Last Call for Election 2008 Flash Games includes Joe the Plumber: Layin’ Pipe

GamePolitics covered so many election-themed Flash games during the run-up to November 4th that we actually lost count.

Surprisingly, however, a roundup on’s Game Room Blog turns up a few that we missed. For the sake of completeness, here they are, along with Amazon’s description:

  • Joe The Plumber: Layin’ Pipe  …use your brainteasing abilities to beat the flush in this escalating series of puzzles that are reminiscent of the hacking mini-games of BioShock.
  • Below The Beltway  …this boxing game [featuring the red and blue tickets]… pulls no punches.
  • Campaign: General Election Edition …A turn-based strategy game where players choose their candidate and support staff members–each with different strengths, weaknesses and special moves… Singleplayer and multiplayer…
  • AirMILF …Thanks for the memories Governor [Palin]
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