A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

From the website of the Florida Bar…

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  1. NotSoHardcoreGamer says:

    Focus on Thompson.  After he finishes speaking, the screen is grayed out.

    "Soon after our interview with self-proclaimed anti-video game crusader Jack Thompson, the Florida Supreme Court disbarred Thompson on several charges of professional misconduct…"

    More salt for his wounds, anyone?

  2. Brokenscope says:

    The Property Taxes, and all the things neccessary to assess them are public record for every parcel and building built upon that parcel.

  3. Gabriel Celesta says:

    No offense, Hero, but about time you noticed. When Thompson used to pollute GamePolitics with his "immediate press releases" and the like, he’d display his 666 phone number for all to see.

  4. DeepThorn says:

    I kinda want to go meet him in person and have dinner with him and have a serious conversation about his views.  I am very curious about how all of this started and exactly where he stands…

  5. DeepThorn says:

    Dennis needs to modify the site so that if there is ever a post from JT’s IP address, that link is the signature, haha.

  6. DeepThorn says:

    Wait, you lost me, I am trying to take notes here…  Okay, you said I can get blue prints…

    So what is your name and address again?

  7. DeepThorn says:

    Yeah, they are having hard enough time as it is trying to pull the race card for the cases they support.  What percentage have they lost in the past couple years?  I am pretty sure it is over 50%.  The Duke case was a huge blow to both of them…   It might be a good change in game plan for them though…  Maybe they would have better luck…

  8. Father Time says:

    Yes "Not Eligible to practice in Florida" will be the slogan of the century. *sniff*


     "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  9. Father Time says:

    Me too, it’s such sweet justice that his last TV appearance as an attorney will be on Penn and Teller: Bullshit. By all accounts they interviewed him while we were still waiting for news on his disbarrment. I’d be surprised if bullshit’s "crack research team" didn’t pick up that he has been fully disbarred.

    Season 6 ended in August so yeah don’t expect season 7 for some months. And heck it could be the last episode of season 7, who knows.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  10. Father Time says:

    As much as I dislike those two men, I doubt even they are stupid enough to blame ‘black problems’ on video games. I mean really all you’d have to do is point out that most of the ‘black problems’ were around before video games took off or point them to Africa.


     "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  11. Serrenity says:

    Woah Buddy – cut back on the coffee a bit bucko.  WAY too excited about something like this

    There are fundamental differences between what you are saying, and posting a link.  Posting a link to an article is not the equivalent of handing the document out on street corners to strangers.  It’s akin to standing out in front of the court house you mentioned and yelling, "Hey!  Peoples’ floor plans are in there!  There’s a ton of information in there right at your finger tips!!!!"

    Similarly, no one can be faulted for linking to a public site.  Example: 

    "Where is the courthouse?" 

    "Ooooh, I know where it’s at — here’s a picture of it! *hands picture*"

    "Well, how do I get there?" 

    "ooooh I can’t tell you that — if you do something bad I might get sued…."

    The logic just doesn’t add up.  Just relax – it’ll be fine. 




    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Krishnamurti

  12. Adamas Draconis says:

    *Dons the stereotypical french art critic costume* The composition is shit, the use of color is horrendous, but for some reason, it speaks to me, I like it."


    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  13. jds says:

    I get Fallout in two hours… now stop your bitch slap rappin, Axl…


    . . Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates . .

  14. BlackIce says:

    Some of us don’t get Fallout 3 for another two fuckin’ days..

    ~You Could Be Mine, But You’re Way Out Of Line..~

  15. Titantim says:

    The guy lost his computer to his bitching?  Did he call the cops and have the guys computer seized or something?  That seems kind of odd.  Although if the person in question was going on a rage, then he probably deserved to not be on the net. 

    I tried emailing him being as polite as possible with a couple debate points which he couldn’t argue, and he told me to F-off.  I didn’t put my personal info on it, so i’m not sure if he would have done anything if I had.

  16. Brokenscope says:

    You do realize that depending on where you live in the united states any and all info regarding your property taxes can be freely found down at the city or county records office? Though in many cases all of this has been put online.

    That means a floorplan, assesed value, where the utilities enter the building among other things. Its all there, but its not easy to find. So is a huge amount of personel information. I bet if I wanted to, I could track down most of your active online identities and tie them together. I’m also certain I could figure out what city you live in.

