Report: Missing Gamer Case Raises Questions About Mysterious 2007 Death

Video games have absorbed an enormous amount of bad press since Brandon Crisp (left) went missing on October 13th.

Nearly every day for the last three weeks, Canadian media accounts have named Call of Duty 4, Xbox Live and video game addiction as key factors in the 15-year-old’s disappearance.

While it’s generally agreed that Brandon left home following an argument with his parents over his Xbox 360, what happened after that remains unknown.

Today’s edition of the Toronto Sun, however, draws comparisons between Brandon’s disappearance and that of Alexandra Flannigan (right), a 33-year-old woman who was last seen in July, 2007:

Another mysterious disappearance was on the minds of many residents.Still fresh in many memories is the death of Alexandra Flannigan, 33, a petite, 100 pound, 5-foot-2 woman… Months later, police found her remains in two different areas of the city… Police suspect foul play but have been silent in the past months about the investigation. They have refused to comment when asked about a possible connection with Brandon’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, the Sun quotes a local woman who found Brandon’s abandoned bicycle:

I hate to think the worst. But you can’t help but wonder.

GP: One thing that is fascinating about the earlier case is that the victim, Alexandra Flannigan, was almost exactly the same size and weight as Brandon Crisp. It’s also very odd that the woman’s remains were found in two separate locations and the police suspect foul play? The autopsy apparently indicated that one of Flannigan’s bones had been sawed through. Foul play seems like a no-brainer.

Barrie police, the lead agency is the Brandon Crisp case, have been severly criticized by some who believe that they bungled the Flannigan investigation.

GamePolitics recently reviewed the possible scenarios in Brandon’s disappearance.

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