Nurses Mock VP Candidate’s Fashion $$$ with Dress Like Palin Game

What could the average gamer do with an extra $150,000?

Let’s see… all three consoles, a PSP and a DS, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, souped-up gaming PC, dozens of games, peripherals, XBL gold membership, monthly MMO subscriptions, travel to PAX… and still have about $140,000 left over for pizza and Bawls.

It’s in that spirit that a new web game from the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee mocks Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin for spending $150K on high-end clothing for her campaign. The group describes itself as "the largest and fastest growing organization of RNs in the U.S. with 80,000 members in all 50 states." From the its press release for Dress Like Palin:

Contrast [Palin’s wardrobe spending] with a registered nurse who can be outfitted in scrubs forjust $10 for a hospital shift. "The same $150,000 would outfit 15,000 RNs in scrubs," notes Geri Jenkins, RN… "How disgraceful at a time when so many Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills or keep their homes…"

The $22,800 the RNC spent on makeup, for example, would pay for 224 mammograms, 651 flu shots, or provide a supply of cholesterol lower[ing] Lipitor for one person for nearly 14 years. And that stylish $2,600 Valentino jacket would cost an average teacher onefull month salary — or pay the full winter natural gas heating bills for two Midwest families.

To be fair, there’s not much of a game to Dress Like Palin. It’s more like an interactive attack ad.

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  1. Erasmus Darwin says:

    Even the GP post admits the game connection is tenuous: "To be fair, there’s not much of a game to Dress Like Palin."

  2. Valdearg says:

    A: GP Pointed out that a "Game" dealt with a specific "Political" situation. Now, last I checked, this site dealt with politics in games. There have been similar flash games reported on before.

    B: Like I tell everyone else who complains about liberal bias in reporting: Go watch Faux News, and get your Info from Bill O’reilly and Sean Hannity, because thier reporting is SO much less biased.

  3. Erasmus Darwin says:

    Thumbs down, GP.  Tenuously connecting to games, and shamelessly partisian, especially given that the Obama campaign is vastly outspending the McCain campaign.

    It’s pretty well-known that appearance matters.  Ideally, it should just be about the issues, but it doesn’t work that way.  I remember hearing that back during the Kennedy/Nixon presidential race, those who listened to a certain debate over the radio tended to feel Nixon did better while those who saw it on TV felt that Kennedy came off better.  It’s nothing new, and we all know it happens as much as we wish it was otherwise.

    That being said, why isn’t anyone pointing out that Obama’s video game ad money could have bought 4,400 scrubs or 432 mamograms?  Those video game ads didn’t tell us anything beyond the fact that Obama was running for president , and if you didn’t already know that by the time the ads ran, you really shouldn’t be voting anyway.  It was, in essence, brand reinforcement — which is just as superficial and content-free as Palin’s clothing and appearance but also, unfortunately, just as necessary.

  4. the1jeffy says:

    Just another example of how incredibly wasteful and out of touch our Federal Government is.  BOTH parties, mind you.

    And plus, didn’t the $150k include jewelry that was donated?  It’s a little tad bit sexist to fault a woman for catering to societal norms.  I mean she can’t really win – if she goes up all frumpy in a pantsuit she gets called out for that, if she gets all dolled up, she gets called out for that, too.  Yet, as soon a woman stands in the spotlight the MSM gets superficial and becomes the fashion police.  As much as I don’t like either Palin or HRC, they get rated on their looks first. 

    There’s pleny of reasons not to vote for either that have nothing to do with their appearance.

    Where’s the figues on both McCain’s and Obama’s wardrobes?  I be a single custom tailored suit of either of theirs is enough money for me to spend on clothes for a few years, including a couple hundred dollar suit.  Puh-leez.  Let’s not pretend that any of these candidates aren’t ridiculously over wardrobed.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  5. Attack_Gypsy says:

    Ok, to set the tone, I’m a guy. One who has been married for 19 years now to the same wonderful woman, whom I am still desperately in love with.

