Did Jack Thompson Lose Weight? He Looks About $42K Lighter

As part of Jack Thompson’s permanent disbarment by the Florida Supreme Court, the anti-game crusader was also ordered to pay $43,675. The figure represents the Florida Bar’s cost to prosecute Thompson’s case.

That amount was later reduced to $42,525 by the Bar. It now seems that Thompson has paid up.

As Duke Nukem would say, That’s gotta hurt…

This piece of Thompson news comes – as it so often does – by way of Thompson himself. The ex-attorney circulated an e-mail today complaining that the Florida Supreme Court had not yet cashed his check:

Dear Chief Justice Quince:

Please advise today what you and the Court have done with my check for $42,525.27 that was sent you on November 6 to be held in trust by the Supreme Court.  

I find today, in talking with my bank, that the check has not been negotiated.  I’m not paying any interest on this amount.  You all had it from me on the date it was due.  

Regards, Jack Thompson

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  1. NotSoHardcoreGamer says:

    Which only goes to show how much more ignorant as a lawyer Jack is than we suspected.

    I can’t believe how much Jack believes the world revolves around him.  What makes him think the courts have to personally focus on his check when he pays it and have to rush it before all other processes and payments in the judicial system?

  2. NotSoHardcoreGamer says:

    He can’t save you if you don’t want saving.  The first step to salvation is admitting your wrongs.

    On your part:  No repentance for wrongs (that were documented all over the place and proven in a court of law).  No gentleness.  No humility.  No innocence like doves.

    What did Christ say?  He said God wants "kindness, not sacrifice."

    You can believe in the Lord all you want, but at the end of the day, it was gamers like the cool folks of Penny Arcade who set up a volunteer-work charity for kids, and not you, Mr. Disbarred In-Denial Attorney.

    The only thing we get from you are invectives saying how much better you are morally than us gamers, though you certainly don’t act like a good, moral person.

    You’re not a Christian.  You’re the kind of guy who, had he lived around two thousand years ago, would have called for Christ’s crucifixion.  You’re a modern-day Pharisee, too caught up on your bloated moral ego to actually do what’s moral.

  3. tollwutig says:

     The 42K may not be tax deductible, but if it’s in an interest earning account, the interest sure is.  

  4. Adamas Draconis says:

    Sheep? *Drools* Sorry, been on the PETA story and thinking about lamb chops.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  5. Kincyr says:

    I have a savior in Jesus Christ.  Do you?  Jack Thompson

    you can’t have a savior in someone whose teachings you don’t follow

    "And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also. And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain." – Jesus, as he commanded in Matthew 5:40-41

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  6. Kincyr says:

    well one thing Jesus would do is pay twice what the courts charge him. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus commands: "And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also. And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain." (Matthew 5:40-41)

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  7. Unruly says:

    I imagine Stewey Griffin doing this bit without the laughing, but making his voice higher every time like he does when he talks about Brian’s book.

    So how’s that disbarment case going? *normal*

    Definitely winning it, right? *higher*

    Got that ace up your sleeve as always, do you? *higher*

    Gonna… Gonna stick it to the video game industry again? *even higher*

    Not gonna lose your license to practice law, right? *highest*

    Yea, you’re gonna win… *normal*


  8. AgnostoTheo says:

    Since you’re so fond of quotes, here’s one, Jack. "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -Ghandi.

    I won’t go into religious attacks at this point. It’d leave you in a puddle of your own tears.

    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  9. DavCube says:

    Seems you still can’t grasp that having religion as a motivator exempts you from your own conduct, and using it as an excuse only pours gas on the flames.

    That’s something you should have learned in law school. One of many things you’ve forgotten thanks to this obsession of yours. I’d say I feel sorry for you, but that would be giving you too much credit for what you’ve done over the years.

  10. DavCube says:

    Mr. Thompson, once again, the comments policy is in a NAMED LINK directly aboce the subject box. For the love of your God, READ IT.

  11. Baruch_S says:

    Jack, from one Christians to another, your tactics have been far from Christ-like. If you really do follow Christ, I’d suggest you step back and consider what you’ve been doing and how you’ve been doing it. Remember when Christ said to love your enemies? Perhaps you should try to show love to the gaming community. You can still be as anti-game as you want, just be more respectful about it. People won’t agree with you, but they might start to respect you and your beliefs if you show some kindness and respect to them.

