Report: Bad Behavior in EA Forums will Lock You Out of Game You Bought

There is a report floating around on Kotaku and other sites that getting yourself banned from EA’s forums will also lock you out of your EA PC games. You know, the ones that you bought with your hard-earned cash.

The issue seems to be a claim by an EA community manager for C&C Red Alert 3 that forum accounts are mystically linked to one’s master EA acocunt. Here’s the post:

Your forum account will be directly tied to your Master EA Account, so if we ban you on the forums, you would be banned from the game as well since the login process is the same. And you’d actually be banned from your other EA games as well since its all tied to your account. So if you have SPORE and Red Alert 3 and you get yourself banned on our forums or in-game, well, your SPORE account would be banned to. It’s all one in the same, so I strongly recommend people play nice and act mature.


All in all, we expect people to come on here and abide by our ToS. We hate banning people, it makes our lives a lot tougher, but its what we have to do.

Those banned will stay banned, but like most other internet services, its not that hard to create a new fake e-mail account. However, its a lot harder to get a new serial key =

GP: I’m not sure that I buy this one.

Thinking back to the confusion over whether Dead Space was or was not banned in three countries, that misinformation came from EA community managers as well. Are these guys paid employees, or are they loose-lipped volunteers?

Either way, someone at EA needs to sit on them because they are spewing questionable information that is annoying the customer base.

And, even if this is true, it can’t be legal.

UPDATE: GameCyte is now calling this just a bad rumor:

EA has taken the time today to definitively squash this rumor. “Players who have been banned from EA Forums are not automatically banned from online access to their other EA games,” an EA representative told GameCyte.


“Posting in EA Forums is enabled by an EA Nucleus account — but access to the forums and access to the games are separate.”

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  1. Zevorick says:

    Indeed. We’re both working college students right now so between groceries and rent, $60 is a luxery. Hell, even a spare $30 is something to celebrate. She tried reformating her computer several times and she’s made sure it’s squeaky clean, and it’s not a very old system. Go on and google sims 2 expansion list installation order… They successfully managed to make a line of products that are seemingly not compatible with itself! Do you know how assinine that is? We’re still trying to figure out how in the world all of them are working on my computer. The only difference is mines a much higher quality system and runs on vista.

  2. C. Aaron Browbowski Jr. says:

    i’m sorry, its like saying this in a EA forum, because the mother-less fucks banned me… "and in hell, you become the virgin with 72 prisoners" now that’s offensive, lets make it clear i never said that, but clearly that offends muslims! i was in actually trying to offend terrorists… like jesus jack jones… thompson. wait i done admitted i just said that… i think this butterfinger i’m eating has a "budda-finger" in it, think buds or THC!

    Jesus Jack Jones Thompson…. is dead… (funeral udruge, followed by Celebrate 😀 )

  3. Spartan says:

    Yet one more reason to boycott EA and help end its tyranny over gamers and developers alike. True or not, at this point you just know it is the plan that EA has since it fits perfectly in line with its "total control" policy towards us stupid thieving juvenile types commonly called gamers.


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  4. PsychoPuppy says:

    Oh for crying out loud.

    Its about time someone stood up to the utter lack of respect for others online that many gamers have.

    I wish Blizzard would do this for their WoW forums. The level of behavior on many gaming forums makes the gaming community as a whole look like neanderthal thugs, dragging our knuckles and smearing waste over the internet.

    Yes, I get that some of you are worried about people being banned for having concerns about their DRM and the like.. that, I get.. that, I accept.

    But the rest of them, the spammers and the porn posters, the internet thugs and bullies… good riddence.

    Edit : "utter lack of disrespect"… not sure how that one slipped by me >.<

  5. thefremen says:

     That’s because you’re disrupting other people WHILE ON THE BUS. If you aren’t actually disturbing other people’s experience of the game, and are instead disturbing other people’s experience on a forum which is loosely linked to the game, why should you be banned from the game as well? To use your analogy, it would be like if you farted on the bus and were banned for life from all forms of public transportation. 


    By the way, is EA hiring right now cause I think I’d make an excellent PR troll.

  6. Harry Miste says:

    When have they NOT been power hungry?

