GamePolitics: Top 15 of 2008

2008’s Game Over is just around the corner and that means it’s time to look back at the top gaming stories of the past twelve months.

With so much happening in 2008, it wasn’t easy to trim the list down to just 15 stories. But we managed, so, without further ado:

15. No Taxation Without Representation: Several states looked into levying "sin taxes" against the purchase of video games and consoles in 2008. Such measures were proposed by legislators in Wisconsin and New Mexico, but ultimately failed to pass. In New York, Gov. David Paterson’s 2009 budget proposal would add a sales tax to digitally-delivered content, including DLC. On the other side of the coin, an increasing number of states are offering tax breaks as an incentive to lure game developers to set up shop.

14. War. Huh. What is Good For? As the US Army made increasing use of its popular America’s Army recruiting game, anti-war protesters marched at a number of Army-sponsored gaming event around the country. Protesters also gathered outside Ubisoft’s San Francisco offices to protest the console version released by Ubi a couple of years back. In addition, the American Civil Liberties Union charged that the Defense Department’s use of the game violates United Nations protocols which bar the recruitment of children into military service.

13. Defectors! The Entertainment Software Association began the year with 28 member companies. Following a number of defection by companies both large (Activision, LucasArts) and small (Crave, NCsoft), it will finish the year with, at most, 21. The economy certainly had something to do with it, but some reports indicated dissatisfaction with new ESA boss Mike Gallagher.

12. Spore Triumph Turns to Controversy: It was supposed to be legendary game designer Will Wright’s crowning achievement, but Spore will be remembered more for install limits and loading unwanted Securom DRM on player’s computers than for its game play. Yes, EA eventually backed off on some of the security measures but not before several class-action suits were filed by consumers. The game’s DRM issues fueled a debate about piracy that is still raging.

11. ESRB and Retailers Earn High Marks: The Federal Trade Commission released the results of its annual secret shopper study and the video game industry did itself proud. According to the FTC, retailers properly enforced M ratings 80% of the time, with GameStop earning an eye-popping 94% grade. Clearly, the ESRB is getting the word out to parents and retailers are doing a better job of training their clerks to enforce game ratings. The ESRB also expanded its parental outreach program with a very cool ratings widget and continued wooing political figures with the lure of free advertising via ESRB-funded public service announcements.

10. Rise of the Game Consumer Movement: The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) continued to expand its representation of issues important to gamers by addressing DRM, Net Neutrality and Universal Broadband, among other concerns. Gamers showed themselves to be a very powerful grassroots force, using the power of the Net to mobilize against Spore’s DRM and respond to author Cooper Lawrence, who blithely – and incorrectly – trashed Mass Effect on Fox News.

9. In the Eye of the Beholder: Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute in upstate New York invited Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal to present his controversial Virtual Jihadi game exhibit and then booted him from campus when the school’s Republican Club protested. Forced to use a private art gallery in neighboring Troy, Bilal again found himself shut down when Republican city officials drummed up a long-ignored building code violation. Bilal eventually returned to Chicago where he teaches art. The ACLU sued city officials in federal court.

8. If You Can Make Video Game Law There, You Can Make it Anywhere: Led by Republican State Sen. Andrew Lanza, New York passed a video game bill in 2008 and Gov. David Paterson (D) signed it into law. However, the law, which takes effect in 2010 is essentially a showpiece and lacks teeth. Game sales will not be restricted in any way. How can you be sure? Easy: the video game industry did not file its usual constitutional challenge.  See the Rest of the List After the Jump…


7. EA Fails to Acquire Take-Two: For the better part of the year, Electronic Arts chased Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive. EA’s bid eventually turned hostile when T2’s Strauss Zelnick spurned EA CEO John Riccitiello’s offer. The pursuit, which received approval from federal regulators, was followed closely by the gaming community for nearly seven months. In the end, EA backed off. In retrospect, T2 shareholders might wish they had taken EA’s $25.74 offer. As of now TTWO shares are trading at less than $9.

