Where is Missing Gamer Brandon Crisp? GP Examines the Possibilities

When Brandon Crisp stormed out of his house on October 13th following a family argument, he must have seemed like so many other teenagers. It’s a simple fact of life: 15-year-olds occasionally have stormy relationships with their parents. But, upon leaving, Brandon’s life took a uniquely disturbing turn.

Two weeks later the young man remains missing. No one has seen or heard from him – at least, no one who’s talking about it. Intensive search efforts by police and local volunteers have failed to locate the slightly built gamer.

At this point the best hope of tracing Brandon may lie with a forensic analysis of his Xbox 360 hard drive as well as server logs for Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service.

Brandon’s distraught parents have largely focused on the role of online gaming in his life, a role which they say had become pervasive. His father, Steve Crisp, has at various points blamed game addiction, Call of Duty 4, and online game tournaments.

But let’s put all of that aside for a moment and analyze the possibilities:



1.) Brandon was lured & kidnapped by someone he met online: – While his parents have suggested that Brandon may have met up with a pedophile, a predatory member of a gaming clan, or, less plausibly, "organized crime or someone involved in Internet gambling," these possiblities seem remote. Here’s why:

  • By all accounts Brandon’s leaving on October 13th was precipitated by his father’s confiscation of his Xbox 360 as a disciplinary measure. Mr. Crisp had taken the console before, but this time it was said to be  permanent.
  • That being the case, Brandon would not have been able to use Xbox Live’s messaging system to contact anyone via the service.
  • It’s unknown whether the circumstances at home that day would have allowed him to use his PC for this purpose. Police seized the computer but have not said what, if anything, was discovered.
  • Moreover, there was not a great deal of time for a predator to plan an abduction of Brandon. The boy left the house as a result of the family argument, not in response to a meeting initiated by a predator.
  • Also hampering such communication, as GP has learned from Barrie Police, is the fact that Brandon did not have a mobile phone. Thus, if he was unable to contact anyone before he left his house, it’s unlikely that he would have been able to make a call after leaving.
  • Any potential predator would likely have had to live nearby and Brandon would have had to initiate their meeting. Barrie, where Brandon lives, is roughly 90km north of Toronto. It is not exactly a metropolis and while an online predator from another country, say, the USA, could theoretically have flown in to Toronto and driven a rental car up to Barrie, that would leave a paper trail a mile wide for investigators. Spiriting Brandon through Customs and out of Canada would have been challenging, to say the least.
  • CONCLUSION: Given the circumstances, unlikely


2.) Brandon is staying with a friend

  • Brandon seemed to have a destination in mind when he left home. His bike was recovered about 8 km northeast of his home, so he was heading in that direction. Before leaving he asked his mother for directions to semi-rural Oro-Medonte Township, also to the northeast. His father said that Brandon has friends there with whom he games on XBL.
  • However, Brandon’s case has generated enormous publicity throughout Canada. It would seem difficult for a teenage friend to hide him from parents who have been alerted to the case for that long of a time.
  • It would be unlikely for this to remain a secret among a group of teens for anything close to two weeks.
  • Moreover, police have told the media that Brandon, a Call of Duty devotee, has not logged onto his XBL account.
  • CONCLUSION: Possible, but unlikely


3.) Brandon ran away and then was randomly abducted along the way

  • This is a difficult scenario to assess, due to the sheer randomness involved.
  • On one hand, at 5’3" 100 pounds, Brandon is a slightly built young man; he likely could have been overpowered by a determined adult predator.
  • He was last seen on foot in what is described as a semi-rural area, so a predator might have seen and seized an opportunity.
  • On the other hand, Barrie is not that big of a place. Canada’s 35th largest city has 128,000 residents. At that size, police would probably have something of a handle on known pedophile suspects and would presumably be checking their alibis.
  • CONCLUSION: Possible, but unlikely.


4.) Brandon ran away and somehow became incapacitated along the way

  • Brandon left home at 3 p.m. on October 13th. At this time of year he would have had about three hours of daylight.
  • His bike apparently broke down a short way into the trip. After that he was on foot, in the dark, in a semi-rural area, alone, without food or a mobile phone, and perhaps feeling unwanted
  • He could have become injured in some way and unable to call for help
  • CONCLUSION: Possible


5.) Brandon ran away and is hiding out nearby on his own

  • The area where Brandon’s bike was found was described by his father as "a very high-end area of Barrie where there are multi-million-dollar cottages owned by [people] who only use them two or three months a year."
  • It is possible that Brandon took shelter in a vacant vacation home, although it is logical to assume that police have been checking those locations in the course of their search operation.
  • It is also very unlikely for a 15-year-old to hold out on his own for so long
  • CONCLUSION: Possible, but unlikely


6.) Brandon is on the run

  • Runaways tend to gravitate toward big cities where they often live on the streets
  • Toronto is 90km to the south of Brandon’s home
  • CONCLUSION: Possible

Anyone with information concerning Brandon should contact the Barrie Police Service: (705)725-7025 A $50,000 reward has been posted.

GP: What do you think, GamePolitics readers?


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  1. DC191 says:

    Should I be all that shocked that you accuse me of being indifferent?  Probably not.  It’s just more wild speculation and conjecture.  This story is worthly of coverage on GamePolitics, but an editorial that proposes useless theories about Brandon’s fate does not.

    You really think all these posts that say "TEH PARENTZ DID IT HUR DUR DUR" is helpful OR constructive?  Give me a break.  I actually find it quite revolting that some of you seem to be getting a kick fantasizing about what happened.

    If you really think anything posted in this article/thread is useful, go ahead and call it in as tips to the Barrie Police Departmnet.  Just make sure someone is available to bail your sorry ass out of jail when you get arrested for wasting their time.

  2. gamepolitics says:

    I like to think of this one as analysis. I think it is especially relevant given the fact that the only explanation being covered by the mainstream media is the game addiction theory…

    As always, you are welcome to skip any articles which are not of interest.

  3. metroidprimegmr says:

    Your memes.

    They will not work here.


    Jack Thompson: future Good Burger employee of the month

  4. metroidprimegmr says:

    Are YOU doing anything to help find the kid? Didn’t think so.

    At least speculation and conjecture provide ideas of WHERE to look for him! All you are doing is insulting people on the Internet, which only serves to discourage the people who ARE doing something.

    So unless you plan on doing something that’s event the SLIGHTEST BIT CONSTRUCTIVE toward the situation, for the love of all that is good in this world, please, PLEASE just shut that hellhole that you call a mouth.

    By doing otherwise, you will only further prove that the purest act of evil in this universe is the act of indifference;

    indifference to love, indifference to hate,

    indifference to the happiness or misfortune of others,

    and above all… indifference to the fate of a boy, a fellow human being, whose VERY LIFE could well be at stake!!!!


    Jack Thompson: Future Good Burger employee of the month

  5. Neeneko says:

    Which would fall under the catagory of ‘staying with a friend’ or ‘broke into one of those cottages’.

    Either of those seem to be the most likly to me.  Making it THIS high profile is not going to make him want to step forward.

