Young Boys Hang Kitten with Game Controller Cord After Playing GTA

It’s so over-the-top awful that it almost sounds like a parody headline, but that’s the report on

Apparently a pair of unsupervised boys, six and seven years-old, stoned a kitten and then strung it up following a Grand Theft Auto session. They reportedly used the controller cable in lieu of a rope.

The incident occurred in late October in Mesa, Arizona, but details are just beginning to emerge. Here’s more from the coverage:

The investigation began [when] deputies went to the neighborhood of one of the two boys… and found the kitten hanging by its neck from a backyard tree. The boys had apparently used a wire from the video game controller they were playing, Grand Theft Auto, to hoist up the kitten. The animal’s head had been injured by blows from a rock.

[Maricopa County Sheriff Joe] Arpaio questions why these young children were allowed to play such a violent video game.

“This game allows players to kill cops and rape women,” Arpaio says. “It’s little wonder why they perpetrated such violence against that little animal.”

The boys are too young to prosecute under Arizona law and, for some reason, don’t meet the guidelines for intervention by child protective services.

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  1. Father Time says:

    Do you honestly think most six or seven year olds are going to read the Bible? No offense to anyone religious here, but that book is pretty boring especially to young kids.

    Come to think of it don’t kids that age dislike reading almost anything?


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  2. Father Time says:

    PETA isn’t the only animal rights group out there you know. Why not wish one of the other less crazy groups onto them.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  3. Father Time says:

    I thought you couldn’t kill the dog.

    I remember there being an ice skater skating around on what I think was a frozen pond. You could watch it skate around for a while and then blow it away with machine guns.

    My favorite had to be the businessmen in hong kong in twisted metal 2.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  4. Shadow D. Darkman says:

    NO WAI!

    (Wish I could paste pics in, but it never works for me.)


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  5. Flamespeak says:

    $250 for a console and a game versus $250 an hours for help.

    Yeah, you have no idea how much cheaper a console is over a couple months or a year of therapy. The only way they will probably get help is if the school can somehow share the blame for the way the kids are, then the state will have to step in and help out.

  6. Neeneko says:

    eh, it is really more the ALF that does the terrorism. PETA seems to be more in favor of ad champagns and flashy art displays on collage campuses.

  7. sortableturnip says:

    It’s amazing that the parents had enough money to afford an xbox 360 and gta iv, but not enough to get help for their kids…

  8. Shadow D. Darkman says:


    O RLY?


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  9. metroidprimegmr says:


    sortableturnip is full of win.


    Jack Thompson: future Good Burger employee of the month

  10. DeepThorn says:

    See, I understand killing stray cats, especially with living near a city, and around my apartment there is a group of 8 cats that wonder around the area, and around work there is a group of 14+ cats that wonder around together.  Half of the time they look like they are half dead because of lack of food.  So killing them wouldn’t be a bad thing, but make sure it is fast and as painless as possible, not torturing the things.  I would take a rifle and shoot them if I had one.

    We really let animal breeding get out of hand in the US….

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  11. Ambiguous says:

    I think that most people anymore have grown up doing stuff to frogs.  Nearly everyone I know has done something like that at least once.  One friend taped a frog to one of those artillery (spelling?) shells you buy around the 4th of July.  I hear it was messy.  I myself used bottle rockets (I wouldn’t do that now of course, I was just a kid then.  We’ve upgraded to shooting bottle rockets at one another now.)  Even so, people typically have no emotional connection to things like frogs, like they would with dogs or cats, so killing frogs isn’t necessarily going to mean your going to turn into a murderer.  To hurt a dog or cat for the fun of it is just sick.  I used to get pissed when I would hear stories from one friend who’s father would shoot crossbow bolts at stray cats that tried to get into their trash.

  12. DeepThorn says:

    I am right there with you about accidentally stepping on a frog…  it has happened to me 4 times in my life, the last time I was 16, and I still felt really bad about it.  One of the times I was even trying to make sure I wouldn’t step on any frogs since it was around the season they were always out and closer to the house.  The worst was the first time, when I was wearing socks…  yeah…

    Awol – That is a very true statement, Bible definitely relates to this story more than GTA any day.

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  13. hayabusa75 says:

    HA!!  I just sent that to like five of my friends!

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

  14. DeepThorn says:

    The worst I have seen in person is kids taking a hammer and smashing frogs, or putting a cat into a box or crate of some sort that it couldnt get out of.  Hell, even I have thrown a cat in the air to watch it land on it’s feet, but not high, just enough height for them to be able to recover.  They didnt run away afterward either, so I wouldn’t think they hated it.  Some of these stories are just nasty man.

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  15. Michael Chandra says:

    If I saw fuckers like that doing that kind of things to animals, I’d shoot them, especially if they ever tried to harm a pet of mine.

  16. Kincyr says:

    In high school I was forced to read a book called Black Boy. It actually had a kitten hanging.

    岩「…Where do masochists go when they die?」

  17. Awol says:

    "1.  They stoned a kitten and then strung it up.  They didn’t mimic this from GTA."

    Actually sounds more like something to would hear in the Bible. Not the kitten part but stoning and hanging.

  18. Kojiro says:

    I second that.  I also knew kids who tortured animals, and they didn’t play anything more violent that Asteroids.  Kids torturing small animals is nothing new.

  19. Badluck1313 says:

    I’m pretty sure that this is the fault of parents, not games. They are 6 and 7 years old. They should not be left alone in a house for that long, nor should they be playing GTA. I am not saying it was the fault of the game. If they were listening to Stephen Lynch, I would understand. But there is nothing that even remotely resembles cat-killing in any of the Grand Theft Auto games. (No pun intended) I am under the belief that: A) The parents must be MONSTROUSLY retarded, and B) These children may just be budding serial killers. I bet that in 10 years, these kids will most likely be torturing young children and pets. Get them some fucking help.

    P.S. If my post sounds anything like the one above mine, I apologize, I am a slow typer, and he beat me.

  20. Neeneko says:

    PETA is a personalty cult and a social club, not an animal rights group.  

    They have done very, very little over the years to actually help animals, but they have built a nice power structure around their leadership and provide a ‘we are so awesome, let’s hook up!’ enviroment for young recruits that want to show how animal friendly they are without actually getting dirty by helping animals.

    Last couple times I heard about abuse like this were the kitten survied, it was the SPCA that stepped in with surgery and special needs adoption.. doctors and other people donating thier time and money to making a real difference in an abused animal’s life… ..not PETA… never PETA.

  21. Arell says:

    Several things that don’t add up in this story, but won’t stop the zealots from using this to blame video gmaes.

    1.  They stoned a kitten and then strung it up.  They didn’t mimic this from GTA.

    2.  There is no rape in GTA (or any other game in the last 20 years, or since the ESRB was introduced).  But then, why was rape even brought up in this case?

    3.  The kids were 6 and 7.  GTA is a Mature game.  Who bought the game for them, and if they managed to buy it themselves, why were the parents oblivious to them playing it?  (though admittedly, research has shown that parents are more concerned with the effect of video games on "other" children, not their own.  They "trust" their own little darlings.)

    4.  Young children are naturally more amoral than teens and adults (they lack all but the most basic levels of empathy).  But even so, what kinds of parents raise kids that think it’s fun to kill a kitten?  I cried when I accidentally squished a frog at 6 years old.

    5.  If they are showing sociopathic tendencies at such a young age, shouldn’t social services and a psychiatrist be called in?

