GP at Independent Game Conference Today

Posting was a bit light yesterday as I was traveling from Philly to Texas for the Independent Game Conference in Austin.

I’ll be presenting at the conference later today. My ramblings aside, the IGC has some terrific speakers lined up, including Gordon Walton of BioWare Austin, Alex Seropian of Wideload Games and author/developer Sheri Graner Ray (Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market).

It should be a fun day. I’ll try to post a recap later on.

UPDATE: The group which attended my session was an interesting mix. The conference is mostly attended by game developers and game development students. As I traced the nexus between video games and politics for the audience, I was a bit surprised to hear from a couple of attendees who were quite concerned about violence in games. I don’t normally hear that from industry types and I was pleased to see that it kicked off a spirited discussion.

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