Gamers Were Outraged But Amused by Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson seemed to bring out the worst – and the best – in GamePolitics readers.

Gamers who follow GP were eager to debate with Thompson, who came to symbolize the anti-video game movement. And while those interactions were frequently contentious (on both sides), some funny stuff emerged as well.

One of my favorite recollections involved Thompson posting a comment referring to former ESA Doug Lowenstein as a "self-immolating clown." 

This is typical highfalutin language from Thompson, who is a pretty smart guy (although obviously not smart enough to figure out how to hang on to his law license). Anyway, after Thompson posted the self-immolating clown remark, an old-school GP user (was it Mr. Falcon?) responded with:

Yeah. We had one of those at my nephew’s birthday party. Took weeks to get the small out of the drapes.

In this post from the old GP LiveJournal site, we had some laughs over GP reader wxdiva’s use of an Olde English-style tapestry (above) to satirize Thompson’s nonstop Urgent! press releases, his references to his TV appearances, his penchant for reaching out to prominent political figures, his GTA hate, his threats to take GamePolitics down and his coining of the word pixelantes (pixelated vigilantes). 

Thompson meant the P-word as an insult to gamers who instead adopted it as a badge of honor. Pixelantes, by the way, is now permanently enshrined in the Urban Dictionary and elsewhere.

There was also a guy who satirized the game hatin’ attorney by imagining him as a caveman, Og Thompson, who wanted to censor the discovery of fire.

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  1. NovaBlack says:


    Why waste space with an insult, if youve got a perfectly good point to make instead.

    When jack flew into spewing insults you know it was to fill space because he had nothing actually factual, or anything to defend his position.

  2. NovaBlack says:

    Did he get another attorney to sign these?


    Or have they gone straight into the bin like the rest?

  3. metroidprimegmr says:

    "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. can I take your order? Nyuuugh!!!"

    /Oh Nickelodeon, how low thou hath fallen

  4. Titantim says:

    Spitzer rules?!  I thought that god was the only true ruler here Jack?  I do believe that’s blasphemy for idolizing a false prophet. 

    For shame!

  5. NovaBlack says:

    I love how, despite being told by The courts, and by posters here OVER AND OVER, JT continued to file motions with the court without getting them signed (including the hilarious one about 2 days ago where he claimed the ‘countdown clock’ was proof of the commercial conspiracy!! HAHAH)

    I mean.. we were actually helping the guy out in a way!  But no no.. JT know best *sigh* lol.

  6. NovaBlack says:



    never heard about that! thats pure complete AWESOME lol. HAHAHA. god JT is an idiot.

  7. mogbert says:

    You just wait, like a videogame boss, he will be back even bigger.

    OK, likely he will make another Faux News appearence and will weigh 80 lbs more then before… that’s still bigger.

  8. Michael Chandra says:

    Last time he tried that I responded that there’s a lot of crazy people, like him, around and I’m not comfortable with a nutjob who might stalk or kill me, like him, having my real name. ^_^ No response there.

  9. ConnorM5 says:

    Jack, you’ve got …ooooooh 7 minutes. Then it’s 5, the courts are closed. At least here in NY they are. Better get that motion written and the stipulation signed to– wait… nevermind, you’re boned.

    Have fun being the butt of the gaming industry’s jokes, you ambulance chasing asshole.

  10. Quad9Damage says:

    Yeah, the anonymity thing was always amusing. And I remember when he was getting e-mails notifying him of responses to his posts (an LJ feature that can be turned off) and accused Dennis of intentionally setting the site up that way to harass him.

  11. Michael Chandra says:

    I think those are the banned livejournal accounts but I could be wrong.

    In a world where game violence runs high… Where none will listen to the cries of parents… One man stands up to fight… Jack Thompson is the Internet Troll!
    Coming soon to a theater near you.

  12. hellfire7885 says:

    Can we let him bakc in after tomorrow?

    It’ll be funyn to see how he’s still an attorney or soemthing.