    Now, people elected to high office are expected to dress a certain way. After all, do we really want to see the leader of the free world walk into the Oval Office in a wife-beater and cut up jeans? I would think not. The proper clothing costs money. ALOT of money. And women’s clothes even more so. Ever buy women’s clothes? I have. Something I would pay 5 bucks for in men’s cost 25 in women’s. Women’s clothing costs a bloody fortune. And if she got elected, she’d have an even bigger budget for it. Think our current president and vice president pay for their suits? Not likely. Never mind the gowns their wives are expected to wear from time to time.

    And why blame her for spending money that was donated to the party? This is what that money was earmarked for. Not a single dime was taken away from anybody who needed a mammogram, or a flu shot. Hell. flu shots are 10 bucks at the nearest pharmacy. Anybody can somehow dig up 10 bucks. Go collect some soda cans and turn them in if you need one so badly.



    The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. ~ Benjamin Franklin

  6. Valdearg says:

    Had anyone said something like that about my mother to my face, I would have hurt them, badly. My mother was the Head Nurse In charge of the Emergency room and later, the Director of Radiology and Anathesia (sp?) in the hospital she worked at, and helped turn it into the #1 Children’s Hospital in the Nation. She wasn’t afraid of responsibility, and she sure as hell wasn’t a cop out.

    Of course, your bullheadedness and ignorance doesn’t surprise me, considering you are just like any number of assholes who either can’t or refuse to see any other point of view but thier own.

  7. Austin_Lewis says:

    I have a question; if your mother had 6 degrees and 2 masters, why wouldn’t she be a doctor?  You see, nurses have very little decision making power.  They can’t give patients any sort of drug, can’t administer treatment, and can’t really do most things that will really help a patient without a DOCTOR’S approval.  Most people who are great at their job would relish the chance to triple their salary.  No, more likely than not your mother wasn’t a doctor not because she loved her nursing job, but because when you’re a DOCTOR, there’s no one to hide behind.  No one sues Nurses when they make mistakes.  But the buck stops at the DOCTOR’S feet. 

    Many nurses are incompetent, that’s a fact of life.  THAT is the reason that they can’t administer drugs to patients.  Nurse Practitioners have taken that extra step, and so they can.

    But of course, I’m sure I’m ignorant and filled with propaganda and rage, instead of offering insight into why that ‘I like my nursing job’ line is a cop-out for people afraid of taking responsibility.

    By the way, there are some exceptional nurses in the United States, and many of them work for the military.  The ones I find in hospitals are, for the most part, less knowledgeable about medicine than I am (which should really scare the shit out of people, as I’ve only read a few books and a field manual on medical topics), and, as I mentioned before, unable to take action because they’re not qualified to accept the responsibility. 

  8. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    A) thanks for that update, but at current standing, the Middle Class is close to extinction, yeah amazing isn’t it? Oh and I wasn’t talking about the middle class being a do-nothing group, I’m talking about the people that just soak up welfare. I’m sorry I come from a hardworking family who are scraping to get by and helping me with the loans that we both had to take out so I can get actually get a degree from college.  I don’t know about you but I don’t think my parents need someone who is going to tax them, and then take that money and give it to those who do nothing all day and get money for it…sorry not a fan of that.

    We work hard as a family to get by, and I don’t think anyone, not even the president, has the right to take that money, tax us on it, and then give it to someone who just sits there waiting for their next welfare check.

  9. Krono says:

    Well, if this is the tale I’m thinking of, it was a story of her ordering an expensive lobster dinner from room service at a hotel.

    The only problem with it being that the "source" was some guy writing into a newspaper, Michelle Obama wasn’t in that town that day, never stayed at that hotel, and every credible source that ran the story has printed a retraction.


  10. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    Didn’t hear about that one, being a McCain Supporter thats kind of interesting….one should also take a look at Michelle Obama’s College Thesis, its not super bad, but its basically claiming that even though she’s in an IVY league school she’s still "discriminated" against.

