Panel of UK Teens Blames Knife Violence on Games, Music

In the United States, we generally relate our violence issues to easy access of firearms. In the UK, where guns are harder to come by, knives are the main source of concern.

Perhaps surprisingly, a panel of Merseyside teenagers blamed a wave of British stabbings on violent media, including video games. As reported by the Liverpool Daily Post, the teens suggested that age limits on some games be raised:

Ex-offender Bob Croxton, who’s now an outreach worker with Liverpool’s Criminal Information Bureaux, said his nephew had been stabbed to death at the age of 17.

He asked the panel the best way to tackle knife crime and was told raising the age on films and computer games would stop young people committing crime. It said parents should take care of their children and stop them hanging around the streets all day and night.

The panel responded to questions from officers from Merseyside Police, city councils and other youth and crime agencies. Action for Children, which supports and speaks on behalf of the vulnerable, organised the event as part of a government consultation.

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  1. Harry Miste says:

    8. "They can be addictive"
    So is alcohol. So is drugs. Hell, anything can be addictive in the hands of few. It’s a valid description, but it seems… so centered towards games, as if it was like a drug.

    And, once again, anything can be a drug. JT seems to be addicted to this site, and trolling said site.

    XBOX LIVE GamerTag: Harry Miste | Steam ID: Harry Miste | PSN ID: HMiste | EYE. HAVE. YOU.

  2. Derovius says:

     If anything, games (violent or not) are keeping kids inside and out of trouble. Boredom is the cause of most of this crap, and when their parents stop watching them this boredom will manifest itself through destructive tendencies. In my opinion, every instance of crime perpetrated by the child should result in both the child and the parents being charged. If you are indifferent to your childs daily activities, atleast you can have some quality time in jail together.

  3. Alevan says:

    I thought I told you to go to your room?!

    And what the hell is this? You speaking about that childish nonsense again?! You go back to your room, young man! Your not only grounded from that blog of yours but your grounded from going on TV again!

    NO! Don’t want to hear your excuses. No more of that "but they harrassed me, mommy! It’s their fault!" You aren’t getting any dinner either!

    Kids, these days… trying to prove a point. Stop trying to eat at the adult table. The kiddie table is to your left!

    Amy Levandoski

  4. Paul T. Farinelli says:

    Jack actually shouldn’t have posted that article, as it essentially derails his entire argument. It explains what dangers are present in videogames, yet reasonably so, and doesn’t paint them as some great evil. The exact opposite of Jack’s tactics of "videogames are ruining everyone and everything, trust me I know".

  5. nekusagi says:

    And point of article…. TOTALLY MISSED.


    Everything about that article pointed out what parents could do to be MORE RESPONSIBLE about their kids’ gaming.


    But god forbid parents be responsible. Then you’d be out ANOTHER job, wouldn’t you, John?

  6. JessJames says:

    Personally I do not think the study had nothing sensible to offer.

    What I hate to see is people working under the assumption that games CAUSE social issues. Or movies, or music, or comic books for that matter.

    It’s ignorant witch hunting, and is designed specifically to do one of two things: Either a) to deliberately dodge the real issue, which would cost too much money and hassle to address, or b) to give attention to people like Thompson who use this issue, and others like it, to further their own exposure and career.

    Anyone else who spouts this nonsense is just jumping on the bandwagon without really knowing what they’re talking about – which is where the ignorance comes in.

  7. zel says:

    AOL is the best place for scientific research!!!  …   what crap. That ‘top 8 list’ is mostly just someones opinions and not much to back it up. Lets get something straight with ALL ‘top #’ lists that yahoo and AOL like to have on their sites: They’re usually based solely on the opinions of the writer, and they make em cause its their job to, so you usually end up with crappy topics that someone pulled outta their ass cause it was near the deadline and they couldn’t think of anything good.

    Look at one of the ones listed on that one: "They can be violent."   well no shit? thats why its rated M, as in not made for 8-12 year olds! but hey parents will just ignore that and buy it anyhow, nobody’s fault but their own.

    And unless you were in the military don’t be acting like it by saying HOOAH! , how lame is that…


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  8. HungryHungryHomer says:

    Agreed. After reading the article, and then reading the posts afterwards, it made me wonder how many other people actually read the thing before just posting whatever blithering idiocy spawned from their knee-jerk reactive minds. Everyone seems to think tha the article is blasting games for being poison to kids, when really all it does is lay out some common sense…  Each point had a blurb encouraging parental guidance and responsibility, but all the comments boil down to ‘O NOEZ! TEH GAMEZ IZ BAD’ or ‘ LOL! AOL IZ TEH SUX0RZ!’

  9. NovaBlack says:

    any article that talks about danger to kids values, then talks about fallout 3, an 18 rated game which shouldnt be played by kids is entirely missing the point.

