the Sergeant.  It is VERY much like you to "hassle the police department" following any mention of a game to a tragedy.  I’m only surprised you didn’t send off a letter threatening them with action if they don’t make public any information they have.  It is the soon to be permanently disbarred lawyers who should be ashamed of themselves for trying to divert law enforcement efforts to try and rescue or help another victim who just happens to have been brought up in the last 20 years and therefore knows what a computer game is.

  46. beemoh says:

    Okay, dear, we believe you. Thousands wouldn’t.

    It’s three days you have left now, isn’t it, adjusting for timezones?


  47. Inimical says:

    Unless the "useful information" was about his whereabouts or more about the circumstances around his disappearance, you are wasting the Sergeant’s time.

    Even if you did contact him, some little rant you’d go on about how video games helped crucify Jesus and have you disbarred won’t help anyone. You don’t want him found, you want to use his disapperance for your crusade.

  48. ShadowDragon28 says:

    Right…I’m sure this is much more despicable than when you tried to sue that Omaha police chief in order to futher your own video game agenda.

  49. Shahab says:

    HAHAAHHAHA, I thought something was very wrong with this post, then I looked at who wrote it. Funny stuff if true. I believe you to be a horrible liar, but that is one man’s opinion and not fact. Is this even really Jack Thompson though? Why would he continue to come and post on a site where he is going to get constantly ridiculed? Maybe he is a masochist and gets off on the humiliation. I can’t say for sure either way of course.

  50. Thomas McKenna says:

    Could be flaim bait….but I can’t resist.

    You’re an ass.  No one here is saying what you claim they’re saying.  Actually read what we say instead of making up your own little fantasy arguments.  In case you haven’t noticed, we actually want the kid found, and some show complete willingness to help.


    Oh, and don’t bother with what the Police Sergeant said to you.  He was most likely being polite, seeing how you don’t have any useful information.  And even if he did think you were on the level, I wonder how much his opinion of your information would change if he was informed that you’re being disbarred for, among many other things, presenting false claims, accusations, and evidence in court. 

    Anything you do to try and "help" will most likely cause the case to take even longer, and with missing persons cases time is of the essence. Stay away from this one Jack.  So far there isn’t an ambulance for  you to chase after yet, and hopefully it stays that way and the kid returns home safely.

  51. DavCube says:

    Okay, this one HAS to be a fake… it just has to… if not then Mr. Thompson, seriously, you MUST have not read the comments policy. And i don’t see how you couldn’t, considering it’s only three paragraphs long.

    "Users may voice their opinions freely, so long as the content of the information posted to this site is not threatening, menacing, racist, obscene, defamatory, an invasion of someone’s privacy rights, a violation of intellectual property rights or otherwise illegal, injurious or objectionable to Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA). Solicitations, advertisements or postings of a commercial nature also are not permitted."

    Took me two minutes to look that up. WHY CAN’T YOU?

    *awaits confirmation from Dennis or EZK*

  52. HarmlessBunny says:

    No Jack, you probably did NOT call the authorities in charge with that. You are a proven serial liar. Show the proof, or no one will believe a word you say. Besides why would gamers harass him for helping one of their own? We would be wanting to help as much as possible. Sorry Jack, I don’t buy your bull$!%t this time or any time.

    Now go spread your lies and false claims on a website you are welcomed at…because you are not welcome here. Expect your user name to get banned pretty shortly.

  53. Dennis McCauley Is a Quasi-Journalist Whore for Hal Halpin says:

    I have just spoken with the Sergeant who is leading the investigation to find and rescue this young man.

    I gave him what he said was useful information that he did not have.

    He also told me that he is getting a lot of crap from "video gamers" who are upset with any assertion that the game might have something to do with his disappearance.  He said that "The game has EVERYTHING to do with his disappearance, and we are working with Microsoft on this chief aspect of the case."