    If you can’t step back, examine your actions, and begin to focus more on being kind  instead of promoting your agenda with hate and slander, I ask that you stop claiming to be a Christian. Christianity already gets a bad rap; it doesn’t need more people using it as to spread hate-filled messages. Disagree with gamers if you want, but do it without the name-calling and try to at least respect their ideas even if you disagree with them.

  12. black manta says:

    I read those comments too.  I’m not really all that surprised.  Like I said once, Jack’s bound to find his own little group of sheeple on there who share his deluded, reactionary worldview.  It’s all a matter of statistics, really.  Personally, I wouldn’t even bother posting on there myself ans it’s plain to see they’e all just as crazy as he is.  It’s the Eagle Forum (which ought to be classified as a hate group if you know anything about them and Phyllis Schlafly) so what do you expect? 

  13. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    I have a savior in Jesus Christ.  Do you?  Jack Thompson

    I doubt that, buddy. If Jesus is really the Son of God and, like His Father, has been looking down on us and has been watching the entirety of the world since His ascension, don’t you think He would’ve seen what you’ve done? I seriously doubt He’s on your side.

    But even if he is (extremely doubtful), there’s still this: Yeah, you might…but you don’t have a law degree, do you?

    Game on, brothers and sisters.

  14. Adamas Draconis says:

    Actually Jackie, trying to bring your religion into a discusion that has nothing to do with it. Especially in such an antagonistic manner is begging for a smackdown.

     Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  15. LAG - Law Abiding Gamer says:

    What really gets me is that people like that actually think they’re free at all.  Last I checked, freedom included the right to disagree (and to wear a towel on your head, maybe?), as long as you don’t inhibit the rights of others.  What people like this are trying their best to do is to associate disagreement with their points of view with a completely imagined inhibition of rights that is not supported by any facts.  They just start screaming "[insert ‘liberal’ cause] is gonna TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS!" regardless of whether or not there is any factual basis for their claim.  It’s the same crap that Limbaugh, Fox Noise, O’Really, and the other Deep Right mouthpieces have used for years to keep their cronies in power.  It’s not freedom, it’s tyranny (look it up Jack).

    You’re right Vash-HT, Jack’s found his true calling on that site.  All 178 people who actually frequented that site prior to the GP direct links share the same distorted view of reality as Jack.

    ***Homicide-free video gaming since 1972!***

  16. Mr. Stodern says:

    Way to not answer the question.

    And to answer yours, I can save myself. I suppose Jesus is going to help you get your license back? That’d be awfully nice of him, since I’m sure there’s plenty of other people who need his assistance far more than you do. Like the people who don’t have $40,000+ to spare.

  17. mogbert says:

    Nope, sorry.

    Not going to give any web traffic or hits to a site which thought you would be a good choice as a writer. Shows a lack of common sense and moral fiber (perhaps a match made in heaven?).

    In the meantime, you COULD consider stopping playing the martyr card. You aren’t being put upon, you aren’t being persecuted, and everything that has happened to you has been of your own making. It would behoove you to look back upon your life and see what you could have done differently to have been successful in what you wanted to do. They say hindsight is 20/20 and there is no amount of good luck that foolishness can’t squander and no amount of bad luck that proper preperation could not over come.

  18. nightwng2000 says:

    Hey, John Bruce!  Have you emailed Dennis and the media at large letting them know you’re suffering from a severe case of Deja Vu from the wrist slapping you got today?  Or are you going to avoid it like you always do?


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

  19. Attack_Gypsy says:

    Nice article, Jack. So, now you’re a student of the Ann Coulter School of debate? Because that article sounds like one she’d write. Right down to the "Obama is a Muslim" line. (Ok, not quite that line. But it was close.)