    Its like saying ‘Driving a car : dangerous for your 5 year old" .. dya think.

  10. GoodRobotUs says:

    WTF are you talking about, idiot?

    There are benefits and dangers from doing everything, so what exactly is your point, other than being an obnoxious prick, which is, admittedly, something you excel at.

    I note you didn’t bother read the first paragraph of the report either, else you would have known they were meaning you when they were going on about people trying to scapegoat games.

    Seriously, talk about shooting yourself in the foot….

  11. ZippyDSMlee says:

    So we are blaming the media for stupid people and not stupid people for stupid people and the continuation of crap media?

    Lets do the world a favor and kill off the dumb ones(and game execs!)!

    I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
    (in need of a bad overhaul)

  12. nelttab says:

    you know i didnt see anything in that article that didnt put most of the responcibility on the parents…

    as it should be parents are the main factor to managing a childs playtime with video games and such (IMO) they are the ones who need to watch what thier kids are playing…

    *Swing and a miss* thats strike 2 for this article Jackie boy… got anything else that doesnt prove your point?

  13. BearDogg-X says:

    Wow, yet another pile of BS. I think that article was meant as a joke than anything else.

    You insult our troops everytime you say "Hooah". You’re not a soldier and never were, jabroni. Hell, son, you’re a traitor to America everytime you attack American pop culture.

    Practice what you preach, Metropolitian Moron of Miami: Grow up and get a life.

    Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Hornets, Jack Thompson can geaux chase a chupacabra.

    Proud supporter of the New Orleans Saints, LSU, 1st Amendment; Real American; Hound of Justice; Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always

    Saints(3-4), LSU(7-0)

  14. Soulsmith says:

    yet again its a knee jerk reaction, they don’t need to raise age levels, as 18 is the age of majority in the UK, they just need to enforce laws already in place. When you question a bunch of teenagers, they don’t answer with anything that they want to, they will answer with what they believe is the socially acceptable response.

    If anything getting the kids off the streets playing video games would seem better than making it harder for them to find somewhere to have fun. Also in those poorer areas ofc there will be more "gamer knifings" as there aren’t many people nowadays who have not touched a games console, plus these newspaper reporters don’t give a crap about the fact someones mentally unstable, depraved and just down right messed up, if they owned a video game console then that is the reason for their rampage, not the sociopathic schizophrenia.

  15. Untouchable says:

    They aren’t rioting all of the time. However; they are violent, short tempered, overly passionate and often intoxicated. This is pretty much like sport all over the world.



  16. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Faith in Christianity – Some of your regular practices.

    Using said faith to wage war on video games – 1 law license

    Treating Jack Thompson like a child – FUCKING PRICELESS

    Amy, you win the fucking Internet! Keep them coming! 

    Oh, and here’s a cookie. Enjoy!


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  17. MartyB says:

     Is it just me or this guy in contradicting himself….

    "He asked the panel the best way to tackle knife crime and was told raising the age on films and computer games would stop young people committing crime. It said parents should take care of their children and stop them hanging around the streets all day and night."

    If the children are hanging around the streets all day and night, then they don’t have a gaming addiction.

    So even if we make believe that too much games can have a bad impact on kids, it doesn’t apply to the kids mentioned in this article.  If anything, give them games, that will keep them off the streets and the attacks will go down.


  18. PeVo says:

    Did you actually read the article, or just sieze on something that casts a negative light on video games. So point for point…

    1. "They can make kids less active"

    Only to the same degree as reading books, and television is much worse. It’s up to the parents to provide a good balance for children, set boundaries and encourage all kinds of activities. And just because a child is playing a computer game doesn’t mean they’re less active; sure physically they aren’t moving much, but that dosen’t mean their brain isn’t doing backflips. The kid in the photo is obviously not playing any computer game, that kid is watching television.

    2. "They can teach kids poor values"

    If children are learning poor values from computer games then there is a fundamental problem with the way their parents are raising them. The game quoted by this article is Fable II, which has a mature rating (which the article fails to mention), and quite clearly states on the cover that it contains sexual themes and violence. If parents are letting their childen play these games then who is at fault?

    3. "They can be violent"

    Again if a game is violent it is clearly stated in it’s rating on the cover of the disc. It seems like there’s a common thread running through this, that parents need to take some resposibility for what their children are exposed to in their own homes. Crazy I know.

    4. "They’re expensive"

    Relatively speaking, no, they’re not. A trip to Disneyland is much more expensive, and you’ll get many more hours of enjoyment out of a video game. And you don’t need all the latest hardware and televisions etc to be able to enjoy them.

    5. "They introduce kids to topics that parents might not be ready to discuss"

    Well if parents aren’t ready to discuss these topics then they should be taking an active role in what their children are being exposed to! It’s not hard!