    Microsoft is extremely worried, and it should be.  And gamers ought to be ashamed of themselves for hassling this police department for following the chief lead that they have.  How typical of gamers to try to thwart legitimate law enforcement efforts to try to rescue or help yet another victim of your favorite irresponsible industry.

    Jack Thompson

  54. exgamerdotnet says:

    Hi everyone.

    This case is so incredibly tragic. It’s all over the news. As far as we can tell, it’s a case of parents struggling to figure out there son’s compulsive gaming habit, and ultimately taking away the console. The situation escalated and the boy ran away from home.

    Some of you may know I live about two hour away from suburban Toronto where Brandon vanished. I’ve been asked to comment on this situation on a radio call-in show that’s syndicated across the province of Ontario this Sunday, October 26. We’re all praying for this boy’s safe return, but it doesn’t look good.

    And yes, Jack Thompson should keep his enormous mouth shut. Neither The Law Society of Upper Canada nor the Canadian media have any more interest in his legal opinion than you or I do. Believe it or not Jack, the provincial police force in Ontario have a world class cyber crimes unit that doesn’t need your posturing or B.S.

    Latest Video from CTV News, Jack Thompson free for your viewing pleasure:


  55. darkenchanter says:

    Seconded. Despite Jackie boy’s constant truth-bending, I can still believe that one to be feasible. And the ones that are should be ashamed of themselves.

    ——————– Joining the Manhunt 2 rush on the 31st!

  56. farlander28 says:

    As someone who was raised by a Detroit Police Officer, with two uncles who were also in that dept, and 3 cousins who are now PO’s in metro-Detroit suburb cities, I’ll confirm what you’ve said about how the cops would view this.

    I’ve heard all the stories about how this kind of case usually works, from in the grittier parts of the ghetto to the more affluent suburb neighborhoods, and Zev is correct regarding who the culprits (statistically) tend to be, as well as how the cops on the case will view everyone involved.

    Not sure why Sahab feels the need to be righteously indignant about what you said, but whatever the reason is, he should leave the analysis to someone who has made it an area of either personal or professional study. Thanks for your thoughts, Zev.

    "Life sucks, get a fuckin helmet" – Denis Leary

  57. Zevorick says:

    Yeah, I probably should have explained the concepts a bit more in my post, but I tend to ramble so I left it out.

  58. DeepThorn says:

    Either if the parents are involved in the disappearance itself, or that the father is abusive, or a mix of the two…  there are a lot of possibilities.

    -The father could be beating the mother and child, and the mother sent the child off to an old friend or something so the father would never find the child to hurt it again.

    -They could had done the same thing as that hot mom from that states that killed her daughter then went out partying later.

    -They could have been playing with his genetics and created an illness that killed the child for all we know… wait what do these parents do for a living?

    Anyways, for all we know it could be almost anything.  The only children or friends from when I was younger who ran away always went to another family member’s or friend’s house.  None of them ever or would ever to to someone else’s house to run away.  Even at that, with it only being 1 out of 100+ people who do this, from my experience (not saying that is the real statistics), they never go far.  If the child isn’t back already and it is getting this much press it makes me think there was foul play that does not involve video games at all.

    If it is not the parents, not other family, and not friends or friend’s parents, then it is an extremely rare case no matter what happened, still I doubt the involvement of video games even a single bit, but we will see.

  59. Austin_Lewis says:

    For those who aren’t criminologists or sociologists or criminal justicians among us, the ‘Dark Figure’ of crime is the fact that about half of crimes committed will go unreported. 

    As Zevorick mentioned, child runaways are often caught and will often return to the home of their own volition after a day or so.  However, after 48 hours of being missing or more, it looks more and more like a kidnapping or a murder than "Oh no, my son got mad because I took away his Xbox and that’s why he’s gone".

  60. Zevorick says:

    "Honestly, the most likely thing if you want to talk statistics is that he is a run away."

    Except that most runaways get caught when there is this much attention surrounding them. Usually, the cases that slip under the radar are the ones that are out for more than a week.

