Toubled Teen in Ben X is an MMO Gamer

A New York Times review of Ben X notes that the indie film’s troubled protagonist escapes from real world difficulties by playing MMOs.

(GPDon’t we all, Ben, don’t we all…)

From the review:

To Ben… school is a nightmare of peer cruelty and home… a vortex of parental frustration. To cope, he escapes into an online fantasy universe where his heroic avatar spends hours immersed in a popular video game alongside a generously endowed virtual honey known as Scarlite…

Integrating live action with Ben’s gaming exploits, “Ben X” crawls inside a troubled mind with more stylistic commitment than narrative competence…

Ben X opens today in Manhattan.


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    Pierre-Olivier says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    It’s about a guy with Asperger Syndrome who tries to escape from his painful everyday life (he’s being bullied at school by both teachers and students) by playing an MMORPG in which he’s the complete opposite of his real self…until he meets a fellow player in real-life.

    I’ve seen parts of it. And from what I saw, it’s an excellent movie.

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    King of Fiji says:

    Well to be honest I was warming up to it……until they started the Ben 10 Alien Force gustapo.  Then it just made it cling to the fact that I was named after Ben Cartright from Bananza.

    I know that dosen’t really anwser the question but now that I think about it dosen’t this Ben X movie seem like a ripoffish version of Rainman?

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    King of Fiji says:

    This game is on my list of things that make me wish I didn’t have the name Ben, along with Ben 10.

    Also after watching the youtube clip I can tell you its already been done in the form of a movie called The Wizard…..


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    Pierre-Olivier says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, but it was aired in Québec and most critics were positives. I saw the trailer and I kinda saw myself in Ben in this movie.

    When it’s on DVD, I’ll buy it immediately.

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    Austin_Lewis says:

    This looks, uh, what’s that phrase, oh yeah, like shit.  Oh man, someone made a movie about an autistic kid, that’s deep, even though from that clip it looks like it has less depth than a petri dish.

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