    6. "They become a point of contention between siblings"

    This article is just getting desperate here, stretching for reasons to try and shed a negative light on video games.  Contention between siblings is as natural as breathing, it just has to be managed well. This isn’t even worth discussing as a negative point against video games.

    7. "They’re not as educational as you’d like them to be"

    And lots of games aren’t designed to be educational, the hint is in the description… ‘game’. Although there are pleanty of games out there that will be educational, such as chess. Again, if you want your children playing educational games then take an active role in what they’re being exposed to, like any good parent should.

    8. "They can be addictive"

    Psychologiaclly yes, they can be addctive, but if parents set sensible boundaries for their children then this isn’t going to happen. For pity’s sake all of this finger pointing at games and the gaming industry is completely, excuse the pun, pointless. 


    This article hasn’t exposed anything about computer games that isn’t readily available in the word that describes them – games. The danger isn’t in games themselves, it’s in bad parenting. 

    — Olly

  19. Kincyr says:

    all of those can be applied to those Al Pachino movies you watch, Jack. The one where he said "hooah" is living proof.

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  20. Paulrus says:

    Nice to see that our side of the generation gap is also worried about any link.

    Though, rating increasing will only help VERY minimally. Try enforcing your current laws instead of making new ones. I hear they work.


    I’m an attention whore. So visit my DevaintArt and feed my ego. Feed the whore.

  21. Adamas Draconis says:

    Step 3: Tranq the panic-stricken mob.

    Step 4: Arrest Idiot for instigating a riot.

    Step 5: Show research point to the fact that any links between electronic entertainment and violence is speculative at best.

    Step 6: Facepalm as mob ignores research and starts rioting again.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  22. Sigvatr says:

    Step 1: Some ex-junkie kid with a criminal family and incomplete education blames violence on games.


  23. Faceless Clock says:

    Give me a day and fifty dollars, and I could find a panel of people who said that 9/11 was planned by George Bush. Doesn’t prove anything.

    But logic has never been a tool in the anti-video-game toolbox.

    The Honest Game –

  24. PeVo says:

    Exactly! What teenager would actually want restrictions placed on the games and movies made available to them? 

    — Olly

  25. KayleL says:

    Every violent person I know who acts violent or aggressive is either:
    A) Lives in a rough neighbourhood
    B) Hungs out with other violent people
    C) Have bad relationship with parents (family violence)

    I don’t know any violent people that doesn’t fit under that.

  26. Zeke129 says:

    Every time Jack Thompson posts, I feel the need to knife something.

    Therefore, Jack Thompson should not be allowed around other people as he incites violence.

  27. Father Time says:

    "Gets worse when football has been on that night, massive clashes between opposing fans (red liverpool vs blue everton), involving, knives bottles, bats etc."

    How bad do the soccer hooligans get anyway? I’m curious, because I’ve seen a site that makes them out to be short tempered guys who riot all the time and are really good at it.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  28. GoodRobotUs says:


    Thing is, you give some teenagers a questionaire to fill out for an official source, and they won’t speak their mind, they’ll treat it like an exam, not trying to give the answers that they feel are really ‘right’, but what they think the people reading those questioniares want to see. It’s ground into us from a very early age.

  29. GoodRobotUs says:

    Yup, and not only that, the total amount of knife crime in the UK has decreased for a record amount of years sequentially.

    Youth knife crime is up, but that may well be the fault of the News. For example, there was a town in Wales where teenage suicides were becoming a problem. The moment it actually hit the News, the suicide rate shot up to record amounts, to the point where the citizens actually asked the News to stop reporting it because it was actually encouraging the problem.

    It’s like an X-Factor mentality about everything. In many ways Thompson is a shining example of this.

  30. PeVo says:

    Come on people, you need to look at the facts here; if a panel of teenagers have come to the unbiased conclusion that violent video games are the cause for knife attacks, who are we to argue?

    — Olly

  31. Mr. Stodern says:

    Way to pass the blame there kids. And by kids I mean the U.K. teens on this panel who seem to think video games are the problem. The real problem is that human beings like to kill each other. Ban guns, they go to stabbing. Ban knives, they go to clubbing. Ban clubs, they learn kung fu. And so on.

    And as for Jack’s little comment…Aw fuck it, it doesn’t even warrant response.

  32. NovaBlack says:

    yeah its odd. London is apparently the centre of this knife  ‘epidemic’

    yet if you compare london to a simlar sized city in the US (like new york) the knife crime rate is actually lower in london!

    n nobody reports abouta knife crime ‘epidemic’ in new york.

  33. State says:

    One must assume that the kids are already playing games that they are underage for as the games normally singled out for blame usually carry 18 certificates (such as the GTA series), and a child is anyone under 18. Raising the age certificate on the games won’t make a difference, and would end up making certification pointless as most content would in the highest categories possible (whereas games are spread out across the certificates).