    ~The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. ~ Benjamin Franklin

  20. Erik says:

    Sorry, no interest in the tripe on that conservative rag.  Especially your tripe.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  21. Adamas Draconis says:

    The same kind of dumbass that actually believed the "If you disagree, you are anti-american and support the terrorists." crap.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  22. Vash-HT says:

    DId anyone read the article Jack posted? The comments ont here are by absolute whackjobs lol. listen to this one, which was in response to a liberal who dared post on their site:

    "Charles, Ohio
    I suppose when the towel heads show up at your door to kill you you will then just have to shut up and take it. What people don’t seem to remember is that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. You need to take a walk around Arlington some time. Maybe then you will wake up and think God that there were conservatives that understood that the only freedoms we have are the ones that were fought for."

    I actually LOL’d at work when I read this, what kind of dumbass thinks that they’ll opent heir door and a terrorist will be standing there waiting to kill you lmao.

  23. Keddren says:

    I learned that you’re not any better a "journalist" than you are a lawyer.

    But then, you write for the same shithole that publishes Ann Coulter’s insanity, so contgrats on that.  I guess.

  24. SeattleMan says:


    I wonder…

    If the check and letter were submitted under the guise of a court filing, wouldn’t they be required to reject it? The delay might be deciding whether or not the letter constitutes a legal filing, in which case accepting the check would mean violating their own order. Mr. Thompson has already shown his complete disregard for that order ever since it was issued, including his ‘demand’ for the itemized costs affidavit that was mentioned in the letter that was included with the check.

    Trying for a small win on a technicality? That’s not just good, it’s Thompsonesque!

  25. nekusagi says:

    Wait, Jack.

    Did you just SERIOUSLY call someone an SOB? You DO realize what SOB stands for, right? It’s not Super Observant Buddhist or Superman’s Only Buddy, that’s for sure.

    Your hypocrisy is showing, Mr. God Fearing Christian. WWJD, indeed. People like you sicken me and need to gtfo my religion, because it’s people like you who give it a bad name.

  26. JDKJ says:

    Will do. My apologies for pushing the envelope. And since the post to which it responds was itself deleted (thereby rendering it nonsensical), feel free to delete my post.

  27. Andrew Eisen says:

    AE: Just a note to everyone: no threats please.  Playful barbs are okay and the above comment is pretty tongue-in-cheek so I’ll leave it be but please keep the comments policy in mind when posting.  Thanks.

  28. Adamas Draconis says:

    And here folks is the preview of yet another Thompson failure!


    EDIT: Since it got deleted I guess I should say: Behold! The fruits of yet another Thompson Failure!

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  29. Erik says:

    First off, the massive font and all caps makes you look like a retarded child.  Secondly, you have claimed other such laws to be bulletproof.  That is right before they were shot down for being unconstitutional.  Really I’m going to have to go with past experience on this one.

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  30. JDKJ says:

    While there’s all that pushing going on, how about a big one for you off a tall cliff?

    JDKJ, Attorney Admitted to Multiple Jurisdictiions . . . And You’re Not!!

  31. Adamas Draconis says:

    Jackie Jackie Jackie. You realize that lovely letter quite possibly was G-13ed unopened because the mail clerk got tired of seeing your name on an envelope that was delivered and hearing "dear God not THAT asshole again?!" when he put it on the desk don’t you?"

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  32. Adamas Draconis says:

    Calling Jackie Boi crazy is like calling water wet. Perfectly redundant.

    But don’t cry Jackie Boi, I still Wuv you!

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  33. Adamas Draconis says:

    Now Now Now.Lets not drag his mother into this since we don’t know her. The proper term is "Self-made SOB"

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  34. JDKJ says:

    Good to know that you’re gainfully employed. How many articles to Human Events equal $42,000 in payments from them to you? More than a few, I’d imagine.

    JDKJ, Attorney Admitted to Practice in Multiple Jurisdictions and Who Therefore Hasn’t Been Reduced to Blogging on Some Obscure Right-Wing Rag . . . And You’re Not!!

  35. jadedcritic says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and defend the devil for a minute after reading that letter he posted.He’s got a right to a definitive judgement regarding how much he owes. If he’s got one source telling him he owes X, and one source telling him he owes Y;  he’s well within his rights to say, "So which one is it?"

    Where he loses me, is he’s handling it in typical thompson style.  Instead of keeping it civil he’s making threats, accusing everyone (but him) of wrong doing, and just generally being a jerk.

    However, honestly, the principle is sound.  It’s not unreasonable to expect the courts to tell him one way or the other, "You owe X."