    XBOX LIVE GamerTag: Harry Miste | Steam ID: Harry Miste | PSN ID: HMiste | EYE. HAVE. YOU.

  7. Ben says:

    Taser bracelets!? OMG WTF??

    But back on topic: IMHO, it’s perfectly legal and ethical for EA to ban someone from online play, at least temporarily, maybe permanently for repeat offenses (there’s no legal obligation to provide server access.) The critical question is: What offenses could perpetrate these consequences without pissing off everyone and their mother? If it’s a punishment for just standard trolling a la Wacko Jacko, then great. But for merely voicing a reasoned opinion, that’s going too far. Make of my views what thou wilt.

    "Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance." -Laurie Halse Anderson

  8. Freyar says:

    Hmm.. I’ve been threatened multiple times for my posts on the SPORE forums. Ranging from my attutides regarding DRM (I posted often, but never made a new thread), to my posting style (I’d post as if I were sending the message from my "Chelkan Empire".) I don’t EVER like the idea of an axe swinging over my head, jus twaiting for some power-hungry bastard to cut the rope.


    It’s just like these "TASER BRACELETS" that the NSA wants to force everyone on a flight to use so they can taser you with the flick of a switch.

    —- There is a limit for both politicians against video games, and video games against politicians.

  9. AuntySocial says:

    I have been threatened with banishment from The Sims 2 site on 2 seperate occasions.  Once for mentioning a site they rate as adult.  The second was a thread about JTroll.  Of course, there are no posted rules about mentioning JTroll, and the site I mentioned had some great hacks.  It also had the inteenimator, but that wasn’t really adult.  It allowed teens and college students to marry and procreate.  It also let you end a pregnancy, either with a quick birth, or just ended like it never existed.  It would also let you create a pregnancy between 2 sims who have no relationship at all.

    I would like to see them ban me from my game.  That’s when I would get nasty…and a great lawyer.




    Insanity has its toll. Please have exact change.

  10. Zaruka says:

    yea i dont like the idea of a master accound tied with small account either becuse if someone gets one of your small account get it ban then you cant play anygame with any of those accounts

    bad mojo their as they said

    Thanks Zaruka

  11. 1AgainstTheWorld says:

    Actually in their early days EA was a respectable company run by smart non-MBAs who truly enjoyed making games for people.

  12. Mad_Scientist says:

    Assuming for the moment that everything is true:

    Based on the way that post is phrased, it sounds like they are only talking about the online components of Spore and Red Alert 3. Which means it probably is legal, at least. Afterall, I don’t think there is any legal requirement that EA provide you access to the servers they run. Now, if they try to lock you out of your ability to play single player, it’s a totally different thing.

    I don’t like the idea of them making all game accounts tied to a single master account, though. I also am somewhat hesitant about the idea of linking forum and game accounts together in such a way. Combined with the Master Account that links all game accounts together, it becomes a situation that can easily be abused.

  13. nighstalker160 says:

    This had BETTER be in EA’s EULA’s from now on if they want a prayer of not facing major liability.

    In any case, this is a blatantly unlawful restraint on use of personal property.  Get you’re checkbooks out EA, this one is REALLY gonna hurt you.

  14. Overcast says:

    So some forum mod can lock you out of your game….


    I think I’ll just avoid that whole mess altogether.

  15. TheEggplant says:

    I’m talking about anyone who seems to be saying "SHUT UP UNTIL SOMETHING GOES WRONG!" Not just in this thread but eveytime the topic of EA’s antics comes up. This isn’t law enforcement. It is consumers wanting to obtain a creative product from those who created it, and the business-side actively making that difficult. Before someone throws out the classic "Those awful <insert name of choice> started it." Let me counter with, It doesn’t matter. EA is a corporation, that makes them an individual target. Jack-holes online whether they be pirates, trolls, or anything else are an untamed mass of impossible targets. Consumers have to deal with EA, not the masses who don’t want to play nice. If EA had played nice themselves I would’ve pre-ordered Mass Effect, Dead Space, Spore, Mercernaries 2, Warhammer Online, and Mirror’s Edge. Now however I’m not touching them. I’m the one who should matter to them, because I’m the one paying for my/their games. They should be not only told, but held accountable for their actions. That means people who aren’t aware of the potential pitfalls should be informed before they make a purchase. That also means leting EA know through e-mail, snail-mail, and message boards that this will not be tolerated by the customer.