    Also let’s not forget that knives carry an age rating of 18 on them, so presumably the children are acquiring them underage too (although they could just take the knives from their parent’s kitchens).

    I do tend to agree with the comments posted by Thompson (except that it is slanted to attack games). Crimes with knives have gone up as gun ownership is illegal, because criminals will try to get hold the next easily available weapon. If knives were to be made illegal crime with baseball bats would increase. It seems that Thompson is aiming for gun ownership to be legalised (something I completely disagree with), but this would only lead to an increase in gun related crime. When talking about youth crime you can technically call them gamers (as the majority of youngsters these days play games), but that is not to say that games are responsible or an influence on crime, it usually comes down to drugs (most of these gangs have strong connections to drug dealing). But naming games as being responsible for crimes is likely to make more headlines than naming the real reason, drugs.

  34. Bennett Beeny says:

    "He asked the panel the best way to tackle knife crime and was told raising the age on films and computer games would stop young people committing crime."

    Yes, because as we all know, crimes weren’t committed before films and computer games were invented, and crime went through the roof after the Atari, Intellivision and ZX Spectrum hit the store shelves in the 1980s.

    Honestly, the stupidity of my fellow Britons never ceases to amaze me.  I guess they get these ‘panels’ from the same place TV talk show hosts find families with teen pregnancies.  Anyone would think, judging by the panel’s comments, that the 19th century must have been a crime-free era of peace and prosperity for all.  I wonder what prompted the Ripper murders of 1888 – must have been the fault of the Penny Dreadfuls and Music Hall.  The probability that the ripper was a complete psycho who hated prostitutes and probably women in general had nothing to do with it.  Similarly, the Yorkshire Ripper murders of the mid 1970s must have been caused by citizen’s Band radio and watching too much Starsky and Hutch – it couldn’t possibly be that the Yorkshire Ripper was a nutter.

  35. Inimical says:

    Of course! It all makes sense now! Poverty and drugs have nothing to do with crime, it’s all video games. Even 200 hundred years ago when there were no video games, the fact that video games were going to be invented must have had SOMETHING to do with it!

    It all makes sense now…

  36. JessJames says:

    OK ya know what kiddies ? I’ve been reading this site for a long time, but have never posted… content to read the interesting and intelligent (for the most part 🙂 ) posts by you lovely people…

    However, this subject is very close to my heart and makes me very angry – as I know it does all you happy gaming campers out there. So today I felt the need to vent in response to another prejudiced witch hunt by ignorant people.

    I guess this is kinda directed at Thompson (since he is one of the worst offenders and may or may not read it), but indirectly it is directed at all people who insist on coming out with these ridiculous claims and finger pointing ‘studies’ regarding video games. I realise that Thompson doesn’t respond to any reasoned argument or sensible question, but here we go anyway…

    The argument put forth by most game-blaming pundits seems to be that violent/mature media (video games in particular these days) awake violent and anti-social feelings and behaviours in impressionable young people, which in turn leads to these young people commiting violent and anti-social acts in the real world.

    When thinking about that I find my mind wandering back to an old stand up comedy routine (can’t remember who now – might have been Izzard) in which he described an image comprising of a man with established social or mental problems, sitting alone in his living room, polishing his shotgun with a wild look in his eye while watching a violent movie. The question to be asked is : "and the violent movie is the part of this equation you have a problem with ????".

    Even if solid evidence existed to prove that violent media affects behaviour (which I personally have yet to see), then surely all right thinking people agree that the most it can do is act as a catalyst to a pre-existing problem with an individual. In other words, if your pre-disposed to commit a violent act, then watching an episode of the Care Bears could just as easily set you off as a couple of hours with GTAIV.

    The match is unimportant… it’s the fact that there’s a fuse to light in the first place that’s the problem we should be trying to solve.

    I find it staggering sometimes that people insist on arguing contrary to this.

    Furthermore… In identifying this problem (as always in situations like this) the reaction seems to be to allocate blame rather than discuss solutions.

    People seem to want to blame, in no particular order; the game makers for making the games in the first place, the console manufacturers for having the audacity to offer a platform on which to play these games, or the retailers for stocking them on their shelves.

    There is a very simple and straight forward response to this… On my XBOX360 I have parental contol options. Within these options I can tell my XBOX to never play a game or movie which carries a rating above a certain level. Once configured if my teenage offspring were to put a movie or game into the machine which is rated above my chosen plateau IT WILL NOT WORK !

    In other words, we have the tools to control this situation. They’re available, in place, simple, straightforward and they work.

    I know for a fact that there are parental control tools available for PC’s too, so with a bit of research and responsibility the same model can be applied there also…

    This, combined with the ratings system, are all the tools we need, as parents, or society as a whole, to combat the few that slip through the net. These solutions should free us up from picking petty holes in the retail model, the game content or the supposed affects of media on mental state.