    "Even if it was online gaming that somehow inspired him to kill his parents, he must have realised at some point that they wouldn’t drop any good loot." – GP member, Doomsong

  36. black manta says:

    Jack, the only thing I have ever learned from you is how much of a hateful, evil, self-rightous, intolerant, narrow-minded, bigoted douchebag you are and how a professional lawyer shouldn’t act!

  37. DavCube says:

    You dodged a bullet, Mr. Thompson, but must i copy and paste the tiny, less-than-a-page comments policy for you to read AGAIN?

  38. DavCube says:

    What AE said. How can he lie about something if he said absolutely nothing about it?

    Oh right, you make impossible deadlines saying ‘Drop whatever you’re doing right now and do this in the next 10 minutes or i’ll know you’ll lie about it.’

    You’re crazy.

  39. Zevorick says:

    "Read it.  You might learn something"

    Well then, we certainly know that this weeks article isn’t about ethics.

  40. ConnorM5 says:

    …He’s a lying SOB…. Govern yourself accordingly.


    Havent we been saying that about you for years? My how the tables do turn and the (not so) mighty do fall.

  41. JDKJ says:

    Which effectively means that Patricia (in her federal tax bracket) had to earn close to $80,000 in order to clear the $42,000 post-tax.

    JDKJ, Attorney Admitted to Practice in Multiple Jurisdictions . . . And You’re Not!!

  42. JDKJ says:

    I have a law degree (Juris Doctor). I’ve had it for some time, now. And I think I can do you one better: I have an active license to practice law. Do you?

    JDKJ, Attorney Admitted to Practice in Multiple Jurisdictions . . . And You’re Not!!

  43. Derovius says:

     Why do American conservative websites always ellicit images of the throngs of matching Germans at the Nuremburg demonstrations…

  44. Derovius says:

     The Government is not a business, so by paying by cheque you also flag that bank account as your property. If the bank bounces the cheque, the revenue service can latch onto it and bleed it dry of whatever it has. So he loses either way.

  45. DavCube says:

    I have been, thank you. How about you spend more time there and less time here talking to us people you said should be legally executed? That’s what people with a job SHOULD do.

  46. michelleobamarama says:

    They don’t know whether to cash it for the reasons provided in my Nov. 6 letter to Quince that McCauley decided to lie about. 

    AE: A bit tough for GP to lie about something he never reported on, wouldn’t you say?

  47. michelleobamarama says:

    The Chief Justice is the one who has to decide to put the check into an escrow account, not the clerk.  When you get a law degree, let me know.

  48. nightwng2000 says:

    Oh, I’ve learned quite a bit.  But not from that biased, incompetant, non-journalist garbage you spew.

    That big Federal Case of yours was a great education.  If I ever decide to earn a degree in justice, I’ll be sure to print out every single one, and hang them up on my bulletin board under the heading "The Do’s And Don’ts Of Good Legal And Judicial Practice", right under the subheading of "Don’ts!".

    You’re a great help to future attornies, John Bruce.  The perfect example of what NOT to do as an attorney if they want to have a good, honorable, ethical, intelligent career.


    (And, yes, I’m laughing AT you, not WITH you.)


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

  49. michelleobamarama says:

    This is not tax deductible.  You’re so ignorant you could be a Florida Supreme Court Justice.

  50. michelleobamarama says:

    There is way more to it than that.  Dennis McCauley has had the below letter since November 6.  This letter explains the problem, but Dennis McCauley is such a lying SOB that he posts this "article" here ignoring the failure of The Bar to prove how much I owe.  Jack Thompson