  22. SounDemon says:

    There are two kinds of animal abuse. There’s "animal abuse", as defined by PETA which includes eating animals, having animals as pets, or interacting with them. Then there’s ANIMAL ABUSE, the REAL shit that PETA doesn’t do DIDDILY GODDAMN SQUAT about; like this, or the cat in the microwave kids, or anyone who ACTUALLY murders animals. PETA, you have your priorities a little skewed, no?

    Hey Sheriff; I think the fact that they STONED AND HUNG A CAT is more significant than their playing of Grand Theft Auto, you asshole. If this is the way you conduct your work, I fear for the safety of the residents in your town.

    These boys are sick; I hope they die and decompose into a pile of liquefied flesh.

  23. Neeneko says:

    Something else that was also mentioned in the original article was that the mother was an illegal immigrant, which means the family would probably try to stay under the radar and not utilize health even if it were provided.

    Which sadly, is an example of where open health care, even for illegals, would be benifitical to the rest of us.

  24. JC says:

    Kids are dumb, I still remember the days when kids attacked birds and squirrels with BB guns and/or rocks.

    I’m don’t think they should be institutionalized, they are dumb and probably don’t know what they were doing. I used to throw rocks at my own dog for w/e the hell I was thinking when I was around that age. I think these kids should be taugt/parented that you shouldn’t harm another living being; which happened to me since my dog was loyal and wouldn’t bite back.

    This isn’t as bad as remembering what some kids did to cats by stuffing firecracker up the butt. -.-

    What’s silly is the claim that GTA is causing it, you can’t strangle anything in GTA.

  25. zel says:

    Or worse, Gattaca, if you’re not bio-engineered then you’re an invalid and have to take all the shit jobs. Good movie though you should check it out.


    I am a signature virus, please copy and paste me into your signature to help me propagate.

  26. HarmlessBunny says:

    Now why are two kids under the age of 13 are left unsupervised playing GTA (assuming that this story isn’t another Faux News fabrication…no shortage of those, or a fabricated addon to an actual case). Either way this is pretty sick…why would such young kids be left unsupervised? Especially with a kitten? 

    If I would assume anything, it would be neglectful and poor parenting. If your kids are 6 and 7…leaving them unsupervised is not cool. Letting them have free reign over TV and videogames, not good. Leaving them alone with a small animal, really not good. Sounds like the kids grew up having new real boundries… if you don’t enforce some boundries as a parent, kids will try and take advantage of certain situations. Like this perhaps?

    Their parents sound like they are real winners. "Your brother is 6, don’t play God of War…just play GTA it will be easier for him"

  27. zel says:

    Violence against small animals has nothing to do with video games. When i was young i met some kids in my neighborhood that used to laugh and brag about burying cats with their heads poking out and killing them with lawn mowers, putting cherry bombs in a frogs mouth and blowing them up or putting quarter sticks of dynamite (how the hell they got it, i don’t know) and putting them in a dog’s ass, lighting it and watching the dog run away and blow in half. Sick twisted kids man and they didn’t play video games, they were just hoodlums. By these other examples I would say what these kids did was mild in comparison, still sick, but mild in comparison.

    What the hell is a 7 year old doing playing GTA anyways? No doubt the bit about GTA thrown in there was more sensationalism on the part of the reporter to drum up outrage, especially the way its written: "The boys had apparently used a wire from the video game controller they were playing, Grand Theft Auto, to hoist up the kitten."

    lol GTA is a game sure, but it sure isn’t a controller and neither is it the video game system so the wording screams "i don’t know what the hell i’m talking about".

    meh, i think we all agree though, kids need counseling.


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  28. Emaldas says:

    Let me get this straight,

     1. You have a six and seven year old left unsupervised for what I gather is at least an hour.  Kids don’t have much concept for time or stealth so I would guess that the capture, stoning and hanging of the cat at least took an hour if not longer.


    2. These six and seven year olds are playing a game that is in everyway obviously meant for adults and mature people.  Kids who are at an age where they soak up and want to imitate the people they admire where you can go on a rampage blow up countless civilians and get away from the cops and refill your ammo with a couple of phone calls.


    Its rubbish like this that makes me think of the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone.  A future where to have children you need to make individual deposits, have your eggs and sperm analyzed for diseases, cleaned then combined and reinserted.  I am sure they also have some kind of intelligence test and background checks in order to prevent these incompetent and irresponsible people from breeding.  Sure the romance would be gone, but that’s what prophylactics are for. *Pops a Birth Contol Pill*

  29. hellfire7885 says:

    For once, I wish PETA on these kids.

    And where is our resident troll? He’d be all over this by now.

  30. Shahab says:

    insanejedi: There are Pidgeons in GTA 4? Gotta go guys, gotta get my .50 and blow some birds! Happy thanksgiving!
    Posted 12/05/08 at 02:38pm
    SeanB: I understand that some children are different, but my 6 year old is NOWHERE near capable of playing a game like GTA
    Posted 12/05/08 at 02:37pm
    nelttab: pidgeons in GTA4
    Posted 12/05/08 at 02:31pm
    insanejedi: Are there any animals except for humans in GTA games ever?

    Just saw this and thought it was relevent

  31. WarOtter says:

    Seriously, all you need to do is watch Most Evil a couple of times, and you realize this is the exact same behavior exhibited by serial killers during their childhoods. But of freaking course, it must be the vidjamagames.



    You see, I believe in the noble, aristocratic art of doing absolutely nothing. And one day, I hope to be in a position to do even less!

  32. Neeneko says:

    Probably not. In JT’s world all animals are the playthings given to Christians by God himself, so these kids were well within thier religious rights to be entertained with torturing a young animal.

    So I doubt he sees much of a crime here in the first place.

  33. NovaBlack says:

    ”This game allows players to kill cops and rape women,” Arpaio says. “It’s little wonder why they perpetrated such violence against that little animal.”

    Yeah… the rape thing…. yeah.. im gonna have to ask you to go ahead and take that out , and  im gonna have to ask you to apologise because that never happened.

    And im sorry.. How does driving around cars and using guns etc.. suddenly teach kids to use a video game controller to strangle a kitten…

    I dont see the relation there.. like.. at all..

    Question->.. when do responsible parents

    a) leave kids that age alone unsupervised long enough that they can go out n kill a kitten

    b) leave them unsupervised playing a mature rated game.

    Answer -> responsible parents DONT

  34. Shadow D. Darkman says:




    Poor cat.


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

  35. mogbert says:

    OK, just something that hadn’t been posted yet… but if they were using the games controller to hang the cat, then they weren’t playing the violent game with it at the time. Perhaps they were playing the game then decided to use the controller to string the cat up… but apparently the cat was already dead by that time from being hit with rocks.

    There really doesn’t seem to be any connection to the game. This almost sounds like the meat/murder connection, most murderers ate meat before killing, so the meat must have been what made them kill.

  36. mdo7 says:


    the news didn’t list what kind of console it was.  Was it the Xbox 360? Playstation 3? Playstation 2? Playstation Portable?  What kind of controller was it use to hang a cat?  I’m sorry, this is too vague and very lack of evidence.

    What kind of GTA was it?  They didn’t say it, was it IV, Vice City, 3.

    Oh boy, from reading this.  It was not video game’s fault.  One question, which GTA had a scene with hanging a cat with a controller in it?  If it doesn’t, not video game fault.  I did many research on school shooting, homicides, and terrible situation where video game were thought to "train" these killers, turns out they didn’t need videogame.