    I bet with enough time, I could figure out your real name. Then I could go to your local court house, request and find any court records relating to you. Then post them on the internet. Along with your house and just for giggles, your family names to.

    Thats okay right? Since its all freely available?


    Freely availabe doesn’t mean easy to get. Most of the records are supposed to be publicly available. I see nothing wrong with them being availalbe, so long as they aren’t easy to get.

  17. Spartan says:

    Yeah. I can see Al or JJ steppin’ in for JT with ease.


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  18. sqlrob says:

    It’s not slander if it’s true.

    Let him sue. He’d be broke from a vexatious litigant suit in no time (look it  up JT), and with this as evidence there it’d be one of the quickest trials in history.


  19. SeanB says:

    maybe you have X-Ray vision or something, but his address, phone#, and email  are already obscured……

  20. tollwutig says:

     Actually that is his number…. he’s had it for a couple of years now, and yes everyone has mentioned the dialing prefix.

  21. potatojones83 says:

    I don’t think it’s aired yet. I think it’s supposed to ba part of their seventh season which doesn’t start until next spring…I think. I’m looking forward to that episode too!

  22. Doomsong says:

    Well, that and the fact that it’s only slander/ libel if the claim made against that person are proven to be untrue.

  23. DavCube says:

    Can’t really get sued for posting something that anyone with an internet connection can already see without even a login process.

  24. DavCube says:

    He already blamed the President for being in on it for taking money from Blank Rome. He can’t really go much higher.

  25. DavCube says:

    Are you serious? The presumes that he’d have actually won a game-related case… which he hasn’t.

  26. magic_taco says:

    Yeah, But you’ll have those anti-jack thompson/Gamer extremist types wanting to grab a hand at the email/mailing address and phone number..Oh the email is him, Somebody in my area did email him and ended up losing their computer to thompsons bitching, Im not stupid enough to try…Im no better than that creep.

  27. nighstalker160 says:


    Is that Jack’s permanent home address or his (I presume former) business address?  I love seeing the notation, but maybe the contact info should be blurred.  I despise the man, but I don’t want to see him harrassed by someone who gets that info off this site.  If someone goes to the Florida Bar website you aren’t responsible for that, but I’d hate for something to happen and the person goes "I got his address from gamepolitics.com."

    Just my law student brain looking out for you…

  28. HarmlessBunny says:

    Ahhhh beautiful, looks like they severed the cord completely and giving him the finger πŸ™‚

    Though remember this is all part of the plan by the video game industry…errr wait that was last week…it was originally the Florida Bar with vengeance after he ‘blew the whistle’ with his poorly written mess of a book….no wait wasn’t it homosexuals conspiring to defeat him? No thats not it….OH! It was the FBI and the US Marshalls…no not them anymore? So wonder who he is blaming today? πŸ™‚

  29. Michael Chandra says:

    You should click the "Yes" there next to the 10-Year Discipline History. It causes you to see some details:

    Disbarment-Permanent. Action Date 09-25-2008, Reference 200570305.

    Next time a source lists him as lawyer we should send a link to that spot. ^_^


    As for the information, I don’t know about the telephone number but the email seems fake or at least a troll one. Apparently he had others in the past there as well.

  30. Beacon80 says:

    There’s no need to get rude.  Besides, if all this information is freely available through a government site, he can’t complain about us posting a link.  Furthermore, while he can try to sue GP, Dennis is not responsible for anything we say in the comments.

  31. JC says:

    From the piece of him appearing level on the bit done by 1up.com several years go… he went from having decent points, to pure insanity within months of that interview.

    I’m amazed it took this many years for him to be disbarred. It is nice to see it, I think it should be preserved in history.

  32. NotSoHardcoreGamer says:



    Question: has that episode of Bullshit! aired yet?

    Oh yeah, and I really can’t wait for ex-Atty. Thompson to get his first few lawsuits…

  33. Monte says:

    Well there is Lyndon Larouche; a true nut job and with his own cult of nuts to boot. Though on second thought he might be too much of a wackjob even by JT strandards; might want to be weary of the kinds we attract

  34. Aliasalpha says:

    Ahh legalese, you’ve gotta love how they can make so long a document out of saying "he’s full of shit"

  35. Ryno says:

    Some memorable comments from the FCC’s recent finding on Jack http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-08-251A1.pdf

    "Because the application before us fails to meet any of the criteria set forth under Section 1.115(b)(2), it is denied."