    The Honorable Peggy Quince
    Chief Justice, Florida Supreme Court
    *EZK: Snipped Contact Information*
    Re: “Costs”
    Dear Chief Justice Quince:
    Enclosed please find a check in the amount of $42,525.27 to be held in trust by the Supreme Court in light of the problem, as related below, caused by The Florida Bar not by me:
    Months ago, The Florida Bar’s Orlando prosecutor Sheila Tuma swore, in a Cost Affidavit, that I owe The Bar $43,675.35 in “costs” incurred for the pleasure of being disbarred. I formally moved the Referee for an itemized Costs Affidavit and proof thereof in the form of receipts and other authenticating documents, and I was illegally denied that proof, as the Referee denied me, illegally, any opportunity to take discovery of and from the affiant.   Based upon this latest denial of due process by The Bar, the Florida Supreme Court issued its September 25, 2008, Disbarment Order reciting the $43,675.35 figure.
    Then, lo and behold, Sheila Tuma on October 27, two days after the Disbarment Order was to be effective, executed the enclosed documents which unilaterally change, without explanation, the $43,675.35 figure to $42,525.27. They have been filed with the Supreme Court, as your docket proves. I have days ago sent you this docket information, with no response from the Court and of course no response from the incommunicado signer of the false affidavit. There are a number of problems with this, which should be obvious even to the Board of Governors and other officials at The Bar:
    1. We all now have a Florida Supreme Court Disbarment Order that recites a dollar figure that is different from what The Bar now says is owed. This renders the Disbarment Order void. There has to be a new Order reflecting the new amount, which you and the Justices, for some reason, have decided not to issue. The practical problem is that you have ordered me to pay an amount that The Bar itself now says is wrong.
    2. Another problem, which The Bar and apparently your Court wish to ignore, is that this changing of affidavits underscores the unfairness of commanding me to pay an amount that has now proven to be false. This suggests the obvious question: In what other ways may the “Costs” amount be flawed or even phonied up? There are two line items on the Affidavit that cry out for itemization: Nearly eight thousand dollars for non-itemized “travel costs” and more than eight thousand dollars in “miscellaneous costs” including “witness fees.” I’m sorry to point this out, but such a non-itemized “Final Affidavit of Costs” violates our own Bar Rules and would not pass the giggle test in any court in this state.
    So, Chief Justice, with all respect for the Rule of Law, and in fact because of my adherence to it, even in the face of your Bar’s utter disregard of it, I am enclosing a check in the lesser of the two amounts, and I am indeed instructing you that this check must be held in trust, only to be disbursed to The Florida Bar if and when it provides valid and validated documentation as to what the “costs” really are. 
    As you know, a Request for Production has been served, days ago, upon The Florida Bar in my federal civil rights lawsuit, Case No. 08-22603, U. S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. The Bar could have produced this documentation by now, and this need to place these funds in trust could have been avoided. 
    As you know, I don’t even need to send you a check in the lesser of the two amounts, because of the patent disharmony between The Bar’s latest sworn statement and this Court’s order. The former renders the latter void. However, the last thing I am going to do is rely upon The Bar and this Supreme Court to do the right thing, in that or any other regard. I would have to be an idiot to trust this Court to acknowledge that I have the right not to send even the lesser of the two amounts pending the entry of a new order.
    Further, I am not going to be held accountable for the accrual of any interest allegedly owed on this lesser or any other amount. The check was and is due on November 10, per Mr. Marvin’s kind letter informing me that interest does not begin to accrue unless the check is not received by November 10. Fine, you now have it, and as the overseer of the very Bar that refuses to prove the basis for the amount, you are charged with holding it in trust because of this latest screw-up by your Bar .
    Any disbursement of these enclosed trust funds to The Bar or to anyone else prior to documented proof as what the “costs” really are and should be will be treated as a serious breach of your and the Justices duties under our state’s Judicial Canons.
    One more thing: Know further that The Bar’s abject refusal, for months now, to prove up the basis for these “costs,” followed now by their admission that their sworn affidavit was false and the result of a “scrivener’s error,” only serves to further confirm how out of control and lawless this Bar has been toward me and others. By way of my federal lawsuit I intend to prove just this, get all of my money back, plus interest, and get back my right to practice law in this state.
    Please confirm in writing into what trust account these funds have been placed.  Rules and laws are for everyone, including this Court.
    Regards, Jack Thompson
     *EZK: I am letting this letter stay as it is regarding the topic at hand.*


  51. tollwutig says:

     The only reasons why I could see him doing such an idiotic thing is:

    1) He has lost it

    2) He hopes to stop payment on the check or call his bank and say it’s fraudulent.  

    3) He doesn’t really have the money and he is going to use it to declare bankruptcy to get out of payment.

