Step Into Barack Obama’s Shoes with “Commander in Chief”

Barack Obama will take over a mess of historicial proportions when he is inaugurated in January.

Gamers can get a feel for some of the issues that will be faced by the President-elect with Commander in Chief, a soon-to-be-released strategy game for the PC.

AppScout previews Commander in Chief, which is being developed by Eversim, a Frech company:

Players begin by selecting members of the Cabinet and heads of states from "250 personality types and 20 variables including age, gender, political leaning, religion, charisma, competence, popularity, etc…."

The Player President then begins facing internal and external decision-making, and every decision comes with a consequence. The player must navigate budgets, security, education, health care, special interests, and critics. Cut spending, and encounter outrage from special interest groups; raise taxes, and hear the complaints of taxpayers.

In addition to domestic issues, the game proposes to replicate real-world international situations and circumstances with detailed maps showing 192 countries and 8,000 cities, and comes pre-loaded with information on each country, such as unemployment levels, arms production, inflation rates, stock markets, sports… Players can determine the course of world events by invading countries, plotting assassinations, brokering trade agreements and spending time with fellow world leaders.

GP: Obviously, a complex strategy game like this won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s definitely on my list. Commander in Chief will launch in the U.S. on January 20th, the same day on which Obama will be sworn in.

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    Solufien says:

    Hopefully the system requirements won’t be too high, cuz this game has potential. That is if I ever seen it (unlikely in NZ).


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    fozzy360 says:

    So, does this game star Geena Davis?

    (I had to)



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    Spartan says:

    Cool! It sounds like my kind of game.


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    zel says:

    Can I drop nukes on iran and laugh as the world goes up in flames? 😛  I might actually like to mess with it just to do crazy things and watch all the countries flip out, sounds like fun.


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