    I’m still aggrivated at how much Obama has spent on his campaign then tells us, oh well if you make more than 200,000 dollars a year, too bad, we’re gonna tax the shit out of you and spread your money to those who DO NOTHING and get money…TFB

  11. farlander28 says:

    Then I guess you didn’t see the note about how much money Michelle Obama spent on room service dinner and appetizers before that white-tie dinner that both candidates went to (the one where they light-heartedly made fun of eachother).

    She spent more money on a lavish hotel buffet than a typical family would in a month at the grocery store.

    Get your head out of your ass, and stop seeing only what you want to see.


    "Life sucks, get a fuckin helmet" – Denis Leary

  12. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    Uh you do realize the the RNC and John McCain’s campaign $$ are different right??? RNC paid for the Clothing…McCain and his contributors have not….I’m actually happy to say the candidate I endorse is willing to spend less than $1mil on his ad campaign unlike Obama who’s spent a rediculous amount of money, and has now dropped the amount on his ideals of the tax break for the "Middle Class".  I’m tired of hearing of the man, I’ll be happy if McCain wins, if Obama wins….then us Radicals who know that neither of these candidates, hell any politician is right for the job, we need someone that will actually do something and give a shit about we the working people.  I’m tired of this idea of "spreading the wealth" WTF is that? I work hard for my money, no do nothing, I’m gonna sit on my ass, is going to get a cent from me. I give to charity, and work with a non-profit, but this is rediculous, we should get money if we aren’t going to do anything


    Again in 2004 Obama had stated something to the effect that he would not run based on his experience and that he needed to spend more time in congress to feel ready to tackle such a "big job" as he called it. 

  13. thefremen says:

     Obama’s wife has worn off the rack clothes worth as little as $150. I’m glad he’s spending the money I donated on things which help the campaign whereas McCain spent the money I donated (early on before he went insane) to let Sarah Palin dress like a whore with a red leather jacket.

  14. deuxhero says:

    Like I said, noble, but not a use for campaign funds.


    It’s not like he isn’t a millionare who could have payed for it out of it’s own pocket…

  15. Good Lord says:

    You and everyone else making fun of a man for visiting a seriously ill family member should be ashamed.

  16. Valdearg says:

    Last I checked, HIS GRANDMOTHER BROKE HER HIP. Honestly, I think that that’s a fairly important thing to spend money on, regardless of whether or not it was the campaign’s. I would be content if the money I donated to Obama gave him the oppurtunity to spend some time with his sick grandmother.

  17. deuxhero says:

    Why does everyone forget that Obama spent more from campaign funds to go to Hawaii for a vacation and (however noble it was, he still used campgin funds) to visit his grandmother (seperately they both cost more then the wardrobe)



    Not to mention the cloths are more or less a legitamate use of campaign fund, as they are used for campaign appearence, visting your grandmother, or going on vacation is not.



    Oh and about the bit at the end, the Governor’s frugal wardrobe is why this was done in the first place

  18. Kris says:

    A "normal" person can get a really nice "pant suit" (or skirt suit!) for 100-200 dollars.  Not thousands.  If she wants to appear like an average person, she can shop like the rest of us at Macy’s or something instead of Valentino or Chanel or whatever.

  19. Lazier Than Thou says:

    Ah come on!  Like $4,000 was spent on make up and hair consultations.  It’s not that bad.  It’s really barely more than a drop in the bucket compared to the $90 million McCain has recieved in donations.


    That was a pretty bad segway from sarcastic "bad" to serious from then on out, but the point still stands.

  20. Lazier Than Thou says:

    You honestly think a political handler would allow a person to talk on stage wearing a parka or hoodie after being nominated the VP?  Come on.

    Besides, the mere fact that she has been seen going into a Wal-Mart to pick up diapers for her child in the middle of the night speaks volumes more about her being a "regular ole person" than how much money McCain threw at her to make her look less like a human being and more like a politician.