  6. Serrenity says:


    Gotta admit – with that kind of mentality and blatant disregard for human life, I’d prefer you to not venture back



    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Krishnamurti

  7. Serrenity says:

    Unlikely.  95iish % (give or take a few) of suicide attempts/happenings (successes just sounds wrong there) are a public act and meant to draw the attention that the person can’t ask for otherwise.  True this issue has garnered huge media coverage but there’s no way he could have known that it would (lots of these don’t …) and similarly, there’s no one to witness his act.  Most suicide attempts happen in places where they will be found sooner rather than later.  Think of how many people attempted suicide by throwing themselves in the ocean, where chances of being found are virtually null. 

    To a certain extent, suicide is a public act in that to the person doing it, the act means nothing if it’s not discovered – if people aren’t finally "made aware" of the pain/agony they were suffering that they feel only the absolution of their death can accurately portray.  He would not have run away from home to perform such a public act, especially one that showed his parent’s how upset he was.



    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Krishnamurti

  8. Nocturne says:

    Does that record you as having logged onto your Live account though? Which from reports so far hasn’t happend since he left home.

    Can you send messages without logging in or create a new acount through xbox.com?

  9. nighstalker160 says:

    Jack has commented on these Brandon Crisp threads several times.  Dennis has been very good at wielding the banhammer against him (multiple accounts) since he tends to either call us all perverted murderers or try to turn the discussion to be about his Federal Suit against the Florida Bar.

  10. face777 says:

    I didn’t gve a shit about Madeline McCann, and I still don’t give a shit about this one. Again, why all the focus on this ONE runaway brat when there’s doens go missing every week, if not day? This sort of media circus detracts from all the others who are equaly likely to be in as much danger.


    I’ll come back to rhis site once this is all buried for good, I’m so sick of hearing about this brat.

  11. Davidorick says:

    Could be a posibility Brandon is very scared by both the police and his parents. I have no idea of what his home life has been ? Maybe abusive one never knows.  I would think instead of his parents, maybe his sisters,  friends, grandparents also the police could go on TV and let him know he is loved and not in any trouble. Give him a phone number to call collect or a toll free line.

  12. Andrew Eisen says:

    1.  Maybe she has an eye for faces.  Here’s what we do know: she reported seeing and speaking to him.  She gleaned he was having trouble with his bike.  A few days later the bike was found abandoned in a different area but in the direction he was heading.  According to GP’s conversation with the Barrie PD, the bike had a flat.

    2.  Did she make the encounter up just to get her name in the paper?  It certainly didn’t work as she’s only referred to as "woman" and "lady."  She seems to have enough facts correct and she isn’t milking her 15 minutes so it doesn’t seem an attention-seeker is the game here.

    3.  Not getting your point here.  He was having bike trouble according to the witness.  Apparently, the bike had a flat.  That seems a good enough reason to abandon it.  But I agree that he very likely didn’t wreck his bike nor was he forcibly snatched off it.  I also agree that if he was staying with a friend or "cool parent" we would have heard by now.

    But none of that points a finger at the parents.  He could have just as easily hoofed it after his bike’s tire went flat.  He could have hitchhiked.  He may be alive and wandering around Toronto.  He may be dead.  And yes, maybe he abandoned his bike, walked back home (or his parents found him), was murdered by his parents without his sisters noticing, his body hid, and the Crisps made up the CoD4 story and stayed cool when continually questioned by police and reporters.

    But I doubt it.


    Andrew Eisen

  13. Austin_Lewis says:

    Three things about that:

    1. How does she know she spoke to him? Did he mention his name to her?  Did he show her photo identification? I was looking at the picture earlier, and honestly, while out for lunch today at Chipotle I saw 3 kids who look just like this kid and match the age description.

    2. Don’t discount the fact that the woman may just be looking for her fifteen minutes of fame.  Some people don’t care whether they help someone so long as they get a slice of the limelight (Jack Thompson, for example).

    3.  The bicycle.  Hearken to me here; if Brandon had gotten injured, he would’ve been near his bicycle or there would be clear tracks from his bicycle that show him either dragging something (a twisted ankle, a broken leg, whatever), or supporting his weight more on one foot than the other, or he would be nearby it.  He wouldn’t abandon the bike, his best means of transportation, without reason.   
    Now, let us suppose that he happened upon a friend or friend’s parent.  THERE is a valid reason for abandoning the bicycle; he’s acquired a better means of transportation.  So he was picked up by a friend or a friend’s ‘cool parent’.

    Now, even if it is the ‘cool parent’ that was earlier mentioned in the responses (the parent that would have hid master Crisp from his parents until he was ready to go home), they would have taken Brandon home by now simply to put an end to the media circus, or at least contacted the police.  If Brandon was having issues at home, no reasonable police force would demand he be taken home; they would’ve allowed Brandon to stay with the ‘cool parent’ or friend until some sort of counselling or something similar had occurred.  In other words, if he was staying with a friend or parent, he would’ve been found by now.

    Now, let’s assume he was assaulted while on his bike.  There would’ve been signs of a scuffle (remember, he is 15, and most 15 year olds have the common sense to realize that when someone tries to kidnap you you should put up a bit of a fight).   Very few teens and adults willingly submit to a kidnapping without some sort of fight. 

    To continue this last line of thought, we consider firearm use.  But if there was blood by the bicycle, chances are that would be all over the news right now (if it bleeds, it leads).  Firearm use would explain the lack of signs of struggle, but there’s no report of blood near the bicycle.

    I suggest the police play it smart and consider that statistically, its most likely the parents have done something with Brandon (not saying that it’s both, it may have been one or the other).


  14. DeepThorn says:

    My money is on he someone became injured…  Hopefully he is in the bigger city still alive, but with the publicity given, I would think someone would have noticed him by now.

    What was the condition of the bike?  Was it damaged because of crashing it?  When the lady talked to him, was there a possibility he was injured?  Still far too many unknowns, and the lack of a mobile phone was definitely assumed or that he didn’t have it on him or else the police would be able to find him in a heartbeat.

  15. Andrew Eisen says:

    He probably was not hit by a car.  He almost certainly would have been found had he been.


    Andrew Eisen

  16. gamepolitics says:

    good point, something I wasn’t aware of. Although again, I would think the police would be able to find that.

    The time line is really the reason I think an abduction is unlikely, however. His departure was triggered by the dispute, not because he was lured by a predator.

  17. Cecil475 says:

    There is a possibility that he is dead. Not that the parents did anything, but He could have been kidnapped, got hit by a car, anything is possible.

    I hate to admit that, but…

     – Warren Lewis

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  18. Andrew Eisen says:

    That and the fact that the bike was found helps corroborate both stories (parents and the lady).


    Andrew Eisen

  19. jadedcritic says:

    Um…  Is it really such a good idea to be discussing such hypotheticals on a known site where what is quite possibly the biggest jackoff in the world circles on a daily basis?  Maybe we should specify that this is a figurative discussion?  Granted, he has about as much power as a straight male at a lesbian wedding,  however, I can’t quite see what purpose this discussion really serves.  I’m surprised Jack of the hill people hasn’t already visited himself upon us.

    As far as this missing kid, all the best to him and his family; really. I hope he’s found safe and sound, and everyone can go on with their lives.  That said, I know I didn’t know him. Beyond that, I tend to side with the idea that this must have been a slow news day.  Let’s face it.  What might be, is even less news then another episode of Hal Halpin says "(insert quote no one really cares about)"

  20. vellocet says:

    I was just thinking… you remember that whole "kid down the well" thing that turns out to be a prank storyline (like in Twelve Monkeys or The Simpsons)?