    "Mr. Thompson has failed to present any evidence to substantiate his claims that Beasley engaged in improper conduct against him in retaliation for the filing of indecency complaints."

    "…and that Mr. Thompson failed to substantiate his allegations that Beasley or its employees threatened him because he filed indecency complaints."

    "Mr. Thompson did not specifically contest this aspect of the Bureau’s decision, and we find his new allegations concerning this 1989 agreement similarly irrelevant. They are, moreover, entirely unsubstantiated."

    "We also find no basis for reversing the Bureau’s decision based on those matters raised by Mr. Thompson in supplements to his Application for Review."

    "…and found that Mr. Thompson had not provided any documentation to support a finding that the dismissal constituted a dismissal on the merits."

    "Nor does he provide any new evidence to substantiate his claims."

    "Finally, Mr. Thompson argues that he has a right to a full evidentiary hearing before the Commission concerning his complaint. Mr. Thompson cites no statutory provision or Commission rule in support of his demand, and we find none to compel the hearing that he seeks….As set forth in exhaustive detail in the Bureau Order, which we uphold here, Mr. Thompson did not provide the required documentation to corroborate the allegations in his complaint against Beasley. The record here supports denial of Mr. Thompson’s complaint, and there is no basis on which to find that a hearing is warranted under the circumstances present here."


    Any of the above sound vaguely familiar. It’s like deja vu or something.

  36. transformergirl says:

    Eh, we would have watched one of our local news stations, but the cable was screwed up for some reason I don’t recall, and FOX News was the only option at the time…at least none of us were scarred for life πŸ˜‰

    As for the med students…nah, they’re just driven crazy by all the classes they have to take.

  37. Aliasalpha says:

    You had to watch fox news as part of a journalism class? I thought my uni was bad, what did they make med students do, get amputations or infect them with tuberculosis?

  38. transformergirl says:

    When I think about it, I believe, back when V-Tech happened, I had to watch FOX News as part of my advanced writing journalism class and I saw an interview with him about videogames causing it and such. Which was proved wrong, even though he said he had all the evidence to point to videogames being the cause.  It was *facepalm* moment and I said so (in a different way, of course) in my response paper. Even my teacher (who disapproved of videogames as a time-waster) thought this guy was over the top.

  39. lordlundar says:

    Nah, too intelligent.

    Maybe if Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson tried to blame black problems exlusively on video games, we might hit on something.

  40. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    I wasn’t that familiar with him either until I found GP. I had heard his name a few times, but dismissed him as an old spaz. I was right on the money.


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! -The Buck Stops Here. -Thou Shall Not Teamkill, Asshole.

  41. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Yes. DEAR GOD YES.



    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! -The Buck Stops Here. -Thou Shall Not Teamkill, Asshole.

  42. transformergirl says:

    Honestly, I didn’t know this guy existed before joining this site about two weeks or so ago, dispite living in the same state as this guy (not in the same county, farther north ).

    Looking at the info that GP has on him (and reading comments that are attributed to him on this site) …all I could  do was *facepalm* What was up with that kind of behavior from a man who claimed to be a professional?


  43. AgnostoTheo says:

    Oh sweet heaven that’s a wonderous sight. *deep inhale* Smells like… Awesome. Just complete awesome.

    "and in the End, Jack Thompson, Moral Crusader, Censor, and Certified Douchebag had the opprotunity to see his dream of the world returning to 1950’s ‘values’ crushed by just a single force. One single, destructive, undeniable force. His own willful ignorance."

    -The chronicle of John B. "Crazypants" Thompson.

    (Sorry. too much sugar.)

    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  44. VideolandHero says:

    Who cares, if the picture is allowed on here, then why not the link?  The page is easy to find anyway.

    — Official Protector of Videoland!

  45. Austin_Lewis says:

    Thanks GP, you’ve provided me with a new wallpaper for my desktop.  Now pardon me,  I’m off to play Fallout 3.

