Welsh Soccer Fans Miffed at FIFA 09 Snub

The Welsh national team is missing from FIFA 09, and football devotees in Wales aren’t happy about the slight, according to Wales Online.

Welsh soccer fan Noel Davies bemoaned his favorite team’s absence from the pitch: 

I’m a big fan of [manager] John Toshack’s side and I was looking forward to leading the team. I found England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and even New Zealand, but no Wales.


I don’t know why but maybe the people at Fifa no longer see us as a footballing nation and think we are no longer worthy of a place in the game. There are Premiership players in the Welsh team coveted by the top European clubs…


In all seriousness you have to wonder how we are not in the game and yet New Zealand are… In earlier versions of the game they used to have a Wales team. I imagine the market for this game in the UK is huge, so to ignore Wales is ridiculous. There are enough gaming members of the public in Wales. I find it really insulting.

Posts on FIFA 09’s U.K. forums include a petition for Wales to be added to the game.

Ironically, while the national team is M.I.A., the FIFA 09 soundtrack includes a song by Welsh pop music icon Tom Jones.

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    Kamil says:

    Blunders tend to happen and they hurt the fans the most because Welsh fans have great sentiments for their national team which would be the case with almost every other country. But that should not stop us from following this game and watch live football which is a religion to us today.


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    mikese says:

    Either way i still love the game that and pro evolution. They even have a song about playing pro evolution in greece. Football a real sport where you can’t just take steroids and hit a ball further like baseball.

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    Shadow D. Darkman says:

    "See above. Wales has some sort of solipsism distortion field that means it only exists when you actively think about it. Like bisexual English majors."







    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

    AE: No need to take up three screen lengths with a three word comment.

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    ConstantNeophyte says:

    NZ pwns! First we beat you in rugby (hardly fair though considering your side was too scared to move after the haka!), then we make FIFA and you don’t

    -ConstantNeophyte: always the newb, ALWAYS.

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    Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Any idea why Wales was taken out?


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

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    DeepThorn says:

    hahahaha, wow, these guys are AWESOME…  I love any and everyone that EA screws over, because they end up being on my side hating their guts.  That company is so poorly ran…  It used to be the best company to work for until a certain CEO was no longer a part of the company.  I am sorry, EA hasn’t been the same since Trip left.  It was still fine for a few years after, but since 2004 at least, it has started scraping the road like a rusting car.  You can put all the money into the engine and tires you want, but if the body isnt there to keep the people inside safe, it isnt a valuable vehicle.

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    Untouchable says:

    Ah EA, You honestly can’t think that gamers will miss things not being complete after you guys released some good games this year. If it was something minor like some obscure African or european nation then it would be fine, the Welsh aren’t obscure though.


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    Nocturne says:

    Ironically, while the national team is M.I.A., the FIFA 09 soundtrack includes a song by Welsh pop music icon Tom Jones.

    Also the Millenium Stadium is in the game, so the home stadium for the Welsh team is included but not their team, smooth move EA.

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