    It could be that Brandon was trying to punish his parents for taking away his Xbox, and now it’s got way too much media attention and he doesn’t know what to do.

    If that is the case, he’s probably scared at the backlash that would occur if he just showed up at home.

  21. Neeneko says:

    Exelent link on the details of the witness.  That actually clears up most of my concerns there.

    While there is always the possiblity that the witness is just someone seeking attention, it significantly decreases the probably of foul play on the part of the family.

  22. Neeneko says:

    Most, no.  But it does happen.

    Some suicide cases specificly build ‘not being found’ into the equasion.

  23. jb_moskow says:

    Actually reading over some of the news articles just now I’m starting to consider this entire theory unlikely. I forgot that they also have 2 daughters, one of whom is supposedly the fraternal twin of Brandon. The possibility that one or both parents goes and kills the kid, then the next minute is a loving father/mother to two girls is completely ridiculous in my opinion. Don’t forget about this fact. You’d think the girls would also know somethings up, and I think it’s guaranteed that the police would have questioned them (at least the older one, if she is indeed Brandon’s age) without the parents being present, by now. If they knew something bad happened or something was off about the answers given, the police would know about it. Given these facts, I think this theory is pretty null & void. Now the other 2 children would have to be in on it…..unlikely. Unless the entire family had it out for this kid…..

  24. PHOENIXZERO says:

    8km isn’t very far, only about five miles. What a crappy bike if it "broke down". There’s certainly something else going on here other than an "addiction" to a game and running away because daddy took it.

  25. Andrew Eisen says:

    There’s also the possibility that Brandon came home of his own accord.  Maybe he walked back after his bike broke down.

    So, yes it’s possible that Brandon returned home (or was found and brought home) shortly after he left and his parents killed him, hid the body, and constructed a cover story.  Still, pretty unlikely.  Both parents are in on it?  One parent did it under the nose of the other?  Both were completely cool under police and reporter questioning that no one’s questioned it?

    Again, pretty darn unlikely.


    Andrew Eisen

  26. TBoneTony says:

    I hope the kid is all right, because if he is dead then you know all too well how the mainstreem media is going to do to us Gamers…


    Game Addiction is horribly missdiagnosed and there are people who blame Videogames for the addiction and not the real problems in life.


    Also I had to quit my job recently, not because of Videogames but because my boss was harassing me.


    And I can understand all too well that IF the boy was abused by his own parents, then it will be more enough of a reason for him to run away and not to look back.

  27. Andrew Eisen says:

    Glaring logic is fine.  I didn’t say Brandon’s parents didn’t kill him, the lady isn’t involved in some conspiracy, or that Nightwng2000’s suggestion is impossible.


    Andrew Eisen

  28. jb_moskow says:

    Yeah, seriously Eisen is right in this respect. But the theory that the kid was found by the parents AFTER the encounter with the woman and then killed in a fit of rage by one of the parents, has some possibility.

    1.) By the time the woman met up with the kid, and he abandoned his bike (for unspecificed reasons), how long was he gone for? At least an hour? If so, if I were his parent I’d have left the house much sooner than that to go searching for where my kid has gone off to. You have an advantage, a car, you’re able to cover more ground, and the likelihood that you would find the kid, especially in a rural area where there’s not that many streets, goes up. I’d seriously doubt that this kid ventured very far from main trials, as he encountered the woman on a path. (but was this path next to a road? I don’t know the geography very well).

    2.) When did the parents first call the police and declare Brandon missing? You would think that by darkfall, and failing to find him by calling the homes of friends, and other people in the community they know, they would call the police? but not before canvassing the area? The one time I left home to go on a long walk my dad left driving to look for me within an hour. When did they call the police, and does this time make sense given the circumstances?

    3.) I also agree that the videogame angle is quite weird, but the parents are in a lot of grief (that is, if they didn’t do what I’m hypothesizing they did). However, I think we need to look at the times here very closely.

    More important questions:

    When did he leave the house? How far can someone cover ground on a bike/foot? When did he meet the woman? (possibly to help answer the previous question), When did his parents file a missing persons report? Have the ground searchers covered an area large enough so that it would be physically impossible for him to have travelled by foot beyond?

    If the answer is yes to the last question, then we can assume that he has gone somewhere by vehicle, unfortunately this is not something good at all.

    Finally, was there enough time that day to find Brandon, take him home/somewhere, possibly kill him, and then hide the body, and construct a story? That is what I’m essentially asking here. Can we rule the parents out as perpetrators?

  29. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    @The people saying this is worthless news.

    *facepalm* Go somewhere else. you fucking assholes. And believe me, this is not the worst I can do.



  30. cppcrusader says:

    Dennis, I hate to completely throw the monkey wrench into your first theory, but having one’s Xbox taken away from them does not put them out of contact with anyone on their friends list.  You can still send messages over Live to anyone on your friends list through Xbox.com.

  31. Xveers says:

    Yeah, we have those. Just that tehy come over via American cahnnels mostly…


    Best keep your wits about you: The gears of life are always spinning, and ignorance eventually means you’ll get caught in them.

  32. Andrew Eisen says:

    And the woman who says she saw and spoke to him the day he left – is she in on it too?


    Andrew Eisen

  33. Austin_Lewis says:

    HEY GP, you forgot the most likely theory:

    The mother or father did something to him, hid the body, and threw his bike and backpack somewhere to lead suspicion away from themselves.

  34. DC191 says:

    Philosophical discussion?  There’s nothing in this article and comments but wild speculation and conjecture.  You’re kidding yourself if you think your armchair sleuthing is in any way at all constructive.

  35. Loudspeaker says:

    Asked =/= Logical Progression

    You can ask any question you want, it doesn’t mean you’ll get an answer or the truth if you do get an answer.  Dealing with what is known and not known factually is the fastest way to finding Brandon.  Assumptions like the one you just made will not help in narrowing down the possibilities.  I was simply stating we do not have the information you’re implying in your response.  If this is one of the first things asked by reporters then please present the reporter who asked this and the response given by Brandon’s parents since that would be VERY helpful in this search.

    A troubled kid doesn’t just go skipping along and then SNAP.  There are other events leading up to this one that have not been reported on.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  36. SeanB says:

    "he is deceased due to exposure to the elements or starvation."

    More likely every day that goes by, and the police know this.

  37. SeanB says:

    She was walking…. but even so your point is ill thought out, her mode of transportation has nothing to do with it. The analogy your looking for is "Someone should ask that lady some questions", and they have.

    They’re contacting Microsoft because they own/run XBL. The same would be done if he was a facebook junkie, and nobody had his password.

  38. SeanB says:

    "we dont know if it’s happened before"

    this is one of the first things that’s asked by reporters. I think if running away was a repeat event, his parents wouldn’t be going this psycho, and the reporters would have said so.

  39. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    For the record, the only possibilities that really seem likely to me are that he’s simply in hiding after running off, afraid that he’ll get in serious trouble after all the circus performances that occured following his dissapearance, or that he is deceased due to exposure to the elements or starvation. My first post was simply to present the possibility of…less fortunate occurences, but provided with the information give by Eisen, I doubt the possibility even more. It does still have a strange feel though…


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! -The Buck Stops Here. -Thou Shall Not Teamkill, Asshole.