  46. count23 says:

    Can i say that it’s an incredibly STUPID idea to actually post the link to the page in question on the bloody site? John Bruce will probably try to sue GP the same way he tried to sue PA for promoting slander or acts against him. Get that link out of the comments. A really eager person can still find the info, we just don’t want halfwits to have easy access to it and start mailing threats to the guy.

  47. Wolvenmoon says:

    I don’t think he honestly is fighting against video game violence. No one could be that stupid, BUSH is smarter than that.


    I’d almost wager he’s on a game company’s payroll as a marketing campaign. He’d look smarter if he was.

  48. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Lowenstein was wrong. Just FYI.



  49. sabin_blitz says:

    *sniff* I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but it’s just so… beautiful.

    "There are some things in life worth making a fuss over. This probably isn’t one of them."~ Something a lot of stressed-out people in the world need to remember.

  50. Spartan says:

    Good stuff to be sure. Now we need another clown to entertain us. I wonder if there are any fundamentalist volunteers…


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  51. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Two words.




    Sorry, I had to say that. It’s one of the greatest attacks in Castlevania. Plus, it looks like Jack is down.




  52. JDKJ says:

    Watching Jack slow-roast himself on a spit was a lot more entertaining to me than the ability to put a fork in him and declare, "He’s done" will ever be. Actually, it’s more than a bit disappointing that I’ll no longer be able to hear and smell the sizzle and crackle of his fat dripping into the hot coals. Sometimes the journey’s where the fun is, rather than arriving at the destination.  

  53. JDKJ says:

    And the Supreme Court never "fines" a disciplined attorney. The $43K is actually the costs of prosecuting the disciplinary proceeding.

  54. JDKJ says:

    There’s not much practical difference between Coral Gables and Miami. For example, the University of Miami is located in . . . Coral Gables.

  55. Father Time says:

    I tried to make it my destrop wallpaper but it became way too stretched.


     "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  56. Father Time says:

    I searched Thompson under Florida bar and the only other person that came up who was disbarred was Ruben Torrence Thompson, and Ruben only had to pay $1,250 for his fine, while Thompson had to pay $43,675.35.

    Very little information on Ruben, although he was disbarred around a year ago and was in the same circuit as Thompson.

    Oh and it won’t give me all of the results because it says it’s over 100.

    And there was an actual Jack E. Thompson, (also from Miami) but he’s dead.

    After further searching they bring up a Marie Gilberte Thompson who was disbarred, also from Miami and she also only had to pay $1,250.

    Oh and it lists Thompson as living in Coral Gables, not Miami.

    Finally for due diligence I looked up the Johns who were disbarred in Coral Gables, apparently there was one by the name of John Lawrence Hartnett who was apparently disbarred over 10 years ago (well it doesn’t have anything under 10 year discipline history).

    Searches of Jack and Thompson for coral gables didn’t net me any other disbarred cases.

    Sorry I had some fun fooling around with it.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  57. Tarosan says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Not even Horatio Caine Super Cop can save his ass.

    When Life gives you lemons, you find a new god.

  58. Tarosan says:

    I was waiting for someone to do a CSI Miami on the troll…. not even Magic Sunglasses and his Pistol of Doom can save JT from his fate.

    When Life gives you lemons, you find a new god.

  59. DarkTetsuya says:

    I just can’t wait for these stories to all be finally over with, so we can start saying ‘Jack who?‘ πŸ˜›

    I mean sure, I’ll still read em and comment on em, but won’t it get kinda boring gloating like this after a while?

    300 Episodes and counting: http://www.orangeloungeradio.com/

  60. AuntySocial says:

    Such a lovely picture, but I’ll stick to the picture of my cat as my wallpaper.


    Insanity has its toll. Please have exact change.

  61. wiregr says:

    Yeah, honestly I’d be curious to hear his take on his own disbarrment. But I’m sure it would just end up being something along the lines of "You haven’t seen the last of me, you pesky kids!" (except with swearing and poor grammar/spelling).

    Wait, let me rephrase that: I would be curious to hear his take on the recent events were he able to present it in a sane, logical, calm manner. Maybe admitting some sort of fault, rather than blaming the "massive video game conspiracy targeting him". But if he were able to do that, I suppose he wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place, now would he?