  13. GoodRobotUs says:

    Two events come to mind, the time he was likened to Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget by me… ‘I’ll get you next time Gamers… NEXT TIME!!’, and the time he tried to say exactly the opposite of every Internet guideline in existence, i.e. that you had to post your name and details with your post, otherwise it was harassment, thus trying to put lots of people in direct risk simply because he wanted to know who we were. He even tried to claim it was law.

    He still tries that little trick even now.

  14. Quad9Damage says:

    In the only reply he ever made to one of my posts, he called me "sweetheart", as in "I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart." I’ll never forget that.

    Man, the Livejournal days were a fun ride. As annoying as he was, I would check GP constantly for his ignorant comments. I tried to be there for every snide remark, every insult, every lie, every off-topic press release, and of course, every new account name. He was a clowncar wreck.

  15. GoodRobotUs says:

    Heh, I never really bothered to take much notice when he called me ‘dumb’ or ‘moron’, it simply meant that I’d come up with a statement he couldn’t refute, and therefore had to resort to name-calling instead 🙂

    It’s exactly the kind of behaviour I’d come to expect from him, as I’ve said before, he grew old, but never grew up, and not in a Peter Pan kind of way either, there’s nothing wrong with becoming more conservative as you grow older, but there’s serious issues when you still act like you are a spoiled 14-year old child throwing a tantrum whilst doing so.

    Many proponents of Video Game control are, at least, moderately mature and level headed in their actions, very few of them try to sink down to the lowest common denominator, they rose above the trolls and insults and calmly stated their own position, and I respect them for that, but Jack seemed to think it was some kind of competition to see who could sink lowest, and I have no respect for people like that whatsoever.

  16. Solipsis says:

    I doubt we’ve heard the last of him anyway. Credibility lost, yes… vanishing into thin air? Not like him.

  17. Kincyr says:

    hey Dennis, don’t forget how pixelante existed a good two years before Jack "coined" the term.
    Too bad JT didn’t know the true definition of the word ‘pixel’

    岩「…Ace beats Jack」

  18. cullarn says:

    i feel someone should step up and defend the legal profession (while im not a lawyer) i must say there are many lawyers who really do actual good and jt shouldnt be lumped in the same category as the rest of them

  19. magic_taco says:

    Wow, I remember when he accused me of being on drugs when i first sent him a harmless email containing questions about his career in law, and his activism…But what activism?

    I felt like i wanted to be a lawyer, But then again, I wouldnt want to be an asshole like him.

    Number of days jack thompsons disbarment:1

    Number of brain cells in JT: 0

    Slam of the gavel by the judge causing major victory towards us.: Priceless.

  20. Father Time says:

    I remember back during the hitman ads controversy I put up my thoughts on the ad, and he replied ‘my thoughts for you is an oxymoron’.

    It was an honor for Jacky to reply to me and only me with his usual trash. Now I know I can get under the man’s skin without trying too hard.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  21. magic_taco says:

    Hear Ye! , Hear Ye!


    Does Thoust Me remind you of Major Shindig of thoust  failure of putrid beast ye call "jack Thompson?"

    Thoust the cretin took one too many blows from his dying ego.

  22. MaskedPixelante says:

    I remember when he said that we were being mean because we stole his word.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  23. DarkTetsuya says:


    Why does he need to have a successor, this isn’t like some videogame. (‘Well we beat this boss, whos next?’)

    Who is left, anyway?

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

  24. DarkTetsuya says:

    I blame the following on the fact my brother’s been playing the hell outta MGS2 again (after completing MGS4 on PS3, epic game indeed.)

    To paraphrase T. S. Eliot:
    So that’s the way his career ends: not with a bang, but a lot of whimpering?

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

  25. AuntySocial says:

    I guess we’ll miss all the ridiculing of Jack until his successor comes along.  I just hope he/she is at least half as entertaining.



    Insanity has its toll. Please have exact change.

  26. Cerabret100 says:

    Oh…now i remember that. I think i almost fell out of my chair.