6. Recession-Proof? With the global economy tanking, there was a good bit of talk that the video game industry was "recession-proof." It’s not looking that way, however. Share prices are down industry-wide. Fueled by high demand for the Wii and DS, only Nintendo seems to be dodging the economic bullet. EA, for example, is scaling back operations. Midway might not exist a month from now. NCsoft is dropping its Tabula Rasa MMO. UK developer Free Radical has ceased operations. And on and on… 

5. The Pipe Fitter’s Show in the Basement: There is universal agreement that the video game industry’s big dance, the E3 show in Los Angeles, was amazingly bad this year. Veteran attendees (yours truly included) were stunned by the degree to which the one-time spectacle was humbled. Ubisoft North America CEO Laurent Detoc came up with the most memorable line of all, describing E3 2008 as resembling "the pipe fitter’s show in the basement." The ESA, which runs the show, has promised to make it bigger and better next year. Even so, E3 2009 attendance will not be as large as that of PAX 2008. It remains to be seen whether or not the glory days of E3 are a thing of the past.

4. Battleground UK: In March Dr. Tanya Byron released her government-commissioned report on the effects of video games and the Internet on children. Game issues have been a source of national discussion ever since. Parliament debated the issue at length but has yet to reach a conclusion. Meanwhile, industry-favored content rating body PEGI is in a hotly contested battle with the British Board of Film Classification over which organization will take over the UK’s game ratings.

3. America’s Game-Crazy Presidential Election: The 2008 U.S. presidential campaign was met with an unprecedented wave of game interest as dozens of Flash games appeared online. These included official offerings such as John McCain’s Pork Invaders Facebook app as well as unofficial games spoofing the candidates and issues. Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin was a favorite target of Flash designers. Even commercigame developers got into the spirit. McCain and Barack Obama showed up in a trailer for THQ’s Saints Row 2, while Palin and Obama were offered as DLC for EA’s Mercernaries 2. Supporters of Republican Ron Paul held a rally in World of Warcraft, while Republican candidate Mike Huckabee kicked back with Rock Band. Speaking of support, when it came to political contributions, game industry types went for Obama in a big way. But the biggest campaign news was surely the Obama campaign’s purchase of in-game ads on Xbox Live.

2. Jack Thompson Disbarred: After several years of struggling with the Florida Bar, the high-profile anti-game violence crusader was permanently disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court in October. Earlier in 2008, GamePolitics published exclusive transcripts detailing testimony at Thompson’s December, 2007 Bar trial on ethics charges. After Thompson’s license was stripped, former ESA boss Doug Lowenstein slammed the gaming press for covering Thompson.

1. Grand Theft Auto IV: The April 29th launch of Grand Theft Auto IV dominated the game scene for several weeks before and after its release. The game would go on to revered by fans, reviled by politicians, banned from buses, watered-down in Australia and even mashed-up with Barack Obama. Both politically and culturally, GTA IV was the biggest gaming event of 2008.

FULL DISCLOSURE DEPT: The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) is the parent company of GamePolitics.


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  1. muqtada123 says:

    I heard about the original game title "grand theft auto" that is banned in some countries and you will laugh at the reason they had given for the above implementation that the children are effecting because of playing these kind of games. I don’t figure out how they think like that. They are the true game politicians.
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  2. Avea says:

    Yes yes you are a moron. Now your reinstatement will not occur. Mostly because you seem to have forgotten that your disbarrment was because of your conduct and behaviour. Not your religion, not your culture crusade. You were found guilty of 27 of 31 accusations of fraud, deceit, lying, harassment, etc etc. Welcome to disbarrment. Your stay is permanent.


    AƟkikinci el oto

  3. JustChris says:

    RE: Jack’s obsession with Take-Two and Strauss Zelnick…I find it highly inconsistent to go after one company when they’re not the only ones publishing controversially violent games, and he claims to target the entire industry. He has mentioned Counter-Strike and a few other non-T2 games in the past but I bet he barely even made any contact with their publishers. Valve, 2k Games, and Epic all fail to register in his radar.

    Does his affront with T2 involve personal reasons, and if so, which ones? Or is he just repeating the example of following the media bandwagon? Take Gears of War, a far bloodier game than the GTAs, getting less criticism in the media. Maybe the video game ignorance is showing an ironic advantage, in that they’re lazy to look for other controversy and are content with mostly reporting on Take Two’s games. Perhaps it is better for the media to accept video game violence before they learn about other games.