  62. Lost Question says:

    Their falling into my trap. (or something to that effect just before he fails and has a tantrum)

  63. jds says:

    I’m sure he is not here because he is busy having everyone right where he wants them.


    . . Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates . .

  64. magic_taco says:

    Wow, And i’d expected that old hypocrite to come on here right now and troll us, With over 100+, Not one has JT giving us his "words of wisdom".

    Is he still doing "legal" stuff like he claims to be doing.

  65. Father Time says:

    Your frontal lobes are fried.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  66. magic_taco says:

    I hoave one of jack thompsons favorite words that he often says towards people that own him.


    Jack Thompson: "You’re an idiot!"

    Jack Thompson2: "Are you on drugs or something?"

    Jack Thompson3: "Check your meds moron."

    If anyone can come of with more quotes let us know. πŸ™‚

  67. Father Time says:

    Somebody needs to make like a virtual museum highlighting Jack Thompson’s career and his descent to madness and disbarrment, maybe dig up some old Jack Thompson ravings and what not.

    Heck I’d help out if you want me to.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  68. magic_taco says:

    I sympathize Zero.  I’m inclined to think we either need to stop or start fresh.  Forgive him and move on.  Problem is, if we give him a chance at a fresh start, wipe the slate clean, I suspect it won’t be long before he throws something else on it.  (shrug)  Besides, it’s an ECA site, and what’s the company line, "don’t underestimate him? he’s still dangerous?".  I don’t know, I’m beginning to wonder if he was ever really dangerous.  Maybe back in the 80’s.  Must’ve snapped somewhere since.


    Trust me, That JT is always going to be "dangerous" no matter what you try to do nicely for him, To him were "Drug induced/Game-addicted serial killer scum" And even if we did get an "im sorry", or if we gave him an "i forgive you", Possibly, He going to always knife people like us and others different than him in the back, And trust me, If he does come back (which i doubt, since again,im assuming he is in his wife’s dining room on his laptop computer,Which he uses to retaliate in shitty comebacks.) We’ll always have time to laugh at him and which him lie about calling sheriff this or obama/mccain that.

    Im glad he’s gone, i never believed a word he always said, Even a newscaster during MSNBC interview during the tragic VT shootings, Saw through thompson’s curtain of lies.

  69. jadedcritic says:

    I sympathize Zero.  I’m inclined to think we either need to stop or start fresh.  Forgive him and move on.  Problem is, if we give him a chance at a fresh start, wipe the slate clean, I suspect it won’t be long before he throws something else on it.  (shrug)  Besides, it’s an ECA site, and what’s the company line, "don’t underestimate him? he’s still dangerous?".  I don’t know, I’m beginning to wonder if he was ever really dangerous.  Maybe back in the 80’s.  Must’ve snapped somewhere since.


  70. Zerodash says:

    Can we PLEASE stop with the Jack Thompson stories now?  He will have the black cloud and disgrace of this disbarment following him for the rest of his career.  His useless reputation is damaged beyond repair.  Who cares if he wrote an email or called somebody?  He is just some unemployed evangelist bum. 

  71. Ashkihyena says:

    Can’t say I’m to surprised, after all the lies, insults, trash talk, everything, the appeal did not work.  You John Bruce Thompson (that is his full name, correct?) are a failure.

  72. hellfire7885 says:

    One of the best parts, it doesn’t matter if he uproots his family or justh ismelf and tries to register in another state. This will haunt him for the rest of his life.

  73. Father Time says:

    Does that include the ones where he just repeated the same letter over and over like qqqqq?


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  74. Titantim says:

    No way!  What’s it changed to?  I’m sure it’s another attempt to demean other people around him.

  75. sqlrob says:

    What are the five? I only remember two of them, dunno if I just missed them or if some were subtle enough changes that I didn’t regeister them as different.


  76. Father Time says:

    Hopefully it won’t be someone as determined as Jack was.

    My guess though is that once the election calms down Hillary Clinton might jump on the bandwagon to get some attention she so desperately craves. Hell we may even see a Christmas warning to parents courtesy of her and her clowns.

    I hope we don’t have many menaces though.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  77. the1jeffy says:

    Apples and Oranges. 

