Second Life for Islamic World?

TechCrunch reports that, a Muslim social network is readying the launch of a virtual world similar to Second Life. It is expected that IP censors in some Islamic nations will allow an MMO in which avatars wear Muslim garb and worship in prayer rooms.

From TechCrunch:

Although there are well over one billion people who identify themselves as Muslim, I see this site as appealing primarily to slightly more ‘westernised’ Muslim world…


Ashar Saeed, vice-president of reckons that by setting up a Muslim virtual world they’ll be able to attract sponsorship from the likes of brands like Coca-Cola, which already advertise in other online worlds.

Via: Kotaku

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    1AgainstTheWorld says:

    Now wait a second, wouldn’t this mean this online game would contain Qu’ran passages?  Sounds like they need to remove those, and delay the release a week.

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    face777 says:

    I have 2 thoughts on this:

    1) Canyou imagine the outcry if there was to be a Christian version of this concept? The Muslim community would be screaming bue murder and discrimination, but when they pull stunts, it’s all ok?


    2) Yeah, segregate an entire community even further – what a REALLY good idea – who wants mixed un-biased society, when the Muslims can have all the benefits, plus still have their own way of lives.  No, if other people have to adapt to changes and regulation brought about for their benefit, theny should do likewise or not bother staying.

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    Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Sorry, that was me farting. My bad. ROFL



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    Tammej says:

    I (personally) will probably never understand why anyone in the whole world, would setup a virtual world in which they have virtual prayers. Wouldn’t they all be sort of meaningless? To me, who’se a person who dislikes religion generally, yet respects peoples need for them, it all just plain doesn’t make any sense. It looks like muslims all over the world don’t care about their life, their time, and what they accomplish.


    All I ever see or all I’m ever shown is how these people invest everything they own, everything they know, everything they are, willingly – into a religion that lives their lives for them and tells them what to do at just about any given second. Am I blind? Am I misled?

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    Austin_Lewis says:

    So, they’re setting up a second life geared towards muslims?  But they want to be treated like they’re part of the international community?  No, that makes sense.

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    Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Has Saladin been there yet? I’d like to have a plausible opinion of the place.



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    Hannah says:

    There is already a Muslim community on Second Life, and I have seen Muslim garb for sale in game, not to mention animated prayer mats and the like.  There’s really nothing stopping someone from living a virtual life in SL according to the tenants of Islam, at least if that person is smart enough to avoid the 90% of the game that’s devoted to creepy furry sex.  Of course, given the nature of the internet, I fully expect that even a fully Muslim world would eventually fall victim to horny teenagers, furries, and griefers, so in the end nothing would be gained from creating a separate version of SL.

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    Jack says:

    I too would like the stigmas to dissapear. But how can they if Muslims will be hanging around JUST Musilms? I think it would be cooler for Second Life to add the features this Muslim Second Life will have so we can all hang out together.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    With the stigma islamic people are still facing, having something like this is a good hting I think.


    Just wait though. We’ll be hearing stories about how this is a terorist recruitment tool.

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    Alevan says:

    I hang out on Second Life a lot these days… and, sometimes, I think some things should stay out. If I want to go to church and pray to whatever higher deity, I’ll get out of my chair and do it. You want to go to a movie theater? Go out and see a movie, or watch one in the living room. Some things are cool but I’m a little iffy on this one.

    Amy Levandoski

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