Gamers Worried About Jobs & Economy, Says New Xbox Live Poll

Last month GamePolitics tracked Xbox Live’s inaugural use of political polling among its members. In that survey, XBL users overwhelmingly gave the nod to Barack Obama as their choice for president – and that was before anyone knew about those now famous in-game Obama ads.

In partnership with nonprofit Rock the Vote, XBL has just completed a new round of polling. This time users were asked to name which issues were most on their mind.

So what’s the answer? In the words of Deomocratic campaign strategist James Carville, it’s the economy, stupid. Here are the numbers:

  • 35%        Jobs and the Economy
  • 19%        Environment
  • 18%        Foreign Policy
  • 14%        Health Care
  • 14%        Education

At this point it’s fair to say that XBL has jumped into the election season with both feet. In addition to user polling and a voter registration drive, the online service is offering election 2008 gamerpics and themes, as well as a music video from The Presidents of the United States of America’s new album.

On Monday, GamePolitics spoke to project manager Ben Vaught about the injection of politics into the XBL user experience. Vaught hadn’t seen the results of the new poll at that point:

The reason we do these polls is that Xbox Live is more and more becoming a bellwether of where youth voting trends are going… This [new] poll is really a chance for Xbox Live members to tell the presidential candidates… this is why were voting, this is why this election matters to us…


I thought [the Obama ads were] amazing. This is a community of over 14 million members. They’re active and engaged, they’re vocal. And it’s not just about games and entertainment. They’re also active and engaged and feel very stongly about the direction of their country… If Xbox Live was a state, it would be the seventh largest with 20 electoral votes.

[Rock the Vote] is very happy with how everthing is turning out. For Rock the Vote, they’re going to where younger voters are this election and this year they’re on Xbox Live. With Microdoft and Xbox, we know that the presidential election is important and we’re really trying to do our part to encourage turnout and for people to vote.

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  1. melanyor says:

    There’s a large billboard conveniently placed about 30 feet from the garage to my apartment. Over the course of a year, it’s been gracious enough to inform me of many, many horrible movies and the occasional tie-in promotion. Aside from a passing glance at the art design, I tend to ignore what’s being advertised. I suppose seeing things day in and day out desensitizes a person after a while.

  2. Hueyloo says:

    What are the famous in-game ads? I’m from the UK and didn’t hear about them, but noticed some other impressive promotional campaigns.

    Tim – webmaster for mattress reviews.

  3. Margarita H says:

    Obama is doing his best in order to prevent continuous unemployment in America. Unemployed individuals are unable to earn money to meet financial obligations. Failure to pay mortgage payments or to pay rent may lead to homelessness through foreclosure or eviction. Unemployment increases susceptibility to malnutrition, illness, mental stress, and loss of self-esteem, leading to depression. According to a study published in Social Indicator Research, even those who tend to be optimistic find it difficult to look on the bright side of things when unemployed. Using interviews and data from German participants aged 16 to 94 – including individuals coping with the stresses of real life and not just a volunteering student population – the researchers determined that even optimists struggled with being unemployed. Unemployment is a scourge; the ranks of those afflicted with joblessness are growing, as well as those looking into mortgage loan modification.  The national unemployment rate has increased dramatically. Many people are hoping for an end sooner rather than later to unemployment and some debt relief.

  4. Moriah N says:

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  5. richard says:

    The only thing to know for sure is you’ll see predictions changes as the current and near past situation changes. As long as things remain negative the predictions on the future will remain negative. When things begin to improve…oh my goodness, look at all these predictions improving. Its sad that so many people are caught up in this crap or think that economics is this important.

    Perhaps when pepole start to see economics for what it is, a crapshoot, and the people dabbling in it for what they are, just a bunch of posers trying to sell their agenda, we’ll turn the corner.

    ( Economics Thesis and Economics Essay )

  6. Neo_DrKefka says:

    PRAISE OBAMA OUR LORD AND GOD but seeing Obama and his friends want to wipe Isreal off the map why is the ECA/ESA which have a whole Jewish Leadership and god forbid you dare question a member who is Jewish like the former ESA president they’ll go nuts but they still worship their golden cafe, obama.

  7. tallimar says:

    what an odd reaction coming from the readers of GP…  i guess it eludes me how we can justify sitting here bashing xbl gamers just because of a stereotype (isnt that what happened to us, the pimple-faced teenagers hunched over a square controller in a dark basement staring blank-faced at a video game?)

  8. Zerodash says:

    The Northeast isn’t much better.  Except the people here tend to cover it up by overcompensating…except perhaps the folk in the NJ Pinelands (screw them), who don’t bother to pretend to be non-racist. 

  9. DeepThorn says:

    I was thinking it was the terrorist got to vote too… haha.  Wait no, that Bill Ayrs guy, wait, John Bruce, wait no a group of children that were born by mothers who were over 40 years old and have severe autism because of it, thats it.

  10. Papa Shango says:

     I would actually care if the majority of people doing the ‘voting’ on XBL were American citizens and actually of age to vote. Not 15 year old kids who hate like war and stuff(totally oh mah gawd) and British people.

  11. Silphion says:

    Zerodash, be fair.  The level of racism and homophobia in America is still appalling.  I live in the South, I should know.  But you know what?  The consensus still matters, whether we give a damn about it or not.

    Admittingly, we’re better off than we were (socially) 50 years ago.  Not great, but definatly better.


  12. Zerodash says:

    Given the amounts of assholes I meet on XBL, I don’t give a damn about their concensus on anything.  The level of racism and homophoboa on XBL is still appalling.

  13. Anthrax says:

    I’m worried about the economy too, but I’ve lost all respect for politicians. I’m not going to put my future into the hands of anybody who can’t even tell the truth, let alone follow through with his/her claims.

  14. Nocturne says:

    If Xbox Live was a state, it would be the seventh largest with 20 electoral votes.

    So basically what were saying is that Xbox Live is Ohio… Go Bengals!

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