Webcomic: Obama, McCain & Guitar Hero

Political cartoon site Filibuster takes a look at current presidential campaign poll results through the lens of Guitar Hero

Thanks to: Sharp-eyed GP correspondent Andrew Eisen. No worthy webcomic escapes his all-seeing eye!

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    Chuma says:

    Nope, it is about supply and demand.  Oil prices rose on demand.  They are plummeting because people have lost lots of money in the global economic crisis and cutting back on their trips, holidays, getting more fuel efficient cars etc and so oil has had to drop.

    Additionally, oil prices rose exceptionally high because of speculative investment.  People were buying up oil to sell at a higher price and it’s a self fulfilling proficy.  Once they start to hit a peak and people start to sell, the speculators quickly sell up all their stock and the price comes tumbling down again.  In reality, the price should have settled at about $100/barrel but it coincided with the banking troubles and financial recession and so just kept on going.

    The notion it was something to do with a conspiracy theory or Republicans trying to win an election is hillarious.

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    Seems like according to this that perhaps the last game McCain played would be Pac Man, which is still newer than the last game Obama has said he played with Pong. >_>


    Either that or it’s just the last game McCain heard of. <_<

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    Conejo says:

    There is absolutely no connection to the fact gas prices are plummeting right before a Republican needs a big win.   please keep your tinfoil hats on and look the other way.

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

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    SeanB says:

    From the linked website

    "The spin of his campaign is that polls don’t matter and things are “more or less tied,” but really, is there any hope at this point?"

    If McCain actually wins this thing, there’s going to be a major backlash and investigation into the republicans. The numbers already showed some suspicious things in 2004, but the race was closer then. If the GOP pull a win here…. woah!

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