  4. Father Time says:

    I know JT got upset at GTA for parodying the games make people violent argument in one mission. Did he threaten to sue I can’t remember anymore.


    Debates are like merry go rounds Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  5. ezbiker555 says:

    Honeslty, the greatest thing beside Jack getting disbarred this year, was Left 4 dead.

    Actually come to think of it, I noticed in the game that one of the zombies looked like Jack. What was even more funny was going into the office building for lawyers, and running into a zombiefied jack thompson, in a suit. After dealing with that zombie, one of the AI said, I hate lawyers.

    I was laughing for ten minutes.


    Also Jack, since your going to bribe your way back into being a lawyer, I might as well as let the florida bar know that.

    In short: Think before you speak.

  6. TJLK says:

    JT – First… Only thing funnier than you is your e-mail.  I’m not going to post it, though you never try to hide it on many posts around the Net(might want to start keeping that secret, I hate when I stumble upon it randomly in blogs and such).  Do you really envision yourself as some kind of fan of the First Amendment?  Honestly?  You think you’re protecting it? When I seen that address in my inbox I nearly soiled myself from laughter. I have doubts you even understand what the text behind the First Amendment.  I’ll confidently stand behind that statement as your actions clearly reflect your disrespect and dislike of it’s existence.

    Second….Your arguments are hollow and placed upon a foundation of faulted logic.  Not only that but you don’t even manage to present them in a clever way.  If you honestly think that you’ll be anything close to an influential force in the state of Florida in regards to law you might as well officially annouce you’ve completely lost your mind(The one that was never to keen to begin with).  You’ve not only been disbarred but you’ve successfully made a complete ass out of yourself in court.  I’d be stunned if you somehow weasled your way out of disbarrment. 

    Thirdly… Lets face the facts Jack, it seems you’re absolutely obsessed with Take-Two and Strauss Zelnick.  Its actually quite the disturbing obsession too.  Now I’m not homophobic and if that was the kind of obsession I was speaking of then I would think its cute.  You’re completely set on seeing this man fail for any reason you can think of.  You’re completely set on the company he represents to take up responsibility for crimes they did not commit.  At the same time so many people were obsessed with your failure.  I’ll admit it I was one of them.  But the difference between you and me is that I had a legitimate reason to want you to fail.  You’re attempting to demonize not only gamers but the entire game industry as a whole.  Your lies have polluted the minds weak enough to embrace the desire to push responsiblity and blame onto others.  You represent a weakness and an evil that will negatively impact society.  Yet here you are making the same claims I am about the game industry, in particular Take-Two and Mr. Strauss Zelnick.  There comes a time where people have to be responsible for their actions. Continueing to blame music, games and other forms of media will make things worse for everyone.

    Its clear to everyone that you’re nothing more than a lying hypocritcal little boy in the body of an old man.  I’m not even mad, I’m actually just tired of seeing your name and comments in places where I like to read.

    P.S. If you understood the word ‘fascist’ you might be actually be a fan of it judging by your actions, words and ideas.  You just might be a facist Jack… something to think about.  You might also want to buy a mirror and look in it.

  7. Benjamin_Snow says:

    Even in death, Geroge Carlin will always be a favorite of mines.  I may not agree with his viewpoints on Chistianity, but hey, even us Chistians need to laugh at ourselves at times.


    Carlin’s death was truly shocking.

    "We may be human, but we’re still animals" -Steve Vai (World’s greatest guitarist!)

  8. Doomsong says:

    Is it just me, or is JT versus the game industry fast becoming the Andy Kaufman versus Jerry Lawler of our time?

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" – Benjamin Franklin

  9. David says:

    After filing gay pornography in a court briefing, what in the holy hell makes you think you’re getting reinstated, Jack?

    And while I’m at it, what posessed you to do something so inexplicably insane as to file ANY sort of pornography in a court briefing?  I mean, you went through law school, you passed the bar exam, you practiced law for X amount of time.  Was there ever a time before you went crazy that you thought to yourself, "Hm, maybe I should have added some stills from Lovesticks from LA into the record during that last court proceeding"?