    Once freed from these surface concerns we can start to focus our energies on the social and psycological issues which are obviously (to anyone thinking clearly it seems to me) the root of individual problems which may occur.

    I am not going to say that ‘I have played video games all my life and I’ve never shot anyone’, because it’s irrelevant. My behaviour and background have shown that I am not a person pre-disposed to anti-social or violent behaviour, so it doesn’t matter what I play/watch/listen to, I’m not going to go out after work tonight to beat up old ladies.

    All reputable studies that have ever been published support this point of view.

    Crime rates have consistently dropped in all developed Nations over the last 30 years.

    No crime has ever been proven to have been commited by someone as a result of their exposure to any kind of media; even if they WERE exposed to certain types of media, and even if they tried to get away with it by saying so.

    I hate ignorance in all it’s forms, and ignorance is the chief behaviour displayed by the people who are distracting us from talking about and solving any social problems we have in the world right now.

    My sincere apologies for this long and ranty first post everyone, but this little tirade has been bubbling under the surface of my typing fingers for a long time now, and today I just had to go ahead and type it.

    Peace (in all it’s forms).


  37. illspirit says:

    In the United States, we generally relate our violence issues to easy access of firearms. In the UK, where guns are harder to come by, knives are the main source of concern.

    Which is a quite amusing paradox considering that our rate of fatal stabbings is higher and their rate of shootings has increased since the ’97 gun ban. Just looking at raw stats, I don’t see what all the fuss is regarding "knife crime" over there. Not sure what the non-fatal knife stats are like, but one extra fatal stabbing per million increase in the last few years is hardly an epidemic.

    But, then, we can’t let little things like facts get in the way of a good moral panic, now, can we?

  38. zel says:

    Good to hear from someone in the affected area chime in. Funny how you seem to have a better grasp of the situation, maybe they should just a have novablack panel 🙂   Your description sounds like what Ybor used to be like near downtown Tampa, FL, USA back in 1994-95. They had to clamp down hardcore to sort that mess out, even made a ‘no cruising’ ordinance, you couldn’t go through the main strip (vehicles, not pedestrians) more than twice or you’d get a ticket. It probably wasn’t as big as what your describing but the problems coming out of there were massive.


    I am a signature virus, please copy and paste me into your signature to help me propagate.

  39. I_Kerotan_I says:

    This seems to be a case of "wild stab in the dark" They have some of the issues right, but also contra-wise some of them wrong.

  40. NovaBlack says:

    Its totally stupd huh, all the facts point AGAINST videogames causing crime. But people ignore them.

    Guess it would mean they have to get off their lazy asses n jump down off the bandwagon.


    The fact that its actually HIGER crime rates in poorer areas show the exact OPPOSITE of the ‘video games cause crime’ arguement. Like you said.. poorer peope = buying less games =.. higher .. crime .. rate?

  41. Matthew says:

    So, if it was the Video Games, why isn’t the balance spread evenly across the country and is instead focussed on the poorest areas, oddly enough, the ones that can’t afford the Video Games?

    Simple. If they can’t afford the addictive games, then they commit violent crimes against those who can in order to get their fix and steal their delicious discs.

  42. Matthew says:

    He asked the panel the best way to tackle knife crime and was told raising the age on films and computer games would stop young people committing crime.

    It’s reactions like that which make you pause for a moment and wonder if you read it correctly.

  43. GoodRobotUs says:


    ‘Simply clamping down on the supply of knives – such as the installation of metal detectors at schools or equipping police with mobile metal detectors, as Mayor Johnson recently suggested – is not sufficient to address the problem, he added.

    Instead, the mayor should focus on the social conditions in a cluster of boroughs that have generated a disproportionate number of the capital’s knife crimes. Quoting Metropolitan police studies, Solomon said 2% of London wards have been responsible for 10% of all violent crimes involving teenagers.

    "If you examine the conditions in these wards, these are areas of high social deprivation, social exclusion and lack of opportunities for young people," he explained. "The focus should not be on enforcement, but rather on opportunities for kids, through youth support services, peer mentoring schemes and employment opportunities for school-leavers."’


    So, if it was the Video Games, why isn’t the balance spread evenly across the country and is instead focussed on the poorest areas, oddly enough, the ones that can’t afford the Video Games?

  44. NovaBlack says:

    ok.. let me just say i am FROM MERSEYSIDE!

    I actually grew up in a school in liverpool (unfortunately!). Its a rough area.


