FCC Commish Who Blamed WoW for College Dropouts Resigns

Last month GamePolitics broke the news that FCC commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate blamed World of Warcraft as a leading cause of college dropouts: 

You might find it alarming that one of the top reasons for college drop-outs in the U.S. is online gaming addiction – such as World of Warcraft – which is played by 11 million individuals worldwide.

Spong now reports that Tate, an appointee of President George W. Bush, has resigned her post.

Although Tate’s World of Warcraft remarks riled many in the game community, the move would seem to have more to do with the changing of the guard at the White House and less with her views on WoW.

UPDATE: We’ve learned from a reliable source that Tate did not resign. Actually, she was nominated by President George W. Bush for a new term but was not confirmed by the Senate, which opted not to act on her nomination. 

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  1. Thomas McKenna says:

    Last I checked, both parties were run by idiots and people too old to grasp what’s going on with technology in today’s world.  You got her, JT, and a few others on the GOP side of things, while on the left leaning side of things you got Hillary Clinton, Leeland Yee, Joe Lieberman, etc.  Which side, exactly, is good for gaming? 

    Both sides want to control you, and the sheer fact that the side you support has you thinking that they’re on your side  in this argument is just….sad.  The only reason why Obama looked tech savvy was because he was being compared to a 70  year old, computer illeterate man (since you gave out hate to the GOP, I’m going to guess that you’re a Dem).  The Dems want everything and everyone to be all lovey dovey, and they’ll ignore the existence of violence and wrong doing in the world in any form, be it real or fake (movies, tv, games, etc) that they’re honor bound to try and block out violent video games from the market.  Meanwhile, all this blood, gore and violence is great to put on terrorists and non americans in the view of the GOP, yet to show it in the house in front of children is somehow a great affront to their "morals" and "ethics," so they’ll also try and get games banned.  And now I’m ranting, so I’ll just end it here.

    Again, neither side has your back in this fight.  They all want you to think they do, but really they just want another way to tax you or control you.

  2. Mortium says:

    Okay, time for the political cheap shot. I’ve been resisting the urge all morning, but no I’m sorry this stupidity cannot go unremarked upon.

    She’s just yet another example of gross incompetance in the GOP. Now if the "leadership" of my party would grow a pair, we might be able to fix some of the mess that Bush and Co created over the last 8 years.

  3. DeepThorn says:

    To the update:  So is this before Bush pardons Chaney for his crimes, then hands his position to Dick to pardon him for his?  (This would be a big middle finger to the US, and make a lot of people be like, they seriously screwed us, and knew that they were doing it…)

    I like the senate now though…  Lets get more of this kind of action going on.

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  4. thefremen says:

     I still don’t understand why a body which is just supposed to regulate radio broadcast has been able to expand its power so aggresively.

  5. Bigman-K says:

    Agreed wholeheartedly.

     "No law means no law" – Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

  6. TK n Happy Ness says:

    WoW teaches teamwork since most players are in guilds, so that makes it easier for players in real life to get along and help each other.


    When Jack Thompson runs his mouth, does anyone really care what he has to say anymore?

  7. DeepThorn says:

    Now getting people to pay Ford and GMC $30,000 of real money to buy a vehicle in Gran Turismo…  It can get dirty, but at least it is impossible to damage it, haha.

    Jack was able to be a lawyer, so with that disconnected logic, I am sure you could become president.  I wonder how many people would believe that type of talk.  I guess Bush still has his followers, so more than a few hundred thousand.

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  8. SimonBob says:

    No way, DeepThorn, it’s gotta be Gran Turismo and GTA.  People aren’t driving real cars any more because they have virtual vehicles!  Never mind the fact that driving in a video game doesn’t actually get you where you’re going — according to every commercial I’ve seen in the last year, the mere experience of driving is the point of buying a car.

    (Hmm, that’s some quality logical disconnect.  I should run for office.)

    The Mammon Industry

  9. DeepThorn says:

    This dimwit not understanding correlation and causation alone disqualifies her of any job like she had.  Lets hope she doesn’t get a job like it again.  Could you imagine GMC or Ford hiring this lady to try to understand their consumers more?  She would say that the drop in car sales is due to WoW.

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