  16. dmr9748 says:

    Well, if this is the case, looks like I won’t be able to play a lot of the games I have purchased.

    I have been banned from EA’s forums for questioning, in a professional and respectful manner, a lot of EA’s opinions, rules, regulations, etc. especially during the BF2 and 2142 days.

    My headbutting with their support team has also been legendary and epic.

    But, bottom line, if this is true, this gives another reason for people to pirate EA’s games.

  17. Zaruka says:

    even tho im think there is idoits who run ea i dont think they are stuiped enough for this to let a admin ban you on a fourm and your games, i wait tell they say something …lol course it could be true it is ea after all.


    Thanks Zaruka

  18. insanejedi says:

    Are you talking about here or on other community fourms? Because here, I’m really the only one defending EA in most of these topics.

  19. insanejedi says:

    They denied me service at Best Buy Canada for buying an M rated game when there was no policy that I coulden’t. So what tells you about that?

    (yes, I know what I did. i’m part of the problem not the solution, my brother tells me to do that since he doesn’t want to leave the house so I could buy an M-rated game, then we just kinda end up going anyways after that.)

  20. insanejedi says:

    Well banning in fourms are usually limited unless you are intentionally doing something to piss off a large group. Like there is a difference from like, condesending, referencing, or mistreating a user or even EA, to posting graphic images and topics 9000 times on each board. I think if you are going to ban someones game in the process, the banning should be treated like capital punishment in the US where it’s only reserved for zero tolerance high offense activities such as torrent sites, viruses and that sort of stuff.

  21. TheEggplant says:

    Whole lot of assumptions being made here.


    One side (of many) I’m hearing is "EA hasn’t done anything overtly messed up yet. Why are you whining?"


    The answer to that is EA not only has done nothing to earn my good will but seem to have gone out of their way to earn my animosity.


    Preventing them from screwing you over is much easier then undoing the damage once they have screwed you over.


    As I’ve stated before when the MBA-wielding money suits are in charge of a company that sells creative works the customer always loses.

  22. the1jeffy says:

    The EA online ToS is likely pretty clear on just what can get you banned.  But I will say it ‘should’ scale with the offense, and ToS’s are very wooley documents.  But that is indicative of a larger issue with the ambiguity of ToS documents, which isn’t just EA’s problem.  Even customer-friendly companies like Blizzard have their semi-public ToS spats (see LBGT guild banning).

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  23. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Yes and the DOT has rules about unruly passengers and a busdriver has the right ot do so. But this is a moderator on a forum claiming that they have the right to strip you the right to play any EA game with no publicly disclosed rules about that.

    I guess this is more like a Circuit City employee denying you a refund by stating, "It’s company policy." With out showing that policy to you.

    E. Zachary Knight
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    E. Zachary Knight
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  24. the1jeffy says:

    That depends on the level of the offense.  If you repeatedly ride the same bus and insist on using racial slurs (for example), the bus driver will likely have the backing of the DOT company to prevent the passenger from riding.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  25. kielejocain says:

    I would fully support a forum banhammer coming equipped with a temporary ban from the game (a la WoW).  I understand that people abuse the anonymity of the internet, and having a system of meaningful consequence would be a breath of fresh air.  Not that I think that’s what they meant, but I would support that.

  26. insanejedi says:

    What are you talking about? Console gamers have moved on with EA, if anything EA to them is awesome. They released free DLC, free modes, painless Rock Band support, and better games. Half a decade? by that time the Xbox 720 and the PS4 will be out by then. Console piracy is nowhere NEAR as promenant as PC piracy, not even close on PS3. I have no idea where you got these assumtions.

  27. E. Zachary Knight says:

    We are not talking about anything closely like that. What this situation is, is the equivolent of the bus driver kicking you off the bus and telling you you cannot ride any of the company’s busses ever again. What authority does the bus driver have to make that claim?

    E. Zachary Knight
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    E. Zachary Knight
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  28. Wolvenmoon says:

    Hey! Guess what!