    This boy has sociopathic or Psychological problem from what I can tell.  Remember the case of the 9-year old Arizona kid who shot and killed his father, what video game was involved? Oh, that’s right, none was involved.  This kid and the 9 years old in Arizona had mental problem or they are sociopath (before you say something Jack Thompson.  Read before you reply, OK).


    PS: Oh I got something off of Kotaku which may interest you?

    How’s that for video game and politics?  I think you should add this one and see what everybody thinks.

  37. BearDogg-X says:

    I’m not buying this story. It sounds like the children made up the story about playing GTA.

    Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Hornets, Jack Thompson can geaux chase a chupacabra.

    Proud supporter of the New Orleans Saints, LSU, 1st Amendment; Real American; Hound of Justice; Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always

    Saints(3-4), LSU(7-0)

  38. DeepThorn says:

    First reaction – Hahahahahahaha, that is so horrible, but hahahaha

    After reading:

    First off, this is really horrible that anyone would do this, and these kids were obviously unsupervised for too long to be able to do this.  Secondly, you can NOT rape women in the game Mr. Pork Chops, go back to Dunkin Doughnuts.  This should be investigated to see what the hell the parents are doing wrong if anything, and get these kids psychological help they evidently need.

    I know I am going to hell for laughing about the story to start, but I am going to hell for far worse than that anyways, so screw it.

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  39. E. Zachary Knight says:

    This reminds me of the first Twisted Metal game. You could run over the bum and the idiot lawnchair loungers but could kill the dog. The manual even points it out that you ust be crazy if you want to kill a dog.

    I wonder if that was inspired by Duck Hunt.

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  40. Mr. Peacock says:

    The thing that bother’s me most about this story is that these kids somehow don’t qualify for children’s services to get involved.  What exactly would have to happen for them to be there?  Clearly there is an issue here that is being ignored considering the tourture and killing of small animals is serious sociopathic/pyschotic behaviour.  Kids that age should not be left unsupervised so where was an adult while they were playing a game they should never be allowed to play and where was said adult when when they were beating and lynching a kitten? 

    We know there’s no rape or cruelty to animals in the GTA games so I’ll chaulk that up to the usual media ignorance and sensationalism but these kids need serious help and for that to go ignored by the authorites disgusts me more than any blame the evil games crap ever could.

    Edit – I missed where they said they were looking for volunteers to get the kids councelling but I still question what they would have had to have done for the state to get involved.


  41. nelttab says:

    que (you know whos) ranting and raving…

    all in all where the hell were the parents that were supposted to be watching the kids

  42. E. Zachary Knight says:

    After reading the article, it looks like they are trying to get the kids some mental help, but the parents can’t afford it so the yare looking for volunteers. Hopefully they get it.

    E. Zachary Knight
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  43. timada says:

    I’m sure some people will use this as an argument against games like grand theft auto but it’s clearly the parents fault. Children that age shouldn’t have any games that are clearly for adults, and if they are that evil to murder their cat then the parents must have brought them up badly. There are plenty of free ‘flash animated’ online games that show murder in much gruesome ways then GTA, if any games are to be singled out as the problems it’s those ones since anyone of any age can have easy access to them.

  44. oto kirlama says:

    I’m all for freedom of ttnet vitamin speech and allowing rent a car game makers to put whatever they want in games, but there’s one thing about this app that has me scratching my head.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but from araç kiralama the previous article araba kiralama on this I gathered that players can use Google maps in-game to find the other (real-life?) dealers in their area.  If this is the case, has travesti anyone considered what’s stopping someone from using this app to actually move drugs between hands for reals?

    But majority araba kiralama of their outrage araç kiralama stems from what it could DO TO children, not the content itself.  Talk to one of these people and you’ll find they don’t think any books kiralık araba should be banned from children.  Mention American Psycho and they talk about kiralık araç the redeeming value of using imagination to construct a story.  Reading, no matter what the content, is largely viewed as a consequenceless activity for people of any age.  The reason why I mention American Psycho is because of the content itself.  Gaming never has and likely never will have any scenes where someone has sex with a severed head.  Not gonna happen.  Yet despite this, they’ll fight tooth and nail to protect their children from two boys kissing in Bully but whatever they read is harmless… yeah.

    The entire arguement is kiralık oto based upon a social normality inflicted by luddites who can’t figure out the controls for Halo so it’s frightening and terrifying and obviously the cause of youth violence on the rise even though, in reality, it’s in decline (which is actually a HUGE suprise given minibüs kiralama the economies status).  In  a perfect world, we would have parents that actually parent.  The idea of sales restrictions on media on oto kiralama any form to accomidate parental unwillingness to get involved with their child’s life is the real problem to me.  Here I am, 32 years old, and being held up at a self-scan rent a car needing to show ID before I can buy a $10 M rated game all because Soccer Momthra can’t be bothered to look at the crap Billy Genericallystupidson does in his free time.  It’s too hard for her, so I have to suffer?

  45. TheSorrow1145 says:

    I dont recall any raping happening in GTA, for one thing. It would have gotten an AO rating if there was.

    Secondly, the parents are infinitely more responsible for this tan any game is.

    Third, how could these kids have gotten this idea from GTA. I never saw a kitten-hanging side mission.




    Video games don’t cause violence, ignorance does.

  46. MasterAssassin says:

    Oh for the love of god this is so ridicolous. I’ve seen video games get blamed for a lot of stupid shit but this will be hard to top. These kids were left unsupervised and the video game doesn’t have anything to do with it. These kids need to be watched because this is the kind of behaviour that leads to the creation of serial killers.

  47. Praetorian says:

    I just lost one of my kitties a few weeks ago and when I read this article I just about died here at work. I fail to see how these children and their parents do not merit any kind of punishment.

    I believe the parents should get some punishment for this cruel act.

  48. Maxpower says:

    Keeping in mind I know nothing about the sheriff other than what he said in this article…I think I’ll judge a police officer on more than his knowledge of video games…..was his statements illinformed, out of place and unfortunatly take the attention away from the issues that other posters have brought up? Yes absolutelty. However to call for his resignation and/or termination over this incident is just a little….over reactive.


    "It could have been, should have been worse than you would ever know"

  49. Timothy says:

    -he’s popular cause he gets results when noone else has the balls to try anything.  

    His results have been directly refuted. He is popular because he shows his face on tv a lot and upholds his brand as being "tough" on crime, which directly appeals to the ignorant populace that elects him and his lazy cohorts. His department has paid millions in taxpayer money for his incompetence.

    -Most of the stuff thats been blamed on him was actually the results of his deputies, not him directly. Still, he’s had some issues. But at the end of the day, he isn’t called the toughest sherieff in america without cause.

    Image branding. "Tough" does not mean effective, and people who rely on urban legends plus a trumped up fear of illegal immigrants who value "anything being done" even to the detriment of other services a Sherrifs dept. provides has kept him in office.

    It proves the old adage right: "A lie repeated enough times will become truth."

  50. Pseudonym says:

    When my ex-girlfriends brother was a kid, he found a little kitten and dropped a rock on its head, killing it. He’s a completely productive member of society; has 2 kids, a great house, and works for the fire department. He’s miles away from being a sociopath. He was 7 years old at the time, as well.

    So how does a child turn into an animal killer like that? Well, simply put, most kids that age don’t really have a concept of death. If I remember correctly, most children don’t really get that until they’re somewhere between 8 and 10. If they’re repeat offenders, that’s when you’ve got to worry about them being sociopaths.