  40. ecco6t9 says:

    Maybe they should contact who made the car that lady drove since it is a possible connection?

    Same thing right?

  41. nighstalker160 says:

    I’m seeing a great plotline for "Godfather IV" here right?  I mean come on, you get Uwe Boll on this and you got Oscar gold.

  42. Aliasalpha says:

    Thats entirely true, the witness (who is presumably credible) makes the chances of spur of the moment parental murder substantially lower but there is a distinct ‘JonBenét Ramsey’ feel to the endless repetition of the xbox/cod angle which, even if genuinely what they believe, just smells fishy. The question is, is it better or worse than blaming ‘some puerto rican guy’?

  43. Aliasalpha says:

    And, of course, I could REALLY go batdung and start naming names of all the folks in on the conspiracy


    Don’t worry mate, we all know who you mean. DAMN YOUR BLACK HEART STRAUSS ZELNICK!

  44. Andrew Eisen says:

    Attention GP readers:


    A few of you have suggested that Brandon’s parents may have killed him, hid his body, and that this whole CoD4 thing is a smokescreen.
    Please keep in mind that Brandon was spotted by some woman the day he left.  She even reportedly spoke to him.  His bike was also found days later.  If the parents did it, then they set up the bike and this woman is in on it too.  Pretty far fetched.
    Read about the lady who said she saw Brandon here.

    Andrew Eisen

  45. Aliasalpha says:

    Oh no! Hundreds of children trained night and day on COD4 and set up to rig the outcomes of professional gaming tournaments! It’s all so terrifyingly plausible!


    Oh sorry, forgot the prefix "Im"

  46. Loudspeaker says:

    I didn’t realize that a philosophical discussion = sensationalist journalism…

    As long as Brandon’s plight stays at the forefront of news he has a chance of being found.  The minute it wains he’s done.

    Honestly I don’t feel him being at a friend’s house is unlikely.  We don’t know anything about the family’s background.  No one is even mentioning if this has happened before.  If Brandon’s grades have been declining for a year or better then it’s very likely he’s done something rash like this before or at least something similar.  All in all it’s all speculation until a solid lead is made on his whereabouts.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  47. nightwng2000 says:

    Having more and more articles seems quite reasonable as his photo continues to get "face time", keeping people from forgetting.  In the end, the discussions are irrelevant since what’s most important is having the photo shown often.  Of course, it doesn’t help a blind twit like me since the kid could stand right in front of me and I wouldn’t be able to discern him from any other kid with the same general look.  🙁

    Some reports have said there was nothing wrong with the bike, so why abandon it?

    Someone offered him a ride and he found the bike no longer necessary.

    Someone he knew drove up to him his emotions were beginning to come in check, and they offered to give him a ride, saying they would come back for the bike (no space in the vehicle for it) and the "friend" turned out to not be so much of a friend.

    He thought he saw someone he knew, didn’t want to be seen, paniced, and bolted without it, and really wasn’t seen.  Decided to not go back for it.

    A lot of folks on the Facebook are going on about how the game would have taught him to survive in the wilderness.  He may have THOUGHT it had, but turned out he was wrong.

    The possibility that he’s in a shelter might exist, though I doubt he stayed in one the first few days or even the first week.

    If he’s in the area, I hate to be blunt, but he’s most likely dead or being held against his will.  I doubt he’s with friends by this point.  Then again, one never knows.

    If he’s alive and out of the area, then he’s too afraid to call home.  I doubt his anger and other emotions from the first days are still there.  Now, he’s afraid.  Afraid to be alone, afraid to be found, afraid of reprisal.

    The possibility of one or both of his Parents having killed him is possible.  It may be that he ran away, was found by one of his Parents, the bike abandoned as above (pick up later), taken home, and killed in a rage over his actions.  The witness could still have seen him.  In fact, he may have been found by the Parent before or even some time after he abandoned his bike.  It can’t be ruled out.

    And if I REALLY wanted to get into conspiracy theory mode, I’d make note of all the hype about blaming the video games and gaming addiction and such,.  Either a smoke screen to cover up the act… or even more crazy, faking his running away (either having killed him or hiding him out after recapturing him or something) just to push the anti-gaming agenda.  And, of course, I could REALLY go batdung and start naming names of all the folks in on the conspiracy.  But, really, rationality sets in and I know, or at least I HOPE I know, better.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

  48. face777 says:

    But it WOULD be attenion… which, in many circumstances, is the most basic factor desired… whether alive or not, the focus remains on him.

  49. nighstalker160 says:

    What I want to know is how does "internet gambling" come into play?  Are there crime-syndicates that take bets on COD4 matches?  Are they saying their son was taken because of his skill so that he could be used to play COD4 as a "ringer" in fixed matches?  I mean…wow…

  50. Aliasalpha says:

    His parents have suggested that Brandon may have met up with a pedophile, a predatory member of a gaming clan, or, less plausibly, "organized crime or someone involved in Internet gambling,"


    Hmm, does Canada have those irresponsible rating whore current affairs TV shows that use phrases like "Are video games killing our children? A story no parent can afford to miss!!" on a weekly basis? That sounds like the tag line from one of their hysterical ‘innocuous obect/passtime becomes sheer blood chilling terror which is a threat to your children, family, country, life and god!!!!’ stories. People who watch those shows and lack the ability to discern the difference between what they see on TV and the world of reality may well assume that sort of improbable bullshit happens every day.



  51. DC191 says:

    This is sensationalist journalism at it’s finest.  Grats on joining the media circus.

    I really thought Gamepolitics was better than this.

  52. Erik says:

    Have you seen where they have a theory that Brandon was abducted by an internet gambling mafia?  I can really only give them the benefit of the doubt only so far before ignorance really does become bad parenting.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  53. Andrew Eisen says:

    Eh, sure but it’s still unlikely.  Most people who commit suicide don’t go out of their way to make sure their body is never found.


    Andrew Eisen

  54. vellocet says:

    If he jumped in the lake, the body could take a while to find.  Also, if he had gone to a hidden location to commit the act it would take a long time to find as well.

    It is highly unlikely that he could survive on his own without being seen for this long or if he did have help for this all to be kept a secret with all of the media coverage.

  55. Andrew Eisen says:

    Okay but where’s his body?  Did he jam weights in his pockets and jump in a lake?


    Andrew Eisen

  56. MaskedPixelante says:

    We might just be looking at a Steven Truscot like situation here

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  57. robbway says:

    If you were a teenager and you had a destination in mind, you’d be more likely to try to get to said destination just to prove your parents wrong.  I can think of a lot of things one would do after their bike breaks down.  The first thing is hitchhiking.  The #3 possibility may be considered unlikely, but it increases in likelihood with each pick-up.  I hope they find him well.

  58. SaintFaucet says:

    One of the bullet points in the first listed possibility isn’t entirely correct.  You can still access the Xbox Live messaging system from Xbox.com.  The thing is though that you are only allowed to send and view text-messages.

    As long as this kid had access to a computer with an Internet connection, he could have still spammed out a message to his friends list telling them what happened and received messages in return.

  59. vellocet says:

    I don’t think anyone here mentioned suicide.  Which unpleasant as it is, is IMO what is the most probable situation.