  10. TBoneTony says:

    Also another big thing, in Australia, is that there was finally a push from most Attorney Generals to find out what the public thinks about the issues regarding the R18+ rating in Videogames.

    Although the discussion paper is yet to be released, it is a positive steep even though it would be halted by just one Attorney General who’s opinion is just as worse as ‘you know who’.


    As usual, every time when there was a discussion about it on TV, it was marred by a few Australian Politicians who had no real idea about what the issue was all about.

    As for example the Q+A show was more like ‘Look how dumb Australian Politicians are’ when it comes to videogame censorship.

    You really needed a few other politicians like Rob Hulls who know a thing or two about the real issue. Also you needed a few people from the OFLC and have their views.

    We also had the gamer, but he was mostly ganged up on and was only an audience member who could only answer a few questions and was left un-noticed at the studitidy of the Politician’s opinions.


  11. strathmeyer says:

    "Anybody want to guess which state?  You get an autographed copy of a video game by me if you do."

    It’s too bad you’re already 0% on fulfilling your promises.

  12. JustChris says:

    You couldn’t even tame the rap music industry in the 90’s. What makes you so sure that you’d be able to get back on your feet and tame the games industry? 

    I’ve noticed that you rarely bring up your past battles with non-gaming media cultures to make a point about something. Perhaps you genuinely realize that they have made little progress and don’t want to admit it?

  13. Archgabe says:

    "As in I took a Jack and wiped my Thompson."

    I was laughing for a good 20min.  Well played.  Well played.

  14. DavCube says:

    Thirdly, I am introducing a video game law that is constitutionally bulletproof in about a month to a state legislature. Anybody want to guess which state? You get an autographed copy of a video game by me if you do.

    I could do without that signed copy of GTA3. I played that game, as a minor actually. I thought it sucked.

    And if i got a nickel for every time you sent up your infamous ‘constitutionally bulletproof laws,’ i’d be richer than you.

    Wait, i probably already am. Huzzah!

    David "DavCube" Gagnon, Mature Adult, and You’re Not.

  15. nekusagi says:

    Now would normally be the time I’d say "welcome back" after such a long absence, but I’m not sure if such snark deserves this… so I’ll just return the favor with some of my own. 🙂


    Though if you could follow through with your promise of an autographed video game (preferably an advance copy of Pokemon Platinum- I’d love to have a John Bruce Edition of the game), can I guess California? They seem to be all for that kind of thing there.

    Good luck getting it through, though. You’re still disbarred in the eyes of the law, who are a bit more powerful than you and won’t be reinstating you anytime soon, Jack. Sorry to ruin your Christmas. 🙁

  16. hellfire7885 says:

    Awww, what’s the matter boyo, mad that you didn’t get the number 1 spot?

    YOu NPD would prevent you from being happy about being on the list period, you footnote.

  17. thefremen says:

     According to 9,000 of your press releases, you’re also a Take-Two shareholder.

    How’s that investment working out for you?


  18. HarmlessBunny says:

    Yes yes you are a moron. Now your reinstatement will not occur. Mostly because you seem to have forgotten that your disbarrment was because of your conduct and behaviour. Not your religion, not your culture crusade. You were found guilty of 27 of 31 accusations of fraud, deceit, lying, harassment, etc etc.

    Welcome to disbarrment. Your stay is permanent.

    Oh and trying to introducing a video game law? Hrm. Wait…that sounds like…practicing law! Oh Jack, aren’t you banned from that? No no, it’s okay. I’m sure reality will sink in and you will realize how sad you’ve become 🙂

    Do something important for once. Go spend time with your family.

  19. BearDogg-X says:

    @ Jack "Boy Toy" Thompson

    Well, you are a #2. As in I took a Jack and wiped my Thompson.

    The #1 story next year will actually be the final defeat of the California anti-game law. Leland Yee will be weeping into the streets of Sacramento when that happens.

    Thirdly, there is no such "constitutionally bulletproof" video game law, Window Licker. Of course, if you had a "constitutionally bulletproof" bill and any testicular fortitude, you’d show the bill so everyone that truly understands the Constitution(that’s everyone here, loser) can study and dismantle it. Besides that, you originally said a "Western state", so I’m guessing Utah. The legislative train will derail itself when California loses.