    That said, I’m still not voting for McCain.

  21. Good Lord says:

    Nonsense. The whole issue comes down to the ridiculously huge figure (Seriously, $150K? Just on CLOTHES?) during one of the most hard-hitting financial crises in American history.


    If anything, I imagine her taking the thrifty approach would’ve earned her "street cred" with the fiscal conservatives. So much for that!

  22. MaxVivian says:

    I feel like she could probably dress the way she does if she wasn’t so insistent on the fact that she’s "just a regular ole person".  And she calls Obama elitist. hm.

  23. Valdearg says:

    Your entire post DRIPS with ignorance, Austin, not to mention your posts are always filled with conservative propaganda and rage. My mother was a nurse for over 20 years, and she has saved more lives a day than you probably talk to in a week. She has 6 degrees, including 2 masters degrees, and could easily have been a doctor, if it wasn’t for the fact that she ENJOYED being a nurse. Many nurses are the same, and to say that they all are lazy, incompetant idiots is akin to me saying that all conservatives are ignorant, stupid bigots, then again, you aren’t showing me much to the contrary, are you?

  24. Lazier Than Thou says:

    My only real problem with your post is that there is no "seperation of church and state."  If you don’t believe me, I’m sure there’s somewhere on the internet in which you can read the Constitution of the United States of America.  You’d want to look into the First Amendment, as that would be the only one that really pertains to it.

    Over all, good stuff.

  25. Austin_Lewis says:

    Oh man.  Let’s make fun of the only female running because she spent money she was told to spend.  Even better, let’s listen to some nurses do it!  I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen more waste in the hospitals near where I live than anywhere in my life (seriously.  I once watched an addict steal syringes that had been left out by the bucket ful.)

    Nevermind that everyone there is spending ridiculous amounts of money: Tour buses, limousines, 4000 dollars suits (yes, each suit is about 4000 US dollars), it’s fun to single out one person for doing it. 

    Of course, when someone refuses to take part in that bullshit, people insult him to!  Ross Perot, for example.  At one of the debates, the topic was how the candidates would cut spending.  Ross Perot, who went last, said something akin to "I find it funny that these candidates promise to cut spending while they ride to this debate in limousines and tour buses.  We flew into an airport and my entire team of five people fit into a four-door sedan that we rented."

    As for Miss Geri Jenkins, I’m glad she feels she can tell the RNC how to spend its money.  Of course, she’s a nurse, which is why no one cares about her opinion.  If you’ve been in a hospital lately, you can see plenty of waste, and in some hospitals, plenty of sloth (had a friend wait for THREE HOURS while his arm was tingling, until he finally had a goddamn heart attack and then all of the sudden the ER cared).  Of course, she doesn’t criticize anyone else’s spending, the money Obama spent pandering to his audience (yes, those in-game ads are a waste.  Most gamers are already going to vote for him, and some ads in a game aren’t going to change anyone’s mind), the money McCain spent on transportation and ads to audiences that were already going to vote for him, the money the NRA spent to publicize Obama’s history of being anti-second amendment, or any of the other millions of dollars that your local government wastes every year.  In Indianapolis, for example, there was a program with a 4-million dollar budget that paid inner-city ‘youth’ to spray paint on walls, and then to clean it up.  4 million dollars wasted RIGHT THE FUCK THERE!  Every bill that the anti-gaming politicians have put into being has cost at least 100000USDs in legal fees just so that they could be struck down, but no one complains about that.  No one complains that Obama increased faith-based program spending in Illinois during his term in the Illinois Senate (and anyone who thinks that isn’t a big deal should look at the seperation of church and state), or that he is in favor of laws that are unconstitutional and would be struck down by any sane court.

    This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous, and it’s part of the reason why when I have a problem, I go see a DOCTOR, and not a fucking Nurse.

  26. Krono says:

    It’s unlikely that other candidates have spent an equal amount on clothes from the standpoint that you’d be hard pressed to get that high without accessories aka jewelry.