    The kid probably had some deep emotional issues that he "self-medicated" by playing video games.  There is a distinct possibility that he escaped into games from a life that he wasn’t satisfied with.  The removal of that outlet could lead to Brandon feeling overwhelmed and distraught.

  60. Andrew Eisen says:

    So, Dad planted the bike a few miles from home and the lady who saw him the day he left is in on it?


    Andrew Eisen

  61. thefremen says:

     Dad beat him to death then disposed of the body and went public with this rediculous xbl story as a cover. 

  62. GTCv Deimos says:

    Bad Parents? Maybe, maybe not?

    Out of Touch parents? Is it even a question?

    Not that it has anything to do with this situation :p

  63. PsychoPuppy says:

    I think its safe to say that if the police honestly feel that the Xbox connection is a good one, they have a reason for it..  even if that reason is only that they can’t find any better leads. I can’t help but suspect that he left intending to visit friends from XBL and something ahs happened on the way.

    Some people in these threads are being way to harsh on the parents.. just because they don’t know the name of the game exactly, or understand the technology and the way people communicate, doesn’t make them bad parents.

    During my late teens/early twenties I spent an absurd ammount of time playong RPGs in online chat rooms.. I’m pretty sure it worried my parents at times, and they tried to communicate with me about it, but it was simply a world and a hobby they did not understand..  could not understand even. My parents were good parents, and they supported me when I decided to move far from home for someone I met on those chats, but even with all that.. if you asked my mom what game I was playing.. it’d get some response like "that one where he pretends to be a vampire".

    What I’m getting at is that its likely the name of the game, or even the game itself, never bothered them.. it was the time he was spending playing it, and how much time he was spending with people who, as far as they understood it, he didn’t know and could be anyone.

    Hell, it could be that he played dozens of games online.. most XBL players do.. but "that Call of Duty one" is the one that he sank most time into as far as they could tell.

    Regardless, I hope they find him safe and well.. sadly I doubt it.. in which case I hope something sudden and tragic like a car hit him.

  64. Andrew Eisen says:

    There hasn’t been a trace of this kid for two weeks.  Unless he’s incredibly resourceful, I think he’s dead.  I also don’t think he got hit by a car or fell in a ditch and broke his leg; he likely would have been found were that the case.


    Andrew Eisen

  65. foul play says:


    father gets pissed of at the kid rips the game right out of the wall …arguments follow  etc kid said dad your an asshole and im leaving and not comming back . father sais fine fuk off and dont come back (with a swift kik to the chest) (or some other form of injury causing action ..(seriously injering the son )

    the son just wanting to get out of there to be safe decides to go to a far away friends house . lady sees him having trouble with his bike thinks nothing of the tears in his eyes and not realizing the boy is badly injured gos about her mary way .

    boy refusing to go home at all costs after what his dad did to him decides to set up camp out in the bush /feild (chest killing him from dads actions ).

    and during the night sucumes to chest injerys ..CAUSED BY HIS FATHER!!!!!

    and of corse the parents do evry thing in there power to track the son down … blaming the game after all it was the cause of the whole terable argument

    mabie an online preditor (yeah right! ) great excuse for  guilt stricken parents. get every one involved to make it look better .



  66. skeptical says:

    It seems bizarre that a kid that age cud just fall out of a tree (in the middle of a corn field) and die. I have a fifteen year old son and i cant see him staying anywhere long enuf to freeze to death out of spite. it just doesnt make sense…

  67. Yawheh says:

    First of all I would like to thank those that have had a genuine concern over Brandon’s disappearance. As a mother and the wife of one the search and rescue members involved in Brandon’s search, I would just like to comment on all the postings that I have read and to clarify some facts.

    Brandon has never run away from home before, he left his house threatening to run away because his father suspended his privilages on his gaming use. Brandon has always been a straight A student, but was becoming addicted to Call of Duty four  spending every waking hour playing the game and neglecting his schoolwork.

    My Husband spoke with his father during the search and he did not kick Brandon out of the house or help him pack his napsack. His father was calling his bluff and never in a million years thought his child would go missing. His father checked his napsack and saw the things that he packed and asumed he would be back in a day or so as he only had a few things in the napsack. We all have parenting issues to deal with. We buy the things our children want most and when these things interfere with school and grades we have to parent and make tough decisions, even if it causes conflict.

    Everyone including the police and search and rescue members are as baffled as the members of this site,  to the whereabouts of Brandon as there are many different senerios that possibly could have happened. Brandon’s bike was abandoned 1/4 mile away from a busy truck stop. They don’t even know if it was Brandon that abandoned the bike. His home is not far from the mall and it could have been stolen and left there by the theif. Brandon could have been pursuing the theif and found his damaged bike. No one knows for sure. Not even the women who reported she saw and spoke to Brandon.

    As my Husband is helping with the ground search I am searching sites that could possibly lead to some clues. We are all praying that Brandon is ok, but the longer he is missing the lesser the hope. In Ontario there seems to be a regular occurance every time this year where a young male goes missing. Jake Just of Midland Ontario went Missing eight years ago after leaving a party and hasn’t been seen since. Another young male near Newmarket went missing after he called his mother to pick him up at a local bar. Yes there are some very sick individuals out there. Lets pray that this is not the case for Brandon.

    The very best thing that we can all do is to use our resourses that we have and see if we can bring Brandon home safe.

    Please do not speak ill of Brandon or his Family, this is a very devastating situation. Brandon’s family needs your support at this time of despair. Please don’t speculate, accuse or be offensive over the repeat reports by GP. I just thank God that there are individuals that have a heart and genuine concern.


  68. foul play says:


    father gets pissed of at the kid rips the game right out of the wall …arguments follow  etc kid said dad your an asshole and im leaving and not comming back . father sais fine fuk off and dont come back (with a swift kik to the chest) (or some other form of injury causing action ..(seriously injering the son )

    the son just wanting to get out of there to be safe decides to go to a far away friends house . lady sees him having trouble with his bike thinks nothing of the tears in his eyes and not realizing the boy is badly injured gos about her mary way .

    boy refusing to go home at all costs after what his dad did to him decides to set up camp out in the bush /feild (chest killing him from dads actions ).

    and during the night sucumes to chest injerys ..CAUSED BY HIS FATHER!!!!!

    and of corse the parents do evry thing in there power to track the son down … blaming the game after all it was the cause of the whole terable argument

    mabie an online preditor (yeah right! ) great excuse for  guilt stricken parents. get every one involved to make it look better .



  69. fizbanhat says:

    Thank you for pointing this out. This stereotype is even more unlikely when you consider the fact that, Barrie is NOT a small town.  (At least not by Canadian standards.) I live in the area, about thirty minutes away in Orillia, which has a population of close to twenty thousand, and is considerably smaller than Barrie.  Barrie is a fairly large, sprawling city with a population to match.  I think it getting close to 200,000 people.  So it’s not really likely that the lady knew Brandon, it’s possible, but definitely not as likely as everyone is implying. 

  70. StevoUK says:

    Hey, bell-end – how about reading the guy’s posts PROPERLY before getting your panties in a twist? No wonder comment threads are so popular when reading comprehension is obviously very difficult for many people – it’s far easier to hurl invective than craft a counter-argument.

