Sarcastic Gamer Raises $115K for Charity

Last month GamePolitics covered Sarcastic Gamer’s Extra Life marathon, a charity event held for the benefit of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Despite tough economic times, Sarcastic Gamer now reports that gamers came through in a huge way, with $115,000 raised. A joint press release issued by the hospital and the website gives more details:

Thanks to your support, over $115,000 was raised to fight pediatric cancer.  The funds raised will help provide critical dollars for research in childhood cancer as well as provide support to the families and patients being treated at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.  And hopefully everyone had fun at the same time!

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    Jack Wessels says:

    And ol’ what’s-his-face wouldn’t even shell out a tenth of that. Good thing those "extortionists" came through.


    -"A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject." -Sir Winston Churchill

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    Flamespeak says:

    Gaming related fund raisers have been raising good bank for charities.

    The PS3 is helping find the cure for cancer.

    During rough economic times, the video game industry has kept money flowing into the economy.

    I wonder why people still hate the industry and the players…….

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    Zevorick says:

    Well, for that analogy to hold water, video games would have to cause cancer in the first place

    about 5 minutes into the Fox news Fair and Balanced coverage of this story.

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    Zevorick says:

    Is it wrong that I read nothing but sarcasm in that statement?

    Seriously though, good job. I’d love to see how much of that is going to research and how much is going towards treatment though. I think more research needs to be done, and it can get very expensive to try novel approaches.

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    krotoslol says:

    Aw, that’s nice. I hope those kids live a long life.

    =========================================================================== Jack Thompson is vanquished!!!

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