    Now if he could have had such a leveled head about his own dealings, and not cried doom and death about every video game he had it out for, going on like he was a saint for what he was doing, and everyone else was always wrong, Then  maybe this wouldn’t be happening.

  27. CK20XX says:

    I notice that the term "pixelante" has undergone the same evolution as the term "yankee".  During the American Revolution, the British soldiers would tease the colonists by calling them yankees, but the colonists soon came to take pride in the word.  And of course, the colonists won in the end.


    "They were retarded hairless pink bunnies, all of them. Except Shigeru Myamoto and… well, the good ones were just too /rare/ to be worth bothering about." – Mason Hornblower on the extinction of the human race

  28. nightwng2000 says:

    As of noon today, 24Oct2008, still no response by the court in John Bruce’s big Federal case to save his own butt.

    Two filings by him so far today:

    One is a Supplement where he argues about the over $43K he has to pay.

    The other is a Notice to file a Writ of Mandamus in the 11th circuit against Judge Cooke, the judge in this Federal case, because she’s dragging her feet on this case.

    I do like the comment made in the Supplement that he realizes the Bar sees him as the Anti-Christ.

    No, John Bruce, you’re not the Anti-Christ.  If YOU were the Anti-Christ, we wouldn’t NEED a Messiah to put you in your place.  You’re too pathetic to waste a good Messiah on.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  29. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    All I’m going to feel is that feeling when you just scraped a dog turd off your shoe.


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! Jack Thompson is still a dick…

  30. Cerabret100 says:

    Aww man, i don’t even have any of the games he complained about to play in celebration with me…oh wait, i’ve got Mass Effect.

    did he say anything about that whole scandel thing?

    If not i’m sure between Silent Hill Homecoming, Ninja Gaiden 2, and both Condemneds, i’ll be able to "raise a toast" to the event

  31. jds says:

    My favorite among the banned usernames are; spitzerrules and spitzeragenius.

    So telling that Jack idolizes a fallen hypocrite. It’s almost like he wanted to be just like Eliot Spitzer…


    . . Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates . .

  32. Salen says:

    I still loved Kharne’s old Haikus on Jack Thompson, that he’d use to depower JT’s arguments. I think they were haikus anyways.

    But yes, JT was entertaining to watch, if only on the poo-slinging monkey at the zoo level of entertainment.

  33. A-wel Cruiz says:

    The time I remember is when he tried to sting MySpace by signing up for an account posing as a seven-year-old girl. I commented that MySpace was easy to fool, since Jack has all the maturity of a seven-year-old girl.

    To which Jack responded, "That the best you got, punk?"

    Thus proving my point.


    *I’d argue with Jack Thompson, but it’s just easier to call him an idiot.*

  34. Kharne says:

    So, what happened to the big suprise he was blabing about?

    Oh well. Anyway, I’m glad this has finally happened. He was amusing to watch, but he had this annoying way of grinding the comments here to a halt. With the state he’s in now, I doubt he’ll be showing his face here again for awhile.

  35. NovaBlack says:

    no, EVEN BETTER!

    send him an apology card, then when he opens it its blank, with a piece of paper saying ‘you can fill this in and return it to us as this address..’

  36. Michael Chandra says:

    It’s not just the way he went against us gamers and against nutjob killers that did him in, it’s also the way he went against everyone else. I read some of the testimonies and I was disgusted to no end. He had it coming, now goodbye.

    For the thorn in our side, the raving maniac that harassed our idols one after another and couldn’t take the beatdowns they gave him in return, for the man who just wouldn’t stop and never said sorry, who finally ran into that mean woman that put an end to things, you were disbarred for life so it’s time for you to say goodbye. To you I dedicate the following song from Ray Charles:

    Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack

    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

    What you say?
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

    Woah Woman, oh woman, don’t treat me so mean,
    You’re the meanest old woman that I’ve ever seen.
    I guess if you said so
    I’d better have to pack my things and go. That’s right

