Man Pleads Guilty in So-Called Mortal Kombat Killing

A man whom prosecutors allege killed his girlfriend’s stepsister in a re-enactment of the Mortal Kombat video game series pleaded guilty in a Colorado courtroom yesterday.

The Associated Press reports that 18-year-old Lamar Roberts (left) admitted to charges of child abuse and knowingly/recklessly causing death in the case.

Seven-year-old Zoe Garcia died in December after a night of babysitting at the hands of Roberts and Zoe’s stepsister, 16-year-old Heather Trujillo (also at left). Trujillo received a suspended sentence earlier this year and was placed into a program for youthful offenders.

While prosecutors focused on the Mortal Kombat angle, some relatives of the victim questioned that theory. Child welfare reports indicate that Zoe lived in a highly dysfunctional household and that there was at least one prior incident in which Roberts was reportedly abusive toward the child when drinking.

Roberts will be sentenced in January.

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  1. deathadder says:


    I think this is kind of sad.  For the two.  This was a VERY stupid thing they did.  However, I cant remember how many times I ‘roleplayed’ a fighting game growing up, and my little brother was often the one to get hurt.  If he had died, should I have gone to jail for murder?  Its sad the kid died, but whats more sad is that these two might have their lives ruined forever because they made a stupid mistake.  Were they too rough on the poor girl?  Probably.  Did they do it to hurt her?  Prolly not.  And if they did, theres a good possibility that one (or both) are from an abusive family.  These behaviors are learned, my friends.  And NOT learned from videogames


    **Seriously, its all psychological**

  2. Derovius says:

     How do you define one person "owning" another? I could easily argue that people in debt are indentured to their banks; something we have all experienced, yes?

  3. Austin_Lewis says:

    The American death penalty has no deterrent value.  The only way to have deterrent value is to make it public, brutal, and swift (none of this 8 years of appeal nonsense), except all those things are barbaric and looked down on by the other industrialized nations of the world.

  4. Austin_Lewis says:

    My arguments are unsupportable?  Really?  I didn’t realize that there was a one-punishment fits all approach to criminal justice.  Probably because there isn’t. 

  5. Soulsmith says:

    you’d think this wouldn’t be needed but apparently some people seem to see both pedophile and homosexual in the same sentence and then assume that you were saying that if you are one then you are the other… remember people to assume makes an ass out of "u" before me.

    I’m personally of a view that murderers rapists and child molesters need to be chained to a chair and given a prosecution free hour with the families of those they killed/abused and a wide selection of bats, blades, spikes etc,

    also another point:

    how often has someone who enslaves others been smarter, richer and more powerfull all at once, more often than not its been the richer and more powerfull ones who do the enslaving.

    also the whole point in the death penalty being a deterrant relies on it not to be the whole "painless" (I say painless as they do go wrong every now and then) execution after years of people trying to plea that the bus of school kids attacked the defendent so your honor it was in his own self defence that he raped them then set fire to the bus they were in, it needs to be public and brutal to be used as a deterrent or it isn’t one at all

  6. Hitodama says:

    I’m rather sure he wasn’t comparing pedophilia directly with homosexuality. More along the lines that a pedophile is a pedophile and that can’t be changed, and a homosexual is a homosexual. Course I’m sure that was pretty obvious so this statement is probably redundant anyway. =/

  7. Derovius says:

     The parallels between pedophilia and homosexuality are not my making, they are the finding of years of psychological study and experimentation. Some of which is very unsightly. If you have issue with this, take it up with them as I am simply repeating their results, paraphrased of course.

  8. Derovius says:

     Such a scenario has repeated itself time and again throughout our history. The enslaving civilization becomes complacent, corrupt and weak, the enslaved peoples refuse to take any more abuse, rebellion erupts and the cycle has the potential to begin anew.

     Its happened to all significant empires in history, sometimes the rebellion is bloody like the Romans v. Hannibal, or moral as with Ghandi v. British Empire.