  52. jadedcritic says:

    No sympathy – he reaps the whirlwind; Besides, I’ll put it to you another way. If the tables had been turned, and Jack had somehow won a 42K judgement against the ECA, do you suppose he would spare an OUNCE of sympathy??  Under those circumstances I’d be shocked if he wasn’t all over this site gloating onto high heaven.

    "Even if it was online gaming that somehow inspired him to kill his parents, he must have realised at some point that they wouldn’t drop any good loot." – GP member, Doomsong

  53. JDKJ says:

    Nightwng raised the same question about Jack’s absence from Human Events. I suspect that Jack was only on assignment to cover the meeting of Governors in Miami (not a bad choice considering that he’s already in Miami by virtue of residence). When the meeting ended, so, too, did Jack’s assignment.

  54. 1AgainstTheWorld says:

    He’s just lonely writing his right-wing blog from home, and wants attention.  Poor little goblin.

  55. jccalhoun says:

    Do they even take personal checks?  When I got a traffic ticket recently I had to pay with a money order or certified check.  So would the court take a personal check?  Admittedly I’m in a different state but it would seem odd if they would take personal checks.



  56. mogbert says:

    That still isn’t as good as:

    "I’m getty mighty tired of you ducking me, man. Where’s my money? Where’s my money, man? Where’s my money? You got money for buy fake staches, huh?…" etc.

  57. txshurricane says:

    It’s Jack’s own fault for using a personal check instead of a cashier’s check. I would never hand over a personal check in that amount, especially to a court.

  58. black manta says:

    Well, he certainly paid that off pretty quickly.  I’m kind of disappointed myself; I was kind of hoping that this would be a long, drawn-out, agonizing process for him.  Kind of like walking down a wide road in the middle of nowhere, stopping every five steps to crack yourself in the eyeball with a hammer.

    And the road is a million miles long.

    And the hammer is made of wank.


    Also, I can no longer seem to find Jack’s articles on Human Events, and he’s not on their list of contributors.  Think they may have booted him already?

  59. Attack_Gypsy says:

    From my experience, checks being handled by the Court in any way take quite a bit of time to be cashed. If they got it on the 6th, and today being the 20th, that’s only 2 weeks, that’s not a real long time. I had a parking ticket that took a month and a half to cash once.

    I don’t know specifics, but it seems like checks to the Court seem to go through alot of different hands before being presented to the Bank. This is also a very large check, so there is probably some special scrutiny going on as well, due to our wonderful Department of Homeland Security.


    ~The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. ~ Benjamin Franklin

  60. JDKJ says:

    You raise a good point. Numbskull’s just being his usual self-aggrandizing, schmuck-like self by even writing to the Chief Justice about his check. As if, when the woman’s not hearing oral arguments in death penalty cases, she’s processing court cost payments. The Court has a Clerk, Thomas Hall, who is responsible for these sorts of administrative issues.

  61. tollwutig says:

     Checks this large actually go through extra scrutiny with Federal regulation before the funds get transferred.  

    He is also dealing with a Government agency, which adds in to the delay.  The Clerk of Court will file the check and mark the date it was received, and that will prevent JT from paying fines.   The Clerk will then turn the check over to the Cashier for processing.   Depending on the volume of checks the Cashier may or may not take deposits to the Government’s Bank for several days.   

    Once the Check is actually at a Bank, most likely the Cashier dropped the check off in a deposit bag in a business drop off box.   These deposit bags don’t actually get opened in Banks themselves, they are shipped to a central processing facility where they are opened and all of the deposits get entered.    The check number will then be entered into a computer along with the amount.

    Now, due to Federal Regulation mentioned above a check this size will trigger a mandatory waiting period to make sure the check is not part of some form of fraud.    Also the courts bank will quiry JTs bank to determine if the funds are available.    JT’s bank also put a waiting period before transferring the funds out of his account to make sure there is no fraud involved. 

    Of course everything above it completely out of the Chief Justice’s hands and he doesn’t even know anything of it.  This is an area of accountants not lawyers.  So basically JT is complaining to the wrong person.

    Additionally JT could have very well avoided this entire problem if he had just gotten a Certified Check from his Bank.   I don’t know of any Bank that would charge a client for one when they have 42k in the account, and the funds would have immediately been transferred out of his account.    The court also would have been able to process the check quicker because the funds are garunteed by the Bank, not the account holder.