    Guess guess guess guess!


    If you crack your game you can play on private servers (When they come out) with other people that have the cracked game, not have securom, not run the risk of losing access because you say something in the game sucks, or you rub a mod the wrong way, AND it’s free at times!

    Wait a minute..are they just TRYING to drive more legitimate users to piracy? It may not be as big a deal now that I have a steady income, but for a 12-16 year old, a 50 dollar investment is a HUGE one. Average 12 year old I know gets five to ten bucks a month. I got twenty.

    So what do they expect Early teen johnny to do? "Oh, I’m fine with risking my 150 dollar investment to ask for help and accidently piss off a mod with a newbie question, or put up a lolcat picture that offends someone but isn’t really offensive"

    No, he’s gonna go for the "Free, 10 modern games, all cracked, all keygen, high speed download" torrent.

    How the HELL do they expect to keep *ANY* PC customer base? Console gamers are becoming increasingly unhappy too! They have another half a decade before console gamers have equal access to pirated content. Was Spore not a wakeup call? 1 million sold, 500,000 pirated. My response was holy expletive when I saw that. That’s a HUGE amount of money gone!

    Why can’t they just put a simple,b uilt into the game’s .exe initial on install CD-key validity check? Maybe do two 16 character keys generated by unrelated algorythms and recognized as working only as a pair by the server, making keygenning impossible?

    Oh, because then they couldn’t really bind it to a single account, and people could resale their games.

    I smell another class action, EA’s really screwed if they have four going at them at once.

  29. insanejedi says:

    Well, agian. Is it okay for a bus driver to kick you out for misbehaving when you paid the $1.75 fare that he did not refund you?

  30. insanejedi says:

    Okay, I have to admit myself that this is going a little too overboard. Keeping usage of your own copy protection for whatever uses in your game is one thing, because you can always vote with your wallet and not buy the game, but banning your customers for misbehavior on your fourms is another. Although I assmume this does not reach into the complaining about copy protection unless you are really snide and immature about it going like… "EA IS TEH SUCKZ I PIRATED TEH SPORE CUS OF DRMZ! (insert curse words in the middle of each word)"

    If you put it in a more mature manner and a more professional manner, I highly doubt they would ban you for saying something like.

    Dear EA.

    As a paying customer I would like to bring your attention that the DRM protection program is causing (blank blank blank) and as such I would highly suggest you remove this for the following reasons as… (blank blank blank) I would have bought Spore if not for (blank blank blank) however if you fix these issues I may consider buying your product.

    Sincerely (blank)

    On the other hand however this can be equated to a bus driver kicking out passangers who have actually paid. Or the same with any real life service. Is it wrong for a bus driver to kick out one of his passangers because he is misbehaving even if he paid the fare to be on the bus? If so, isin’t it right then of EA to kick out and ban their users for misbehaving on their fourms?

    that’s my question for you people.

  31. Canary Wundaboy says:

    "And, even if this is true, it can’t be legal."

    How sure are you of that Dennis? Ive just had a glance around my housemate’s EA games (I don’t own any as a matter of principle) and the consumer seems to ‘own’ a mere rental of the license, that I assume EA could withdraw at any time as they see fit. Not entirely sure how that fits into US consumer law but over here in the UK that’s completely legal.

  32. Zevorick says:

    It sickens me to see my girlfriend put down her hard earned money to be treated like a criminal. What sickens me more is to see her in tears because she can’t install the expansion pack she just spent her very hard earned money on without erasing half of the other sims 2 content she has on her computer. No matter what order she installs them in, it will go back and erase at least one expansion packs important files, making that content unplayable. She has to play it on my computer since, for some reason, that issue doesnt happen with mine. EA needs to wake the hell up and realize that they have earned the shitty reputation they now have.

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this was 100% true. It’s just more of the same horrendous behavior I’ve seen from them.

  33. Andrew Eisen says:

    Have we humble GP commenters mentioned lately what a fair and even-handed moderator you are?  You’re really good looking too!  We’d be honored to place you at the top of our Christmas card lists…

    Oh, please don’t ban us; we’ve nowhere else to go.