  9. Derovius says:

     Lol simple little person, ones academic background is a matter of personal interest, not a rigid structure by which to gauge a persons understanding. At best, its the barest of minimums one can expect out of a person. Such as with someone who fails at University can be expected to fail at other things, people who are successful can be expected to excel in many things. What is it to be an Engineer? To see a problem and to find a solution; here in this thread I see an underlying philosphical problem, and based on my reading and other worldly experiences I apply what I know to form a potential solution.

     Your job is to do the same and hold it up alongside my own, discussion ensuing and learning the result. Instead you sit there peddling childish insults in a pathetic attempt to bullying others into accepting your unsupportable arguements. Take a step back, compose yourself and return to us when you have something constructive to offer us.

  10. Austin_Lewis says:

    An engineer AND a psychologist?  What other magical bullshit knowledge do you have?  Because let’s face it, you couldn’t hold your own in an argument over nuclear power, and pretty much everything you’ve said about the death penalty is absolutely retarded, and this is coming from a staunch supporter of it.

  11. Austin_Lewis says:

    Fine, let’s think objectively, with no moral context.  I’m richer, smarter, and more powerful than you.  Therein, I should enslave you.  I can make you do my busy work while I conduct research, thus saving myself time and greater benefiting society.  Oh wait, you object?  Too bad, I’m the one with a gun.

  12. Austin_Lewis says:

    Interesting.  I was discussing the fact that Juveniles can have their records wiped.  I don’t know where the fuck you started your assinine tangent on pedophilia.  Of course, you show your character by comparing it to homosexuality.  But how about you try and keep to the argument at hand, eh?  You can’t treat a pedophile the same as a murderer and you can’t treat a thief like a crack dealer.  If you had even base knowledge of ANY criminal justice system in ANY country with running water, gas, and internet, you’d know that.

    Truth be told, this argument  is barely worth anyone’s time.  There are a mulititude of problems with our Death Penalty, and if you think it should be applied so broadly, congrats, you’re a certifiable retard.  Should sexual predators be fucked over? Hell yes.  Is the death penalty the answer? Probably not.

  13. Derovius says:

     Thats the problem, if everyone thought objectively, the sky would be the limit; however, peoples bias lets this morality and corruption therein to poison many potentially successful means of bettering society. Take stem cell research or cloning as examples: their impact on humanity would be so profound, I doubt anyone can fully wrap their minds around its limits. Too bad people keep seeing petri dishes full of cells and other fluids as people.

  14. Derovius says:

     I’m am for real; pedophilia is the same, psychologically, as homosexuality. Their social acceptance is a matter of personal opinion, if thats the angle you’re attempting attack from. If you don’t believe me, look up that "Ungaying" (my term) experiment conducted by the South African army. They tried to force homosexual individuals into being "normal", and when they failed they didn’t mandatory sex change operations. Oh, and it was during a compulsory draft to, so there was no escape for these people.

     Sick stuff, but interesting none the less. So next time you really wanna piss of a gay person, just remind them that their number cruncher is wired like a pedobears.

  15. Derovius says:

     Goddamn liberal pansy-assed arguement. These people don’t deserve our pity, they take from us and flip us off when we try civil means to deal with them. A killer, be they 16 or 116, should be put to death. Their crime is a big enough burden on society, we shouldn’t put them up at the prison "hotel" for the rest of their lives for free.

     Moreover, the news is constantly filled with headlines like, "Sexual predator violates parole by touching child in appropriately". Kill them, its that simple. Its already been shown that their perverted interest in children is tantemount to homosexuality (as in, it can’t be "untrained" or "fixed") so they will never get better. All the system does now is slap there wrist again and again as they reach for the cookie jar.

  16. Doomsong says:

    Aside from what you’re saying… that kid would have to be impossibly strong to kill someone MK style. Last I checked it’s not so easy to rip someones heart out with your bare hands, orgrab thier neck and rip their spine out (and no amount of dragging feet in wool socks across carpet can build up enough static charge to explode heads… believe me, I’ve tried).

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" – Benjamin Franklin

  17. Calamity of War says:

    It must have been Mortal Combat. Abuse didn’t happen untill 1993 when Midway first released MK.

