In Parliament, Vaz Debates Suicide Bomber Game, Praises New Game Violence Study

This week, GamePolitics has been tracking public outrage over Kaboom: The Suicide Bombing Game, a no-budget affair created by an amateur and posted online.

While the game is admittedly in very poor taste, there’s not a lot to be done about it. As a non-commercial offering, Kaboom is not subject to any content rating requirements. And, since it is hosted outside the U.K., it would seem to be beyond the reach of English law.

But such logic has never been known to stop British Labour MP Keith Vaz, who has now taken his objections to Parliament. Vaz had the following exchange yesterday with MP Harriet Harman, Leader of the House of Commons:

Vaz: Has my right hon. and learned Friend had the opportunity to look at early-day motion 2416? (quoted):

[That this House condemns the creation of the online computer game Kaboom which asks the player to replicate the actions of suicide bombers; believes that this game is offensive to the families of those killed by suicide bombers and devalues all human life; further believes that this game depicts an unnecessary level of violence; is deeply concerned that vulnerable people under the age of 18 are able to access and play this game; calls upon the game’s creator to show sensitivity and responsibility by removing it from the internet; welcomes the findings of a new study from Iowa State University which recognises the link between violent video games and aggressive behaviour; and calls on the Government to revise its regulation of violent video games.]

[The motion] refers to an online computer game called "Kaboom", which asks players to replicate the actions of a suicide bomber. Does my right hon. and learned Friend agree that that is offensive to the families of the victims of suicide bombings and that it devalues human life? I have raised this matter on several occasions at business questions and in other debates. What action are the Government taking to remove such material from the internet or, at the very least, to approach service providers to ensure that they take appropriate action? Children and young people will be able to have access to those games. Could we have a debate on this important matter?

The Government are concerned about the effect on children of violent internet and video games, which is why we commissioned the Byron review. That set out how we need action from parents, from the industry itself and from the Government to ensure that there is proper control of content and clear labelling to protect young children. I pay tribute to my right hon. Friend’s long-standing interest in these issues, which he had even before he became Chair of the Select Committee on Home Affairs. Under his leadership, the Committee has taken a strong interest in such matters. I bring to his attention the fact that on Thursday 13 November, in Westminster Hall, there will be a debate on the question of harmful content on the internet and in video games.

GP: Vaz is referring to the game violence study published by Dr. Craig Anderson earlier this week. Anderson’s work has been challenged by Dr. Chris Ferguson of Texas A&M

GamePolitics will be tracking Parliament’s game violence debate on Nov. 13th.

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  1. C. Aaron Browbowski Jr. says:

    another jesus jack jones thompson orginal burger… coming right up!!!!!

    Jesus Jack Jones Thompson…. is dead… (funeral udruge, followed by Celebrate 😀 )

  2. metroidprimegmr says:



    Jack Thompson: future Good Burger employee of the month

  3. mogbert says:

    Very simple questionm y friend. They are bothering because it furthers their own agenda. They take offense and put forth that anyone can play these and as such they need to increase regulation of totally unrelated games. He wants to get these things in place before people who know what is going on speak up.

    The games that this guy has latched onto in order to push his ideals down other people’s throats have nothing to do with what he is attempting to do, they are mearly a straw man. He waves them around like a flag, and while everyone looks over there, he picks their pocket of all sense and reason.

    Vaz should be ashamed at the circus he is attempting to create.

  4. Attack_Gypsy says:

    This game was posted online like 6 years ago. Old and boring. Why are they even bothering?



    The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. ~ Benjamin Franklin

  5. beemoh says:

    >Just so they will shut the hell up, the creator should put a screen up that ask how old the user is.

    Yes, because the legally-enforced age rating system on commercial games in the UK stopped everyone complaining about those.

    Oh, wait.


  6. DeepThorn says:

    Just so they will shut the hell up, the creator should put a screen up that ask how old the user is.  The guy has the right to make any type of art he wants, even if it offends people.  The university I went to had 2 deers having sex in missionary position even.  It offended a crap load of conservatives, which is most of what my state is, and they failed at getting it removed.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to make the guy remove it from the internet.  They may be able to get him to if they offer the right amount of money, but other than that, they can only ASK that he at least put a BS how old are you screen up, just like what most porn sites have.  He can even have the default set to 18.  I would put a note below it that it was not because of the UK I did it too if I was him.  Make sure this isn’t a political victory for them, even though it would be a stupid one if it was.

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  7. sirdarkat says:

    One the game is hosted in America … and it seems the UK has the same problem that the good ol USA has you are not our boss your leaders are not our leaders that means your whining and your laws have no weight here so get over it. 

    Two; we have this annoying document that was a result of the UK called the Bill of Rights it has this little section called the First Amendment which protects Freedom of Speech guess what the game falls under that’s right Freedom of Speech guess what that means not even our own government is capable of pushing for it to be taken down. 

    And last but not least this game is what 7 years old?  God why don’t you find Custards Revenge and whine that innocent child can pull down an emulator, pull down a rom of this game, and then rape a poorly pixilated Indian over and over cause god that game is so relevant.

    Frankly I know its pointless to post the above here but I am constantly amazed at zealots; it must be fun running around with blinders on.

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