    Andrew Eisen

  34. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Seriously, this would be like me saying that if you complain about another one of Dennis’ articles, you will be kicked out of the ECA.

    Just because I am a moderator, that does not mean I have authority over your membership status.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA
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    E. Zachary Knight
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  35. Anto103 says:

    The Smiley face that the mod posted after typing that thread really bothers me, it’s makes it seem that they pulled a fast one on us, and if what he said is true what’s stopping EA from banning us the customer from bad mouthing and critisisng EA about their tactics and DRM?


    Pops… If you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change. The devil changes you.

  36. squigs says:

    Sounds like some petty admins either thinking they have more power than they have, or wating to imply this. 

    It’s unlikely that this would be legal, and also I don’t believe that EA would want to block people from playing their games as punishment for misbehiving on forums.  Doesn’t seem like it would be worth them losing a customer over forum posts on the say-so of their forum admins when they can be dealt with cheaply and effectively just by barring them from the forum. 

  37. Ryno says:

    This takes me back to my days in Earth and Beyond. There was a gun in the game called a Dung Flinger. A player had the word "dung" in his name. His name was modded by the GMs. When he petitioned the change and pointed out that there was an item with "dung" in its name, he was told that the GMs would have to look through the game’s content and advise the developers what was appropriate and what wasn’t. There was also the implication that all future content would have to be approved by the GMs before it entered the game.

    This from the same mods who responded to EnB petitions with, "Thank you for playing The Sims: Online…"

    So I’m not at all surprised that EA’s mods think they can dictate company policy. They’re even worse than the AoC fanboi mods, since EA actually pays these people.

  38. Godkarmachine says:

    Not exactly. Since you’re not being a dick in the game, you’re being a dick on the forums, and then losing your access to the game. Sure the forum ban is fine, and warranted, but losing access to your game in unecessary. I think a better way to describe it would be acting like a dick at a sports game, and not only being tossed out, but having any Pay-Per-View subscriptions you had going for the sports game revoked as well.

    – I have a cookie, but I’m willing to share

  39. barra_sadei says:

    Do they prevent you from watching the game on TV? Or playing the sport?

    I can understand banning online play. It happens, and there are people out there that make the game worse. Like most of the Halo players I’ve run into over Xbox Live (not to say every Halo player is an jerk (using a polite term), there are bound to be more polite people), I’d rather not play with them. However, banning someone from even playing single player, or LAN, isn’t within their rights (although, if this banning thing is true, they probably put a clause in the Terms of Agreement to be total A-holes). We bought the game for personal enjoyment.

    I agree that there are those people that should just get booted every time they enter a match… But they money to at least enjoy the game by himself or herself.

  40. Ouroboros says:

    Exactly. Same with these “Stop the bloodshed in Iraq" and "Equal representation for homosexuals" protesters that tie up traffic. They need to get the governmental ban hammer and exiled from the country.

    Seriously, this goes way beyond some douche-bag 13 year old acting like a tool on the forum. He is pretty much saying “If you criticize our company, we will strip you of several products that you legitimately purchased”. EA is, in my mind, the biggest threat to the gaming industry as a whole.

  41. the1jeffy says:

    Meh.  So being a little shithead online has real life conesquences.  Tell me why I should give a crap.  If you buy sports tickets (for typically more than $60), and act like a disruptive tool, you run the risk of getting tossed and being out the ticket price. 

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  42. Ben says:

    No you don’t. EA is just so big from snapping up so many smaller companies that if they went under, it could throw the entire industry into total chaos.

    "Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance." -Laurie Halse Anderson

  43. shady8x says:

    Wasn’t much attention when they made this same threat on their Spore forum that those talking about drm would have their master account killed…

  44. Overcast says:

    so I strongly recommend people play nice and act mature.

    Would be their recommendation….

    My personal recommendation would be "EA should act mature and give it’s customers some respect" and "Customers should BE ABLE TO PLAY their nice games, so don’t buy EA"

  45. Brokenscope says:

    If they lock you out of single player content, they.. are doing osmething illegal. Multiplayer content is still iffy, but slightly, ever so slightly more tolerable.