    Of course by now you can see I’m speaking ironically and beleive that people have succumb to immense stupidity.

    Child abuse should be punished by a "Finish Him!" move. Chances are that this guy was abused as a child as well or neglected.

  18. Lucid says:

    I’m actually a bit suprised there aren’t more MK jokes. Too soon?

    But the MK angle is really baffling. Are ANY of those fatalities actually do-able? I haven’t played an MK game in ages so I don’t really know if they’ve changed, but it’s not like he could have tried to turn into a dragon and bit the kid in half.

  19. Austin_Lewis says:

    Oh hey, look, its Derovius to pull things out of his ass.

    Actually, the fact that records can be expunged after their 18th birthday is one of the few tools that social workers, parole officers, and others who interact with people in Juvenile Hall have to bargain with.  I know, I know, in your world everyone who does something bad once repeats it again, but the only way to prevent recidivism isn’t to put them up in a lovely cell for life with cable and a $40/day charge to the taxpaying populace (which is funny when you consider that the people who pay the taxes for those in jail often don’t come from their own community). If you can convince them that they don’t want to come back and give them that second chance, you can help them alter the course of their life.  A lot of people in Juvenile Hall just need a bit of education and some discipline, and to be kept away from their shitty families.

  20. Flamespeak says:

    The death penalty is only a deterent if it is given out frequently, publicly, and there isn’t a seven or eight year wait until the sentence is carried out.

    An example of execution being done correctly was when Vlad Tepes was the ruler of Romania. True he was bat-shit insane in the later part of his life, but his actions created a society were people didn’t even so much as steal. The guy is still considered a hero by most of his country-men.

  21. Derovius says:

     I hate this youth offender bullshit. Where the person commits the crime before or after their 18th birthday, they will be a criminal for life. Its their mentality that makes them sociopaths, or every single person struggling at life would devolve into criminals.

     I hope this is a state with the death penalty, and atleast one of them recieves it. Not a deterant? Maybe, but there will be no repeat offenses I can tell you that much.

  22. Keith K says:

    It’s called plea bargaining.

    I dont think anyone would have bothered charging him with first or second degree murder, it wouldnt stick. Manslaughter is the obvious charge, but that still requires a trial by jury. A plea bargain to 2 lesser charges will get him less time over-all, but will get him in the pen sooner and at less expense to the state.

  23. SimonBob says:

    You could use Sektor’s teleporting uppercut where he dives into the ground and pops up on the other side.  And it would actually work best on a seven year old, because anyone eight and up can see that move coming from a mile away and block/counter it.

    The Mammon Industry

  24. Aliasalpha says:

    Why does the title in that graphic say "Child Abuse Case"? Isn’t it a wee bit stronger than abuse when the subject ends up sort of no longer alive?

    <Token Godwin’s Law Post>

    Was hitler simply abusing jews?

    </Token Godwin’s Law Post>

    The mortal kombat angle is total bullshit though, I mean a 7 year old is WAY too short to do a spine removing uppercut on!

  25. VideolandHero says:

    Mortal Kombat moves are over the top, I don’t see how anybody can do them in real life.

    — Official Protector of Videoland!

  26. Bigman-K says:

    It’s da video game i tell ya, it’s dos damn evil games corruping our children’s minds.

     "Child welfare reports indicate that Zoe lived in a highly dysfunctional household and that there was at least one prior incident in which Roberts was reportedly abusive toward the child when drinking."

    O.K. Maybe it wasn’t da games. But we got to look for a scapegoat here people. We can’t blame the parents, they vote.

    "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  27. Nocturne says:

    Prosecution would have easily proved this guy guilty without any alleged Mortal Kombat angle, if anything id’ve thought the Defence would have thrown it up as an ‘he wasn’t in control of his own actions’ spin. Was someone trying to push an agenda?

    Who the hell plays a fighting game and trys some moves on a seven year old anyway? That’s not copying the game, that’s being a mental case. At least he had the slight decency to plead guilty.

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