    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

    What you say?!
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

    Now baby, listen baby, don’t ya treat me this-a way
    Cause I’ll be back on my feet some day.
    Don’t care if you do ’cause it’s understood
    you ain’t got no money you just ain’t no good.
    Well, I guess if you say so
    I’d better have to pack my things and go. That’s right

    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

    What you say?
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

    you must be joking?
    and don’t you come back no more,
    what you trying to do to me?
    and don’t you come back no more,
    why can’t we talk it over?
    and don’t you come back no more,
    I thought we had a better understanding
    and don’t you come back no more,
    oh, baby, don’t be so chilly
    and don’t you come back no more,
    you don’t wanna see me cry
    and don’t you come back no more,
    oh, baby, please
    and don’t you come back no more,
    it isn’t fair
    and don’t you come back no more,
    you don’t want me to cry no more
    and don’t you come back no more,
    wheh, baby
    and don’t you come back no more,
    don’t you come back no more.

  37. Deamian says:

    Let’s pull a penny-arcade on him and send him an apology/get better wish-card! -Giggles.-

    "From GP with love, because GP can. Still."

  38. TBoneTony says:

    I think the ultimate punishment JT will suffer is when we at GP don’t talk about him anymore after this day is done.


    Thanks JT for the memories, now get a job and get a new life.

    Take care of your family or hope your family takes care of you.

    I will not step as low to call JT a Loser because that will make me look bad, plus that is verry much what JT thinks of all of us even though in life us Gamers are Winners because we have been though all this with him.



  39. NovaBlack says:

    you know, they should write a new Aesop’s fable about this…


    The lawyer and the gamer.


    About how the lawyer tried EVERY day to insult and degrade, and win victories over the gamer, using all the downright low tactics he knew. He’d scream ”These gamer’s are CRAZY KILLERS!, if I dont stop them, they’ll ruin everyones life!!" Every day the gamer would just laugh at the lawyer, and angered he would  wake up an hour earlier the next day and try even harder. And at least on this day, nobodies life was ruined by a game.

    After a few years, the Lawyer didnt sleep anymore, he didnt have time , every waking moment was obsessed with the gamer. His family didnt recognise him anymore, but the lawyer didnt notice , ”I WILL DESTROY YOU! he cried, gamer’s are CRAZY KILLERS!, if I dont stop them, they’ll ruin everyones life!!"  ‘, tapping manically at the keyboard, his spittle covered unshaven chin and glazed eyes glistening eerily in the light of his computer monitor. The gamer read what the lawyer had written.. and like before just laughed, and got on with their lives. The lawyer was enraged by this! And still now, nobodies life was ruined by a game.

    After a while, the lawyer resorted to lower tactics than he had ever done before. And this didnt go unnoticed. The State Bar got involved to warn the lawyer that he wasnt acting within the boundaries set down for lawyers. ”BUT THESE ARE NO ORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES he cried, gamer’s are CRAZY KILLERS!, if I dont stop them, they’ll ruin everyones life!!" . And so, the lawyer continued, and before long, the State bar issued the lawyer with a disbarrment warning.The Gamer looked at the lawyer and said, despite the threats over the years, ”look, you need to see what you are doing is not right, you can still apologise for your actions and start anew, career intact, im not trying to ruin your life, im trying to offer advice".  The lawyer spat at the gamer, "gamer’s are CRAZY KILLERS!, if I dont stop them, they’ll ruin everyones life!!".And still NOW, in the world the lawyer was so obsessed with ‘protecting’, nobodies life was ruined by a game.

    And that brings us to the end of our story, here we are…

    The Gamer, still happy, and enjoying life, and the lawyer,  Still typing away furiously, his family have no respect for him, his underhand tactics have earned him nothing but the loss of his carreer, a $40,000 fine, and 27 counts of dishonesty in a court.

    But now somebodies life had been ruined by a game…..

    The lawyers.


  40. Titantim says:

    Everyone must know that "Da Man" isn’t going to look at these posts.  As much of a troll that he is, he doesn’t want to read anything that he knows that he can’t argue against. 