  46. Conejo says:

    i’ll concede that we need to look at prevention of a sticky situation rather than grabbing the pitchforks right away.

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

  47. the1jeffy says:

    Fair enough.  I’ll admit EA draconian past tactics make this is a ‘discussable’ issue, hence the need for a GP article.  However, the general reaction has been to fault EA for doing this before they have, instead of disucssing it in preventative terms.  Also, while we are in hypothetical mode, I’d like a pony.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  48. Conejo says:

    what has happened is a statement that if you are banned from the forums, they are going to revoke your ability to play the EA games you own, even the single player games (Spore is DIRECTLY mentioned).

    what has happened before is heavy-handed tactics from EA forum mods.

    ignoring that these two items make a high liklihood for people to get screwed because they disagree with EA’s policies (including this one) seems like a pretty daft move.

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

  49. the1jeffy says:

    Um, no shit.  That’s exactly my point.  It hasn’t happened.  I’m not going to start condemning EA for hypotheticals.  They do quite enough in reality that gives me reason to not give EA any money.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  50. Conejo says:

    misleading question.  you can’t ask for proof of victims before the crime has happened.

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

  51. the1jeffy says:

    Where are the reports of users being banned for legit complaints? (A la DRM).

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  52. Conejo says:

    Here’s the rub: you COULD be banned for disagreeing with EA’s DRM policies and continually making threads about it.

    this isn’t like going to a football game and throwing bottles on the field, this is just disagreeing with a company’s unethical practises.

    consider the implications.  what if you, as a computer user, complained about your OS and then were suddenly stripped of the right to use it?  what if you complained about your car and the company towed it away?

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

  53. JustChris says:

    Someone in another forum got banned a while ago on the EA forums because apparently pointing out flaws/ways game could be fixed is conspiracy

  54. cppcrusader says:

    When I first saw this earlier today I figured it was another moderator on a powertrip like when it happened last month.  However, the post was made by EA’s community manager. 

    The fact that this has happened twice in just over a month seems rather telling.  First a mod on a powertrip claims he can ban access to Spore, EA quells it quickly, then a month later an actual EA employee makes the same claim.

  55. E. Zachary Knight says:

    I agree that something needs to be done to reign in wild admins and moderators on their forums. You cannot make a claim like this and get away with it, at least you shouldn’t be able to.

    I hope this is not true. It mostly likely is not true. But if it is, there will be hell to pay by the EA gaming community.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA
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    E. Zachary Knight
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  56. the1jeffy says:

    There is an online component, even if it is just sharing creatures.  If not, I said that blocking the single player portion is an issue, but this is true of other games, and needs to be addressed universally.  This is not exclusively EA’s doing (Hello, Steam).

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  57. Conejo says:

    um, no. Spore is not an online game.  it’s a single player game.

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

  58. the1jeffy says:

    Not being able to play single player without an online log-in is a separate issue.  I agree with you there.  But both Red Alert and Spore are mostly online, and acting like a horsedong and getting banned from a forum is a likely indicator to acting that way in-game. 

    I fail to see where in the EA online TOS you can get banned for posting legitmate concerns and criticism when presented in a rational way.  If that was the case, the real story shoud be, "Users Get Banned for Airing Legit Concerns!"  I don’t see it.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  59. DracoNocturnus says:

    It’s unlikely EA will back up what this moderator said.  Something similar was posted by a moderator concerning posting about Spore’s DRM recently and was quickly shot down by the higher-ups at EA.  EA really needs to do some weeding among their forum moderators.

  60. Mathias Karn says:

    Reading the Terms on Spore, if you get banned, it’s only from Online.  Basically your login is blocked.  You can still play offline.  This came mainly from the info on the Bad Baby achievement that was recently removed, which was obtained by having a creation banned from the Spore server and carried a 7 day suspension.

    I would assume that C&C3 is going to be the same.  But it is EA, so that could change.

  61. LaxGamer34 says:

    once again, EA mishandles another issue and it pisses everyone off

    then again, we really shouldn’t be suprised by EA for supposedly doing something so idiotic like this

  62. Solipsis says:

    Wow if that was true it would be taking Draconian to a whole new level.

    Like others have mentioned, though, I doubt it really works that way.

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