Police Use Video Game, Beer Goggles to Warn Teens Of DUI Risk

Yesterday GamePolitics reported that police in Australia and Winnipeg engaged in a bit of game bashing by relating stolen cars and reckless road behavior to driving games.

Today, the Peterborough Examiner reports that cops in Ontario are using a driving game in a positive way to help educate high school students about the dangers of drunk driving. Officers there have combined an unspecified game with the shell of an automobile to simulate a real-world driving experience. Students then don "beer goggles" which warp one’s vision in a manner similar to a state of high intoxication. Sgt. John Ogrodnik commented:

If anyone actually did this they would never want to get behind the wheel of their car (while drunk).

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    JustChris says:

    Maybe but they’re still mad fun to use. An Army instructor demonstrated them for health reasons (this was in a JROTC class) and there were a few of them to be shared. Eventually, two students decided to race with them in class, among the long rows of desks. Which was soon followed by some leg-slamming and falling flat on the ground.

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    Kincyr says:

    QFT, although I think the drunk driving mission in GTA:VC had you rushing a friend to a hospital, although Tommy can’t even drive while sober.

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    truthinessadvocate says:

    I seem to remember another video game that involved drunk driving that was highly criticized. Grand Theft something or other… Oh, but I guess that’s drunk driving in a satirical context, so it must have been condoning illegal behavior. Anything police related, on the other hand, is naturally well-intentioned and beneficial.

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    LaxGamer34 says:

    I own a pair of beer goggles, and when I would play GTA IV I’d put them on just for fun. I crashed into just about everything right after I got into a car

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    hayabusa75 says:

    I can apply that same logic to alcohol as well.  My point is that he said smoking only hurts yourself and not those around you, which isn’t a true statement when taken at face value.

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

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    PoisonedV says:

    You can smoke in your home. You can use chewing tobacco. You can use ‘e-cigarettes’. you can use hundreds of other products, or just learn how to avoid throwing smoke in other peoples faces; its not hard

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    hayabusa75 says:

    You do automatically lose your license and you do get fined, to the tune of $2000-$2500 depending on the state you live in.  Add in the cost of work project and alcohol courses and you’re looking at closer to three grand.  Six month license suspension on top of it all, and this is for your 1ST one.  Believe me, the current punishments more than make their point.  Also, it’s important to make distinctions between cases depending on how high your BAC is when you get caught.

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

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    psykoz says:

     That’d be all fine and dandy if we actually lived in a country with decent public transporation and actually did blood tests instead of skewed and artificially low BAC levels based on breathalizers.  Fortunately enough we have corrupt police officials who are lenient because they know their testing tools aren’t accurate.  1 beer is enough to trip a standard breathalizer test.



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    DeepThorn says:

    Agreed…  I never drove drunk, but have drank my night away many times before.  Just because you are drunk doesnt mean you have to be a dumbasses and put other people at risk.

    (BTW: watch jack come in here and say this game will cause drunk driving…  Those stupid dont smoke ads make me want to smoke more, but that only hurts your life, not someone else’s.)

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    JB says:
    Everyone knows driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal. In my opinion if you’re busted for DUI you should automatically loose your license, fined, and only be allowed to apply again after 5 years. And even then there should be restrictions. If you get into an accident and/or kill/injure someone while DUI then it should be all of the above plus jail time and never be allowed to drive again.
    But I wonder what the game is that the police are using? Wii Mario Kart???
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    ConnorM5 says:

    For our DUI lesson in school they put us in a golf cart and put these funky goggles on us. Then said to drive through the cones. Seems to be a better way, in my opinion, but any game that teaches a lesson is a good thing.

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    Chamale says:

    Actually, I’ve heard that when driving drunk in GTA IV, it becomes very hard to control the vehicle at all. Still, this is a really great idea – especially if the police give the drivers videos of their driving experience.

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    Thomas McKenna says:

    This game sounds like it’d be a blast for a while.  Then you’d get too drunk and then the game would just be imba.

    Never going to do it in real life though.  That’s just stupid.

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    mredria says:

    We had a videogame similar to that at our health museum. It was a hit with everyone. It had little martini glasses along the bottom to show your blood alcohol level and it would go up as the game progressed until it was completely impossible to drive.

    -I apologize-

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