    And im sorry.. but this is utter BS!.  I dont know ANYONE here who is a teen, that says that films /video games push people to commit crime, and that raising age limits would stop it.  Im in my mid twenties, so i cant be that out of touch, it was only a few years back i was a teen, and NOBODY i knew (literally not one person) held the view that the crime caused in the ‘rough’ area was down to music and games and films. Everyone i spoke to held the same view that most sensible people here do, that no media ’causes’ somebody to commit crime etc, its just that there are just some people (especially in certain parts of liverpool) who are just scumbags. Usually doped up, stealing / mugging for money for their next fix, or forming part of local gangs who fight over ‘turf’. (a bizaare concept if you’ve seen the main areas being ‘fought’ over.. its like fighting over some wasteland.. it makes NO sense).  But.. sorry.. NEVER in my entire lifetime experience with liverpool, have i heard somebody familiar with videogames, say that these problems were down to games or other media ‘causing’ the isse. not once. So i dont know who these ‘teens’ are that they have spoken to. ‘Specially selected’ i expect.

    Seriously. I know PLENTY of teens, (or ppl who were teens a few years ago) whose parents (mine included) let them play games without giving too much thought to the ratings. So firstly, if blame lies with anyone, it lies with the parents. However, like i said i have played violent games since i was around 4 years old (wolfenstein 3d anyone??), and i absolutely 110% DETEST violence in real life. It makes me feel physically sick. In fact just the other day my pet brought a mouse in and it was totally gross having to scoop it up. Now just explain to me how for one second, how i can find a tiny mouse physically sickening when its in pieces, yet i should apparently be completely desensitised to blood gore and violence.  As for commiting crime… just… NO. i have NEVER not a SINGLE time been in trouble with the police or commited a crime. And i live in the area, andplay videogames heavily (at least i used to).

    Specifically the main reason i find suspicion with this ‘panel of children’ is that no age bracket for the panel is mentioned. ‘children’ really could mean ‘children’ (i.e. 13 years of age). And tbh 13 year olds can be easily manipulated to say what somebody else wants them to say. Hell even if these teens are 17 year olds etc, they can still have been manipulated, or chosen specifically to give theimpression of a united view on the topic, one that benefits the organisation who hosted the demonstration.


    Additionally.. whats even more BIZAARE (as a resident of liverpool) is that Alcohol and drugs werent mentioned! Its a MASSIVE problem here!. EVERYWHERE you go there are gangs of kids (anywhere from 12+) sitting on street corners drinking bottles of cider, smoking weed etc). And the police barely do ANYTHING about it. I could literally find some kids doing that if i spent just 5 minutes driving around.

    If you go into liverpool on a friday/saturday night, there are SO MANY police around its untrue! practically all of them are there as the bars are open all night. (24 hour drinking was a f**** stupid idea). Police vans parked everywhere. If you go to liverpool on a night out you’ll usually see at least one if not more alcohol fueled punch ups involving anywhere from 2 -> 20 people. Gets worse when football has been on that night, massive clashes between opposing fans (red liverpool vs blue everton), involving, knives bottles, bats etc.

    To put the problem further into context let me tell you about my close friend. She awoke one night to hear her front door being kicked down (by a drunk guy no less). It took the police ONE HOUR to get there… And there was a police van around 200 metres down the road in the city centre too, but they were too busy dealing with large fights to even send one person to stop the guy smashing the door.

  45. the1jeffy says:

    People are violent.  Guns or knives don’t cause anything.  Nor does music or video games.  Humans are fond of blaming anything but ourselves for problems we cause. 

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  46. Lcpuche says:

    thanks for the welcome, Im a "He" Btw, Hehehe haven i been uninformed, (if thats even a word), i dont get scared at empty threats by the way 🙂

  47. Adamas Draconis says:

    True but didn’t want to scare the new guy/girl off yet.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  48. JustChris says:

    "An uneducated person who happened to get a Doctorate in Law!!!" Jack Thompson would say. 

    Which shows you that at the time of Jack’s commencement, Vanderbilt University must’ve been handing out law degrees from a Cracker Jack box. Now he permanently pissed away his career and diploma, which is supposedly a big feat (but nothing to be proud of) in the law world.

    Jack Thompson will not only be famous in the videogame community but in the law community as well. Open up a law textbook of the future, and students will know this guy was the odd case of utter fail in the industry, and serve as a warning to students: "Don’t be this guy!" Maybe his name will be uttered among law colleagues, but not as a tribute but as a term to define unorthodox behavior in the courtroom: "Did you hear about what happened with Ron yesterday? He pulled a Thompson in front of the judge".

  49. gamepolitics says:

    Didn’t you send me an e-mail a couple of weeks back in which you claimed, "I am trying to get clear of you people"?

    And yet you keep coming back…

  50. Adamas Draconis says:

     Since you seem to be new here, first I want to say welcome.

     Now to the matter at hand: Jack Thompson was a lawyer who has since been disbarred for life for among other things Lying, Behaving in an inappropriate manner in court, Harrasment of judges, Harrasment of opposing council in cases,Falsely representing himself as an attourney attached to a case, Attaching homosexual pornography to a court motion, multiple counts of filling specious motions even after he was barred from filling a motion without the signature of a second attourney in good standing with the Bar Association of his state. The list is alot longer, he was found guilty of…I think it was 47 out of 49  seperate infractions and was disbared in perpetuity as well as a fine in excess of $43,000 if I remember correctly. Run a search on Jack Thompson here and you’ll get the whole story (And probably more then you wanted.

     Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  51. DarkTetsuya says:

    Unsuccessfully, but yes.

    Not like he has anything else to do… I mean yeah there’s that blog, but that can only rake in so much, what with none of us having the slightest inkling of a desire to visit it.

    300 Episodes and counting:

  52. Lcpuche says:

    Jack, Whoever you are, it seems that you are somewhat known for trolling here , i really hope you are absolutely not serious. Only an Uneducated,  unintelligent person would call a whole group of people mindless morons just because of a hobby. Who in the world do you think you are?

  53. Twin-Skies says:

    1. Knifings are also up in my country too Jack, but it can be attributed more to our rising cost of living, poverty, and the utter lack of moral decency by our politicians. Video games? Are you kidding – they’re an excellent stress reliever here given the shit we’re looking at every day.

    2. If I recall, in the aftermath of the last idiot in Japan who went on a killing spree with a knife and truck,  there was a massive outpouring of sympathy and support from the residents of the Akihabara district in where the crime was commited. A good majority of whom were fellow otakus and gamers I might add. I know this is pretty complicated stuff for disbarred lawyers to digest, but normal people can figure it out.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  54. Erik says:

    Hey John.  You do realize that the UK has the governmentally enforced age restrictions on games (as well as movies) and yet they still have problems with violence.  Gee, so does that mean that all of your unconstitutional laws would have also have had no effect?  Guess its time to get a new scapegoat.

    Also like everyone else in this thread I want to see the statistics of the "gamer knifings".

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  55. ConnorM5 says:

    "I am an expert in all cultures and people who play games are subpar Americans! I know they are because I used to be a lawyer and did I mention I am an expert in all cultures? By the way, I used to be a lawyer, and Jesus Christ said games were bad. Seriously, it’s in the Bible. I saw it. It’s there. What? No you cant have proof! I was a lawyer, why would I need to give you evidence!? You gamers are retarded. I’m Jack fucking Thompson! I do cocaine!"



    "Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedom

  56. NovaBlack says:

    Oh Jack please.. Pfff!

    did you take a degree in how to spout crap or does it come naturally?


    i want statistics of ‘knife attacks by gamers‘.

    you dont have any? wow what a surprise!

    (oh and stuff your google and wiki ‘references’ , they mean jack sh*t to anyone serious about academic level research )




    And you know what even if you pull them out of your ass its still a correlation, not causation! (something you seem unable to grasp with your tiny pea sized brain).

    You do realise the percentage of the population who game has gone up year on year dont you? In many countries,  (japan included) its now over 90% of citizens who game / have gamed. If you class anyone who games/has gamed as a ‘gamer,  then of course most people who do ANYTHING will be gamers. By the same logic, 90% of the police force will be ‘gamers’. 90% of pilots will be ‘gamers’.

    hell 90% of the victims in an earthquake or hurricane will be ‘gamers’. Does that mean ‘games caused the hurricane / earthquake’. No because its a CORRELATION. geez. It really isnt difficult to understand. Why doesnt your brain function properly its so frustrating.

    hell even if you can show that there were 100 knife attacks last year, and 100 this year, but 96 were gamers last year, and 98 are gamers this year, it proves nothing! Its a pure corellation!.  As each year more people play games each yaer than the year before, its what youd actually EXPECT!

  57. zel says:

    Where’d you get your information? Make it up like normal? Here’s a link to an actual Japanese NPA (National Police Agency) report summarizing crime in japan. It breaks it down pretty good, including having a section devoted to Juvenile Crime, broken down into types of crimes commited and has stats from previous years.

    Now, the weapon used doesn’t necessarily matter in this case, talking strictly violence (since violent games = violent people) we’re worried about the crime statistics. So feel free to peruse that report (I find it rather nice that the Japanese are nice enough to publish their stuff in english already). Point out, if you can, where the correlation between more violent games = more crime…


    I am a signature virus, please copy and paste me into your signature to help me propagate.

  58. PeVo says:

    Actually knifings are down in Japan, and brutal attacks by gamers with knives? You don’t do anything for your already damaged reputation by simply inventing ‘facts’ to suport your arguments.

    — Olly

  59. nighstalker160 says:


    Please, when you make claims like this make sure to give a citation (in proper BlueBook format of course).

  60. Waffles says:

    Care to explain why the homicide rate is still low despite all of TEH VIOLENT GAMEZ?

    Normal Americans should be able to back up what they assert, right?


  61. Chuma says:

    But Jack, this was a poll of a bunch of "kiddies" whose "frontal lobes have been fried" from games.  How can you possibly trust it?


