Police Issue Video Alert in Hunt for Missing Call of Duty 4 Gamer

As of tomorrow, Brandon Crisp will be missing for three weeks.

Police in his hometown of Barrie, Ontario have issued a video alert for the 15-year-old gamer after a search and a roadblock over the weekend apparently failed to locate Brandon.

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    Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Nothing better to do, is my guess.

    That, and they’re probably already in JT’s pocket.



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    NovaBlack says:

    ‘and his addiction to call of duty 4’


    *sigh*. Why dont they state the facts and say ‘alleged’ addiction. It hasnt been proven. Besides this 3 year addiction is way off, the games been out for 1 year. Sorry. It just irks me the way it was stated like an important cool hard fact when its far from it.

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    PoisonedV says:

    Yeah, parents blaming games again. How about you blame your parenting. How about you blame you not finding out WHY he didnt have any friends, and get him counseling or into therapy groups, so he wouldn’t HAVE to get addicted to a game. Why didn’t you pay attention to and find flaws in anything OTHER than his only source of enjoyment?

    im sure the parents are going through hell, and the son too, if hes still alive, but that isn’t any reason to stop being rational.

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    anothermother says:

    I think about this poor kid every day and still wonder why everyone is blaming the XBox community when just last year there was a murder in Barrie of a 33 year old woman named Alexandra Flanagan who was also 100 lbs. and 5 ft.2.  Her remains were found three months after her disappearance in two different areas in Lackies Bush and this is still an unsolved murder. I would like to know why the Barrie police have not warned residents that a possible killer could be living among them. I live in the Kawartha Lakes about one hour from Barrie. We have never been warned of anything in regards to these disappearances and Alexandras murder. When are they going to link these???

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