British Science Minister Gives Thumbs-up to Serious Games

The British Minister of State for Science and Innovation, Lord Drayson (left), endorsed the work of the Serious Games Institute during a visit last week to SGI, which is located at England’s Coventry University.

A University press release reports:

During his visit Lord Drayson… learnt about the use of virtual worlds and simulation games to train doctors and clinicians in a variety of applications including triage and serious injury trauma.

Drayson, who resigned from a previous cabinet post to pursue an auto racing career, commented:

The Serious Games Institute is leading the way in this exciting emerging technology. The projects here are truly inspirational and crucially, underpinned by excellent research. They will have real impact in our everyday lives over the next few years.


This work goes to show that science and technology is all around us. By studying science subjects at school young people could have access to all sorts of cool and interesting jobs. There are exciting new businesses in this field. Here is a sector that is growing fast despite the downturn and offers great job opportunities for physics and maths graduates.


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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    Its an industry trade group that focuses on expanding serious application of video game technology. Things like education and simulation are their priorities.

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    Bennett Beeny says:

    We’ve had ‘serious’ games (i.e. simulations) for nearly 30 years, and only now are ‘some’ governments figuring out that games can be useful beyond entertaining kids?  The word ‘Clueless’ doesn’t even begin to describe how out of touch politicians are.

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