Free Stuff: Candidates Made into Spore Characters

Maxis has crafted the 2008 presidential tickets for Spore users.

From the press release:

For a bit of fun, EA’s Maxis studio has created the presidential and vice presidential candidates in the critically-acclaimed video game, Spore. Created with the game’s Spaceship Editor, players can download the characters, drag them into Spore to edit – even subscribe to the Sporecast and meet them flying around in Space! 

CLick here for more info…

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  1. 0
    Wolvenmoon says:

    Ha! Just like our candidates will crash our country, so to does spore crash our computers!

    They’ll get it right 5 times! But after that you’ll have to call and beg them to not screw us over!

  2. 0
    MaskedPixelante says:

    Something’s wrong with Sarah Palin. Where’s her aura of pure, dark evilness from which no good can escape?

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

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