    I think the reason JT is in a hurry to get these funds out of his accounts if probably for Tax reasons.  Pretty sure JT’s tax return won’t look quite as good if he closes out ’08 with an additional 42k in his accounts.


  62. Adamas Draconis says:

    180 days from the date on the check. Some banks also, when a check is in a large amount, "Hold" the check while it contacts the bank that said check is written on to ensure that the funds are available for transfer. (Contrary to popular belief, a transfer of a large sum of money isn’t done immediately, it usually takes about a week.)

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  63. BearDogg-X says:

    They can also go to his bank to cash the check to see if the funds are there. That’s actually faster than waiting for their bank to negotiate the funds.

    Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Hornets, Jack Thompson can geaux chase a chupacabra.

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  64. JDKJ says:

    Checks have a lifespan greater than 12 -13 days (more like 6 months, generally) and the recipient of a check is free to negotiate said check anytime they choose within its lifespan. Granted, it may not be considerate to sit on someone’s check for 5 months and 3 weeks, but it’s the bearer’s right to do so, if they so choose.

  65. the1jeffy says:

    Holding a check that large for 12-13 bank days is unprofessional at least and can be a legal liability at worst.  If Jack had to liquidate assests to free up cash (and he probably did), very likely this delay will cost him extra fees.  The Bar is really just opening themselves up to a suit from Thompson to recoup any additional costs.

    You don’t hold a check to see if it clears, you bring the check to your bank and have them negotiate the transfer of funds.  If Jack’s bank hasn’t been contacted in this manner, that means the Bar is just sitting on the check. 

    Now, there’s probably more to it than that, as Jack is never entirely forthcoming.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  66. NovaBlack says:

    lol he said i could quote him on this.

    he said (around 1 week before his disbarrment came into effect) that he would ‘still be a lawyer’ after the big day. apparently we just needed to ‘wait and see’ how there was ‘no chance’ hed actually be disbarred because he had so many ‘smoking guns’.


    well Jack .. im stiiiiiil waiiiiitiiinng!

    DisbarredGuys is so mean. He promises so many little suprises, but never actually delivers. He’s like the anti-santa.


  67. HarmlessBunny says:

    Yup, Jack has them right where he wants them *tries to hold back a snicker*. He stated so many times how within a short time that he’ll be a lawyer again and he won’t pay such a stupid fee. *stiffling the compulsive giggles* That he’ll punish those who…er….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well at least he got them to knock down the price…by a whole 1k out of the 43k (we are clapping for you. Good work there…and nooooo not being sarcastic at all…)

    Well Jack, nice to see you are as accurate as you ever have been. Suck it up and take it like a man finally?

  68. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Aw, stuff it, Dave, it’s funny.


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  69. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    "Don’t most people drop the hammer?"

    Are you talking about the BanHammer?


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  70. nelttab says:

    i will say that i may not like Jack personally…(i could write so much on the subject), but dont worry Jack, if they got your check within the time limit then nothing should happen where they charge you more money…. this comes from personal experience with having to pay the govt. a few times they got my check and they waited like a week sometimes 2 before they cashed it.


  71. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Old habits die hard. He is so used to sending every emial he wrtes to the media that he no longer can tell what is personal and what is professional. It is sad and pathetic that he would air his soiled underwear to the world, evn by accident.

    Or he could be trying to show off that he is being attacked by the Bar and courts because they are withholding the check and not cashing it. It is all part of the conspiracy.

    I think I like the second theory better. It is more Jack like.

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  72. Canary Wundaboy says:

    "Hey…urm…pure shot in the dark, dyu wanna do something sometime?"

    Stewie + Brian = Greatest comedic invention ever.



    Was meant to be a reply above, nvm. Hey Jack, he sucks rite?! >_>

  73. JDKJ says:

    To "negotiate a check" is lawyer-speak for "cashing/depositing a check." Checks have a limited lifetime, usually 3 to 6 months from the date they were issued.  

  74. DavCube says:

    I may not have a checking accout to know every intricate way how they work, but… what ‘negotiations’ would have to be made? And more importantly, can’t they cash the check when they damn well please? Or better yet, with that kind of money, actually deposit it? Or did that little possibility escape Jack’s feeble mind?

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