Russia-Georgia War: The Computer Game Version

A soon-to-be-released computer game will take its theme from the recently-concluded war between Russia and Georgia.

Confrontation: Peace Enforcement will launch in December from Moscow-based publisher Russobit-M. As reported by the Moscow Times, the title is a reference to the Kremlin’s insistence that the purpose of the short but bloody engagement was to "force Georgia to make peace."

In the hypothetical game, Georgia – backed by NATO forces – attempts to seize the same rebellious South Ossetia region over which the recent conflict was waged. From Moscow Times:

It hasn’t yet been revealed whether there is a special role-playing function allowing gamers to torch and bulldoze villagers’ homes while stealing their cars and shooting their cattle, or if players get bonus points for every refugee they create. But screenshots from the game do show fighter planes swooping low over blazing houses and a tank opening fire close to a Georgian Orthodox church.

"Politics are politics, and a game is a game. These things should not be confused," said a spokesman for Russobit-M, the company that designed the game. But some of the people who suffered during the war may find it hard not to see it as triumphalist propaganda.

The report also describes a mission from the upcoming Arma 2 in which U.S. forces intervene in a fictional former Soviet republic that resembles Georgia. Mentioned as well is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, which rather eerily predicted a 2008 Russia-Georgia conflict over South Ossetia… in 2001.

GP: Given that the conflict just ended in August, the rapid development turnaround of Confrontation: Peace Enforcement, seems to indicate that the Russia-Georgia war bits are a mod to an existing game.

Via: GameCulture

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    Arell says:

    That’s not uncommon when entering a conflict zone.  The US military has a long history of using its ships to deliver aid.  It also has a strong track record of NOT using that as an excuse to position troops.  If they did, people around the world would stop trusting aid missions.  They aren’t completely stupid.  The use of military transport is merely used to ensure the safety of the supplies, as looting and confiscation is common otherwise.

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    Blu300 says:

    The thing that annoys me is how people keep going on about how Tom Clancy predicted all this.

    I mean come on! The guy churns out so many books it’s impossible for at least one to not veer close to an actual  event….

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    Monte says:

     Indeed, because of russia’s history and their current government, the west is very quick to condemn them and give their enemies a free pass… It’s that old, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" mentality that has caused many problems. "what, afganistan is fighting the soviets? let’s give them weapons to help them fight" and then after the fighting is over those same weapons end up being used against us… It’s a lessen to every country in the world, so long as you support us, and make our enemies your enemies then you can do whatever you like. 


    The same damn thing is going on with georgia. Gerogia’s actions were clearly wrong, and we should in no way support how they handled the seperatists; we should down right condemn such actions. But because they are dealing with the russians and they are a democracy (though i think the current leadership was not elected and was just placed there when the gov’t was reestablished; not sure about that) the west gives them a pass on their actions, label russians as the only ones wrong and take another step towards offering them NATO membership. Frankly, the situation in georgia is one of the things that would make me seriously rethink their membership… You want NATO support? then clean up your act. (god how i wished obama or mccain would have had the balls to say something about it other than blind favoritism towards russia’s enemies; though i think McCain subscribes to the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" mentality and Obama just plain isn’t willing to risk saying anything of that nature) I’m not saying what the russians did was entirely right; because of what Georgia did, it seems like a response from russia was indeed a step in the right direction in that it wasn’t right to just sit back and let citizens die(at the very least russians and georgia soldiers fighting each other is a step up from georgia soldiers slaughtering it’s own people), but russia’s handling of the response and some of the actions they took were not right(like some of the stuff Arell points out below) … the point is, Russia is certainly not the only wrong here; the Georgian government started this fight though horrible actions and pretty much deserve to loose

    honestly, i think it’s only NOW after 3 months that the world is catching on to how the conflict started…


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    Arell says:

    Russia also threw it’s wieght around and took over ports, and rufused to let in international aid groups and shipments.  Not that they wanted anyone to suffer more, they just wanted to prove that they were in control.

    The South Ossetians aren’t blameless, either.  Just as the Georgian army indiscriminately attacked both sepratist rebels and civilians alike, the Ossetians later carried out revenge killings against the Georgian civilians (even though it was the army that commited the crimes).

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    Arell says:

    Yeah, this smacks a bit of propoganda, but I can’t really blame them too much.  American-based games tend to show us in the best light, as well.

    The whole thing was a mess, though.  Georgia used force to stop a sepratist movement, and in the process killed many innocent Ossetians in the process.  On purpore, it seems now, as the army delibrately targeted homes and civilians, even when there was no evidence of rebels.  You don’t point a tank at the basement level of a residenial home without any intel to back up the action.  They were definitely in the wrong.

    But that doesn’t mean Russia was right.  Yes, they did have the right to come to the Ossetian’s aid, and drive back the Georgian army.  But did they also have the right to push into Geogian territory and then occupy it (yeah, yeah, parallels to US unilateralism, blah, blah… I didn’t say were were right, either)?  Did they have the right to uproot Georgian civilians that had lived in Ossetia for over a decade, and then help the Ossetians loot and destroy their homes?  Russia basically used the incident to use force against Georgia, whom they see as a threat because of their possible inclusion into NATO.  Plus, it gave Russia the opportunity to test the international waters, as they’ve been revving up to take action against other countries that separated from the old Soviet Union.  You think America is the only country that dabbles in Imperialism?

    Georgia may have taken the wrong action with Ossetia, and certainly did some heinous things.  But that doesn’t mean the Russians were saints in all this.  Plenty of blame to go around for everyone.

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    Aprincen says:

    Russian Peacekeepers? You think the russians are keeping peace in the caucasus? If you really think that you are delusional (or believing the Russian media).

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    solyoung says:

    Too bad Georgia shot first, and at the peaceful people in South Ossetia. Then they blamed it on the Russians and NATO and the US jumped on it. Maybe the game allows you to play the side of the Russian peacekeepers?

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    DeepThorn says:

    Even as a mod, I am guessing it is going to suck.  Fallout 3 anyone?  I am not far through it, I am in Revit…

    Village Idiot:  I live in Georgia, and I don’t see any military presence

    Non-Idiot: Georgia the country, not Georgia the state.

    Village Idiot:  Oh…

    Non-Idiot: Wow, the education system really did fail you, what happened to no child left behind…

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    ConnorM5 says:

    I say damn! The Russian propaganda machine can crank them out. I have to wonder if it is propaganda, though. You’d think it is, given the speed at which this thing is being done and the message. You’d almost have to get government funding or something.



     "Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedom

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    MaskedPixelante says:

    Maybe they were remaking Ghost Recon, and then this whole Russia-Georgian war popped up.

    Or, more likely, it’s a Counter-Strike mod.

    —You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

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