  71. the1jeffy says:

    As a neutral 3rd party, I can safely say that AE is resorting to logic to debunk theories, and you’ve taken that personally.  Don’t get all prickly on us, AE is good people, and so are you 🙂 Keep up the critical eye to the story, being wrong is part of the process. 

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  72. Solipsis says:

    Do you live in a small rural town? I grew up in Maine… have lived almost my entire life in a town of under 1000 people, and I don’t know everyone I meet on the roads.

    Saying "it’s a small town, everyone knows everyone" is a stereotype that’s just not that likely.

  73. Zevorick says:

    Of course you aren’t going to see it…

    Interpretating interpreations requires insight into the individual. /insert long explanation here.


  74. Andrew Eisen says:

    "You were so intent on trying to lock me down into saying that I believe the woman who stopped and talked to him was the only one who could have abducted him by the wording of your posts."

    Nope.  I reread my posts and I just don’t see it.  Sorry if it somehow came off that way.


    Andrew Eisen

  75. Zevorick says:

    I was referring to your previous posts. You were so intent on trying to lock me down into saying that I believe the woman who stopped and talked to him was the only one who could have abducted him by the wording of your posts. Not that it matters anymore.

  76. Andrew Eisen says:

    "You’re forgetting the part where I mentioned that it could have been someone else."

    No I’m not.  Check out the last line of my last post.

    "You insisted that I said that the only person that could have abducted him was the woman who saw him."

    Where’d I say that?


    Andrew Eisen

  77. Zevorick says:

    You’re forgetting the part where I mentioned that it could have been someone else. You insisted that I said that the only person that could have abducted him was the woman who saw him. Last I checked, that is putting words in my mouth. Either way, I was just listing possible situations. Far be it from me to not take every single persons word as the golden gospel of truth.

  78. Andrew Eisen says:

    I’m not putting words into your mouth. I’m saying I don’t agree with your theory regarding the woman who allegedly spotted and spoke to him. Could it have happened the way you suggest? Sure, but due to the reasons I’ve iterated above, I find it highly unlikely.

    I do agree that he could have been picked up by someone else and due to the fact that we’ve not seen hide or hair of Brandon in two weeks, I think it’s quite likely.


    Andrew Eisen

  79. Zevorick says:

    Again, people will come forward at times to throw the trail off of themselves. Use some critical thinking. Furthermore, as i said before, it didn’t necesarily have to be her! All I was trying to say with the post is that SOMEONE picked him up and that SOMEONE was trusted by him, and that you can’t discount ANY suspects based on that type of evidence. Stop trying to put words in my mouth. Jesus Christ…

  80. Andrew Eisen says:

    Two things:

    -The lady came forward with the info on her own accord.  She didn’t have to do that.

    -She was on a walk at the time.  She wasn’t driving her car so it’s unlikely that she went back home, came back with her car, found him still there, picked him up, killed him (or something), hid the body then voluntarily told the police she saw the kid when she was out walking.


    Andrew Eisen

  81. Zevorick says:

    "Just because the lady talked to him doesn’t mean she knew him."

    It’s more probable than not, especially in a small rural town. Why would anyone stop to say "having bike trouble? Yeah? Sucks to be you." and then drives off? By your own logic, if she had given him a ride, or even offered, she would have said so. Since she didn’t you are assuming that it did not happen.

    The thing you’re not understanding is you can’t take everyone at their word. Believe it or not, people do lie. Furthermore, if it is obvious you’re connection is going to be foudn out, you’re going to make a plausible explanation to counter that. Also, I’m not saying it’s just her. I’m saying it could have been someone else, but I guarentee you he trusted the person who picked him up.

    And of course my theory doesnt hold water if everyone is truthful… but how often does that happen? Police work, in general, is about finding out WHO is lying.

  82. Andrew Eisen says:

    Hence the "rather unlikely" at the end of my post.

    That said, I don’t agree with your conclusions.  Just because the lady talked to him doesn’t mean she knew him.  She could just be a nice lady who saw a kid having bike trouble and said "hello."  And the kid’s 15.  A little past the "don’t talk to strangers" age.

    If this lady offered him a ride and nothing happened, she would have said so.  If she gave him a lift and something bad happened, intentional or not, she would have said so or most likely not have come forward in the first place.  Besides, she was reportedly on a walk so a ride is unlikely.

    I’m not saying none of these people are involved but the theories you posit above don’t hold water.


    Andrew Eisen

  83. Zevorick says:

    There is a more likely situation involving the bike and the lady.

    There are two likely situations

    1) The lady obviously knew the kid, since she talked to him. It’s unlikely that a fifteen year old would be dumb enough to talk to a complete stranger in this situation. The lady then called the parents who then came and picked him up, which would account for the ditched bike (especially if the parent was livid and had a small car).

    2) The lady/next person picked him up. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. This was, most likely, a voluntary action. My theory is that something bad happened during that car ride, be it intentional or not, and the parents are trying to protect them. This has happened in a number of cases where the "offender" is a close friend of the family, and the death was viewed as an accident.

    I don’t think the parents directly did it, as I’ve said before, but I’m convinced they know more than they’re letting on. I guess what i’m trying to say is just because the bike was ditched and there was witnesses seeing him walking does NOT prove or disprove anyones involvement. It’s just another piece of the puzzle.

  84. GTCv Deimos says:

    Ah, I missed that part. Well that’s good… seeing that humanity as a whole has been on my s-list for the past two weeks :p

  85. Andrew Eisen says:

    True, but it’s unlikely in this case as Brandon was reportedly seen by some lady a few miles from home.  Also his bike was found.  The parents would have had to set up the bike and the lady would have to be in on it.

    Rather unlikely.


    Andrew Eisen

  86. GTCv Deimos says:

    Hey, I’m holding the same thought too :p. Not the first time something like this has happened…

  87. Marcus Fletcher says:

    Personally, I can’t see how he can still be alive if he’s still wandering around somewhere without food or water. Yes, he might be able to get some water, but food? Not likely…

    One can cover quite a large distance on foot provided you walk most of or all day, which may explain why no one’s found him – they’re moving, but he’s moving too. Even if he’s outnumbered a hundred to one, avoiding capture is still possible, more so in rural areas.

    And if he committed suicide… well, think of it like this. If he weighted himself down and threw himself into a lake, the corpse would’ve sunk then come back up again most likely in a different location. Lakes are fed into by rivers, right? Some kind of tide/current could’ve carried his body away into somewhere searchers can’t reach. According to the police reports, only shoreline searches were conducted. For all anyone knows the body could be drifting near the centre. There is a fair possibility that he did indeed suicide and his body hasn’t been located yet.

    It hurts to say this.

  88. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    @Everyone bashing GP for posting stories like these

    Guys, screw off. You don’t like it, ignore it and look at the rest of the stories posted here..



  89. Tina Russell says:

    I’d have to guess he’s hiding out with friends, not because of any evidence, but because it’s the most plausible option. Maybe he’s hiding out with friends who don’t have a 360, or he’s using a new account to avoid being detected. Obviously, it wouldn’t be his inclination to start over on Live, losing his friends list and Achievements, but I would guess if he meant to take refuge in his existing Live account he would have done it by now.