    I’ll bet good money they thought the kitten was just pretending to go all limp, and when they walked away the kitten would spring back to life and walk away. Poor little guys. 🙁

    Still, kids that young shouldn’t be playing GTA ferchristsakes. And jumping on the "Goddamn it there’s no rape in these games" bandwagon.

  51. Darmoth says:

    The two key things that psych-examiners look for when testing kids, or screening for sociapathic tendencies are: animal abuse or torture, and setting fires.

    Most interesting one I saw, we knew the kid was lovely budding sociopath but you have to be able to site those activities in a report, after checking history and interviewing him and close family no one reported those actions. So we spoke to the mother again:

    "Oh no, he’s never done anything like that. But this one time, he set our kitten on fire."


  52. Cecil475 says:

    My used 360 came with a wireless controller, and I wasn’t having it and I bought a wired one.

     – Warren Lewis

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  53. Cecil475 says:

    “This game allows players to kill cops and rape women,” Arpaio says. “It’s little wonder why they perpetrated such violence against that little animal.”

    Excuse me. I would love to know what version of GTA they were playing. I have about played them all and have NOT seen where you can rape women. Must be drinking the same kool-aid as everyone else with that idea. On top of that I don’t see where any versons of GTA would give them the idea to do that to a cat.

    As far as why they were playing it and how they got it….*looks at the parents* ….I can only think of one way.

     – Warren Lewis

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  54. nightwng2000 says:

    Maybe someone should call anonymously and claim that the mother wasn’t only an illegal alien but a FLDS member who had multiple husbands under religious marriages.  Child protective services: "OMG!  The kids are being sexually molested!"


    NW2K Software

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  55. nightwng2000 says:

    Well, "fed" in the sense that the dog didn’t like the cat and we put them in a room together and the dog killed it.  Not in a gory manner.  But she did bite down enough to suffocate the cat.  She didn’t actually tear it limb from limb.  In fact, I don’t recall any blood at all.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  56. Father Time says:

    Oh come on let’s be fair to the sheriff.

    Is it in his best interests to know whether the game has rape or not? Perhaps but clearly not in this case since the crimes were not sexual. The main points that the game is violent and not intended for young chilren are spot on though. I don’t think it’s fair to condemn him for believing a rumor that’s been going on for way too long.

    Although I don’t think it’s his job to find out why people commit crime but rather to prosecute those that do.

    And since AZ law says these kids will face no charges who cares really. He’s not the counselors in charge of helping the kids.

    If he goes on to suggest a ban though that’s another story, but he hasn’t.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  57. Father Time says:

    There are pigeons in GTA IV that you must exterminate, and if you do kill all 200 (no simple task) you get an award (albeit a pretty bad one).

    Other than that I can’t think of any time where you interact with animals in the GTA games.

    So they threw rocks at a kitten and strung it up with a game controller.



    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  58. Father Time says:

    I’m surprised the dog would even eat the cat it lives with, but then again I don’t know the cat, the dog, or any preparations you might have made to the cat.

    You know looking back, perhaps this was the reason my parents didn’t get my brother and I any pets when we were little.

    The only pet we’ve ever had was fish when we were both teenagers, but we’ve had to move and so had to give the fish away.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  59. PHOENIXZERO says:

    Apparently, Jeff Dahmer, the BTK killer (who also hung kittens as well as dogs) and a host of other serial killers who tortured and mutilated animals WHEN THEY WERE KIDS must have been playing GTA too. Because we know sweet, innocent children just aren’t born with any inclination of becoming murdering sociopaths.

    I think we can all agree that these little kids shouldn’t have been playing GTA but to say that it influenced them to do it is beyond ignorant and asinine. Just another ostrich who wants to believe that there’s no evil in the world, or at least where they live and that children aren’t capable of such things.

  60. ezbiker555 says:

    …. WTF?!

    I’m not even sure what to say. How do you play GTA, than decide to kill a kitten?

    I’m so speeachless at this and disgusted.

    What do you say to something like this? O.o

  61. sortableturnip says:

    "Child Protective Services were contacted by the Sheriff’s deputies but declined getting involved in the case saying the circumstances of the case were outside the criteria required to help the boys and their families. "

    What more do the kids need to do wrong for Child Protective Services to get involved???

  62. Austin_Lewis says:

    How about the 43 million dollars he’s lost the state of Arizona because of how he runs his prison?  Or the fact that there was no reduction in recidivsm under the Draconian management of the prison that he’s instituted?

    How bout that negligence, conspiracy and racketeering charge, how did that end up? Or the RECORD NUMBER of miscarriages in his prison?  Or the fact that he jails people who MAY WELL BE INNOCENT?  That’s definitely illegal.

    Just because he’s elected doesn’t make him the best for the job.  It just means enough people think he is.  So far, he’s shown that he isn’t.

  63. Doomsong says:

    I must have totaly missed the kitten hanging mini game in GTA…

    Come on media!! This is blame for the sake of blame!  If you believe this news story, I reccomend returning to primary school for another 8 years.

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" – Benjamin Franklin

  64. nightwng2000 says:

    Funny that.  I should shut up because I don’t know the Sheriff.  But it’s ok for the Sheriff to spout off even though he clearly doesn’t know the facts about what HE speaks about. 

    So, a person in authority is given more leeway to make uninformed comments than then average citizen.


    I’ll remember that the next time a politician or other authority figure makes an uninformed comment.  Especially if YOU make an opposing comment regarding them.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  65. gamadaya says:

    Why isn’t it common practice to have all your opinions instantly invalidated if you say there is rape in any GTA game?


    Internet troll > internet paladin

  66. Thad says:

    From the article: "Deputies say that language and cultural differences made it difficult to persuade both boys’ parents of the urgent need for counseling but ultimately they have agreed to perhaps seek counseling for the boys."

    And the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department finds a way to blame it on race.  Surprise!

  67. gamegod25 says:

    What ever happened to parental responsibility or people just being psychotic? Why does something always have to be the cause, can’t someone just be ****ed up in the head?

  68. Ashkihyena says:

    Nowhere, I didn’t say him, but I’m sure that sooner or later, something bad will come out of this, and I’m sure it’ll be the same old sorry crap that we keep hearing.

  69. JoeCB1991 says:

    **** I live in Mesa [I think that guy in the picture is Javier Soto from Chanel 3 news]…

    Anyway, these kids should get locked up. I have a cat, and I don’t see why anyone would want to do anything like that to an animal. These kids are sick, and I am tempted to wrap a ******* controller cord around their neck and choke them so they can see what it feels like. And I also need to say that I have played a lot of violent video games, but this made me sick.

    And hopefully they will wind up in Arpaio’s Jail, I have visited that place before and being there for a few days would straighten out the little ******.



    "Arpaio has had his share of controversy. Aint no denying it, but in the end,  he’s popular cause he gets results when noone else has the balls to try anything.  Most of the stuff thats been blamed on him was actually the results of his deputies, not him directly. Still, he’s had some issues. But at the end of the day, he isn’t called the toughest sherieff in america without cause."

    Agree here too. Arpaio gets the results, even if he is he is too harsh for some people.


  70. Ashkihyena says:

    America’s most moronic sheireff is more like it, and as usual, its always "GTA IS TEH EVIL, BAN, BAN, BAN!"  Hell, like it was mentioned, I’m surprised our resident troll hasn’t bypassed his IP ban and posted on this thread.

  71. BearDogg-X says:

    So, basically, that Sheriff is like the late Sheriff Harry Lee of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, then.

    Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Hornets, Jack Thompson can geaux chase a chupacabra.