    I’m surprised you bring up the Ramsey case. I’m not going on a hunch based on the media… My bachelors is in "Victim Studies", as in "Criminal Justice focusing on Victimology". Cases like this pop up all time, and more often than not, the parents had something to do with it. You are acting like I want this kids body to be found in a ditch or something. I’m not. I don’t want that, and I’m quite sure nobody wants that. I’m just being realistic. Go ask a police officer yourself what happens if they don’t find a missing person after 48 hours, let alone a full week. They’ll tell you point blank that "Then we start looking for a body".

    (edit for correction) The majority of family violence cases do get reported according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (60%. Whether or not that is representative of the dark figure one can be skeptical). His motives still don’t match up with a typical runaway case though. You don’t run away because your parents took away your xbox, and it is not unheard of for the offender to file a missing persons report on the victim when they are either family or a spouse

     "It is pretty ridiculous to say, ‘if anyone murdered the kid it was probably his parents, BUT I’m not saying the did it’."

    Do some research then. You are more likely to be victimized by your family/spouse than anyone else, especially in your early infant and teenage years.

  61. Austin_Lewis says:

    I don’t beleive that its common for children to leave their home, the source of safety for any child, without a real reason.  The XBOX may have been the straw that broke the camels back, but there is something else going on here, more likely than not.

    But of course, Sahab, with your backing in Criminology and Sociology, I’d love to hear what you have to say.  Please take into account that the last sentence was sarcasm.

  62. Shahab says:

    Yeah, you know what doesn’t feel right about this case, dick(as in private eye)? That a boy is missing. It is pretty ridiculous to say, "if anyone murdered the kid it was probably his parents, BUT I’m not saying the did it". Honestly, the most likely thing if you want to talk statistics is that he is a run away. Obviously the parents know he was upset and they are feeding some line about not being able to play CoD4. I doubt that being prevented from playing even your favorite game online is going to cause you to run away unless your home life already sucked.

    This is how the Ramsey case went, everyone got all suspicious about the parents, Leno making jokes, etc. and it turns out they had nothing to do with it. Before you go around implying anything you should let the investigation take its course.

    Of course at the same time I doubt looking online is going to help. Someone earlier made the good point, albeit sarcasticlly, that what are you going to do? Listen to this father and go ask the organized crime spammers and 7-card stud forums and write letters to the pedobears?


    Can’t wait to see this get resolved though so we know what was really going on.

  63. NovaBlack says:

    posted this earlier, but ill repost here since it seems relevant..


    An Additionally ‘strange’ point, is that according to the sources this was an original xbox with ww2 themed COD game (must be COD : finest hour) .. Why would any kid be addicted to that now? seems odd that the kid was a  hardcore ‘gamer’ addict if he’s choosing to play that… cant be COD4.. not out in 2006 :S

    is there even an online community /  microsoft servers available for COD: finest hour??? it was released in 2004! and is the only COD game on original xbox. i thought the official servers long stopped being supported for an original xbox game sucgh as that?

    and even if they were still going, WHY would a peadophile be playing a 4 and a half year old game with virtually NO userbase to look for victims.. makes NO sense.

    if we can confirm the servers are shut down, and we can confirm it was allegedly an original xbox and finest hour, then we KNOW somebody is lying.


    and as you said earlier.. if he was addicted (and lets face it.. to still be playing a game released in 2004.. you must be REALLY seriously addicted) .. why the heck would he LEAVE his apparent ‘addiction’ and run away??

    And his dad packed his bag..?


    in my opinion there is more to this than meets the eye.

  64. Zevorick says:

    This may be one of the first times we’ve agreed on something. I hate to sound cynical, but something just doesn’t add up here. It’s probably been mentioned before, but it is highly doubtful he left just because he couldnt play. He’d be pissed about it, sure, but if he left he REALLY wouldnt be able to play. I personally don’t buy the being led to meet someone online theory, since as someone else noted, they keep records and what not through xbox. With such a high profile case if there was evidence I’m sure they’d be presented with it by now.

