Fix This: Wait Times Render Some WoW Servers Unplayable

Like millions of other WoW fans, I eagerly awaited last week’s release of the Wrath of the Lich King WoW expansion. But this one should perhaps be named Wrath of the Server Queue, instead. Players attempting to log on at the most popular times may find themselves queued for up to two hours.

On the Mal’Ganis server, this has happened to me several times already, and Lich King has been out for less than a week. Judging from posts on the official WoW forum, many other players are frustrated by this turn of events as well. The queues are particularly annoying given that, in addition to the expansion’s $39.99 price tag, gamers are paying a $15 per month subscription fee for their accounts.

Most Lich King buyers certainly expected to play, not wait in line, for their money.

The release of the much-anticipated WoW expansion has undoubtedly led to the reactivation of numerous dormant WoW accounts (like mine), but Blizzard needs to adapt to the influx and make adequate server provisions. Yes, they have offered some limited options to transfer one’s character to a less populated server for free (normally this service costs $25), but it’s not enough to deal with the crush of would-be adventurers.

Blizzard is raking in the greenbacks, as they deserve to for fine products like WoW and Lich King. But consumers deserve to play when they want.

Blizzard needs to fix this.

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  1. Wolvenmoon says:

    11 million times 15 dollars a month equals enough money to EASILY expand ALL realms by at least 11% capacity each month and still rake in 100 million.

    You can come to other conclusions yourself.

  2. Arkana07 says:

    Well…WOW has like what 10 or 11 million subscriptions.  Now, let’s say there are at least 10 million playing.  That is a lot of people.  Now, for anyone that has played wow for a long time, it was like this witht he last expansion also.  Just give it a little while for people to get bored or frustrated and start playing less.  If anything, blizzard is doing it’s best to handle the situation without going in and forcing people to transfer or delete characters or whatever else may be.

  3. lordlundar says:

    and Lich King has been out for less than a week.

    I would say that herein lies the problem. You have people grinding out all the new content because it’s new and fresh. Give it a little bit of time and it should stabilize.

    Yes, I know it sucks, and your rant is well deserved, but a little patience goes a long way.

  4. Attack_Gypsy says:

    Funny, I haven’t seen a single queue on mine, ever. Since it opened. Of course, its considered a low population server. That’s one of the reasons I started playing on Venture Co.

    ~The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. ~ Benjamin Franklin

  5. nighstalker160 says:

    I’m gonna keep my horde character on Doomhammer (my friends play horde there).  But I’m probably gonna transfer my alliance character.

    I just signed up for WoW a couple of months ago and don’t play too much so this doesn’t bug me that much. But it does seem like that should have known this was coming and done a LITTLE more prep.

  6. Mendror says:

    Because of my work schedule and sleep time I usualy play after midnight *I work swing shifts 2pm to 10:30pm so I don’t get to bed until around 4am to 5am sometimes 6 if I’m in the mood and wake up around 12:30*

    So I encounter no Que none at all!

  7. alex encandar says:

     My old server is Kel’Thuzad (US), I took the free transfer after friday night their was a queue of 2200 people to get in. I eventually did but only after 1 hour 40 minutes of waiting.

    I intend to transfer back eventually because I am a proud member of the server, and have been since day one of WoW. Anyways, while I know blizzard deserves all the success they’ve achieved and have done exceptionally well compared to how other MMO developers treat their player base, I really would like to see them invest a little more of their profits into improving their infrastructre hehe.

  8. Arcanagos says:

    Heh, if any of you are thinking of paid transferring, Zuluhed is still a ghost town… come there, I need someone to do Utgarde Keep with 😛

  9. the1jeffy says:

    LOL.  Jephaer, here, Medivh.  Peak times are 30-40 minute waits, and we are a premier PVE server.  2 hours?  Yeah right.  Where are you getting that info?  QQ posts on the WoW boards?  If your server has 2 hours waits, then your server has got a xfer available (likely FREE).  Yes, coordinating xfers sucks, but how else do you suggest Blizzard handles this?

    Enforced server splits?  Even less consumer friendly.  NO thanks.

    The trouble is, your complaint is aimed at the wrong place.  Blizzard has put into place avenues to allievate the queues.  You either don’t want to switch, or want others to do so.  

    Get in line early.  That’s what I do.  Or, since my wife has been getting up early for her work, I get up early and play then, and get to bed early, too.  The same thing happened for the BC xpac.  In 2 – 3 months, this won’t be an issue.

    All the complaints about the queue are long on crying and short on solutions.  Blizzard put the power to fix the queues in gamers’ hands, what else do you want?

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  10. sirdarkat says:

    I have to agree a company that gets 15 dollars each month per subscribers and claims to have millions of subscribers should be able to afford an infastructure that makes google go DAMN.  Instead they skimp on the Infrastructure and figure screw you guys you will lay down your money and take it cause we’re Blizzard and we’re the Gamer’s Gaming Company RIGHT … yeah thats what I thought.  Frankly when WoW went the way of EQ with their "epic raids" i went the way of the Mammoth as a subscriber.

  11. Zevorick says:

    I swear to God if they make me pay for 2.0 for Diablo III I’m going to Pirate the game in protest!

  12. Derovius says:

    50,000? Try 5,000. EVE-Online can handle disgusting amounts of people on a single cluster, so everyone is in a single persistant world. They are also smaller than WoW in terms of funding AND Icelandic in origin. If Blizzard coded their infrastructure correctly, there would be no lines to get on the server.

     Instead they have gotten away with being lazy and are still getting paided as more and more suckers get in line after paying $49.95 for the newest update AND their month subscriptions. Its criminal I say, but bonus points to Blizzard for screwing people over and having them beg for more.