    Proud supporter of the New Orleans Saints, LSU, 1st Amendment; Real American; Hound of Justice; Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always

    Saints(3-4), LSU(7-0)

  72. JQuilty says:

    Morons like Arpio have no room to talk when he encourages, allows, and covers up for real murder and torture.

  73. shaoron says:

    wait… there are several problems in this article…


    1) GTA is rated M for MATURE, not suitable for kids, comparable (if not higher) to a movie rating of R-18

    2) You let the KIDS (6, 7 year olds) play this game!?


  74. Mattsworkname says:

    Arpaio has had his share of controversy. Aint no denying it, but in the end,  he’s popular cause he gets results when noone else has the balls to try anything.  Most of the stuff thats been blamed on him was actually the results of his deputies, not him directly. Still, he’s had some issues. But at the end of the day, he isn’t called the toughest sherieff in america without cause.



    Yukimura is still here "Good,bad, I’m the guy with the GUN" Bruce cambell as ash, Army of darkness.

  75. Mattsworkname says:

    @ Nightwing


    As an az resident, you need to shut your mouth about Joe. The fact that the man has been elected as sherieff again this year is evidance of the fact while you may not approve of his Methods, the people of Arizona like the mans results. He’s the only one in the state with the Balls to actually do something about Illegal immigration issues and prison overcrowding. I don’t always agree with the mans methods, but you know what, he gets results.

    When you come up with a way to reduce repeat crime by 45 percent, reduce prison costs by millions, and reduce human smuggling in the city of phoenix like he did, then you run for the job. TIll then, don’t comment when your not qualified for the job.


    As for this article, yeah, joe is out of touch on this subject, but then again, I dont’ think this has happened before so I doubt he has any real knowledge about Ratigns, laws, or what have you. BUt by the end of the week, videogames will be the last thing he’s worried about. Still, I"m kinda bother that he jumped to that reaction so quickly. Not like him to do that.


    Anyway, Don’t mouth off about joe. He’s the only law enforcement offical in the city who had the balls to actually try and fix the problems rather then just talk about it. Don’t always agree with his methods. but he gets the job done.



    Yukimura is still here "Good,bad, I’m the guy with the GUN" Bruce cambell as ash, Army of darkness.

  76. Benjamin_Snow says:

    I wonder if these people ever had heard of cases about animals abuse with young children people.  Signs of future killers here, and once again, finger pointing!  

    Ah well, it’s the video game fault, I mean,  nobody would dare blame the parents for letting the children to play such a violent video game or teaching these children from right or wrong!


    "We may be human, but we’re still animals" -Steve Vai (World’s greatest guitarist!)

  77. nightwng2000 says:

    First off, the Sheriff is a boob who needs to have his employment terminated for unethical conduct.  Lies and deceit are NOT honorable, ethical conduct of authority figures.  Lying about ANY media containing ANY particular content is still a lie.  Especially when it implies as part of an investigation.  Clearly, the Sheriff is too incompetent to hold his position.

    Now, I’m going to make another comment, and everyone is going to be pissed at me, but I’ll live with it.

    In addition to the fact that these minors were left alone (here in Wilmington, NC, a child can be left home alone at age 8 for a couple of hours, BUT, one must take into account the relative maturity of the child.  This is per my local Social Services who said the law is under the Fire Code.  Again, you have to base it on the maturity of the child) BUT, the article indicates that the mother, at the least, is an illegal alien.  Now, how is she an illegal alien?  Did she enter illegally altogether?  Did she enter legally (temporarily) and either red tape prevented her from legally leaving in time or, she was unable for some reason to obtain more permanent status?  Or did she enter legally temporarily and intentionally stayed past her time to leave, making her illegal?  "Illegal" fits too many profiles.

    But, if she intentionally was an illegal alien, then, clearly, she herself is a criminal.  Where in the report is it saying that she will be held accountable for HER crime?  Perhaps this is one way the kids are exposed to criminal activity.  Perhaps they’ve heard their mother or someone else talk about how good doing something bad should be considered.

    I’m not going to judge her for letting her kids play the game, whichever GTA it was.  We don’t know what kind of life they live in addition to what’s been said so far.  We don’t know about family friends, other family members, the neighborhood, the overall community, what they are exposed to in school (by either students and/or faculty) and so on.  Perhaps it wasn’t the exposure to the video game that set them off but other exposures to other people that led them to be more aggressive and/or violent.

    I’ve done horrible things to animals and people in my overall life.  Even when I was a kid.  Out of irrational anger, out of peer pressure, and other reasons that make little sense to us "rational" folk.

    I’ve killed a tank full of goldfish by pouring dishwashing liquid in the tank.  Why?  Because I scratched my arm on the tank top (or so my mother said since I don’t remember the event because it was when I was really little).  Make rational sense to me now?  Nope.  But at the time, I’m sure it made loads of sense to me.

    I fed our cat to our dog.  WhY?  No clue.  I was with a "friend" then.  Definitely when I look back, he was no friend at all.  But at the time, seemed like a fun thing to do.  Doesn’t now.  And no clue why it did then.

    I struck out at friends and loved ones, even when all they did was make me mad with things they said or did.  Does it make sense that I did those things?  Not really.  I know I was taught early on that I couldn’t go to adults and authority figures when I was upset by someone.  "Ignore them and they’ll stop."  "Don’t be a tattle tale."  "They are just trying to make you mad."  Heck, when I DID try to tell on someone, I felt like -I- was the one in trouble.  So what was the solution?  Take matters into my own hands.  Eventually, it got to the point of striking out for the most irrational reasons.  Or so it seems now.  Back then… hey, they stopped… for a little while.  Of course, overall, that didn’t make things better.  But I didn’t care about the overall picture.  Just the here and now.

    Anyway, Sheriff is too incompetent to serve the public.  Time for him to retire.  Or better yet, time for him to be FIRED.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  78. Soulsmith says:

    hell no they won’t have, remember these are the kinds of people who indulge in terrorism, violence towards people and property in the name of animal rights, there is no "peaceful" in their dictionary, tbh if I could I’d build an "animal research lab" wait till people like these start kicking off, then announce I’m not going to finish building my "lab for research into diseases in animals" and see what they do next.

  79. Father Time says:

    Dude that’s messed up.

    I hope those protestors were prosecuted.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  80. Flamespeak says:

    " PETA just like any other group doesn’t get to be vigilantes "


    That has never stopped them before.

    Opening animal cages to liberate confined and abused animals. (I.E. Opening kennels at dog shows and screaming at the dogs to run away from their oppressive masters.)

    Having a peaceful protest for the abolishment of murder. (IE protested hunting near my home town in Georgia, they beat one of the hunters into a coma, BTW)

    Supporting the neccessary destruction of potentionally harmful breeds of animals. (Paid a guy to go around and adopt dogs from animal shelters and then kill said dogs and throw their bodies in a dumpster. He killed well over a hundred and plenty of puppies were in that number)

  81. Father Time says:

    No it’s because PETA just like any other group doesn’t get to be vigilantes no matter how much they want to. But who knows they may try to contact the kids and try to talk them into to seeing how bad cruelty is.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  82. Flamespeak says:

    Because PETA believes in the destruction of domesticated animals for being flawed representation of the species. They were ruined by human interaction.

  83. Flamespeak says:

    I am clutter-blind. That is why my house is always trashed.

    Seriously, I am only dyslexic with numbers in a sequence. It is why I do horrible for most math problems presented where I have to show my work. In the ol’ noodle I can figure out the equations fine, but for some reason I get confused when writing the work….I don’t understand how the hell that works, but it does.