    I certainly don’t have a problem with roundly disagreeing with his methods, tactics, and abuses of power.  But really, repeatedly crowing about JT getting his just desserts is plain silly.  This isn’t a victory per se, it’s more of an inevitability.  It is a testament to our overly bureaucratic judicial system that he kept his tenure as long as he did. 

    I admit to a certain relief that his "expert status" has been superficially revoked.  It will be terribly difficult to justify putting a disbarred lawyer in the spotlight.  This is a good thing, don’t get me wrong.

    But worse things can happen to gamers than having a vitriolic lawyer stumping about blogs causing mods to work double time.  His real world effects were tapering off as his abrasive manner and half-truths (outright lies would be arguable) were catching up with him. 

    Seriously, the only reason JT was at all effective was because the ESA PR machine left him be the only voice out there.  His message echoes the gamer stereotype and plays off of pundits like Grossman’s work, who take advantage of the unfamiliarity to new media to create the bias we now have pervading the MSM.  The ESA let gamers do the work for them, and we did.  Penny-Arcade pwned him hard, and coups like Flowers for Jack were an interesting grassroots effort to open a dialgoue.  He dug his own career’s grave, but he was allowed to speak unopposed for far far too long.

    Now let’s work to clean up his mess, and keep gamer’s simple freedoms unfettered.

    Who do you thnk is the next #1 ant-video game activist, now that JT has been de-fanged?

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  78. Conejo says:

    one does not need to be the victim of a murderer to condemn murder.

    thusly, we do not need to have been victims of Thompson to sympathize with his victims and KNOW that he was wrong in all of his actions.

    Thompson believes the ends justify the means, he is wrong.  Were he not a lawyer when he committed his harrassment, he would’ve been arrested.  He hid behind that and when it didn’t work, he hid behind faith to justify the wrong he did.

    for all of this, he deserves no sympathy.

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

  79. the1jeffy says:

    If those things happened to you, you would have had a part in his disbarrment.  If not, my point still holds.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  80. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    LOL Yeah, and quit it with the old people! Comedians have been beating that dead horse for years!

    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  81. gamegod25 says:

    Good job Florida this almost makes up for what you did during a certain presidential election. You know the one I mean.

  82. HarmlessBunny says:

    Yeah just like his big "surprise" that he was going to unleash before his disbarrment….turned out it was a terrible picture book filing completely with terrible spelling and grade one grammar. It alone was one of the greatest examples of fuckwittery out there. Like per usual…he’ll flood the federal courts with accusations that: Flordia Bar, Homosexuals, Video-Game Industry, Gamers, and/or Gamer Websites are all part of a grand conspiracy against him and his not-so-bestseller book.

    Oh…yeah…Jack’s disbarment will be temporary…uh huh…just like Hitler temporarily died in 1945 πŸ˜›

  83. CMiner says:

    I didn’t expect the story to show up on CNN or anything, and I certainly didn’t expect the threat to games and freedom of expression to go away with his disbarrment.  All I meant is that our pleasure at this event stemmed from the fact that now it is ‘official’ that he is not a lawyer, and that those who do shallow rather than throrough research will (should) have their search results go from turning up ‘Jack Thompson is a lawyer’ to ‘Jack Thompson is not a lawyer’.  Before he was bad press and a source of fear mongering made (somewhat) credible by his status.  Now he is not.

    This was less a victory against a real threat to the gaming industry than just a really fun opportunity to watch a very vocal, annoying and arrogant person have all their lies, threats, bragging and boasting collapse beneath them.

    But you are absolutely right, real threats are still out there.  People who are actually good at working with the legal process and have no qualms about stepping on constitutional rights out of an uninformed and knee-jerk desire to ‘protect the childrens’.

  84. the1jeffy says:

    I recognize the validity of your redirect, but we are the only ones that know this.  Outside of gamer press, this is nothing.  No respected journalist went to him as an expert for years, and his disbarrment isn’t reported elsewhere.

    JT himself made certain he wouldn’t be an advisor on Bills when he cost the LA taxpayers $500k.  Disbarrment is just icing on the cake, as no lawmaker with a good research team would partner with him.  Also, don’t expect laws limiting video games to disappear.  The US is on the verge of electing a President that openly frowns on videogames with a Democrat congressional supermajority.  Anti-video games laws have historically originated from Democrats.  I fully expect a law in the next year that seriously enfringes on the rights (1st and 14th Amendments) of parents and video game producers to sweep through Congress and get signed the next day.  It’s a politically safe issue with nothing to stop it’s passage, not even flimsy party politics.