  62. Father Time says:

    And yet it still doesn’t explain why our crime rate is so low. Look at how it is vs. the seventies, they had no grand theft auto back then and hell pong came out in 1972. Our crime rate is much lower than it was in the 70s.

    Oh and I found this in case you’re interested


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  63. michelleobamarama says:

    This is why knifings are up in Japan.  They have no private ownership of guns, so brutal attacks by gamers with knives have gone up.  I know this is pretty complicated stuff for gamers to digest, but normal Americans can figure it out.  Jack Thompson   

  64. hellfire7885 says:

    SO if a person who has nebver once touched video gaems in their life, not even flash games, pulls a knife on someone, what would be your explanation?

  65. Anthrax says:

    Blaming music? That’s even more idiotic than blaming video games. With video games there’s the apparent violence factor to base some biased research off of but with music, there’s really nothing but swearing and a lack of christian values. There’s nothing wrong with either of those.

    Parents should be a lot more responsible, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with listening to music with "bad words", and letting your kid do so doesn’t make you an irresponsible parent.

  66. Harry Miste says:

    Does this mean the trading of insults in a swordfight was invented in the days of Monkey Island?

    XBOX LIVE GamerTag: Harry Miste | Steam ID: Harry Miste | PSN ID: HMiste | EYE. HAVE. YOU.

  67. Adamas Draconis says:

    Now now now DT. You know we should not slaughter the unarmed.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  68. Derovius says:

     You are emo, and now there is one more person who thinks you are fucking annoying. I especially like your threat in a previous topic, "Don’t laugh at me or I’ll tell the mods".

    Try not to cut yourself too deep now, emo.

    AE:  Enough.  Clipping it here.

  69. Pinworm says:

     He’s right though. It’s become more obnoxious than shouting first.


    I don’t care if it’s right and deserved or not. The people posting first are right too, they are the first (well.. sometimes), that doesn’t make it less obnoxious. Stop, please.

  70. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    That’s what I’m doing just about all the time.

    And SounDemon, *facepalm* usually sums up my opinion. Plus, you’re channeling Derovius, except that you’re not calling it emo.


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  71. Solipsis says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking…

    If it’s not video games’s fault that your teenager is staying in her room all the time like a hermit, with her social skills withering away, then it’s video games’s fault that she’s out on the streets day and night…

    Um, what is it they’re supposed to do again?

  72. insanejedi says:

    Stop them from hanging around the streets, by keeping them at home and they will most likely watch movies and TV, and play video games instead.


  73. SounDemon says:

    ENOUGH. Shadow, I love you, but stop posting "*facepalm*" without any other meaningful content. It’s almost like posting "first" except you don’t have to be first. If you put "*facepalm*" at the end of posts of yours that are 1 or 2 paragraphs long, I can live with that. But, for THE LOVE OF GAMING, contribute more than the phrase "*facepalm*", as it denotes nothing more than you put your face in your palm.

  74. Shadow D. Darkman says:



    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  75. Kincyr says:

    JT and Geography seem to be another two things that don’t go together

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  76. PeVo says:

    No of course it isn’t!

    Nobody actually wants to take responsibility and so they look to games, movies, whatever they can find, to pump up their self righteous egos and pass judgement.

    People seem to be willing to blame almost anything else within reach – especially if it’s popular – instead of looking at the root cause of the problem; it’s like trying to cure chickenpox by painting over the sores.


  77. GoodRobotUs says:

    Can you say ‘leading the witness’?

    I don’t deny that violent media has it’s part, though I’d say more TV Violence which is not controlled than the legally restricted forms of entertainment, though parents in the UK are famous for ignoring ratings. However, the problem is that the kind of kids who sit down on a panel and give ‘advice’ aren’t the ones doing the stabbings, so they, in truth, are reacting more out of peer pressure than any real knowledge of the cause.

    As for Jack, a friend of my families was knifed to death about 5 years ago by someone who had escaped from a mental institution (, so don’t even think about making comments about the situation in the UK, because you don’t have the faintest idea.

  78. Paul T. Farinelli says:


    You wouldn’t know though, since you’re very far from what most would consider "normal".

    Oh, and it’s adorable how we’re supposed to take what you say as fact even if you don’t back it up with things like "facts" or "statistics".

  79. insanejedi says:

    I want it to be like Shakespearian Italy, where all things were solved by a dual with classy swords and fencing!

  80. Arell says:

    That was kind of silly.  They asked a panel of teens, about how to prevent teen violence?  I’m guessing that the teens involved with the panel weren’t part of the violence problem.  You can take that as seriously as you would a teen saying, "Drinking alcohol is for losers."

    If they really wanted to get down to it, they might ask real criminals in juvinile detention about why they did what they did.  After first explaining that their answers would not be used in any sort of defense to get them out early, that is.

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