    On a different note, I can solve word problems with great ease.

  84. Neeneko says:

    *shrug* I care more about cats then about humans.

    Think about how people would react if this was a story about a couple of, say, adult males hanging a little girl and beating her to death, then recieving no punishment because they slipped through the legal requirement so they are right back out on the street to do it again since now they know there is no consequence.

    As for parity and justice.. you are right, classic christian law did not make them the same thing.  Typically parity was a milder form of justice.. usually if X did Y to Z, Z got to do (Y+A) to X.  Jesus toned to down TOO ‘an eye for an eye’ whih was considered a liberal ‘feel good’ version of jewish law at the time.  And of course the romans had the entire ‘you owe the state’ system that we used today that moderated things further.

    As for me being scary?  While I am harmless and functional, I am actually a mild psychopath, so yes, my perspective DOES tend to be a bit differnt then most of the population ^_~  You would be surprised just how many functional psychopaths there are in sociaty, most are even nice people.  It is generally only the ones who get violent and kill that anyone ever hears about.

  85. Neeneko says:

    Lack of conscience is one of the criteria for sociopaths.   It also requires gratification for violent acctions and inability to learn from past mistakes.

  86. Neeneko says:

    Congradualtions, you discovered that I can’t spell. (or more actually, I have a variation on dyslexia that makes it not only dificult to spell but I can’t tell when  a word is spelled wrong either)

  87. Brokenscope says:

    That is sadism. Not all sociopaths ar sadists.

    A sociopath/psychopath, in the most simple terms is someone who just doesn’t feel empathy or guilt. A person without a conscience.



  88. Shahab says:

    Man, at fist you seem like a reasonable person, but the more of your posts I read the more you seem like a scary person to share a society with.
    Also, you talk about your wish for “parity, justice”, which Jesus, btw, said were not the same thing, but really what I heard you say was that the idea of those kids hurting that cat pissed you off and now you want to take out that aggression on the kids. Outside of the law, you obliquely said.
    Guess what? That sounds like sociopathic behavior to me, disregarding the rules in order to satisfy your own anger.
    Pretty narcissistic, huh?

  89. Neeneko says:

    Not really.  A sociopath takes pleasure in hurting others for it’s own sake.

    I mearly wish for parity, justice, or at absolute minimum the elimination of threat (either via treatment or removing the person from sociaty)

  90. Neeneko says:

    While in my gut I would rather see them removed from sociaty completely (I always get angry when people escape punishment for doing horrible things), in reality, yeah, I would want someone to go out and get them help.

    This is actually a classic example of where public healthcare should be a public responsiblity.  By not treating these kids, they will likly grow up a danger to every one around them, which makes them a problem to sociaty as a whole.  Sociaty has an interest in protecting it’self and thus has an interest in pooling resources and provide the healthcare to reduce the threat.

  91. Shahab says:

    Seriously, did you just recommend that people go out, find these SEVEN YEAR OLDS, and hurt them?

    Who is the sociopath now?

  92. Father Time says:


    4. If you regret having sex the day prior to the act.

    5. If you first said no and after any form of coercion (kissing, dirty talk, etc.) agreed to have consensual sex."

    So using that logic, let’s say my friends dared me into downing something really really spicy. They egged me on, so I ate it and then regretted it (since I generally don’t like very spicy foods). That would be the same as them physically forcing me to eat it.

    Or by the same logic, let’s say that I tried something new at an exotic restaurant I never heard of before, I ate it, regretted ordering it and wala I’m forced to eat it.

    You can also argue number 3 shouldn’t count as rape. If you go drunk driving you’ll get arrested, other than endangering others the logic seems to be that you’re legally responsible for what you do when you’re drunk. Now if you have sex with someone while drunk, then you get to prosecute your sober partner. Makes no sense unless you were physically forced to drink.

    Reminds me of a study done saying guns in a home are X times more likely to kill a loved one. They forgot to mention though that they counted suicides on the number of times it killed a loved one. (It was either EZK who mentioned it or it was another forum entirely, can’t remember).


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  93. Father Time says:

    "There are some people who think that all prostitution is rape or has component of force in it."

    We call those people ignorant, or in some cases morons.

    Yeah I know some people are forced through status to be prostitutes but some people actually choose to do that kind of work when they don’t have to.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  94. Flamespeak says:

    Yeah, I meant after instead of prior in number 4.

    Yes, now you see why the numbers are bogus for their study. It is something that gets done quite frequently.

  95. Zero Beat says:

    "3. Sex after the consumption of any amount of alcohol" – So almost every woman on Earth will be raped at some point. 

    "4. If you regret having sex the day prior to the act." – This doesn’t make any sense.  If they meant "after" instead of "prior," then it only makes grammatical sense.  Basically, it could be rape if the sex was bad.

    "5. If you first said no and after any form of coercion (kissing, dirty talk, etc.) agreed to have consensual sex." – Rape is a violent act.  Consensual sex is not.

  96. Zero Beat says:

    Penn & Teller did a story on this.  It was pretty interesting.  Basically, it’s dangerous to be a prostitute where it’s illegal to be a prostitute, but where it’s legal (Nevada brothels), it’s actually pretty safe.

  97. Flamespeak says:

    Most women that are prostitues were not forced into their way of life either.

    I could look at statistics all day, but as has been proven time and time again, statistics are usually represented in a way that try and prove a point instead of properly representing the findings. It isn’t that they blatantly lie, so much as they twist the truth to fill a niche.

    Take, for example, the study that said 80% of women in college are raped. When you examined the study done it viewed rape as any one of the five following scenarios:

    1. Forceful unwilling sex

    2. Sex while unconcious (date rape)

    3. Sex after the consumption of any amount of alcohol

    4. If you regret having sex the day prior to the act.

    5. If you first said no and after any form of coercion (kissing, dirty talk, etc.) agreed to have consensual sex.

    When you see what the study represents fully, you can clearly see how 80% of college women can be ‘raped’. Although you wouldn’t personally considered a large portion of that 80% as actual rape victims.

  98. Neeneko says:

    Often, yes they were.

    The regions that have the kidnapped child sex workers usually have children being kidnapped for other types of work too, often military.  Many of them are not paid either.

    And yes, I am famliar with the sexual slavery issue, since it impacts a community that I am part of I tend to keep track of it.

  99. Shahab says:

    Yeah, but the child workers you are talking about generally weren’t kidnapped and forced into the work, and even though the wage they earn is low, it is a wage.

    The largest form of true slavery that still exists in the world today is sexual slavery. Look it up.

  100. Neeneko says:

    True, but often in those places other forms of work are also basicly slavery.

    The sex part ads a nice hook but the problem tends to be much more general.   While there are definatly real problems  with sexual slavery in the world,  I’ve always found the idea that ‘sex’ slavery is the ‘big’ problem rather distateful since it goes back to the old sexism that a woman’s primary value is her viginity and thus any form of work (volentary of involentary) devalues her.

    Yeah, sex work sucks (no pun intended) but so does working in a chemical factory as a child with no safty or labor regulations, or being shoved down a mine all day, or many other nasty low end indentured/slavery jobs.

  101. Thomas McKenna says:

    For reference, see Nevada state law regarding prostitution and how it works there.  It fully supports what DT is saying.

  102. Shahab says:

    Acutally, in many places prostitution is always forced, a.k.a sexual slavery. There are some people who think that all prostitution is rape or has component of force in it.
    Now, the people who made the comment about rape in that murder simulator, GTA, were just being sensationalist bastards, but there are real issues that should not be dismissed when it comes to prostitution and slavery in the modern world.

