Video Game Biz Involved in Effort to Lobby Obama Transition Team

Barack Obama does not take office until January 20th, but the video game industry is already lobbying the President-elect, via an intermediary.

The game industry’s issue, at this point, is copyright protection. Along with the likes of the RIAA (music biz) and MMPA (movie biz), video game publishers trade group the Entertainment Software Association belongs to an organization known as the International Intellectual Property Alliance. It is the IIPA which is doing the actual lobbying.

Toward that end, the IIPA has provided the Obama team with its list of Copyright Industry Global Challenges for 2008, and is believed to have met with them as well. For its part, the Obama team, in an effort at greater government transparency, has listed all outside lobbying efforts – including the IIPA’s – at its remarkable website.

Among the game-related concerns cited in the document are:

  • Internet-based piracy
  • Optical disc piracy
  • End-user piracy
  • Cartridge-based video game piracy
  • Open access to foreign markets

GP: There’s nothing new or especially egregious in the IIPA document – unlike the MPAA’s separate effort to convince Obama to adopt IP enforcement measures which would essentially throw consumers’ due process rights under a bus.

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