  13. neoSpider says:

    Okay, Mr./Ms. Iknowbetterthanblizzard, what do you expect them to do? Servers can only manage so many people. If a typical server can optimumally handle 50,000 players, due processing/bandwidth constraints, how the hell do you make it handle twice as many without degrading the gameplay for a player (e.g.; extreme lag)?

  14. Awol says:

    What really gets me is Blizzard should know by now that they need to handle influx of players with each major patch/upgrade. When WoW first launched it was understandable that they didn’t foresee the mass horde of players running their way. But after Burning Crusade they have no excuse and should of had something in place to handle the number of people that would be running back. Thankfully I’m on a realm that doesn’t have a large wait time but its still there (from what people been telling me my realm always has a queue for the past year or so)

  15. Derovius says:

     Yeah, that pretty much happened to me to with WO; I just get bored of all mmorpg’s quickly, so I thought it was an issue with me versus the game. On the upside the content itself in WO is much more amusing; slutty elves and "Soccer brawla" Orcs were quite amusing.

  16. gamepolitics says:

    Actually, D, I’ve been in and out of Warhammer Online already. Loved it at first but it just could not hold my interest.

    I’m told that I’m not alone in that view.

    On the other hand, I’ve gotten bored with WoW at times as well. Hadn’t played since June until Lich King came out. But I have been playing it off and on since the Nov. 2004 launch, so it’s like anold friend in some ways.

  17. Derovius says:

     Serves you right for being one of the sheep GP. Shame on you. Now go sign up for Warhammer Online and enjoy the quality MMORPG experience.

  18. SinisterInfant says:

    I don’t get it.  What is it you think Blizzard can do?  If a bunch of people want to play on your realm then the server ques are the only way to make it work.  Its not like they can just plug in a new hard drive and increase the available space in the realm.  A realm can only reasonably hold so many people and if more then that number are in the realm then you have to wait till space become available. 

    If you want to play immeadiatly then you transfer your character or start a new one on a realm that is less poplulated.  Are you expecting them to offer free transfers for everyone to everywhere?  HA!

  19. Alevan says:

    Why do I take an evil delight to this article? Probably because this game was the reason why I broke up with my boyfriend…

    I hope he’s waiting four hours. >_> But that’s just me. I hope things get better for you though, GP!

    Amy Levandoski

  20. sirdarkat says:

    I like Warhammer they could have done better and there are a few areas I would change but over all its a good game … a game I really liked was Age of Conan but I could only take so much crashing and being told it was my fault and not their code before I said screw you guys Im going home (or to a different game in this case).

  21. hellfire7885 says:

    Eh, I don’t care for PVP anyway.

    People should really just enjoy their games and not get on others for liking soemthign they may not care for.

  22. Derovius says:

     Spoken like someone whose not tried the game; you glare down your nose at WO as being a WoW clone, but than praise DAoC. WO was developed by the same company (plus now EA) that made DAoC, fool.

     WO is WoW without the suck-ass cartoony feel; its made for people who want to have fun from level 1, not grind for 6 months to a year to than have fun.

     PVP? Yes please; I can go and kill people the minute I’m out of the character manager in WO, and do pretty good to.

  23. -Jes- says:

    He’s really just saying "Go from pot to kettle. It’s SO much better".

    ..Nevermind that WoW servers have always been atrociously subpar in terms of power to it’s mmo predecessors (hence the pathetic active players count), but did WO really have to mimick it THAT much? Just putting itself up for failure.

    *sigh* When will MMO designers stop parroting WoW’s gameplay in the hopes for success, when in truth it was the outrageously aggressive marketing that has carried WoW forth on the wave of glory?!

    Games like Anarchy Online, Lineage2, SWG-PreCU and DAo Camelot all made decent playerbases despite being obscure titles. Now imagine if those had gotten the same advertising space as WoW did..

  24. Pinworm says:

     Don’t be ridiculous. A lawsuit for what? Too many people playing their game? You chose to agree to their rules which do not gaurantee you will be able to play if you choose to roll on a highly populated server. Did you all not see this problem coming? WHy did not go Medium or Low pop? 

    You jumped into the firing line here.


    Also, would any of you really prefer the alternative? Everyone gets in right away and then you get to deal with massive lag and down time when their servers crash because they can’t handle it? Blizzard doesn’t exactly have a choice here, there’s only so much they can do.

  25. Tony says:

    Yeah I’ve never had to queue in 2 years, but then I didn’t try to create a character in the most populated servers.  Even on the night of the release there was no queue.

    If it’s *that* bad there are always ways to move.  I’ve seen whole guilds move together to other servers so it’s not impossible to coordinate even with your freinds.


  26. hellfire7885 says:

    They’re offering free realm changes to help alleviate this, however, I can understand some won’t wish to move as they likely have friends or are very entrenched in that realm

  27. aydae says:

    10 to 20 minutes? I would be downright pleased with a 10-20 minute wait. In high traffic times, my realm (Doomhammer) has queues of near or over 1500, which takes well over an hour, probably closer to wo.

  28. Zerodash says:

    My server (Arathor) has had queues of 10-20 min since Wrath launched.  I know a few servers have free character transferrs, but I bet Blizzard will hold off rolling out any others until things settle down.  I can deal with it for about a week after the expansion, but after that I want a free transfer.

  29. gamepolitics says:

    yes, the transfer options are limited at this time, and it’s difficult to coordinate a mass movement of friends, guildies, etc.

  30. Archgabe says:

    I would love to move to a less populated server if they were offering the transfer for my server.  I guess I will just have to wait the hour and a half after I get home tonight.

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