    And, yes, you’re still and will forever known as the Metropolitian Moron of Miami. And Zelnick is smarter than you, so go chase a chupacabra, jabroni, if you smell what I’m cooking.

    Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Hornets, Jack Thompson can geaux chase a chupacabra.

    Proud supporter of the New Orleans Saints, LSU, 1st Amendment; Real American; Hound of Justice; Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always

    Saints(3-4), LSU(7-0)

  20. Slipperman says:

    @ Jack Thompson:

    Seriously, you pick ‘mrsstrausszelnick’ as your newest username? I think ‘Mrs. Michael Savage’ would be a more fitting name for you, because I think both you and Savage should get a room together…

    Also, you deserved your disbarrment. Look at it this way: If you hadn’t picked on THE SIMS 2, you’d probably still have your lawyer job…

    Another thing: You always talk about how all video games turn people into murderers? Guess what – so does Beyonce! Beyonce has the power to make people kill too!! Whenever I see that overrated attention-whore on my TV or hear her on my radio, it certainly makes me want to throw something at her…and one doesn’t need to be influenced by video games to harbor such a hatred on Beyonce like mine. She needs to go away and make way for more talented people in the music scene (Aly & AJ, Andrew W.K., Lights, the whole prog-rock scene…)

    …but I digress. What I’m trying to say to you, Jack, is to get over it. You played with fire, so you got burned. Deal!

    Tim (aka the Slipperman)

  21. Badluck1313 says:

    Excuse me, Mr Thompson? I just read over the paperwork from your disbarment, it says you have been permanently disbarred. Quit deluding yourself. You lost. Secondly, I’m completely sure that you are unable to pass laws against anything. Last time I checked, you needed to have at least some amount of power in order to do so. Thirdly, gamers are not stupid. One of the president elect’s main speech writers is a gamer. Is he an idiot as well? Sir, stop your futile crusade against video games. Nobody cares anymore. To them, to the public, you are just another pathetic little man who hides behind the guise of Christianity in order to attempt to satisfy your own personal vendetta.

    P.S. To answer your last question, yes, you are.

  22. nightwng2000 says:

    I’ll put down $1000 that on 31Dec2009, you WON’T have a license to practice law in Florida.

    The possibility that you MIGHT get it back during the year exists.  HOWEVER, I’m willing to bet that by the end of the year, you will be without one (either still or again).

    BTW, you are right about one thing, #2 isn’t the place for your disbarment.  #20 in a list of 15 is the right place for it and you.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  23. Erik says:

    More Thompson wind.  Just like when you said you were going to prevent Bully/GTA(insert interation here), not be disbarred in the first place, get Norm Kent in trouble in your stead, pass a constitutionaly bullet proof video game bill (the previous one.  You know the one that was ruled unconstitutional), get the owners of Penny Arcade put in prison, successfully sue Kotaku, shut down Game Politics (multiple times),  put T2 out of buisiness, and donate $10,000 to charity none of this shit is going to happen.

    Your life is a mountain of failure.  Now I shall play GTA4 (which you were too inept to keep from coming out) in your general direction.

    As for Strauss Zelnick, he was very smart for not letting EA destroy T2 like they have done to so many previous companies.  Anyone who has paid attention in the slightest to EA’s past business practicies can see that.  But to know that you would have to read more than just your own court filings wouldn’t you sweetheart?

    Hey Dennis, when are you going to take this skin waste to court over his criminal cyber-stalking of you and this site?

    -Ultimately what will do in mankind is a person’s fear of their own freedom-

  24. hayabusa75 says:

    You’re worse than a broken record.  You’re like a broken record of Color Me Badd.

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

  25. Derovius says:

     I really wish people would stop pretending to be John Bruce Thompson on GP. Its sad, and you know it.

     We all know John pulled a Shawshank Redemption after being disbarred, and his wife hasn’t mustered the effort to care where her joke of a husbands been for the last 2 months.

  26. Nekowolf says:

    "My reinstatement by The Bar." Oh dear, I had to get a change of pants I pissed myself laughing so hard! There’s more chance of the Evil Space Lord, Xenu, coming down to Earth, and making us all become the sex slaves of his evil forces, there by gaining the power of immortality.

