Gamer Army Wife Keeps Combat Troops Supplied with Video Games

As we look forward to Veteran’s Day tomorrow, we’re reminded that serving with the military in Iraq or Afghanistan must be very difficult, indeed. Our troops face constant danger and are far removed from their families and the things they enjoyed at home.

But a Philadelphia-area woman, Stefanie Doctor Shea, works hard to bring at least one of the comforts of home to the front lines: video games.

As GamePolitics first reported on Veteran’s Day, 2007, Stefanie takes a very personal interest in how our military personnel are faring overseas. That’s because her husband, Sgt. Michael Shea, spent the last year with the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq before returning home recently (Stefanie and Michael are pictured at left).

But while Stefanie’s hubby may be back, the nonprofit organization she founded, Fun For Our Troops, is still engaged in its mission. A just-issued press release offers Stefanie’s thoughts:

In our first year we were able to provide gaming relief to over 200 deployed troops and several Morale, Wellness, and Recreation (MWR) stations in Iraq and Afghanistan. We hope to continue the momentum this Veteran’s Day and in 2009.

SPC Joseph Burris adds:

As a soldier, I just wanted to say thanks for Fun for Our Troops. Words cannot describe the feelings I get when I see people like you selflessly donate time, money, and energy just to make our lives a little better. Something as simple as a videogame can mean a lot to a soldier who has nothing more to look forward to than another dusty day on convoy.

The Sheas are gamers themselves. While waiting for Michael to be deployed last fall, the couple spent a good deal of time playing the Wii. Stefanie attended PAX for the first time in August of this year.

Fun for our Troops is seeking tax-deductible donations of new or gently used game systems, video games, PC games or MP3 players as well as gift cards for distributors of games and gaming systems. The organization can also make use of monetary donations which are used primarily toward shipping costs and purchasing used gaming systems.  

Donations can be sent to:

Fun for our Troops, Inc.
506 Corporate Drive West
Langhorne, PA 19047

or via PayPal.

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  1. Fun for Our Troops -Stef Shea says:

    Hey everyone!  Thanks for the support!  THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE VETERANS!!!  Thanks for the great quote, SPC Burris.  Glad to have you back home! 

    To clarify the mystery- Doctor is my maiden name.  Not nearly as interesting as your guesses. 

    And for all of those interested in my picture…ha ha ha check out our website

    While you are there, feel free to donate!  🙂


    Anyone headed to VGXPO?  See you there!  We will have a (donated) booth across from the America’s Army booth.  Please stop by and say hi!   



  2. brian1121 says:

    It’s too bad no one does anything like this for Peace Corps volunteers.  There aren’t as many of us as there are in the armed forces, but we do our jobs for 27 months with little contact with other English speakers, often times no electricity, heat or hot water, a lack of understanding in the States of exactly what it is we do, strange regulations on what we can do (There are no weekends in Peace Corps.  Saturday and Sunday are workdays just like the other five days.  If you are away from your site on them, you have to use a vacation day.) and huge opportunities for cultural misunderstandings (Dec 25 here is just another work day.  They have trees and exchange gifts on New Years.  Christmas is a solemn, low-key affair on Jan 7.).

    I knew what I was getting into when I joined, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a lot tougher at times than I thought it would be.

    But hey, last time I was in our PC office, someone had left a 50 book collection of Harlequin romance novels from the 80s!  Huzzah!

  3. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    I know everyone’s already said it, but I still have to say it for myself. 



    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon


  4. Aliasalpha says:

    You say that as if being obsessed with Doctor Who is somehow a bad thing! If I ever have a son he’ll be called Dalek Cyberman Silurian

  5. TBoneTony says:

    great thing Videogames are,


    no matter how bad life gets, we can always feel that just by playing something so simple like a videogames makes us relax and have a good time,

  6. Cyrll says:

    As the quoted SPC (now discharged), I’m honored my quote was included.  Keep up the excellent work Stef!

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