    The possibility of incapacitation or kidnapping is sadly present, but remote. I’d guess the only way a teenager who is still hidden after two weeks is hiding on purpose, and the easiest way for a teenager to do that is with friends. Still, it is hard to believe that teenagers could keep a secret like this; perhaps he’s with older friends who are less hyper and more cynical.

    Thanks for covering this story, GP; let’s be sure to spread this through the gamer community.


  90. GoodRobotUs says:

    I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but I’m pretty appalled by some of the posts here.

    Yes, we all have a right to say what we feel, and yes, Dennis asked our opinions (and I don’t neccesarily agree with Dennis for posting this article, speculation is all well and good, but right now, anything and everything is guesswork, still, it’s his call) but we are far too used to defending ourselves from deliberately inflammatory comments, let’s not turn in on ourselves just because that particular troll has, to use one of his own terms, ‘self immolated’.

    Nows the time to start being reasonable and having measured discourse, not to stop doing it.

  91. Kojiro says:

    Dennis, your statement that "Brandon would not have been able to use Xbox Live’s messaging system to contact anyone via the service" is false, as he could log into Xbox Live from any PC, such as a library.  I often do so myself.

    But I’m sure Microsoft has already turned over any messages he sent or recieved.

  92. Andrew Eisen says:

    Doubtful.  As I understand it, mountain lions don’t do that.  They do cover their kills with grass and whatnot so if Brandon was taken down by one, it might be really difficult to find his remains.

    That said, I’ve no idea if there are any mountain lions in the area.


    Andrew Eisen

  93. LaxGamer34 says:

    maybe said mountain lion killed him and dragged him back to its den…God, it even feels wrong writing that

  94. Andrew Eisen says:

    No idea what critters roam the area but if he was eaten by a mountain lion, his remains likely would have been discovered.  Unless of coarse he was hiking way the heck out in the wilderness somewhere.  Also unlikely as evidence point towards him using a trail.


    Andrew Eisen

  95. LaxGamer34 says:

    what about the kind of wildlife in that area? Is this a little Levittown-style suburban area? Or is it in an area with a forrest somewhere close that has wild animals that, sensing he was not a threat and possibly food, took him and ate him?

    Just throwing that out there

  96. LaxGamer34 says:

    I’ve been getting that feeling from the minute I finished reading this. There’s obviously some big gaps in this case and I feel that either a) the parents are hiding something crucial, or b) they haven’t found the key evidence/witness yet and when/if they do this case’ll be easier to solve

  97. Austin from Oregon_Link89 says:

    I completely agree. The fact that standard options etc. haven’t yielded results leads me to believe that there is a substantial bit of evidance missing that is throwing off the investigation.

  98. Serrenity says:

    I stand by my original assessment several days ago that there’s something missing – our X factor here that makes this scenario make sense (even 15yo sense).  We’ve all been/are 15 – you can get some pretty crazy ideas but still have a certain degree of logic (if incomplete logic).  

    So, I don’t see a plausible keystone here.  Even Dennis’s analysis ends "Possible," the fact of the matter is that with each scenario above, there are arguments both for and against (even the unspoken).  The fact of the matter is we are looking at an incomplete picture- and the keystone that brings this disjointed timeline to cohesion has yet to be revealed.

    One thing that concerns me – this is all over the game-sphere; if therer is one thing gamers excel at, it’s problem solving and figuring things out without all the pieces.  If we can’t even get a scenario that’s "plausible" instead of just "possible," I would say that we are missing something pretty substantial.  My gut feeling (not implying any guilt …) is that the parent’s haven’t given us the whole story.  To me, the suspension of X-Box privieleges is not sufficient to warrant a run-away.  I think that there are other things leading up to this, and the XBox situation pushed him over the edge. 

    I think the "has he done it before" question bears a lot of validity in asking; finding out about the homelife from not the family — reach out to the people he talked to on XBL and find out what he was telling them was up with his life.  I think my problem is that we are looking at a series of events from points M – X, but we have no idea what lead to M, anything about A – L except some mild anecdotes about him playing games too much (come on, I bet everyone of us has been criticized for playing games too much).  

    I want to know Brandon in pointst A to L of his life.  I’m sure the cops are digging into this, but curious why none of their findings have hit the net. 



    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Krishnamurti

  99. Serrenity says:


    But I think it’s pretty obvious that something else is going on here and that there is some key, integral piece to the story.  I don’t think the police know either.  My gut response to this is that in some capacity, the family isn’t spilling the whole story–or perhaps don’t know the whole story and are filling the blanks with half-truths or fabricated ideas.  

    I want the kid found as much as the next guy, alive and well – but unless we get the whole story out of someone (and I’m confident someone knows the whole story), every possibility is just that–possible. 




    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Krishnamurti

  100. StevoUK says:

    Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – no matter how distasteful and /or unlikely – must be the truth (paraphrased from Sherlock Holmes).

    And he’s right – most abuse does involve the immediate or near family, sadly.

  101. Neeneko says:

    Was it ever reported what he said to her?

    I can see why you wouldnt want to risk discussing such a possiblitiy here since it is wonderful fodder for the ant-game hysterics,… it is just a viable of a possiblity as the random stranger theory. 

  102. NovaBlack says:

    sorry i meant no offense.

    Just looking at all possibilities.

    I didnt realise i wasnt meant to post what i did, i mean it said ‘What do you think, GamePolitics readers?’, just throwing in my 2 cents.

    Guess i didnt realise about the woman seeing him on his bike. My bad. Again apologies. I was just trying to approach the situation in a rational way based on the statistics.

    Oh and i was referring to generally anybody he may have know or was close to, a ‘friend’ or relative even.

    like NightWng says below, i just thought it would be wrong at this stage to rule anything out.

    again apologies if i offended anyone, i genuinely hope he turns up safe and sound.

  103. gamepolitics says:

    That’s not possible, I don’t see that at all… Remember, after Brandon left home he was seen by a woman on his bike and later walking. She spoke to him.

    Plus, it’s about the most horrible thing you could suggest and I don’t want that posted here.


  104. Serrenity says:

    Seriously man – you need to learn some compassion — l2p @ life




    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Krishnamurti

  105. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Thirded. I’m surprised the shithead hasn’t gotten the BanHammer yet.



  106. King of Fiji says:

    HalfShadow no offense but you have to have some smypathy for the parents regardless of whether they fed into the kid’s problem or not.

    Plus the kid sounds like he is tripping big time and needs help.  If it turns out that he bolted just because the rents wouldn’t let him play games then I’ll be glad to join you on the "Couldn’t wish more misery upon the little shit’s life for freaking out his parents like that" train. 

  107. Pinworm says:

     You are so retarded it’s bordering on mindboggling. Not that I give a shit about children, they’re annoying and I don’t subscribe to the "every life matters" mantra everyone else does, so don’t think I’m saying this because I’m offended:

    You’re simply a retard.

  108. LaxGamer34 says:

    I dont think we should throw out the possibility that along the way, after he supposedly spoke to the lady, he might’ve been abducted and is being held in some unknown location.

  109. Andrew Eisen says:

    It’s possible but then again, where’s his body?

    If he got hit by a car or fell in a ditch and broke his leg he very likely would have been discovered by now.


    Andrew Eisen

  110. Flamespeak says:

    I would imagine the kid is most likely dead by now.

    Most likely scenario to me is the kid fell and broke his leg or pelvis or something else and therefor couldn’t move and starved or died of dehydration, or he broke his neck.

