Game-Legislating Guv Happy to Have His Ass Kicked …Voters Happy to Oblige

His approval rating is at an abysmal 13%. He is said to be under federal investigation. And Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich would do it all again.

Despite those horrendous approval numbers (even President Bush manages to score in the mid-20’s), CBS-2 reports that Blagojevich wants to run for a third term. He is best known to GamePolitics readers as the man who rammed through a video game sales law in 2005, only to see it go down in flames by year’s end when a federal court judge ruled that it was unconstitutional.

Adding insult to injury, Blagojevich’s administration couldn’t come up with the legal fees that it owed to the game industry and had to raid the budgets of several government agencies, thus impacting their ability to deliver services to the people of Illinois.

DUring his administration Blagojevich also lobbied against ads for violent games on Chicago’s public transit system. Earlier this year the Chicago Transit Authority banned ads for Grand Theft Auto IV, prompting GTA IV publisher Take-Two to sue, resulting in further wast of tax dollars. The case was ultimately settled. It’s unknown whether Blagojevich played a role. But, hey, he’s a man of the people, even if the people don’t like him much at all. Here’s what the embattled Guv said at an event on Thursday:

All of those things happened because we had to push and prod and fight through the system to get it done for people, and if I get bloodied up in the process, and there are some times when people are just not generally approving, I feel honored to get my ass kicked for the people.

Big thanks: …to GP readers AM and Yukimura for the heads-up!

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  1. Neo_DrKefka says:

    I seriously feel like we live in a 3rd world country now. Our roads and highways are crap they keep redoing them so everyones brother and law gets a contract only to do a half fast job to come back 6 months and start all over again.

    We have more people dying in Chicago then in Iraq, hell I’d feel safer in Iraq then in Chicago and Obama nor does anyone in the Democratic Machine want to do anything about it.

    We cannot afford a police department and just had to fire tons of city cops and state workers and crime keeps rising. Yet we want the Olympics and to build more CHA buildings

  2. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    Yeah, I know I live in cook county and have been extremely unhappy about Stroger, Blago, and Daley.  I have been utterly amazed at the sheepness of the people and media who have been flocking to Obama as some kind of messiah here to bring on more change, when he’s just, as someone else here stated, a member of the Chicago Political Machine.  His mentor was Emile Jones FFS! 

    Take a look at his "District" while he was in congress! the 13th District to be exact, yeah he left that in GREAT shape.  Honestly I don’t get it. why are people so blinded by the fact that this man has been like all the other politicians, and not really doing much.  Specially when he was in the IL state senate!

  3. Neo_DrKefka says:

    If that get’s him out of Springfield I would so be happy but that just means we have brought Chicago to the Federal Goverment we don’t need Stroger, Blago, Obama and Daley to be running the United States.



  4. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    Supposedly as of lately the rumor around Springfield is that good ol’ Rod Blago is the one who has to pick the person to fill Barack’s congressional seats, should Obama be elected President, the rumor is that Blago may pick himself to fill Obama’s seat, which he can do, and wouldn’t suprise me if he does since he most likely will not be re-elected.  If not himself I see him picking JJ Jr. Or His Wife….just the rumor I heard…

  5. NutMan says:

    I can’t believe he was even re elected. It’s sad.

    But us Illinoisans are used to terrible governors. Our last one put us in tons of debt , stole from taxpayers, and is currently in jail. Oh, and Blagojevich is definitely in with the chicago mob just like ALL chicago politicians.

  6. lumi says:

    This guy sounds like the political counterpart to Uwe Boll.  "As long as I can continue doing my job terribly, I’m happy, and all these people criticizing me are clueless or jealous!"

  7. Spartan says:

    Wow this guy is on par with W. I wonder if they will start a special persons club together in a few months.  


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  8. Neo_DrKefka says:

    You know this guy is pretty much exactly like Obama in fact Obama is using Blagojevich’s 03 campaign stradegy of Ryan = Ryan and everyone in Illionis got what they deserved!

    We are all suffering under Blagojevich we have no state money at all Daley destroyed chicago and sent it in the red 600 million and in Mexico they have better roads then us!

  9. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    ok and where have you looked? Because I’m kinda curious I’ve looked else where but the editorials have given me the most information.  As has talking to people most directly effected by what the Illinois senators want to do with this con-con.  So yeah I’m pretty sure I know who and I what I’m talking about.

  10. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    Load of garbage huh? Ok well when why don’t you go talk to the teachers unions, and when the schools close because the teachers, faculty, and administration go on strike then maybe you’ll realize you made a horrible choice. Or check out this letter by Jim Edgar,0,6965510.story

    or this article from the league of women voters:

    Or just this from the Illinois Times


    There now you can look for yourself.  Make your own choice. but Honestly weigh the options and what will happen.