    Though in Palin’s defense, it’s probably not her fault. From the Republican’s bumbling attempts to justify the gaff, it’s looking to me like the sequence of events went something like this: Palin needs some more clothes for the campaign, campaign says "Ok, we’ll take care of it." and sends some staff out buying with a record of about what sizes she is. Staffers buy the nicest stuff they can find in a bit of variety of sizes to ensure they’ll have something that fits, and returning everything that doesn’t fit is easier to do in one trip than in several back and forths exchanging stuff. Campaign makes expense disclosures. It then finally occurs to them that it looks reeeeaaaally bad.


  27. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    Yeah clothes seem pretty pointless when you look at how much Obama has spent on his ad campaigns across america, then look at what McCain spent, granted he may not be doing so well…but at least the man isn’t dropping over a million to get his ads out there. 

    Plus its been stated that the RNC paid for the clothing and that most will be returned if not they will all be donated.

  28. Thomas McKenna says:

    A bit hypocritical.  I bet any presidential candidate has spent an equivalent amount on at least clothes.  Hell, both parties have spent over a billion dollars combined so far this election season for pointless marketing and ineffective campaigning, so compared to that, what’s $150K?  How is it that that money spent for those clothes is somehow a waste of money, yet all the other wastes of money that either party has made doesn’t get so much as a mention?

  29. the1jeffy says:

    200 year of judical precedent lend credibility to the Separation of Church and State idea.

    Now it’s not perfect, as many State have more than a few Blue Laws, ny native PA being one of the worst.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  30. Lazier Than Thou says:

    I’m not talking about it being unconstitutional for there to be a seperation of church and state, I’m saying that as things stand now there is no seperation of church and state.  Or something.  I don’t know, I just took some sleeping pills and I’m getting really hacked off about people talking about there being a seperation of church and state.

    I meant no disrespect.

  31. Austin_Lewis says:

    I wasn’t talking about the Church and State part being unconstitutional, I was talking about his unconstitutional laws being unconstitutional.

  32. Doomsong says:

    With 150K…. I could pay off my house… plus my wife and I could finish college, and still have enough left over for a better car.


    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" – Benjamin Franklin

  33. thefremen says:

     While we’re on the subject of people spending money on silly things during hard economic times, what’s with the Church of Latter Day Saints spending millions to support prop 8 and encouraging its members to do the same?

  34. Lazier Than Thou says:

    Let’s face it, if she hadn’t spent a bunch of a lot of money, she would be mocked for not dressing presidential enough or something stupid like that.  I believe Clinton spent something like $18,000 on 3 pant suits.

    Sometimes you just can’t win.

  35. Adamas Draconis says:

    Hmmm…150 K you say?


    1) buy a good used car (5k, probably less)

    2) buy a house (local listings, 125 k with 5 acres best deal on quick search) 

    3) invest (10k)

    4) that leaves 10K which hopefully should take care of taxes and closing for the house.

    And people wonder why I dislike politicans.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  36. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    I’d get two more X-Box 360s (never know when a red ring might show it’s ugly face), two PS3s (again, good to have a spare), home renevations (gonna love the new master bathroom), games, comics, and also an emergency fund.


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! -The Buck Stops Here. -Thou Shall Not Teamkill, Asshole.

  37. cpt crunchie says:

    im thinking more along the lines of

    -ps3 and some games

    -new 360 (old one is likely to bork, i want an elite anyway)

    -new games coming out




     also, how did i get into double-spacing? wtf.


    It is not murder; I am merely advancing the hands of the clock, just a bit.

  38. King of Fiji says:

    With that much money I could go to Britain to go see Queen in concert and not feel bad about being broke when I got home because I wouldn’t be broke.

    Plus i can get a new computer, a camera, and then finally start making interweb videos for the youtubes.

  39. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    It’s not a Mortal Kombat ripoff? Holy shit…


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! -The Buck Stops Here. -Thou Shall Not Teamkill, Asshole.

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