    This shows that he can lose, and therefore he won’t bother reading it.

  41. Aliasalpha says:

    Bye jack, it’s been fun. Now that you’ve got heaps of free time, what are your plans? I’m always up for a game of Gears of War if you need to blow off steam.

  42. Lost Question says:

    i got some cake today and tomorow i will eat it too (also go to a wedding, if im luck after that go to a "nerd trivia" event and try to win some stuff from the store hosteing it, and play MGS4, No More Heroes, or Bully:SE)

  43. Ryno says:

    I found this gem over at JAABLOG. I’m hoping someone here can explain it, as it seems to make too much sense for a JT filing, even if it will fail. And I hope Dennis doesn’t mind me posting it. If you do, please either delete it or make it a link to the blog:

    EZK: John Bruce spams the site enough without anyone else’s help.


    Sorry for that. Won’t happen again. Okay, that’s not saying much, but you get the sentiment.

  44. DavCube says:

    Two articles is not ‘even more coverage.’ Would you mind talking about something else other than how ‘obsessed’ you think this site is with Thompson? Because that’s all i’ve seen you do on this site so far.

    It’s people like you that gave Thompson his image of gamers in the first place.

  45. duncan_922 says:

    Wow!  This was totally unexpected…  Jack Thompson is getting even more coverage now that he’s not a lawyer!  Maybe there should be a Jack Thompson daily tracker feature somewhere in this site.

  46. Austin_Lewis says:

    That’s fine man.  I started singin this to Dropkick Murphys Bar Room Hero while cooking, and it just kinda took off from there.  Before long, I was sitting with a beer and my gibson singin it.

    But hell yeah, use the lyrics.

  47. TBoneTony says:

    Well said too.


    I hope that Jack learns that he is the only one who can look after his family, and NOT the families of others who are free to make their own choices of how they raise their children.


    His quest was a moral one, but he never knew how to do it in the right way while respecting other people’s opinions.


    That is his downfall, respect for others…


    Also I should highlight that the Videogame Industry has content ratings like the ESRB, BBFC, PEGI and also the OFLC that do all they can to help parents make the decisions.


    If only he could have talked more about the content ratings system instead of blaming every Videogame for the school Shootings, but I don’t think that would have caused as much attention so he went for the attention seeking path instead of the honest way of talking about the content ratings system that would have been a bigger help for parents to understand if they wanted something that they could do and guide them in a way to help them understand more about Videogames…


    And NO, Videogame Companies DON’T sell Violent Videogames to Children, not even the retailers…

    It is people like JT who talked only about Violent Videogames that sold the Videogames to children because people like him attracted the attention in the first place.


  48. Mr. Peacock says:

    Well said.  While Jack has given me both countless hours of anger and mirth I do wish the best for him and his family.  They shouldn’t have to suffer for his sins, not to mention that loosing one’s career in this economic climate is serious stuff. Jack (we all know you’re reading this) you may have been a misguided, angry, SOB, but I hope you use this time to refelct on what brought you here.  Take care of your family, they need you more than the rest of America ever will.

  49. GoodRobotUs says:

    There is one small glimmer of hope, during the ‘Letter to Palin’ incident, he stated that he ‘learned from his mistakes’, which does, at least, mean that he realises that trying to nip around the inside of the First Amendment was a mistake.

    It’s a small start, but still, hopefully he can build upon it.

  50. Rennie Davis says:

    I come to bury Jack Thompson, not to praise him.

    All of us in the GamePolitics community are entitled to gloat at the end of the legal career of Jack Thompson. Those of us who personally did battle with him and were subjected to his outrageous tactics are especially entitled to do so.

    But let us not forget that this is a tragedy.

    It is a tragedy that Jack Thompson has destroyed his legal career. He obviously is intelligent and possesses a degree of talent and skill. Society provided him an education and admitted him to an august profession, one that is respected (if not necessarily admired) and amply rewarded by the public in tangible and intangible ways. Society’s investment in Jack Thompson was part of an implicit bargain that the investment would be repaid through service to the cause of justice.

    Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Jack Thompson squandered the opportunity given to him to serve that cause. Rather than serve the cause of justice, he served himself. His was a venture in self-aggrandizement. And ultimately it destroyed him. As a result, society lost its investment in him.

    It is also a personal tragedy. We will likely never know what motivated Jack Thompson’s  self-destructive behavior, and perhaps it is irrelevant. Jack Thompson has failed in a most public way, chastised by the guardians of his profession for behavior that violates the most basic standards for lawyers. He will be known forever as a disbarred lawyer. That is a scar that will never disappear and must sting mightily.

    Finally, it is a family tragedy. I believe Jack Thompson’s concern for the welfare of his wife and his son is deep and genuine. His wife and son must be hurting, seeing their champion, their protector brought low.

    So, as we justly celebrate the end of the legal career of Jack Thompson, let us lift a glass and wish him Godspeed in the hope that he can overcome this tragedy and rebuild his life. It is my wish that he will see what he has brought about as an opportunity to free himself from his self-destructive quest and make more productive use of his intelligence, talents, and skills.

  51. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    Here, here. (Or hear, hear…Whichever of the two.)

    To Mr. Thompson. May you finally learn the errors of your ways. May you cherish your friends and family instead of continuously pursuing a cause in a way few would (and even less should). May your next job give you the clarity and sobriety you so desparately need. And may you find peace amongst the tulips. Vaya con dios, Senor Thompson. In these turbulent days and ages, you will certainly need His love and guidence. And to all those who cherish our beloved medium, I give you this loving encouragement. As my signature says it all…

    Game on, brothers and sisters. Game on.

  52. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Holy shit. I can’t rule on if that is ULTIMATE Fail b/c his family was mentioned or LEGENDARY Win b/c it’s about JT’s failure.

    *brain explodes*



  53. Austin_Lewis says:

    This goes out for Jack Thompson

    Face down in the gutter can’t admit defeat

    though his clothes are soiled and black

    he’s a big strong man with a child’s mind

    don’t you take his license away


    he’s been at it twenty years , fed on balls and fears

    He’s hated by most he meets

    but inside he cries black swollen eyes

    this man hasn’t shed his tears

    Now his wife and kid sing a different tune

    as they worry bout their daddy lyin

    But this arrogant fool breaks every rule

    it’ll be nothin but his pride that fails him


    Will he listen no he won’t

    that’s all he’d rather be disbarred before the daylight shines

    but the thoughts and prayers of a million strong

    might keep this fool from lyin (but he’ll keep on tryin)


    He’s a legend at the BAR with every scar

    from a thousand better men

    Though he lies and loses got all the bruises

    won’t someone please step in?

    This zealous fool he ain’t to smart

    He keeps steppin back into the ring

    In florida he ain’t let into court,

    this man who fancied himself a KING


    Will he listen no he won’t

    that’s all he’d rather be disbarred before the daylight shines

    but the thoughts and prayers of a million strong

    might keep this fool from lyin (but he’ll keep on tryin)

    This one goes out to the video gamers around the world, a rowdy bunch indeed

    This one goes out to Dennis McCauley and Hal Halpin, first amendment heroes who’ve always been with us

    This one goes out to every individual who values the right to choose WITHOUT OPPRESSION


    He’s a legend at the BAR with every scar

    from a thousand better men

    Though he lies and loses got all the bruises

    won’t someone please step in?

    This zealous fool he ain’t to smart

    He keeps steppin back into the ring

    In florida he ain’t let into court,

    this man who fancied himself a KING


    Will he listen no he won’t

    that’s all he’d rather be disbarred before the daylight shines

    but the thoughts and prayers of a million strong

    might keep this fool from lyin

    – Sung to the tune of Bar Room Hero, by Dropkick Murphys

    This is what I started singin today while I was playing GTAIV while preparing dinner.  I say we make it the official holiday song


  54. DarkTetsuya says:

    So that’s that, then. as my last open letter to JT:

    Dear Jack,

    It’s over. now STFU and GTFO.