  11. PoisonedV says:

    think before you talk, thats all  a load of garbage, i dont know where you’ve been doing your ‘research’

  12. PoisonedV says:

    No, it makes you look like a typical blog commenter who doesn’t understadn any form of conversation other than straight talking and blatant sarcasm

  13. Lazier Than Thou says:

    Oooh, the race card!  Whenever someone points out something potentially bad about Barack Obama, someone’s gotta play the race card.

    By the way, you being the first person to mention race just makes you look racist.

  14. anver says:

    Yeah, because how else could a black man possibly raise as much cash as he has, eh?

    Gross corruption isn’t the same as total corruption, you know.

  15. Lazier Than Thou says:

    I think I could paint my picture a bit better, but I think that you using your imagination to fill in the blanks would make everything go much smoother.

  16. Spartan says:

    Hmm…. Maybe another person to join our ranks.


    "The most difficult pain a man can suffer is to have knowledge of much and power over little" – Herodotus

  17. transformergirl says:

    Kudos for the word "nanny-statist" If it’s not in the dictionary, it should be. I actually went to look up the Libertarian party and found their ideals very interesting (in a good, refreshing way). 

  18. Bigman-K says:

    Here’s to Blogobitch getting his ass kicked throughly. This guy is an absolute moron and is the worst kind of Democrat along the likes of Leland Yee and Eliot Spitzer. A nanny-statist who wants the government to regulate every aspect of our lives and our children’s lives under the guise of morality and protecting us from ourselves while at the same time being a hypocrite in that regard. (just like Mr.Yee a married man who cruises the drag at night looking for prostitutes and stealing $8 items from drug stores, while moaning about protecting the children from those evil violent video games they neither want nor need protection from) It people like these I nickname Censorcrats and why i lean Libertarian at least in regards to social agendas.


    "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  19. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    vote YES? Are you MAD! That would allow Blago to be able to mess with not only his ability for how long he can be governer but this also allows them to mess with any job that has a pension, be it fire, police, but mainly he wants to take away the pension funding for people who work in schools.  Do a little research and you’ll see why its a BAD idea to vote yes on the CON CON

  20. PoisonedV says:

    I live in Illinois. Blagojevich is kind of a joke here. A sad, sick, cruel joke…


    also, vote YES for the constitutional convention.

  21. Lazier Than Thou says:

    All these people talking about the gross corruption in IL, don’t we have a senator from IL running for some office of some nature?  I think I’ve seen his name around a few times.  Obama?  Something like that…

  22. ShtickYoMaMa says:

    Same here,

    This man is a boob, an idiotic, moronic Guv, who’s worse than Bush.  Has done nothing for the people here in Illinois, other than showing his true colors in his corruptness.  His first time elected we thought he’d actually be good for the state…a few years later, he isn’t worth his weight in anything.  And I have to say I am glad I voted for him though in the last election, no way was Judy Barr Topinka and Jackass Joe Birket going to be part of the IL Gov. Office.  My mother had a seat on the Illinois Board of Nursing Home and Assissted Living and was reappointed once by Blago, then when she had caused to much of a stir, he didn’t reappoint her when her time was up.  

    The mans Vidja game law was the stupidest thing he could have done.  I knew that wasn’t going to last and that we, the people, were going to end up paying out the ass to fix his stupid ass mistake. 


    Just my two cents.


    PS. Please VOTE NO on the Constitutional Convention!!!! (if you are in Illinois)

  23. deuxhero says:

    Chicago politics aren’t called a "political machine" for nothing you know.


    It is how one of your senators got his first elected office as a state legislator by disqualifying all of his opponents on technicality so he would be unopposed.

  24. The_Bobman says:

    I’ve lived in IL all my life and as such, I have noticed one thing about out state leaders.  They have always been corrupt.  Whenever a new party takes the Guv’s office, the old guy will be put in jail.  The only reason Guv "Smith" is still in office is the Republicans ran an even more corrupt canidate last time.  What more do you expect when the majority vote for anything the state attempts to do comes from C(R)ook county.  Honestly, Chicago’s voting power compeletly screws over the majority rural state.

  25. transformergirl says:

    "I feel honored to get my ass kicked for the people"

    Yeah, he’s really gonna feel honored by all those people whose funds were tapped out to pay for his stupidity. Think he’s gonna get jail time at all for how he got the funds to pay for that? Probably not…unless enough people threaten to "honor" him XD

  26. Shoehorn Oplenty says:

    "we had to push and prod and fight through the system to get it done for people"

    To get what done? Waste their money? Neither of his efforts did anything, constructive or otherwise. All they resulted in was tax payer money being squandered on frivolous matters, instead of actually serving them in any way.

  27. J.Alpha.Gamma says:

    I don’t think "idiot" does him justice.

    I won’t name what does, because I don’t think my living in Texas will stop the Illinois National Tard.

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