Grogger Game Reminds Players Not to Cross the Road When Tipsy

It’s like the arcade classic Frogger, but with a beer buzz.

Grogger, an online game developed by, believe it or not, the city council of Melbourne, Australia, is designed to remind players that it’s dangerous to stagger across the road after drinking.

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The character can pick up beer bottles as they go, which slow their reaction times, while water bottles help the player continue on their way. They win if they make it across the road without getting "smashed" by a vehicle.


Melbourne City Council commissioned the game in an effort to reduce the amount of pedestrian accidents the city sees each year, 70 per cent of which result in injuries. The council estimates around 716,000 people visit the CBD each day, with more in the holiday season.

Melbourne will be holding a live Grogger event with players competing on a big screen later this month.

GP: We gave Grogger a try – sober, mind you, at the time. It’s actually a lot of fun in that nostalgic, 8-bit way.

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