  27. LAG - Law Abiding Gamer says:

    "Thirdly, I am introducing a video game law that is constitutionally bulletproof in about a month to a state legislature.  Anybody want to guess which state?"

    Hmmm…just a guess here…the state of confusion?  Jack, you wouldn’t know constitutionality if it hit you in the pie hole.  Please leave this forum and don’t ever come back (although I know you will…your spewing of inanity here is the only thing that gives you any satisfaction any more).  It’s been so nice lately to not see your evil presence.

    ***Homicide-free video gaming since 1972!***

  28. mrsstrausszelnick says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know you had picked my disbarment to be #2.  It really was #2, in more ways than one.  Any of you gamers get that?

    Secondly, let me tell you what the #1 story in 2009 will be:  My reinstatement by The Bar.  Dennis, you got the tip here first.

    Thirdly, I am introducing a video game law that is constitutionally bulletproof in about a month to a state legislature.  Anybody want to guess which state?  You get an autographed copy of a video game by me if you do.  My disbarment didn’t slow this legislative train down, did it?

    Finally, the #2 story in 2009 will be Strauss Zelnick’s firing from Take-Two.  This self-proclaimed genius rejected a $26 per share tender offer on a stock that is now trading at $8.  And I’m a moron?  Jack Thompson



  29. GTCv Deimos says:

    Ummm… DISAGREE! He’s a grammy winner(4), who did standup for three decades, guest hosted on the tonight show, helped modernize heavily taboo related comedy, and gave us some of the most well recognized routines, like "Seven Dirty Words", "stuff" and "euphamism?" I’m okay that you’re not familier with him, but take my word for it… the guy is a comedic legend.

  30. DarkTetsuya says:

    Well they had the CN float with all the ‘Foster’s’ imaginary creatures, singing what appeared to be an original creation.

    … that’s when you hear the ‘needle being pulled off the record’ sound, and there was Rick Astley in all his meme-tastic glory. 😛

    And just when I thought I was over it, they managed to get a ‘LOL, what the f***?’ when I saw it on youtube. XD

    But yeah JT’s about as effective/useful/welcome as a Rickroll, EZK’s right on the money with that one. (Since most people are usually ‘oh.’ about seeing/hearing about either one these days…)

    300 Episodes and counting:

  31. DarkTetsuya says:

    Considering how the usual reaction these days is ‘oh.’? Yeah that sounds pretty accurate.

    (Granted, the stunt that Cartoon Network pulled during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, was pretty damn funny I have to say.)

    300 Episodes and counting:

  32. TJLK says:

    "The worst thing about e-mail is that you can’t interupt the other person.  You have to read the whole thing and then e-mail them back, pointing out all their mistakes and faulty assumptions.  It’s frustrating and it’s time-consuming.  God bless phone calls." – George Carlin [When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?]

    I think its an interesting thought to reflect upon when using GP’s comment section.  It is particularly interesting in a story that produces a Thompson comment.

  33. Father Time says:

    Perhaps we should all get some napalm and silly putty in his honor (and I don’t mean the book, I mean actual napalm and silly putty).


    Debates are like merry go rounds Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it’s over they have the same positions they started in.

  34. TJLK says:

    Carlin is one of my heros.  Not only was he hilarious but very clever.  I still have his books to keep me laughing.  I still need to get his dvd set.

  35. Derovius says:

     I had to look up Carlin, as I could not put name-to-face for this person. I know his face, but I’d hardly call him a pivotal person for 2008. Not to say that his passing is not worth noting.

  36. JC says:

    It isn’t gaming news death, but George Carlin’s death was what shook me the most… we lost a legend that day 🙁

    As for gaming, It has been a crazy year; A lot of words were mentioned that never came true, and one thing I wish that wasn’t true, was Free Radical possibly closing down only to learn several hours later it was confirmed ;-;

    I can only hope 09 will help things, but things will likely be crazier than last year, with more focus on used game sales and purported piracy. One thing I hope to see no growth of, is pure online sales for consoles, it will bug me greatly if they attempt to move to pure downloads, nothing tangible left…

    Next two months is that pure digital transition… and Inauguration Day is going to be scary.