    Not love,

    (And yeah my sig’s kind of early since 300 won’t start for them till this sunday… but I needed something to fill the void left by deleting sortableturnip’s little gem.

    300 Episodes and counting:

  55. Saladin says:

    Oh how I’ve waited for this day…

    That you went kicking and screaming, making pointless filings and accusing the video game community of a conspiracy against you… Thank you Jack. Your idiocy is my nourishment. And these last few months have been an endless feast.

    I’m sure you won’t vanish from the douchebag landscape, but at least I know your career has become a shattered, pathetic wreck beyond repair. Regardless… I toast to you. I doubt we’ll ever have a "lawyer" like you again. Time to look for a new job I suppose.

    I hear the Starbucks across the street is hiring. I’d appreciate it if you made sure my coffee has TWO sugars in it. Thanks a bunch pal!

  56. Archgabe says:

    0:00:00 till Jack is disbarred.

    This beer is for you "old friend" and may I say I wish your family the best and you reap the worst of what you have sown.  You have no one to blame but yourself.

    On a happier note, I am back from a year long posting hiatus.  Huzzah!

    I came into the fray only a few weeks before the LJ site was changed so I only got the back end of that time.  I do remember fighting Thompson afterword and oh what fun it was.  The insanity and the anger and the laughter.  I would have to say Jack sparked my interest in law and debate.  Though Law school was never for me I did Major in communications and because of JT I am not becomming a mediator for a local college.

    Good times were had, and my life would not have been the same without Jack.  Here is to you Jack.  May you find your way back to sanity one day.

  57. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    See my "So Disbarred" joke in the shoutbox. When it vanishes I’ll edit this post t include it. (Means no-one may reply to this post until it is on here.



  58. Mattie says:

    Part of me will miss him, I’ll admit but it’s time he’d paid for his actions. I don’t have any sympathy because he most likely knew while going on his crusade that a signifcant amount of his claims were lies. All throughout his bar trial he never realized that he was put on trial for acting arrogant, childish, unprofessional and downright mean. If you want to be a lawyer there’s rules must be followed. I could go on but nothing more needs to be said at this point. Like a previous poster said, the man is a tragedy.

  59. clownluv247 says:

    again, he doesnt need to have a successor, but it will happen. history always repeats itself, and if it werent for video games,television, and movies, these kinds of people would still be trying to burn much as i wish it wouldnt happen, its going to, and im afraid thats it is going to be a complete psychopath who CAN commuincate his insane thought into coherent thought and sway peoples opinions

    ’nuff said

  60. DarkTetsuya says:

    don’t you mean ‘almost threatened to get sued’ by him? From what I saw he’s all talk and no bite…. hey, just like now!

    (I did have to get in some posts on here, cause I’m changing my sig at 9PM when the timer goes off.)

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

  61. ezbiker555 says:

    Some of my foundest memories with this douchbag would be me simply disceting him apart when makes a comment and almost getting sued by him. XD

  62. Vake Xeacons says:

    Jack would have been funnier if some people (cough) hadn’t taken him seriously. Now those days are over, I can’t wait to hear from him again! The tables have turned, and now the bully gets a taste of his own medicine.

  63. PHOENIXZERO says:

    Ahh yes, the good ol’LiveJournal days, where Jack made over 50 alternate accounts because he kept getting banned and refused to give up and get the message after the first dozen times.


    Sure was fun.

  64. HilaryDuffGta says: (and boom goes the dynamite)’



    i think my favorite was my email that i got from him.."go play a suicide game and get real good at it" that was a good one…all thought after a while on here jack wouldnt even answer any of my questions or nothing

  65. HilaryDuffGta says: (and boom goes the dynamite)




    ahhhhh man the old days of gamepolitics…god it was good then and its still good now…enjoy ur last day as an attorney jack…its your own fault for acting like a immature child…maybe this will teach you to oh i dont know..Grow up..Nice story there dennis

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