    I doubt it went down like it is being reported. What evidence do they have? Why did this come out SO long after the fact?
    Fishy, very fishy to me. Especially the way the officer talks about GTA, “Murder cops and rape women”, it sounds like he has been reading some of Jack Thompson’s work.

  103. Badluck1313 says:

    I’m pretty sure that it IS wrong to let 6 and 7 year olds play GTA. I’ve been reading some of your previous posts, and you are a stupid, militant Anti-Anti-Gamer. In fact, you kind of remind me of Jack Thompson, except you are on our side of the debate.

  104. VideolandHero says:

    Horrible logic.

    It’s sad the cat died but kids playing GTA is wrong?

    — Official Protector of Videoland!

  105. doewnskitty says:

    Yeah, it pretty much was poor parenting for both stories of the kids.  Regarding these kids choking the kitten, who the hell lets kids that young play something like GTA?  Have a kid that age play on a damn swingset, for chrissakes, or play t-ball or something.  GTA at six and seven years old?  They’ll just learn all the wrong ideas well before they’re even capable of properly differentiating between right and wrong.

    I think he said the two kids were something between the 10-14 age range.  However, I don’t remember if he did say anything about what happened to them, but that it was a recurring act among others.  They apparently developed a penchance for torturing animals that they’d catch as strays and it was a small, rural neighborhood (this being in Nebraska) in the 40s/50s era.

  106. Waffles says:

    Oh it totally IS poor parenting.

    Unless they’re one of those touchy-feely yuppies who think butchering an animal is little Timmy’s way of "expressing himself".

  107. nelttab says:

    this story has now actually made me cry…

    i had a cat for friggin 22 years and it was the most lovable thing in the world (to me) why anybody.. (yes i understand that they are yound kids) would do that to a kitten is beyond me…

    where were the parents in this… the viedo game prolly didnt have much to do with it but why were the parents letting them play a "M" rated game any way… sounds like VERY POOR PARENTING to me…(imo)

  108. Flamespeak says:

    I remember my father telling me this story one day,

    "When me and your uncle was younger, we used to go to our neighbor’s house. He bred rabbits, you see, and we would be so bored we would kill a whole bunch of rabbits to pass the time. Beat them with sticks, rocks, hoses, hell, we even beat some rabbits to death with other dead rabbits. The little inbred retards just stood there all slack jawed and took it every time. Now that I am older, I realize that we were cruel, heartless little bastards and I wish I didn’t do such a thing. Of course we didn’t have any form of entertainment in the area either, which is probably why the other kids and I would beat the shit out of each other with sticks and hand made spears. You never hear about kids doing stuff like that for fun these days."

    My dad is awesome.

  109. KayleL says:

    Oh wow, I could of never thought of something like that. That really does make me feel sick.

    Anyway. I am wondering how GTA had anything to do with it. If the cat was kill with a DVD case of "Friday the thirteenth", I bet the news would of never blamed it on the movie.

  110. Waffles says:


    I was gonna mention that video a few years ago about that guy pouring gasoline on a kitten and lighting him on fire, all while laughing, but, Jesus….

    Also, what exactly is it with violence against kittens anyway?

  111. NovaBlack says:

    wow i just felt my stomach churn reading that… my god.. poor animals…



    on a side note, i thought i was meant to be desensitised to violence after playing 20 years of violent games, i mean if a cat getting killed upsets and makes me feel sick, then how an i supposedly desensitised enough to kill a person.

  112. doewnskitty says:

    Amazing how the connection just flies out.

    And I remember my high school psychology teacher once talking about some kids in his neighborhood growing up who’d been known to bury stray cats in the dirt with just the head exposed and then go over them with a lawn mower.

    Gee, maybe it isn’t video games?  Maybe it’s that some kids develop fucked up tendencies in sociopathic behavior?

  113. the1jeffy says:

    OK, fine. 

    Psychopathic personality:

    • a person characterized by emotional instability, lack of social judgment, perverse and impulsive (often criminal) behavior, inability to learn from experience; amoral and asocial feelings; and other personality defects. 

    All children are born psychopathic.  A sociopath is simply a higher degree of agressively displaying this personality.

    The point remains: Parents are responsible for creating a moral adult out of this amoral blob.  Now, because of the media attention, these kids will just get ‘help’ from counselors, instead of the swift punishment they deserve. 

    Personally, if my kids did this, I would take them to Animal Friends and make them volunteer there (with my direct supervision) until they realize small animals need our help, not a rock to head.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  114. doewnskitty says:

    ^^^This is pretty much it, except that I would like to point out that there can be a basis for sociopathy from birth, but it is not something that is inborn.  That is, some people can possibly be born with maldeveloped brains, due to drug use during pregnancy, genetics, or other factors such as physical trauma to the stomach while still in the womb.  What can result is that the maldeveloped brain doesn’t have all its gears turing correctly, or even have all its gears as would be found in the normally developed brain.  However, it should be noted that this is mostly with regard for the frontal lobe since that region is most responsible for judgment and decision-making, as well as moral understanding.

    But this isn’t to say that just because the brain is maldeveloped that the person will grow to become a sociopath.  Just simply that the potential for such development is greater than would be for others, and this is especially further augmented by experiences such as traumas and social adjustment.  It is still far more likely that it’s the kid who gets constantly picked on, bullied, and ostracized who’ll likely develop sociopathy, due to such treatment.

  115. Arell says:

    There is also some evidence that chronically ignored children, those that have be deprived of love and attention over extended periods of time, can develop sociopathy.  This is notable in the US’ broken foster care system (and frankly, many other Western nations as well).

  116. Badluck1313 says:

    Ah yes, the ever classic ‘Nature Vs. Nurture’ Argument. Personally, I agree with Nurture. I always believed that the reason for most cases of sociopathy have to do with upbringing. From the cases of serial killings I have heard of, most, if not all of the killers who were caught had something wrong with how they were parented. Whether it was lack of structure, too much structure, Extremely religious parents, or extremely Anti-Religious parents, it seems the problem starts there. I personally think that it was lack of structure and discipline, possibly coupled with playing GTA at such a young age. Does that make the game bad? No. It makes the parents ignorant, wishy-washy idiots who have no idea how to regulate what their kids do, watch, or play.

  117. Arell says:

    You’re right that sociopathy is not something everyone is born with, and something that can either be genetic or brought out by prolonged tauma.

    You’re also right that every "normal" person develops empathy naturally, but they don’t start out with it.  It is something that has to be learned and developed over time.  Children are "innocent" not because they are naturally good, but because they lack the understanding of the concept of evil.  They are amoral.  And there’s nothing more cruel than a child.

  118. Austin_Lewis says:

    Please note, Mesa Arizona is the crime hotbed of Arizona.  They’re trying to recruit for their police force as far away as NYC, promising 70,000 dollars a year, all because crime is out of control in that area. 

  119. DeepThorn says:

    I know this is off topic, but it is slightly related to the whole psychology part.

    Am I the only person that thought everyone in the world may be robots, even my own parents, at some point in time?  For me that lasted for at least a month of wondering if it was possible and how it would be possible to find out before I figured it didn’t matter because they have taken care of my so far.  (Current time travel theories say that there is a  possibility that we are almost all not real, and just computer programs made to think they are real thinking beings, while only a slim few are actually real people in a simulated world.)

