Coldplay Video Contest Entry Touts Educational Value of Games

Best-selling band Coldplay has been running a contest which challenges fans to create a video accompaniment to its tune Lost.

Among those submitting entries is education software-oriented website GamingKrib.

While their contest video is essentially a commercial for their business, it also pulls in some fascinating quotes and stats regarding how young people relate to digital tech, gaming and education.


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    urutapu says:

    I thought this was about some entry to a Coldplay contest. Not how agonizingly terrible Coldplay apparently is to someone?

    I’m going to be a hypocrite by commentating on Coldplay. Sometimes music is more about enjoyment than constantly pushing boundaries and evolving culture?  I mean, there’s a reason things become "cookie cutter"–the original pushed boundaries, influenced other musicians, and became the new popular thing.

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    VideolandHero says:

    I liked the music in this video.

    I don’t see why you all think this music sucks.  Not all recent music is Britney Spears and crap.

    — Official Protector of Videoland!

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    Austin_Lewis says:

    You’re right, it has nothing to do with the fact that the music is absolute garbage.

    Face it, playing powerchords with a few solos and a catchy riff or two isn’t music.  It’s lowbrow garbage. 

    What would Hendrix say?

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    Benjamin_Snow says:

    Why I have the feeling that there will be a shitload of indie f*** bashing Coldplay ONLY because it’s mainstream?


    "We may be human, but we’re still animals" -Steve Vai (World’s greatest guitarist!)

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    Austin_Lewis says:

    Someone needs to make a video that mocks them for being so fucking cookie-cutter.
    Seriously, I hate most music today.  It’s all the same thing, with people who look and sound exactly the same.

    In summation, somebody make a video mocking them and submit it.  Please. 

    Video Killed The Radio Star.

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