    Could just be hiding somewhere, but I doubt it. 

    Not cheery news, but given the length of time gone, I consider it the most plausible scenario.

  111. Andrew Eisen says:

    Where’s his body?

    Sure it’s possible that he stuffed weights in his pockets and jumped in a lake but most people who commit suicide don’t go out of their way to make sure their body is never found.


    Andrew Eisen

  112. Bennett Beeny says:

    You forgot the single most likely possibility – that he committed suicide.  It seems the X-box was this kid’s life (at least in his own mind), and his dad took it away permanently.  I don’t know this kid, but suicide seems likely.

  113. Nocturne says:

    But it’s on one of their favourtist websites, everyone know that you have to read every article and post a comment, it’s the law or something.

  114. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Seconded in so many ways.



  115. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Why are you commenting so much on here if you don’t like the story?


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! -The Buck Stops Here. -Thou Shall Not Teamkill, Asshole.

  116. DavCube says:

    Then go to another site, simpleton. There are other things to do than read a freaking BLOG. Because that’s what this is, not a newspaper, not a tabloid, a blog.

  117. Erik says:

    Then don’t read that half of the page.  Seriously, glance at the title and if it doesn’t interest you then MOVE ON.  Seriously, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read, let alone COMMENT on articles you have no interest in.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  118. HalfShadow says:

    Yeah, kind of hard to do that when this and other articles pertaining to it take up half the front page, Stimpson… 

  119. Austin from Oregon_Link89 says:

    It’s certainly an odd situation. Given how each of the scenarios presented has a flaw, I think it makes sense to examine weird or strange or unlikely circumstances. After all, it it was a normal thing, the police would know exactly what to do. Two weeks is long time, even if I consider a fifteen-year-old to be pretty self sufficient. I believe that some hidden factor such as a random predator or in fact an attempted suicide could very well be what has made this particular case difficult. It is horrible to think that these are possibilities, but even though they are unlikely, at this point I don’t think anything can be counted out.

  120. Neeneko says:

    Actually, outside the parent’s word, how do we know one or the other?

    Who was this woman who saw him? What did they say to eachother? How does this fit in with the timetable?

  121. nighstalker160 says:

    I’m going from what I know from my personal knowledge of the stats and U.S. law.  Granted Canadian law may be different.  But the kid is definitely a "missing person" whether a runaway or a kidnapping.  Minors get searched for, even if they leave voluntarily.

  122. nighstalker160 says:

    Runaways are usually found or return home within 48 hours.  The fact that his bike was found abandoned indicates that something bizarre happened, possibyl the interference of a third party.  He wouldn’t just abandon his bike.

    Sure the kid stormed out of his parent’s house, but I did that when I was 15.  I came home.

    He is considered a "missing person" under the law and is treated the same

  123. Erik says:

    Okay readers new game.  Every time someone utters the words "slow news week" take a shot.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  124. Deamian says:

    Because :

    A) It is actually the kind of news people want to be updated about.

    B) Give the "Gamers doing good" news-tag a purpose, when the opportunity arises.

  125. King of Fiji says:

    Conspiracy theories are alwasy good time killers.

    Plus since its a lost kid I’d say it wouldn’t hurt to keep getting his name out there as long as all the other news thats important keeps getting talked about.

    Anyway the runaway thing sounds likely.

  126. HalfShadow says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake; how many articles are you going to post on this kid?

    Okay, so it’s a slow news week. I understand that, but this is about the eighth in three days.

  127. Erik says:

    Started drinking early I see?

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  128. King of Fiji says:

    Then wouldn’t we not be able to drink at all since this is the internets and one can’t accutally shot slow news week unless they hear the words via a webcam or something?

  129. NovaBlack says:

    hmm i gotta say although i dont like the idea, i dont understand why it isnt a possibility listed above/ I mean i know its not pleasant to say, but the sad fact is , most abduction/abuse type scenarios are factually done by a family member or close friend.

    Something just seems i dunno… odd .. about this whole situatuon to me.

  130. Andrew Eisen says:

    Let me guess.  The parents killed him and are hiding the body.  This whole he-ran-away-because-he’s-addicted-to-CoD4 thing is just a misdirection.

    That what you’re thinking?


    Andrew Eisen

  131. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    You neglected to mention a less pleasant possibility…


    You all know what I’m reffering to. I’m not saying it’s likely, just possible…


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! -The Buck Stops Here. -Thou Shall Not Teamkill, Asshole.

  132. Icehawk says:

    @ halfshadow.  Bro what is your problem?  if you were (are) a minor and went missing I would think you would appreciate being looked for and the more the better.  Gamers are legion.   If you care about childern so little do us all a favor and don’t have any. 

    Back to the subject.  My initial thought when hearing about this was option 2.  Tired of listening to his father go on and went over a friends.  But as noted he has not accessed his character (or at least entered any tournies) so as noted that seems more and more unlikely.  Plus it is likely that the local police have checked with his known peers. 

    I find I am now leaning toward option 4 and this worried me.  He has been missed for 2 weeks.  If he did "I’ve fallen and cant get up" bit on the first day….. as Grizzam Prime pointed out the other option.  Tis not a good line to follow. 

  133. Herrvillain says:

    I wouldn’t even list the possibility of him hiding out with friends as "unlikely".  I can tell you from experience that somebody usually has a "cool" parent that won’t rat their kids’ friends out.  My older brother ran away at least twice to escape punishment for stupid things he’d done, and was gone for several weeks.  I could always find him twenty minutes across town at one friend’s house or another.  Or at least, I could pick up his trail there, and someone knew which recent acquaintance he was crashing with.

  134. GTCv Deimos says:

    Is it just me, or does it feel like both the parents and the cops beat the "IZ A BIG XBOX CONSPIRACY" line for far too long… if the logs doesn’t show any significant, or potentially dangerous relations with any individuals, why not just move on?

    I know I’m gonna look like an ass for saying this, but… erm… if I where the police, I’d be looking at the family or relatives real hard (assuming the police aren’t already). Honestly, I know that he’s "grief stricken", but the "IT’S A MOB CONSPIRACY" thing seemed kinda odd… very outlandish, but somehow very specific.

  135. ezbiker555 says:

    Oh OH Ohhh! I know I know!

    Aliens man, they took him away! XD

    Aw sorry couldn’t resist. Seriously, he probably still running.

  136. transformergirl says:

    Good points made, though the last few are the most likely, I think. I really hope they find him soon…

  137. HalfShadow says:

    The little shit bolted because the ‘rents wouldn’t let him play games. Whatever happens to him from this point is his own fault and problem.

    If he’d actually been kidnapped or something, I might give half a damn. And if I wanted five minute updates, I’d go to Fox News.

  138. Zaruka says:

    halfshadow have some DAMN RESPECT the kid still missing and with all the gaming things add to it is news.

    now that is over with. you got the possablitys very good but their is a problem the two week times limit a missing person case needs to be solve fast the more time that pass the less likey you find him well alive (hopefully not true), even tho i feel for the parents but the police should look at them  since by facts (most dissaperants is by someone close to the person). which i think is unlikely in it right. i dont know it a lot of troubling facts, two week missing, was on foot when it starting to get cold, i hope he all right.

    Thanks Zaruka

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