    We have real issues (internet neutrality, restriction of civil liberties by the Federal gov, the DMCA, etc.) facing us as gamers, and JT hasn’t been a legitimate presence in the ‘game’ for a long time.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  85. Brendan says:

    "We’ve demonized him beyond anything he’s actually done.  He deserves what he got from the FlaBar.  He doesn’t deserve the villanous pedestal we gamers have put him on.  Take a step back, disengage your emotions, engage brain.  Thanks."

    Although I 100% agree that the mindless scapegoating should stop, I have to say I disagree with your other statements, he deserves every bit of demonizing he gets. I am not an advocate of insulting people, and I even AGREE with Jack that minors should NOT be sold mature rated video games, but Jack Thompson is a lunatic who will never see the error of his ways and believes all should follow his moral code.

    When you are the one being bombarded with daily hate mail, and he starts emailing your work colleagues and friends, telling them how you advocate violence against children, and you have to defend your job and spend your days explaining that this man is crazy and then to convince people a lawyer could act this way etc, then you can stand there and tell everyone that Jack Thompson doesn’t deserve what he gets.

    He deserves a lot more than what the Florida bar can give him, I can tell you that. But I would gladly give him a pat on the shoulder and a friendly hand shake if he could admit his mistakes, realize for once his opinion is not lore and if he wanted to go the extra mile he could even appologize, but he never will, and he will never understand why he should. And THAT is why he does not deserve any kind of sympathy; whether or not he has some kind of mental instability, I never did see the results of his psych eval, is a moot point, because this is the way he chooses to be.

  86. CMiner says:

    He doesn’t deserve any sort of pedestal, but he is a villain, if not anything resembling an effective villain.

    We’re not breathing a sigh of relief at his disbarment because, as you and others have pointed out, he’s never been successful in any of his actions against video games.  We are pleased that finally people in authority have taken notice of his actions and conduct as a professional, and taken the proper disciplinary steps.

    We’re happy because JT’s previous mainstream popularity (being called onto mainstream TV shows, allowed on to cases, allowed to help draft bills against video games, etc) is indicitive of the ignorance that pervades mainstream media and politics.  "I don’t know much about video games, but they are obviously the cause of misbehavior and violence in children" is often the attitude taken, an attitude supported when people like JT are put up on a pedestal of legitimacy.  That was his threat.  Not as a legal entity, but as an entity of propoganda spreading ignorant opposition to, and blame of, video games.

    With this disbarment that fake legitimacy has been stripped away to reveal that nothing of actual substance is there.  His rants are no longer made credible by his status as an attorney.  And our jubilation as gamers at his professional demise is that now we’re not the only ones that know this.

  87. the1jeffy says:

    I’ve been aware of JT since he 2LC fiasco.  I was too young to really get it, but I remember the Howard Stern issue next.  I was old enough to grasp the A) Free Speech was the root issue, and B) Howard Stern was happy to have JT facilitating his move to a paid format.  Very interesting how JT’s hostility and tactics galvanized people to support Stern, even those who dislike his show (me).  Back then, video games were only tiny blip on JT’s radar.

    I think I realized how good Jack was for gamers when he went a few rounds with P-A and got a black eye because of Mike/Jerry’s enormous generosity.  Despite all his antics, imagine what a legally savvy and professional opponent could have done in this political, "Save the Childrens!" atmosphere. 

    Since JT’s 14+ user names on the GP livejournal expedited (forced) a move to a less open format, I’ve avoided commenting on JT threads much.  I’ve felt that feeding the troll only gratified him.  I understand why GP covered him so deeply, but I can’t say I’ve agreed with GP’s every story.  The recap of the bar trial was some of the best stories I’ve read during my 2 years as a GP reader/commentor/2-time-book-reviewer.  Other stories seemed akin to flame-baiting, trying to get him to act out in some way.  I’m not going to go into specifics, because overall, I’m still a loyal GPer and don’t want to get into it now that it’s over and done with.