    Now screw your head up with those thoughts.

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    How to set Xbox 360 Parental Controls


  120. Tammej says:

    Everyone knows that kids can be very very cruel. To each other, and to animals. Kids can be ruthless, if spineless murderers when it comes to entire colonies of ants. They just plain don’t care. But I swear, what these two kids have done will haunt them in the future. They are going to get nightmares, they are going to feel guilt, and rightfully so. 


    However, still — they need consoling, they need psychological – professional – support. Their parents should get this help for themselfes *and* their kids as soon as possible.


    I cry for the poor cat who died that day, for absolutely nothing. Let’s hope that these kids will realise – shockingly – what they have done. Let’s hope it teaches them a lesson they do never forget, so that they will try to make up for it, maybe become people who want to protect nature and animals in the future.


  121. Vake Xeacons says:

    Nah, man! It’s all the evil of wired contollers! Those should be outlawed! Please, everyone, for your kitten’s sake, BUY WIRELESS!

  122. sirdarkat says:

     So what were not going to blame the parents for not being around … or I don’t know have them anaylsed for psychological problems because they were playing a video game … yeah thats smart … its all the games fault … I doubt they have any underlying psychological problems or lack of parenting issues its all those evil games.

    For crying out loud … there needs to be a test to be allowed to reproduce if you answer any question placing blame on something other than your crappy parenting then you arent allowed to be a parent.

  123. CyberSkull says:

    I mean, damn. Where were the parents? These kids need some serious help. I think that is all I can really say.

  124. ecco6t9 says:

    I got to agree this is one of the cases I wouldn’t mind seeing PETA getting involved in.

    Or even the same thing but involving no games like a sicko just shooting brids,cats,dogs,ect for the fun of it. Or do these animals not count since they aren’t chickens or cows?

  125. Lazier Than Thou says:

    There are pidgeons in GTA IV and there are objectives in game to kill all 200 of them.

    Still, none of that includes raping or hanging anyone.

  126. MrKlorox says:

    Precisely. Killable animals (well, domesticated pets at least) are generally very taboo in games. I was kinda surprised to see attack dogs in Call of Duty… but nothing beats Postal 2.

  127. insanejedi says:

    This has been the most random news article i’ve seen all week. Yes like E. Zack said, I don’t think you can hang cats in GTA. Come to think of it, I don’t think there are any domestic or wild animals in GTA at all.

  128. doewnskitty says:

    And this was back when he was growing up in a rural area in the 40s/50s era.  The class had been discussing personalities of sociopaths and serial killers, and he’d been reminded of that because of how some of the more infamous serial killers grew up torturing small animals for amusement.

  129. black manta says:

    Considering that I’m an animal lover, and especially considering that right now my girlfriend and I are taking care of a friend’s cat that we are quickly becoming quite fond of, this has got to be that saddest, sickest and cruelest thing I’ve heard all day. 🙁

  130. doewnskitty says:

    It’s eight years since I heard it, but while I can type the words or even say it, I sure as hell cannot visualize it.


  131. Arell says:

    It’s more accurate to say that they lack "empathy."  Kids under a certain age don’t have the mental capacity for various levels of abstract thought.  Abstract thought is how we associate things we don’t know with things we do.  To a child, they only know their own world.  They don’t connect the pain of others with pain they could feel, and thus don’t really get the concept of "Do to others as you would have done to you."  So yes, they need to be taught right and wrong at an early age (moral compass), even if they don’t understand it.

    This is part of the reason why I hate absentee parents, or fruity new-agers that want to "discuss" everything with their child and not punish.  News flash, they aren’t tiny adults, and you can’t rationalize with them.  You have to lay down the law, and punish swiftly for anything they do wrong (you don’t have to beat them, but a spanking wouldn’t hurt).  They can learn how to "rationalize" when they’re older and have brains that can handle it.

    More relevant to this discussion, it does stand to reason that violent video games could have negative effects on a sufficiently young child.  I’m not saying a 12 year old can’t handle GTA, but 6 and 7 IS way too young!  Moral compass, empathy, whatever you want to call it.  Very young kids are amoral by nature, and you shouldn’t expose them to high levels of violence and sex.  That’s one age range where mimicing really can be a problem.  Not blaming the games here, blaming the people who expose those games to the wrong crowd.

  132. Neeneko says:

    Actually no, sociopathy (or at least psychopathy) is a wiring differnce, not something learned.  Sociopaths are physcially broken people that have something physically wrong with thier brains.  They can be taught to behave, they can be medicated into being more stable, but it is not something that every kid is born with.

    Most humans are born with the ability to empthize and personify things.   A certain percentage are born without this ability.  A smaller numbrer of those are actual pschyopaths (since it requires more then just the broken empathy).  In these cases, no amount of conventional parenting will do the trick.  Specialized skills and probably medication are nessesary.

    Now, having said that, not sure if these kids fall into that specific catagory…

  133. the1jeffy says:

    Um, fun fact: Children are born sociopaths.  They have to be taught remorse for killing.  I know many children of that age torture animals simply becuase they have no moral compass yet.  Parenting is the key, as always.  7 is a little young for GTA, but seriously, parents, WAKE THE FUCK UP.

    EDIT:  Since when is this mainstream newsworthy?  Kids kill little things all the time, just tell the parents to punish the kids and be done with it.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  134. DarkTetsuya says:

    Until they explain how to get to the ‘cat torture’ minigame, I’m calling BS on the story, and epic fail on the parents’ part.

    (Not that I don’t believe the story, just that they think that’s gonna be the easy way out, is BS.)

    300 Episodes and counting:

  135. cutetei says:

    Now this is just terrible. Kids do these things? Personally, if the kids act like that, then I’d just have them shot. /humour. No seriously though the kids clearly need help or they will end up like the people I’ve had to grow up with – nasty pieces of work that eventually kill themselves or more likely others. But to be honest I don’t really care anymore… The fact that they’re more worried about the GTA thing:

     "…used a wire from the video game controller they were playing, Grand Theft Auto, to hoist up the kitten"

    Wow, never knew it had a cable attached…

    Again, kids. Need. Help.

    Or just take the easy option (second sentence).

  136. Neeneko says:

    Considering within the last year there were national headlines of both a group of young girls who doused a kitten with gasoline and set it on fire and (a few weeks ago) a bunch of young boys using a kitten as a football….. neither of these were associated with video games so yeah… not a video game issue, a sociopath issue.

    Unfortunatly our legal system tends to look the other way when getting your sociopathic jollies out on animals so even if they were adults they probably wouldn’t get charged with much.  *SNIP*

    EZK: Don’t write invitations for vigilante justice we don’t need it.

  137. Brokenscope says:

    2 young children showing the 1st signs of being sociopaths.

    I don’t think the game was the real motivator.

  138. JB says:
    These kids are sick and need to be institutionalized. Seriously… they need to be watched for other signs of sadism before someone gets hurt (unless it’s already too late).
  139. koichan says:

    "a wire from the video game controller they were playing, Grand Theft Auto, to hoist up the kitten"

    GTA4 is a controller now? Funny, i could swear it was a video game…

  140. Randomavatar says:

    Little wonder? daming theres a lot of wonder why these kids did this, nothing in the game has anything to do with hanging cats, those little sociopaths need to be looked into.

  141. BlackIce says:

    As far as I can see, the only problem with this is the old rape scapegoat.

    Oh, and the fact that two boys were playing GTA in the first place. Mustn’t forget that.

    ~You Could Be Mine, But You’re Way Out Of Line..~

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