How Grand Theft Auto Will Deal with the Recession (Humor)

Columnist Joe Blundo has a bit of fun with Grand Theft Auto (and other targets) in a recession – themed piece for today’s Columbus Dispatch.

As per Blundo, in order to deal with recessionary pressures, GTA will be re-invented as Grand Theft Auto Executives

The amoral video game is retooled with a theme more reflective of the times. Instead of trying to steal cars, players maneuver executives of the Big Three auto companies on a trip through Congress.


Their goal is to secure more emergency loans or, failing that, pilfer trinkets they can sell on eBay to raise money for their faltering companies.


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    CamillaS says:

    Everyone of us is now seeking for ways on how to get out of this economic mess. Our troubled industry is hurting and affecting our lives in various ways. And many of us are tightening our belt in order to meet ends. Recession is different from video games; in video games, we can avoid the possible thing that will happen, aside from that we are the one who control the machine while in true to life situation, recession is the one who control us but it is depend upon us on how to cope up with the situation. As a result of this economic recession,  automotive expenses pile up quickly, as fuel costs – thankfully low now, but they will be returning – then you have maintenance, insurance, and then extras like stereo equipment and so on.  A car can run you into payday loans easily, and during an economy in recession, it doesn’t seem justifiable.  Want to save?  Here are some tips.  First, don’t drive short distances.  A two block trip to the grocers is actually one of the worst things to do to your engine.  Walk if you can.  Use public transport, and also don’t lead foot.  You use more gas, and those tickets can get nasty– some automotive expenses you don’t want. To read more visit,

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    Zero Beat says:


    – Realistic pleading/begging for money!

    – Reward yourself with large bonuses, even though your company’s plummeting like an asteroid!

    – Drive a hybrid from your home to D.C.!


    "That’s not ironic. That’s justice."

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    DarkSaber says:

    A poor attempt to crowbar two topical items together.


    I LIKE the fence. I get 2 groups to laugh at then.

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