    I think a large portion of this jubilation over JT’s professional demise is indictative of the ignorance that pervades the internet.  Even in this thread we have people saying, "I didn’t know much about him, but boy am I happy to see him gone!"  It’s blatant scapegoating.  We’ve demonized him beyond anything he’s actually done.  He deserves what he got from the FlaBar.  He doesn’t deserve the villanous pedestal we gamers have put him on.  Take a step back, disengage your emotions, engage brain.  Thanks.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  88. Twin-Skies says:

    LaRouche has been surprisingly quiet ever since the Wall Street meltdown to boot. You don’t think he’s…

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  89. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Nah. I am done with the timer. The only thing left for me to do is document the John Bruce hooplah surrounding it and move on.

    I am not sure what M ynext extension will be. I might try a Thunderbird extension next.

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  90. GoliathWon says:

    Maybe EZK should make a new timer, this one counting up, "Jack Thompson has been "temporarily" permanently disbarred for X days X hours and X minutes"

  91. JDKJ says:

    Ineligibility to practice as indicated by the Florida Bar’s website does not neccessarily mean that the lawyer was disbarred. It could just as well mean that the lawyer, for whatever reasons (e.g., relocation and admission to another State’s Bar) quit paying their membership dues.

  92. jds says:

    Based on the record before it, the Court agrees that respondent is not amenable to rehabilitation.


    . . Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates . .

  93. Geoff says:

    Hahahahaha, delicious!  Can’t wait to see what some people to with a little photoshop. πŸ™‚


    Tea and cake or death! Tea and cake or death! Little Red Cook-book! Little Red Cook-book!

  94. Doomsong says:

    This may sound odd…. but I’m really hoping he keeps his stupidity alive somehow. It’s bad for gamers, I know, but it would be worse to have him take a stance as a martyr for the anti-gaming club.

  95. WarOtter says:

    I’m McLovin it.


    You see, I believe in the noble, aristocratic art of doing absolutely nothing. And one day, I hope to be in a position to do even less!

  96. TBoneTony says:

    Ok, maybe a bit too far to mention the address as much as this even if you had blured out the numbers.


    Hope nothing bad does happen.


    But yeah, next time when someone tries to make a news story with Jack thompson we should show them the Florida Bar site and see the words DISBARRED right next to it.


  97. C. Aaron Browbowski Jr. says:

    and cows disagree with me!

    Jesus Jack Jones Thompson…. is dead… (funeral udruge, followed by Celebrate πŸ˜€ )

  98. SeanB says:

    in Jack’s defense, if you search "John Thompson", 6 names come up, and only 3 are eligible to practice law… so i guess a lot of people get disbarred. It’s not his fault.

    Oh, of the other 2, one just didn’t reapply, and the other is dead… but still!

  99. SeanB says:

    even as recent as 2 days ago he said that this disbarment was TEMPORARY, and something about "Just you wait and see"

    SO! Just you wait and see!

  100. G.A. says:

    Hmm, I wonder whatever became of what he said some time ago…didn’t he post here a few weeks ago, saying something about having something under his sleeve? That was when he kept calling himself "Still an attourney and you’re not"…

    Bwahaha! Yep, a lot came out of his claim… So, what now Mr. "No longer an attourney"?

    I’d be willing to bet that he’ll post here or therwise make some complaint about how now everyone now knows his address and how he’s in danger, blablabla the usual bluster…


  101. Titantim says:

    I’ll get to go to work with a big smile on my face πŸ™‚

    Now we’ll wait and see what he calls himself from now on.  That is, if he has the balls to show himself to the media as a failure.

  102. Trevor McGee says:

    Party time is….now! 

    Eh, who am I kidding. They guy will still be weaseling his way around and being a general annoyance so it’s not like he’s done, he’ll just find a new way to continue his bullshit.


    Ah well, still, gotta love the stinging he’s got to be feeling. But, hey, you never know, maybe he "has them right where he wants them." lol


  103. Shoehorn Oplenty says:

    While I take no pleasure in knowing that a man has run his career into the ground due to disgraceful behaviour, I do relish the way that the events of the last few days have completely negated some of Thompson’s more ignorant and cocky claims.

    No longer can he sign off saying "Attorney and you’re not" and longer can he claim to be in continuous good standing with the bar. Small points, but I love seeing pompous arrogant people brought down, especially dishonest liars like Thompson.

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