    Statistically, the likelyhood you will be murdered (which is realistically and sadly probably the case with someone who has been gone this long) breaks down like this (in order from least to greatest) 1) Complete stranger (practically nonexistant), 2) Associate (moderately higher, but still extremely unlikely), 3) Close friend/loved one/extended family (A lot higher), 4) Immediate Family (The most likely, especially when under the age of 18).

    That’s why cops usually interview and or take great interest in the close family before they start looking for "strangers". There is backing for this… Am I saying that I believe the parents did it? Absolutely not. I don’t have the evidence at all to back up a claim such as that. What I am saying though is something just doesnt feel right about this case… not at all.

  65. DarkTetsuya says:

    I think that’s according to the old version of EZK’s countdown clock; the new updated one I have says two days 10 and a half hours.

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

  66. face777 says:

    This made me laugh.  Not quite as mch as Thompson’s increasing desperation for attention, but very nearly. 😉

  67. Thomas McKenna says:

    No, it’s not quite that difficult.  The truth is more simplistic.  He’s an attention whore.  Like a small child begging for the watchful eyes of his parents he’ll do most anything to get their attention focused on him. 

  68. Inimical says:

    Check the chat logs, release his gamertag… that’s really all they can do other than search for him.

  69. nighstalker160 says:

    I brought up this idea in the last article on this topic.  I definitely think releasing his gamertag would be a good idea.  With so many XBOX live users around its just that many more eyes watching.  

  70. Cerabret100 says:

    Release his gamertag, ask people to be on the look out, thats really the only thing we could do, outside the extreamely small chance of recognizing him on the streets.

    I wonder though, looking back at the original GP story, is it confirmed that he ran away? or is it possible (i hope not though) that while out, he was kidnapped, or had some other unfortunate accident, and it coenciding with the punishment just be coincedince?

  71. Benji says:

    Find out what his handle is on XBLA or whatever the hell it’s called.  If he had a major addiction to the game and might have ran away to be with someone he met through it, he’s probably going to come back online to feed his CoD habit sooner or later.

  72. PHOENIXZERO says:

    15? The kid in that pic doesn’t look older than maybe 12 plus he’s only 5’3 apparently, almost certain bully bait. If he’s 15 then pedos wouldn’t be interested, then again he like I already said, he looks younger than 15… Hmm…. I’m curious as to what his school and home life were like beforehand.

  73. DeepThorn says:

    Check with friend’s parents
    Check with Microsoft to obtain all saved and deleted messages as well as voice chats
    Check friend lists on computer/email and Xbox, as well as recent chats/recent games played since AIM and Xbox live both record recent games you were in and people you have had contact with.
    Don’t blame the games
    Check all security cameras around your place of residence
    I doubt he has a cell phone but if he does GPS, which any idiot would know and would have been reported
    I extremely doubt all crime plots like organized crime, online gambling ring, or child molester of any sort
    (I don’t know if the police around there have dash cams that are always on or GPS but if they do, then they could go through those as well.)
    Check with his friends on anything he may have said or if he had acted any different
    Check bus security cameras for all buses that were in the area

    I donno, this is the police’s job, and they should have more and better ideas than that, and already went over those.

    When did this kid go missing again?  I just don’t think he left the town at all…  God forbid, but even if he got hit by a car and the person hid his body because they didn’t want to get in trouble, there are many possiabilities, especially if he was walking to or from school.

  74. Erasmus Darwin says:

    "How would you look for Brandon?"

    Well, based on the father’s assertion that it could be organized crime, Internet gambling, or pedophiles, those sounds like good starting points.  I hear organized crime is involved with spam online, so maybe it’d help to respond to spam messages asking the spammers if they’ve seen Brandon.  For Internet gambling, people can ask in the chatrooms for Texas Hold’Em.  Pedophiles are often listed in various online sex offender registries.  However, those registries generally don’t include online contact information, so it would require sending out snail mail asking them if they’ve seen Brandon.

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