  37. Flamespeak says:

    You know what I will probably remember the most in gaming news for 2008?

    The death of Gary Gygax. *pours a flaggon of mead on the curb of the cobblestone road*

  38. NovaBlack says:

    Ok.. why does JT go on about Take two not accepting EAs offer?

    doesnt that prove him WRONG about strauss zelnick?

    Hes been saying for years that strauss is a ‘pornographer’ would kill his own grandmother for some cash, yet he fought EAs offer, knowing that ultimately money would be lost…. so that they would be able to continue making the games they want to make, without having EAs grubby mitts all over the development.

    I mean which is it? He is either a money obsessed criminal or he isnt. You cant flip flop around. He takes the money hes a money grabbing criminal, he doesnt take the money, hes an idiot. I mean.. anyone else notice the stupidity of JTs claims here? Either way, hes proved one of his own crazed theories wrong.

  39. hayabusa75 says:

    That’s all true, but GTA IV is practically a household name now.  Its sheer infamy basically preempts you from picking Fallout 3 over it.  Remember "Jaws"?  There was a part in the beginning where the mayor is telling Brody, "You yell ‘barracuda’, people go, ‘Huh?’  You yell ‘shark’, and we’ve got a panic."

    Fallout 3 = barracuda

    GTA IV = shark

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

  40. mrsstrausszelnick says:

    I truly think the #3 story for the year was Doug Lowenstein’s firing of his traveling make-up artist.  That is not a joke.  Jack Thompson

  41. Derovius says:

     I’d say at the very least they were on par. GTA is just a big name where FO 3 is a new arrival. Both had problems with ratings in Australia, both had transit related complaints, both are listed as games to avoid at Christmas time. I think it would simply be easier for both of us if you were to say what brings GTA IV out ahead of Fallout 3 in terms of exposure.

     EDIT: Lets not forget the Washington mass transit system had complaints about Fallout 3 reminding people about terrorism. Thats like the real life equivalent of Godwins law… bonus points?

  42. gamepolitics says:

    Derovius, it wasn’t about which was the better game, but rather about the gaming events that had the biggest impact. You wouldn’t suggest that Fallout 3 made a bigger splash than GTA IV, would you?

  43. hayabusa75 says:

    How is the games-politics relevance of Fallout 3 greater than that of GTA IV?  Don’t forget this is GP’s list.

    "There is no sin except stupidity." – Oscar Wilde

  44. zel says:

    Ya sorry, welcome to the year 2001, or was it 2000? I first heard about it back in 2002-2003 myself and even at that time it was considered old news being thrown around by sensationalist journalists trying to drum up support for the U.S. to intervene and that somehow consumers should be shocked at ashamed they bought shiney new PS2s to quench their insatiable thirst for gluttonous entertainment at the suffering of millions of impoverished africans in servitude to the heinous and bloodthirsty drug/warlords who routinely rape and pillage small villages of their entire populations to mine the precious and very rare coltan with which the profits are used to fund the horrific genocide that is taking place there all day, every day.

    Not to say bad things aren’t happening there, but it was blown way out of proportion and tenous links were established to sony and the PS2. The idea of naming it ‘playstation war’ was to create controvesy over a very successful product i mean, if they had used the gamecube the dreamcast or just a plain old PC, even TVs, dvd players, or "the capacitor wars" it just wouldn’t sound as catchy. Many devices use tantalum (mostly capacitors IIRC, and pretty much everything has a capacitor in it somewhere).

    No doubt that region could use stability but the whole idea of ‘the west’ fueling the war over there through PS2 purchases is BS.


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  45. sheppy says:

    It was big for idiots.  Most Coltan is gathered from other locations and the Congo is actually one of the smaller producing areas for this mineral.  In fact, as already proven, there is no conceivable way to prove Sony used any of this Congo Coltan and it could just as easily be in your iPod or car computer instead.

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  46. zel says:

    Ya i thought it was pretty fitting as well, don’t wanna inflate his ego too much and definitely wanna aggrivate him if at all possible.


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  47. Benjamin_Snow says:

    Yeah.  THe man who basically jump-started the RPG gerne was big news.


    Also, why Jack Thompson’s downfall isn’t number 1?

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