G4’s Adam Sessler Interviews Grand Theft Childhood Author

The always interesting Dr. Cheryl Olson made an appearance G4’s X-Play program yesterday.

Olson is co-author of the popular Grand Theft Childhood.

While discussing game violence issues with host Adam Sessler, Olson touched on violent games and their relationship to topics like bullying and depression.

She also voiced concerns about California’s contested video game law and explained why it can be difficult for non-academics to make sense of video game research.


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    Benjamin_Snow says:

    See needs to be on more popular news network like CNN and NBC.  Of course, they would refuse her.


    Her book is amazing!  YOu guys need to read it!


    "We may be human, but we’re still animals" -Steve Vai (World’s greatest guitarist!)

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    mut says:


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    Shadow D. Darkman says:

    Aw, sweet!


    Now let’s see her debate Jack.


    "Game on, brothers and sisters." -Leet Gamer Jargon

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    Doctor Panda says:

     The fact that this woman used both of the terms "big daddy" and "headcrab" correctly instantly gives her a lot more credibility in my mind. Did she actually publish any scientific papers? If so i probably have access to them…

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    tooltrek says:

    The only problem with having someone like her on X-Play is she is talking to people who already agree with her. Too bad there can’t be a sensible conversation like that on a major network.

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    mdo7 says:


    Oh Yes,

    Thank you Dr. Olson.  I’ve read your book and used it for my English class ( my english class is argument perspectives) to prove that video game does not cause real-life violence.

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    TBoneTony says:


    A study of thoughts, feelings and behaviour of humans and animals.

    (Since that thoughts and feelings are impossible to observe you have to focus on the behaviour.)

    Psychological Study:

    To find out what is normal for a certain group of people when presented with a certain stimuli.


    That a certain stimuli leads to a certain positive or negative behaviour in humans and animals.


    A carefully adjusted statement that must be used ONLY if there is a strong correlation that a certain stimuli leads to a desired or undesired behaviour. These Generalizations are NOT meant to be thrown around lightly because that could lead to society missinterpreting the results of the Psychological study and therefore leading to unfair discrimination to a certain group of society.


    That is how I understand Psychology when I was learning about it in high school, sadly I don’t see that sort of reasoning on the news because sometimes I feel that the news only focuses on something that makes news, and not really about the real truth that may not really attract news.





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    magic_taco says:

    Yup, JT pulls his "scientific" claims out his ass as usual, Yet he claims (people who have real proof and people like us who are smarter than his stupid self) as "Fascist Morons", Yup, This is a lady i can turn to in finding info about issues between video game violence and real world violence.

    I gotta get that book soon.

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    DeepThorn says:


    There is no proof of cause of any actions in relation to someone playing video games, though there may be minor differences in behavior because of the video games, it isn’t something they wouldn’t already do if there was a different stimuli such as a movie, music type mediums, or even issues with a relationship, work, or other such typical life events.  Bringing it all around to the fact that most the studies we see, especially the ones JT references, are Bullshit! (I love that show.)

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